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CISPA is just A More Dangerous Form of SOPA- and MUST BE STOPPED!!!–finance.html

Sent to Me By a Friend in Michigan about the Oakland Child Killings….

This info was sent to me by a friend who thought that I was the author of these writings. I am not- but it gives good info on what happened in Oakland County, Michigan with child murders. Again- I personally believe that there is a great chance that my family was involved in these killings. […]

Our Family Owned a Farm and Most of the town of Cassopolis MI

And my father was born in Niles MI. There are vast similarities to the deaths of the Oakland Child killings, the Ricky Chadek case, and the Jacob Wetterling abduction. But we have STRONG TIES TO MICHIGAN- not to mention child killings. This is why I believe my family is involved with these cases.