More Corruption in Omaha: Police ‘overpayment’ eyed ahead of Omaha mayoral election- Jean Stothert campaign: Overpayment looks like secret deal

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With all of the money that the Omaha Police department has demanded, it is interesting that there is STILL NO PUBLIC SAFETY AUDITOR. Right now, the police police themselves, and will stop at nothing to make sure that what they do remains secret- as the recent YouTube video shows them chasing a man into his house to illegally take his video camera, completely unaware that they were being filmed secretly from across the street by a neighbor. That video brought justice, but it also showed how far Omaha’s finest will go to protect their own. It seems that in doing so, Suttle has once again decide to reward them handsomely- however- my question is, could the recent start of grumbling about his cohorts involvement with child abuse and trafficking be behind his generosity? One can’t forget Matthew Samp- who was accused of child sexual abuse by Brad Fuguli the day before Brad supposedly committed suicide, but since there are some of us out here- such as myself- how have NO INTENTION of doing such a thing and are claiming the same types of abuse that occurred here in Omaha as Fuguli, and a myriad of others, have reported- so could this be behind Jim Suttle’s decision? It certainly CANNOT be ruled out unfortunately- considering his knowledge of all of this throughout the years I have been faxing both his and Judge Marlon Polk’s office with my investigations. Interlinked in ways that I think the public is unaware of- I wonder if this could be a payoff to the Omaha police for not going into any investigations into my father and his family- who, according to my father, literally has “skeletons in his closet”. Turning a blind eye- this article shows the corruption that is still as prevalent today as it was in the 80s and 90s. Corruption that needs to be exposed and stopped in my opinion.

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