The Power of Perception

I have had it suggested that I am crazy by the local officials who refuse to investigate my claims and, to this point, have done little to nothing on this case.  I think that I might talk above their heads sometimes- and I just wanted to point out that there is ample research proving what I have been talking about with this whole spirituality, mind over matter thing.  This was just published on CNN today, (4/14/2012) about our power of perception and becoming more aware as human beings.


When local officials don’t wish to investigate something, they just make the victims out to be crazy or a liar.  I am neither, and those who read Rabbit Hole: A Satanic Ritual Abuse Survivor’s Story will discover the truth in this.  Local officials- well, they are more inclined to protect the status quo than actually do anything that might help solve a bunch of child murders, so you can’t expect much out of them. I certainly don’t.

Read Rabbit Hole: A Satanic Ritual Abuse Survivors Story on Amazon today.

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