Sent to Me By a Friend in Michigan about the Oakland Child Killings….

This info was sent to me by a friend who thought that I was the author of these writings. I am not- but it gives good info on what happened in Oakland County, Michigan with child murders. Again- I personally believe that there is a great chance that my family was involved in these killings.

Oakland County Child Killer; Police Cover Up and Cult Rituals

AP – Thurs Nov 4, 2010, 1:48 AM EDT

OAKLAND COUNTY, Michigan – On February 15, 1976 it began. The abduction and murders of four Oakland County children officially linked to what became known as the Oakland County Child Killer or The Babysitter. The Babysitter because the children were held captive for a period between three and 19 days then bathed and redressed in freshly laundered clothes.

Mark Stebbins, 12, Jill Robinson, 12, Kristine Mihelich, 10 and Timothy King, 11, were kidnapped and killed in a similar manner over a 13 month period. In addition, at least three other children between the ages of 12 and 15 are now believed to also be victims of The Babysitter.

At the time it was the most extensive murder investigation in US history. For 34 years, police, task force and federal investigators have believed that a pedophile or sex ring was responsible. But now law enforcement admits every possible suspect has been eliminated through their investigation, DNA testing and physical evidence. Have the real killers been laughing at authorities throughout the decades as they watched investigators drive the train that may have led the investigation down the wrong track?

And now some are questioning whether prosecutors and law enforcement are more concerned about getting credit for solving this high profile case, then cooperating with sources and investigative reporters. Just recently, Oakland County Prosecutor Jessica Cooper, Assistant Prosecutor Paul Walton, Oakland County Under Sheriff Mike McCabe and Sheriff Michael Bouchard quietly took the case away from the Michigan State Police task force lead by Detective Sergeant David Robertson.

On October 18th, 2010 at 9:40 AM a secret meeting took place at former Detroit Police Chief, Ike McKinnon’s office with Walton, McCabe, Corey Williams of the Associated Press, and a source with new information about this case. The meeting took place after McKinnon and Williams gave new information from the source to Cooper, Walton and McCabe. The unidentified source shared specific and detailed information about the case that is only known by a few investigators, and new information about a possible suspect and the suspects’ connection to police. The source relayed conversations and observations that took place with the possible suspect between 1977 and 1985 that connects the suspect and at least one police officer to the killings. The source and Williams each made a recording of this meeting because it is believed that there may be an ongoing cover up for at least one police officer that may have been involved with these killings.

The source admits that back then he did not have much interest in the case. But a series of news reports starting in 2005 triggered their interest. Now the source believes there is new information that connects a person of interest to the case. Also, the source has developed information related to a connection with ritual and cult activities.

The source says this possible suspect had specific information about this case known only to a few investigators at the time and that he would boast about getting the information from investigators. The source told the prosecutor and investigator at the meeting that this person of interest claimed to have relationships with police in southern Michigan including officers from Troy, Ferndale, Redford and Detroit. This matches the thoughts of a former FBI profiler who reviewed this new information and believes someone in law enforcement may be involved in the Oakland County Child Killings.
Inspector 71

Nov 4, 2010

The source believes this evidence points to at least two people involved in these serial killings. The source also believes if this potential suspect is responsible then the source may also have information as to where two other victims not officially recognized as Oakland County Child Killing victims may have been buried. These remote sites were locations that the suspect had access to in an area central to abductions and murders that have not been officially linked to the Oakland County Child Killers.
Near the end of this secret meeting, Walton and McCabe asked if this person of interest is still alive. The source advised them that the suspect was still alive, living in the area, but would not reveal their name at that time. The source said they would receive the suspects name once the source is convinced this person was involved. That because over the years police in this case have released suspect’s names that were thrown out to the public, and later quietly excluded after the damage was done to their reputations.

Both Walton and McCabe were advised that if they would provide information regarding evidence in the case, and if that information were to further confirm the involvement of the potential suspect, then they would be provided the names of all potential suspects. Walton and McCabe said they would first have to clear releasing that information with Oakland County Prosecutor Jessica Cooper. Four days later when they were supposed to have provided McKinnon the information as promised, they failed to do so. Days later they provided only two pieces of information that the source already had, and the source realized Cooper was not being sincere in representations that they were willing to work together in confirming this suspect’s involvement.

At that time discussions related to identifying the Oakland County Child Killers ended due to misrepresentations made to the source by Walton and McCabe. The source now believes that Cooper, Walton, and McCabe cannot be trusted, are not interested in any information that leads to police involvement, and may be involved in covering up a potential suspect’s involvement that was a police officer at the time.

For more than three months prior to the meeting of October 18th the source has been trying to work with law enforcement, including the Michigan State Police, the Oakland County Prosecutor’s office and the Oakland County Sheriff’s Department. Each time the source gave information, but investigators were unwilling to give any information in return that could result in the 34 year old case being solved. Now for the first time, after five years of research and working with investigative reporters, the source is making this information public in hopes that the seven murders of children now connected to this case may be solved.

