The Attack Dogs on Amazon Regarding Anything SRA Are Nipping Again

Okay, first was Sybil Exposed by Debbie Nathan that this group noticeably descended onto the internet and more specifically, Amazon. Defending the False Memory crap that most childhood claims of abuse are from repressed memory and therefore discrediting the overburdening number of people, such as myself, who have come forward and spoke about our experiences of being satanically and ritually abused, they viciously attack anyone who would oppose their denial of such experiences- discrediting us in any way possible, while claiming victimization if anyone responds, which is pathological behavior that is hard to debate with.

Lately I have been involved with arguments concerning another survivor story on Amazon entitled 22 Faces, written by Judy Byington- a book I honestly have to admit I haven’t read yet, but it was suggested to me by another SRA survivor that I come in and defend the arguments against satanic ritual abuse, which I obviously know quite a bit about. I have spoken about a man who goes by the name of Doug Mesner, but actually is a guy by the name of Doug Misicko- who has openly attacked and berated me and others on the comments of both books, (S.E. and 22 Faces). Anyway- he has several aliases and for some strange reason, has a psychological compulsion to involve himself with and argue against everything that concerns satanic ritual abuse, mind control, and systematic abuses by our government. Anyway- he wants to do his best to try and equate SRA with the belief in aliens from outer space- as he asserts that there is about as much proof that there are lizard people than an active satanic group in the workings of our society- although now that we are watching the whole Jimmy Savile case play out in the UK- and the systematic denial and protection that the man was offered all throughout his child raping, Satan worshiping life, that whole idea is playing out as bunk. There has been plenty of proof- it is just that society has become adept at looking away. And I simply refuse to talk about aliens and lizard people; because I think it is nothing more than a ruse to keep people from considering the real issues being presented to society at this time.

Anyway- there is also a woman on Amazon who goes by the name of Sheri J. Storm who I have been arguing with who left the following review yesterday on my book Rabbit Hole: A Satanic Ritual Abuse Survivor’s Story, (without bothering to read the book I might add…)

“The largest problem I have with this vanity publication, is that it is not branded as FICTION. A colorful tale of unsubstantiated events, woven around a true case of bank fraud. Misinformation and claims of this magnitude can have ill affect on those exposed to mental health care providers who are looking for satanists around every corner or the recesses of their patient’s minds.

The author, known to pounce on those who question the veracity behind the many incredible claims in this book, has not yet succeeded in producing the investigative or police corroboration he suggested was shortly forthcoming over a year ago.”

Now what you need to understand about S.S. is that she has been trying to extort money out of her therapist now for 20 years, and has an agenda to assert that memories can be “implanted” into your head because she has financial gain to be had from such a belief. Funny, memories can’t be remembered, but they can be implanted, and it is this kind of hypocritical garbage that I have had to deal with in trying to defend myself just to simply GET MY FAMILY’S INVOLVEMENT IN A CHILD TRAFFICKING RING INVESTIGATED.

However, back to the point- S.S. never bothered to read the book and has just decided to attack me personally rather than deal with anything that is in the book- probably because my book offers a perspective that could jeopardize any financial gain to her. I am not the only one that S.S. has attacked, either on Sybil Exposed or on Judy Byington’s book 22 Faces- but since she decided to trash my book without reading it, I have kind of taken it personally and want to point out that this is typical of all of the negative reviews on my book- in that they are an attack on me personally rather than what I specifically said in the book.

However, I would like to be clear about her last argument that I have“not yet succeeded in producing the investigative or police corroboration he suggested was shortly forthcoming over a year ago.” So far, I have found the Nebraska State Patrol to be secretive and gamey- and though I gave Deputy John Pankonin a swab of my DNA, (in fact, several swabs), it supposedly came back negative for the Ricky Chadek case and all matters were quickly dropped. No investigations have been put into my concerns, even though I have been diligently emailing the local Omaha FBI, as well as faxing Mayor Jim Suttle’s office and Douglas County Judge Marlon Polk’s office with details of what I am trying to get investigated. Having jumped through every hoop I can find, I wonder how many others like myself are out there but weren’t as tenacious as I am, who fell through the cracks because no one wants to listen. It isn’t just that society is in denial- but the powers that be are ACTIVELY dismissing any and all such claims and I wonder when people are going to stand up and start holding our leaders accountable. I am trying to get a child abduction and child trafficking ring exposed, and I have no intention of ever stopping until all of this is looked at.

No matter what my detractors on the internet and out in the real world do or say.

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  1. A couple of days after Jenny and I appeared on the Dr. Phil show that featured Jenny’s biography, “Twenty-Two Faces” I had 32 1 star so-called “reviews” on our website: None appeared to have read the book which is the biography of Jenny and her twenty-two multiple personalities formed from Satanic Ritual Abuse in childhood. WoW. Do you think they have an agenda?