Reflecting on My Situation- Justice Denied for Child Killings

It is amazing to me that in Omaha- if you are connected enough to the right people- you can get away with murder. Literally. My father and step mother Joanne C. Shurter (who is still alive and prospering today) are great examples of this. No matter how much information the police have- they refuse to investigate or even ask any questions, and I wonder how many people out there are in the same boat as I am.

The facts are that my father and step mother are child abductors and killers, and both my older sister and I have told Omaha police this over and over. I believe that they are responsible for some big name abductions- they and their friends, abductions that TO THIS DAY STILL ARE COLD CASES. Considering what I have gone through with the investigations around my family- there is no question WHY this is the case- as local officials are either too lazy or ignorant to do their jobs. Why do we need people such as cold case Deputy John Pankonin in Omaha when Omaha has not figured out one cold case IN YEARS, if ever? This group is totally unable to do their jobs effectively.

Even the local judges are involved- as Judge Marlon Polk is VERY AWARE of this case, and yet does NOTHING in the way of trying to have it looked into. Protecting my stepmother- basically, in my opinion, because she has a lot of money (from my father and his family), Omaha officials have drug their feet investigating crimes against kids for so long and so hard now that NOTHING has been done for anyone- let alone me- showing still how considerate our local government is to child killing pedophiles.

People such as Deputy John Pankonin, Judge Marlon Polk, Omaha mayor Jean Stothert, and numerous people with the Nebraska State Patrol and Omaha Police Department have a myriad of reasons why this case concerning child abductions and trafficking can’t be investigated, and all of their excuses pacify and “pass the buck” someplace else, enabling them to come up with lame excuses as to why they can’t do their jobs and protect the most vulnerable of us. My parents were in the child abduction business, and my stepmother Joanne, who is still alive and prospering, as well as our family’s “friends”, need to be held accountable. This obviously WON’T happen as those who could make a difference are too lame to do so. They would rather sit around self satisfied- experiencing complete and object failure because they SIMPLY REFUSE TO DO THEIR JOBS.

I am going to switch focus now, and turn my attention to the Ivory Garden Trauma and Dissociative Identity Disorder conference coming up this next September in Seattle. Taking on a non paid position of Executive Director, I am going to do my best to make it a fun and enlightening experience for all those who attend. The only way that I can think of to get the officials in Omaha off their asses is to make my situation as PUBLIC AS POSSIBLE, but the only way that can be done is if I spend time working on other areas for other individuals, for it is a fact of life that “we get what we give”. It is in the helping of others that perhaps I will find the answer to my dilemma here. CHILDREN MATTER- and our government officials MUST BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE so that they do their jobs (which they are FAILING to do now).

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