Why I am Involving Myself in the Columbine Case

It is true that the Columbine shootings have absolutely nothing to do with the Franklin Credit Union case, and to the naked eye- has little to do with the things I have been struggling to expose.  However, I want to point out why I decided to take on this case- and why I am about to write a book about it.

I believe, after finding the things out that I have about the history of Columbine, that the problems that surround this most famous of school shootings are indicative of the same kind of problems that I am purporting in the Omaha system- and though the individuals involved are in no way connected, it is a pattern that lies in the system itself that is the problem.  The issues with Omaha remain secret because the status quo has the money and influence to keep it all quiet.  The same is true for Columbine.  Those in power who have used and abused the system remain at large because the very system that is designed to protect individuals from this type of behavior instead is working to protect our nations “finest” against crimes against the very communities they are hired to watch over.  Although the issues are not the same- Columbine, in its own way, is as secret as Franklin Credit Union, and for the same reasons; corruption at the highest levels.

I am excited to say that the conference this weekendUNCOVERING COLUMBINE, being held at the Next Millennium bookstore at 3141 North 93rd Street, (one block north of 93rd and Maple), this Saturday- May 12th, 2012 from 1-4pm looks to be full of incredible info.  Free to the public- Charlie has offered his space in order to help educate people this weekend, and I can’t thank him enough for the opportunity.  Doug Millar and Ron Aigner will be interviewed by me (David Shurter), as we try to explain the basics of Columbine in a way that conveys the problems surrounding the case.  Cupcakes are being provided by the Sweet Stop, an incredible cake gallery in Council Bluffs, and will be served along with punch.  The public is encouraged to attend!

Why get involved?  Order the 2 hour interview with John Decamp from www.freerangehumans.net. John talks alot about representing the boy Harris, parents and how he saw all of the evidence before it was sealed and destroyed by the judge. John said that 2 Federal Marshals came to his office in Lincoln and confiscated all of his files from this lawsuit. they went through his entire office trying to make sure nothing was released to the public .John said Harris actually shot his friend Kleibold . alot of people believe this Sherriff Sullivan who was recently arrested in Colorado was involved in molesting Harris and Kleibold when they were arrested for theft months before the shootings

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