My Conundrum with Christianity

I have had a very dear Christian friend of mine tell me that she has grown weary with what she has viewed as repeated attacks on her faith, and expressed her disappointment with me that I am generally part of those attacks. Although I did not like the thought that I had dissed my friends faith, I had to admit that she was right, and that I do have contentions with regards to the Christian religion, but it is neither my desire nor my intention to lead people away from something that they hold fundamental to their existence. No, rather it is my hope that I am able to express where I am coming from with my dissension so that I myself may better understand why I stand against the religious dogma that has been such a contention in my life.

Let me make clear first off that I am not, nor will I really ever, be able to call myself a Christian, in that I do not believe that Jesus Christ is coming back to save us from that which we have wrought upon ourselves. I believe that this has been religious propaganda, instrumented by the Church and manipulated by our media and government officials, in order to keep the masses complacent and controlled. Jesus himself taught that the kingdom of Heaven was within, and so- it is my conviction that God is not returning to us, but rather, we are going to be brought back to God. This whole desire for immortality is off base, and on this side, ALL experiences must eventually end, dictating that death is natural and inevitable. However, I also believe that death is an illusion, in that we are all part of God, and God never dies, thus the fundamental part of us that offers us life survives.

It is my opinion, from what I have personally experienced, that most Christian churches have become this narcissistic death cult, excusing their apathy towards life and their fellow man with a self-righteous conviction that they are saved and about to be delivered, thus negating any compulsion to stand up and fix the world around us. A world I believe, if we all would work together, is quite capable of being fixed! It is one thing to believe in a hero such as Jesus Christ saving the day, but if life has taught me anything it is that manifestation takes focus and work, and most of time- we are on our own. Some might say that I am being pessimistic, maybe even blasphemous, but I believe that God works through us as us to help us and it is our duty to listen and rise to the call- (which has been sounding for quite some time by the way), and stop worrying about our own personal redemption. It is our responsibility to change the world around us, a world which, if you adhere to the Bible, it was written that we all were given charge over.

Surprisingly enough, I love the Bible, and have read it often throughout my life. Being raised to believe that I was the antichrist- I read and researched everything I could to save me from my fate, and it has been my experience that the lessons that Jesus taught throughout his life are straight on- and fundamental to living a full and happy life. However, I also believe that the Bible has been manipulated so much and for so long that it is hard to know what to trust and what not to trust, which means that to find the real truth for the meaning of our lives, we all must look within ourselves to find the answers as to how God and Heaven want each of us as individuals to change the world around us. It is only through us looking within that we will be able to become the change we wish to see in the world.

Prayer, meditation, faith- all of these are tools that enable us to connect to the higher part of ourselves, helping us to manifest the life that each one of us are living, and any way that helps with that- be it Christianity, Judaism, Muslim, Buddhist, whatever- it is embracing and expressing the love that Heaven has for all of us with not only the ones we love, but also directing that love outward and into the world around us that is instrumental. We all need each other, and it is only through this process do I believe that the world will finally come together. Our humanity MUST catch up with our technology- or we are doomed to rot in this spiritual crisis that is bringing everything to a halt. In every face you see, you see the face of God- this is true for us all, and only when we begin to fully understand this concept will we begin to see significant change in the world .

Perhaps I am wrong, and Jesus Christ’s appointment with humanity is right around the corner, but I will tell you that the rich Satanists that I grew up with as a child didn’t believe it, and in many ways were counting on this whole belief to make the masses compliant and complicit with the inevitable take over by the elite as the population boomed and resources dwindled. Men who would rather burn the world down rather than ever lose control over it, it is simple logic that they would have made provisions to prevent this from happening, and as we are watching them implement their plans as they strip more and more rights away from American civilians, it is frustrating watching society accepting and allowing such things seemingly under the spell of their convictions that some magical moment will materialize and save us from this treasonous turn of events towards complete fascism. For those who would ask “what would Jesus do?”- I personally think that he would get involved and expect us all to do the same, but that is just me.

Personally, I think that we MUST stop fighting each other as our division only makes us more susceptible to the propaganda of fear and hate that has helped make our society the volatile and unstable experience that it has become. All of this didn’t just occur by accident, but rather was instrumented by the .25 of the 1% who continuously help themselves to a bounteous 27% of the yearly earned income while pitting us against each other over the 1% that we offer the poor. Owning the media, the government, and every key aspect of society, they promote so much dissension in my opinion, that it is hard not to become desensitized and apathetic to all of it- but then that is the whole point of this global game.

Think about it- Satan offered Jesus the world, and that wouldn’t have been possible had it not been his to offer, so it is no surprise that our worlds governments are being run by power hungry hedonistic snakes who worship nepotism to the highest degree, who have infected our psyches to want to be like the elite, rather than despise them for the abominations that they have become. Abominations against society, against man, and against God- their hypocrisy of entitlement has jaded the psyche of mankind with their lust for money, power, and prestige- who, in turn, have turned from God and have basically embraced the golden cow, be it more symbolically rather than with conscious intent. Having been duped for generations now, now is time for us to all wake from our slumber and rise up in an attempt to fix the world that has been so intentionally manipulated by our elite leaders.

The answer does not lie within attacking and changing each other, setting ourselves above each other in the process- but rather it is our systems that need to be fixed and changed. If indeed that they have been under the influence of the devil- then perhaps it is time to evolve and bring a stronger and more prevalent sense of human compassion to the table, and the only way to do that is to come together and find the humanity within ourselves, helping each other while leaving judgment and condemnation to God. And if I am wrong, and Jesus does come back, at least we will all be busy and ahead of the game. I mean, what can it hurt?

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  1. Steve Golay

     /  January 4, 2013

    Correct. From the testimony of Jesus himself, the world is Satan’s to offer. What power he hold to offer it, if even Satan is, somehow, fooling himself in the extent and stability is open to discussion – and experience.

    [Personally, I don’t quite know what to do with the notion of Satan as a spirit-being, with his ontological self – but that’s another issue. I have seen and so know his manifestations.]

    And again correct, we know the answer to that question by observation – by giving the powers that be a hard, cold look. To know Satan (Lucifer, whom or whatever) one only needs to take stock of how those who have obtained power in this world exercise it.

    They exercise it by giving themselves (and their “friends”) over to their cravings, to their “lust” to want more and more. This certainly can occur within the Church, as many “prophets” throughout the centuries has warned us.

    This is why “worldly power” is so bent on cannibalizing the boundaries, the identifying markers of our individual, personal existence. The surety of our own standing “Solitude” before both God and man – regardless of our finite and small we may live and experience it – is the greatest threat to worldly power, and the satanic lordship behind it. Our “Original Solitude” is what was given to us, the gift of creation too us – the Kingdom of Heaven within. The game of Satan (and his worldly power) is to deceive us, to wear us down with the lie that our finiteness (our Solitude) is death
    to us, that it has no other purpose than to feed the lusty cravings of power. Satan (and his world power) fear the day we stand boldly upon that Solitude, upon the solid eternal ground of the Kingdom Within. The day we do – exercising the power of powerlessness – Satan and his worldly minions are defeated and laid low.

    Erase, erase. Blur, blur. Cannibalize all distinctions, all Standing Solitude. No wonder that the more concentrated, more piled up, power is in this word – or within bad families – children are thrown into cauldron of sex, prostitution, and blood sacrifice. Children are the least of mankind whom understand, desire, or worship absolute worldly power. No wonder the powers of this world seek them out to diminish, to rub out, to destroy the innocence of their Interior Kingdoms.