A Plea to the Family of Aaron Swartz

I received this comment on one of my Facebook postings and was shocked because I have not had any time to look into this situation in any great detail. The post reads as follows…

“David, why don’t you offer to assist the Swartz family with Aaron’s work that he was doing to uncover the pedophilia ring that several MIT Alumni and other high ranking officials are involved in. This boy was no doubt murdered. You have an extensive amount of knowledge on this subject. You could provide valuable insights and help continue the work he started to out these bastards. This would be something extremely constructive and it would carry on his legacy for the TRUTH.”

First of all, I had NO IDEA that this was the case,and to be honest- if this is true- then I find myself in a precarious situation, esp. considering what I am trying to do, which is basically the same. Let me make it clear right now- I am IN NO WAY suicidal as it goes against the very precepts of my spiritual beliefs, and so if I should end up deceased- let it NEVER BE SAID that it was by my own hand. I didn’t worry when the Madame who was trying to expose the sex rings ended up being “suicided” because I figured that she didn’t have a great support group- however, this situation with Mr. Swartz has shaken me a bit- esp. if what this poster is saying is true. If he was indeed trying to expose a high profile sex ring operation, then I have cause to be concerned.

Whatever the case- what I have been saying about individuals being targeted by our own government- Aaron Swartz is a PRIME AND CURRENT BLATANT EXAMPLE OF WHAT I AM SPEAKING ABOUT. Harassed and basically brought down by the elite of our society- it seems that whatever the case- our government is directly responsible for silencing this incredible voice in our society.

I am asking if anyone knows how to contact the Aaron Swartz family that they let me know- as I would be honored to try and help further this cause of exposing our elite as a group of sexual deviants. Our ivy league schools- such as MIT and Penn State, have this strange bout of coincidences concerning the same sort of coincidences that I have been talking about concerning Omaha and I would like to have an opportunity to at least share some of my experiences and see if there is anything that can be done to stop this from happening to others.

We all need to collectively become one voice- and maybe there are others just as strong as Aaron who would like to take up this cause and expose it for what it is- a hedonistic, anti life campaign of sexual depravity and systematic corruption.


look up the Japanese reporter that was covering this story and several other pedophile and child slavery angles from Japan and abroad. He knew Aaron personally. His name is Yoichi Shimatsu







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