Returning from Columbine

What I have learned concerning the Columbine shooting leaves me without words. What precipitated the shootings explains everything- and suddenly it all makes sense. It is late, and I need to sleep- but I assure you there is going to be more about this forthcoming. It is yet another Franklin- but this just happened 13 years ago. Funny that all of this would come out on an occult holiday year, (but then that’s karma for you), however- it is time that Columbine gets a once over. The more I dig- the bigger this corruption extends- and it is as if we have an elite group of men and woman who feel they can do whatever they want because they are completely safeguarded by the justice system that is supposedly set up to protect us. The fact that every file is sealed- esp. basement tapes that the public was uninformed of, but locally- like Franklin is in Omaha, is well known, and virtually every person who has tried to uncover the story has ended up dead- it begs a question of what really happened with this situation.

What did I learn? Well, a year and a half before the boys who shot up Columbine were arrested by police and sodomized at their hands. Littleton being a small town- this got out and thus the boys were tormented horribly at school- as the straight boys were suddenly deemed gay. Columbine wasn’t about Goth Nazi kids getting back at the jocks- but rather- a plot to lure the police that raped them into the school so that they could murder the men who raped them and began this series of events that led to one of the most well-known school shootings in our nation’s history. In the end- the police and the justice system has protected each other so that this info doesn’t come out in order to prevent the lawsuits that would ensue if this ever came to light.

Well guess what boys- the cat is out of the bag- and just like Franklin- there is absolutely no way I am going to just sit with this info. Our police and justice system is out of control- and it is time for this to change. Let’s see what we can all do about that- shall we?

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