Let’s Get Back to Basics… My Parent’s are a Pair of Murdering Child Abducting Pedophiles and Local Officials REFUSE to Look into It.

I have spent an inordinate amount of time online arguing with a group of people that I like to call the False Memory Pedophile Protection Squad but would like to stand back for a minute and bring myself back to the basics of what I am trying to get investigated.

What I want investigated is my father and his family- as it is my contention that they are a group of child killing pedophiles who are guilty of some big name abductions that have yet to be solved. I also believe, because my father told me- he had placed the remains of at least one of his victims in his closet that he rebuilt. I have quite a bit of circumstantial evidence that points that there is an issue with my family- but have not gone out in search of any real physical evidence- basically because even if I DID find some- I do not trust in any way Deputy John Pankonin, Judge Marlon Polk, or Omaha mayor Jim Suttle to handle it correctly and not intentionally lose it. Let me remind everyone that what I told Nebraska State Patrolman Deputy John Pankonin was enough to have him ask for a sample of my DNA, which I signed papers to permit. Personally I don’t believe anything was done with this- and it was all an attempt to placate me and make me go away- but the fact remains that Pankonin was interested enough to at least go through the motions. This was after he asked me to blog something nice about the local police though, so it isn’t like he didn’t have any motives with regards to all of this.

I am not dealing with a pedophile ring, Franklin Credit Union, or anything else- but rather would like to have my family looked at. The False Memory Pedophile Protection Squad would say this is unnecessary due to the fact that they, with their vast knowledge of psychiatry and me, have deemed me delusional and crazy, as well as an unbalanced liar. Of course, coming from a bunch of anons online- take it for what it is worth.

The unfortunate part for me is that you can’t separate what was going on here in Omaha and my parent’s activities, since they are heavily connected. However- I am asking that MY FAMILY be investigated and nothing more. I know what we were involved with- and I know what is in our past- and I think it is time that the police spend some time and money on VICTIMS rather than on their pensions and a fleet of new vehicles. The local authorities are supposed to be more involved with crime fighting than pleasing themselves- but that doesn’t seem to be the case anymore- and local officials don’t seem to be able to figure out crimes unless it is solved for them. I just refuse to do this. I want them to DO THEIR JOBS.

So again- what I am trying to get investigated is my father and his family- as they are a group of child abducting, child murdering pedophiles. Flat out- and I don’t plan on stopping until justice is enforced, which means I’ll keep fighting until this happens. Question is- WHY DO I HAVE TO FIGHT SO HARD? And how many others before me faced the same thing? No wonder there remains all of these questions surrounding stuff in Omaha- as local officials- low and high- are dead set against looking into any of this and dragging up bad mojo. Again the question comes back to WHY?

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  1. Mel

     /  January 31, 2013

    I spent all day – literally ALL DAY – reading your book cover to cover. I was sad, angry, scared, frustrated but mostly just amazed. I can’t say anything to you that you haven’t heard before but I just wanted to tell you that my eyes are now opened. My heart is broken a bit but know that you inspired me to look into this further. My heart aches for you but swells with happiness when I saw all that you have done here on your page. Keep going. I will light a candle for you tonight for health, happiness and peace.