Comparing Dozier School for Boys and Boystown- Nebraska’s Deplorable Record with Protecting Children

In the wake of the whole Catholic priest pedophile scandals, I can’t for the life of me see what is so hard to understand about Boystown and the fact that it was used in a huge child sex trade ring that was occurring here in Omaha in the 70’s-90’s. Shipping boys every weekend to a part in Omaha called the Old Market, abductions- esp. of boys like Todd Bequette, (who wasn’t from Boystown but rather is a symbol of how ineffective our local police were/are), were a constant and, even now, secret part of Omaha’s past. It makes me wonder how many “run-aways” Nebraska had at the time, compared to other places, as children- esp. boys, just ended up disappearing. Much like what happened at the Dozier School for Boys in Florida- who are now exhuming graves to determine just who is in them.

Boystown is INTIMATELY connected to the Brandeis family- and Alan Baer- as part of the family- along with his father in law Jonas Brandeis, were HEAVILY involved with what was going on in Omaha at the time. It could easily be said that in many ways- this family was INSTRUMENTAL with what happened here in Omaha- not only regarding the disappearances of children, but also with the government projects that were occurring at Offutt Air Force base, and the drugs that were being brought in from the Contras. Having a vast fortune at their disposal, Jonas Brandeis was highly connected and highly corrupt- as was his son in law Alan- and from what I can tell, most of this illicit behavior was protected by Alan Baer- who, since he is dead, is unable to do anything anymore. This has given survivors- such as myself- the strength and courage to come out and finally start speaking- without the fear that I would be suicided like so many others in the past. Just as it is important to bring justice to the murdered boys at Dozier- it is important to recognize and investigate all of what was happened at Boystown concerning child sex trafficking in the past.

I added two more links to show how POORLY RUN Nebraska’s child welfare system is being run, in order to show that the inefficient way our children have been protected is still ALIVE AND ACTIVE TODAY. Nebraska has a policy of NO RESPONSIBILITY when it comes to our children- and it is my opinion that this must stop in order to stave off any illegal activities concerning children in the future. In order to effectively deal with human trafficking, Omaha must FIRST review and deal with our past- otherwise any actions will be nothing more than putting a candy coating over rotten fruit.

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