The Games are Afoot – Or Rather They Are Finally Coming Apparent to Others

I want to make a couple things clear on this Mother’s Day, 2012 as  what has been going on and the implications that it has had on my life and on others.


First of all- the chaos that the “other side” wants to impose on anyone that wants to help me- let me point some things out that you are probably not aware of.  Threatening others in town who wish to help me only validates in their minds how much of the truth there is in my book.  Secondly- Omaha is a small town and word has already reached the streets as to what occurred- and so if there are any more visits to my friend- there are going to be serious repercussions- as I SENT IT TO THE POLICE MYSELF.  There is a serious karma to what you are doing- and now- people in town are going to hear what happened, hear about me and my book- and they are going to want to see what is inside that is causing mafia men to show up at someone’s house at three in the morning to scare them from helping me.


I do not find it a coincidence that on the SAME DAMN DAY- two “supposedly” drunk women show up at my house- claiming that they were lost.  Before I know it- they are in my house and using my bathroom before I even had a chance to respond.  Of course- this happened in a houseful of people.  The thing is- they didn’t slur any of their words- and they were both very interested in speaking to me and telling me things that I got the impression was complete bullshit.  Profile me all you want- I’ll gladly tell you everything that you want to hear- You and everyone else that will listen.  


My book has serious repercussions for many people in town- and the question at yesterday’s conference came up what is the connection between Bob Kerrey coming back from New York suddenly, Warren Buffett buying the Omaha World Herald, and the French Café suddenly closing with no notice.  The answer is simply- Rabbit Hole: A Satanic Ritual Abuse Survivor’s Story is published and out on the market- and if you really believe that the Oracle of Omaha didn’t know what was going on- or Kerrey as Governor- then you are fooling yourselves.  This all has serious implications for Omaha- and that is why there is such a struggle to keep the truth from coming out.  From the mayor’s office to the police- all the way up to one of the richest men in the world- this whole thing about Franklin is coming out.  It is way too late to stop it.


And now that you have made such a commotion about this book- hurt me or anyone around me and I will become a martyr.  I was taught well, and I know your games well.


I have a message for all of you that are fighting so hard against me- esp. you Mr. Col. Michael Aquino.  We are going to play a game.  You pray to your god and ask for protection- and do so even while you find yourselves being claimed by the darkness you have brought into so many others’ lives- and see if it helps you.  Let’s see how you like it.  All sickness, pestilence- and despair come from within- and you know that there is no way to stop me after you taught me what you did.  Let me remind you- YOU CAN’T DO WHAT YOU TAUGHT ME- and none of your games are going to stop what is coming.  We are in the RECKONING, and you will either come clean or be claimed by the very thing you helped create.  There is a reason why the systems are suddenly all breaking down and things that have remained silent are coming out into the light in mass- and there is nothing ANY OF YOU can do to stop it.  God is here- and our sisters who sleep in darkness are quite awake- I assure you.  There is a cost for failure- you know that better than anyone who reads this posting- and trust me- you cannot even fathom my pleasures that await you in the dark.  God wants you all claimed- and try as you might- nothing will stop this.  Every day you waste you age away- so I would work fast- because I assure you- at this point- all of you are going to live forever- but not exactly in the way you believed.  God has already begun to claim the most powerful of you- and I have seen that prostate cancer is a terrible way to die, but that is just the beginning IF YOU DON’T MAKE THIS RIGHT!


I’ve said it before- I’ll say it again- COME CLEAN OR BE CLAIMED.  The choice, as always, is yours.

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