The Media Glorification of Noreen Gosch

It is no secret that I have nothing but mistrust for Noreen Gosch- and she has nothing but distain for me, however, it sickens me when I see articles such as this- reporting the same old crap that has always been spouted in order to control and maintain power over the real story and events in Omaha, Nebraska. Although the Johnny Gosch abduction happened in my aunt’s stomping grounds of West Des Moines, Iowa- it has taken over completely the events that happened here in Omaha because of one convicted pedophile. It is also no secret that I think that Paul Bonnaci is nothing but a fraud- involved in much more nefarious ways than he will ever probably admit. Thirty years later- the truth still has to be brought out- which makes those who have so involved themselves with such “detailed” and “dedicated” investigations suspect in my opinion. Esp. considering the national media attention that is constantly given to this group.

It was just a few months ago that MSNBC did a show called “Missing Johnny” in which they detailed the same old lame story that has always been given. The problem that I have is that my family is heavily involved with this abduction, and the fact that Noreen Gosch herself told me that she recieved a phone call from my father admitting to being involved with “crimes against children” like her son, tells me that I am on the right path- and Noreen is not what she portrays herself to be. What I found most interesting in the MSNBC show is when they show video of the two other abducted children’s parents-who are openly grieving, and John says something to make Noreen chuckle at the time. Not exactly what you would expect from grieving parents, and it stood out considerably in comparison to the other two families whose boys were abducted during the same time.

My brother showed up at a private seminar where Noreen was going to speak in Tallahassee, Florida the year before my father died, and I believe it was because my family was desperate to know what my father said to Noreen- even though I don’t think they had a worry in the world considering I believe Noreen is playing for the wrong side. She called my sister Kathy night after night after meeting me, trying to ply info from her- like the fact that my family lived across the street from the Aquazinno brother’s, who were involved with the selling of Johnny Gosch. However- all of this info has remained secret. Not only that-but Noreen has gone out of her way to discredit me and what I have to say about the same town Paul Bonnaci and I spent a majority of our lives in. Also- if MSNBC is right about the cars that were involved with the Johnny Gosch abduction, my family owned all three, including those involved in other abductions like Jacob Wetterling. Quite a coincidence if you ask me- esp. considering everything, but then- what do I know. According to Noreen- I am just a crazy person off their meds- however- I do not believe that either Noreen, nor our national media- is being honest with the masses.

Noreen has said before that she believes that Johnny was sold- and yet this remains out of the media. Our media, which suddenly is running a great deal of press on this situation, and I wonder if it might be in defense of what I am doing- since I am telling the truth- and thus what I am saying makes sense- whereas the only thing the same old story surrounding Omaha has gotten people is to run around in circles that have never amounted to anything. There was indeed a child pedophile ring concerning boys- but the garbage that has been presented so far about it has been just that- garbage, and the question remains why? And why is our media suddenly running with a story that many, many people realize is false and nothing but smoke and mirrors to prevent anyone from seeing what was really going on and how vast the problem was, and is still today.

Knowing Troy Boner- I think that he and Paul were working on orders to surround, discredit, and trash an underage Ms. Owen- who held the key to this with her unborn child whom she reported as being Omaha’s Chief of Police at the time- Robert Wadman’s. No matter what anyone says- this is exactly what happened, so to think that those in power weren’t instrumenting everything- including people involved with what was really happening, is ridiculous. They were in control then as they are in control now, and to think that those who are guilty of this- considering how deep the roots stretch in all this and how ensnared our elite rich and leaders of the country are involved with all of this even now, wouldn’t react in some fashion is not logical, esp. when one looks at the history of this. The national media is using the Gosch abduction as a distraction to prevent anyone from realizing the truth about Omaha- just has it always has. And those involved with this case- like Noreen Gosch and Paul Bonnaci- are flat out lying about what Omaha’s history is- as they are lying about their own involvement in it now. To many people who have gotten close too and followed this story are now starting to have reservations because of my argument- which makes sense in a terrible and awful way. The reason why I focus on the people involved in Omaha- like Ernie Chambers and John DeCamp, as well as Noreen and Paul- is that there must be some reason as to why they have failed to disclose anything but falsehoods in all of this, basically because the truth has yet to come out.

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