Informational Show On Targeting- I and Renatta Murry are Being Interviewed Friday, Oct. 11th 2013 on Talkshoe about Specifics on Being a Targeted Individual

An internet talk show host by the name of Badbaby is going to have Renatta Murry- an esteemed leader in the community and I speak on what it is like to be a targeted individual in the United States.

Using low frequency microwave and sonic weaponry- it has been my experience that our government has all kinds of little toys that they are able to use to harass and hurt individuals. Stalking the individual, I have had mine and a friend’s picture taken from coming out of a gas station, my house has been invaded more than once by people who have either just let themselves in or have ingratiated themselves in my life, not to mention a myriad of dead animal parts left in my yard- the last one being a pair of clipped sparrows wings at the base of my front steps. My associates have been threatened, and there is a vast attempt to silence what I have to say here in town- which is why I believe that people are targeted in the United States and abroad. Our government officials DO NOT like whistle blowers- and the commonality of most survivors of targeting is that we are outspoken and have information that tarnishes our governments image- more so than it already is.

These toys that I speak of are not science fiction, and we will be offering patents for the technology we are speaking of on Friday’s show, and detailing what it is like to be a T.I. (targeted individual) in America. We will beg the question as to whether some of the recent killings, like that of Arron Alexis- who inscribed his own ELF (electric low frequency) attacks as a key to why he went postal, and the woman who tried to ram her car through the Whitehouse gates- could somehow have been caused by our own government- and we will talk about why there is a huge push to not only discredit people who would speak about voice to skull weapons and such in order to discredit the REAL reasons why there are some who believe they are being targeted with SECRET and LETHAL technology by our OWN GOVERNMENT.

The call is on, and Badbaby’s call is at 10 PM Eastern Standard Time Friday- October 11th, 2013. The number to call in is 724-444-7444 and her id number is 43503# . You can also visit the chat by going to and typing in 43503 in the id box at the top right of the screen. Please join us as we detail what it is like to REALLY experience targeting and the help that is available out there for people who are experiencing or who have experienced this type of harassment from our national communities.

Renata Murry’s call is on Sunday nights and her ID number is 114616# and airs at 5 pm Eastern Standard Time. The number to call in again is 724-444-7444 and the chat can be found by typing in and putting 114616 in the top right box that says ID.

THERE IS HELP FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO ARE EXPERIENCING HARASSMENT- AND YOU ARE NOT BY ANY MEANS ALONE. It is our attempt to get the word out there that there is help and support for those who are going through such a thing at our governments hand, and it is our hope that we can educate the public on what is going on in order to prevent the tragedies that have been instituted in order to help take away the public’s guns. (Just my opinion).

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