Retired Berkley Police Detective, Ray Anger, has worked closely on this case since the beginning. He has told the source that over the years he has kept quiet about the shoddy police work on this very public case. He describes a reckless and chaotic task force. Detective Anger says thousands of tips and leads received at the beginning of this case were thrown away. Anger said several investigators would pick up tips at the beginning of the day and then would head to the local golf course or bar. Then they would return at the end of the day and turn in false reports regarding the tip or lead. The local police departments required to assign detectives to the Task Force would sometimes send their worst detectives to work the case, and Anger described many of them as “goofballs.”

Both Anger and McKinnon acknowledge law enforcement was investigating possible cult involvement. But McKinnon, who was in charge of the sex crimes unit in Detroit at the time, says he was never specifically instructed to look for any cult activity in the areas of Detroit he was investigating. Anger was asked if they were investigating possible ritual or cult activity in this case why they did not make that available to the media or public. He says “because we did not want the media running with that.”

The first three children were found lying on their backs with their arms crossed over their chests. The source stumbled on the connection between this case and ritual or cult activity when trying to connect a possible acronym to the cities the children were kidnapped from and the cities where the bodies were left. The forth victim, Timothy King, was found dumped on the side of the road. The source theorizes that because of the huge police presence that night the killers had a close call in Lathrop Village, and were therefore force to dispose of King’s body in Livonia by rolling it out of the van as they drove down Gill Road just prior to turning East onto 8 Mile Road.

The source says the research shows the ritual and cult connection appears to be between two and four cults combined into one. According to one cult expert this is not uncommon because cult members generally put their group together based on their personal beliefs and opinions. This allows them to follow their own beliefs while creating a rational to justify their activities.
It’s believed the killers picked the dates to kidnap and kill based on Pagan Holidays.

Here is the chronological order of the four victims and how they would relate to the Pagan Calendar.

Mark Stebbins was abducted on February 15, 1976 and his body was discovered on February 19, 1976. The Pagan holiday Imbolc takes place on February 1st or the first full moon. In February of 1976 the first full moon occurred on February 15th.

Jill Robinson was abducted on December 22, 1976 and her body was discovered on December 26, 1976. The Pagan Holiday referred to as Winter Solstic or Yule occurs around December 21st.

Kristine Mihelich was abducted on January 2, 1977 and her body was discovered on January 21, 1977. Although the traditional Pagan New Year Samhain would occur around October 31st there are reasons that those involved with these murders moved this celebration from the Pagan New Year to what is currently recognized as the modern New Year. However when applying the other aspects related to the celebration of this holiday we find the first full moon occurred on January 5, 1977 and that the other relevant date as it relates to this holiday would have occurred on January 19, 1977. It is also believed that due to the condition of her body when it was found that it is possible that her body was actually left on January 20, 1977 and not recovered until a day later.

Timothy King was abducted on March 16, 1977 and his body was discovered on March 21, 1977. The Pagan holiday know as the Spring Equinox or Ostara occurs around March 21st. This occurred on March 19, 1977.

That’s not all. Three other cases can be linked to other Pagan Holidays, and maybe more.

Over the decades, some have speculated that a police officer was involved because such care was taken to clean up evidence. Remember no CSI shows were on TV back then. Also, the kids willingly left in public places with the killers. So logic would dictate that they must have felt safe with whomever they left the area with. It is also believed that the individual would walk up on the children and showed them a badge and identification. That the first suspect initiating contact would then bring the child to a vehicle that was waiting where a second or possibly third suspect was present. Based on information developed the children were not driven up on, rather the suspect walked up on them, and initiated a conversation with the victims. What kid wouldn’t feel safe leaving with a police officer who just showed them their badge and identification?

Now the source and investigative journalists need your help to solve these murders and to provide closure to the families of the victims. The source and investigative journalists working on this case believe it is possible that law enforcement representatives may have been involved in a cover up for someone in law enforcement who participated in what is now believed to be the abduction and murders of at least seven children.

If any of the following reminds you of any person or persons you had contact with between 1976 and today. That information may be what is needed to lead to the arrest and conviction of the Oakland County Child Killers.

Do not exclude or dismiss any person based on whether they are male or female. If someone matches the years and activities as described below you should consider that individual to be a person of interest.

1. If you lived in Oakland or Macomb County, Redford, Livonia, Plymouth or Warren Michigan and were aware of anyone you believed to be involved in cult or ritual activities between 1975 and 1987. Or;

2. If you recall discussions by individuals between 1975 and 1985 of locations where they may have talked about groups that would meet regarding cult or ritual activities in Detroit along the Woodward corridor from and including the areas South of Highland Park and North of Highland Park to Eight Mile Road, from Gratiot to I-275 along Eight Mile Road, or in the cities of Ferndale, Hazel Park, Plymouth, Redford, Troy, or Warren.
These locations would include both residential and commercial buildings. And no matter what type of building it may have been you should not ignore it as being relevant because you may not believe that these types of activities could have occurred there. Or;

3. If you were aware of a police officer or involved with law enforcement, or someone who worked with police or law enforcement between the years of 1974 and 1998 that today would be between the age of 45 and 70 that talked about cult or ritual activities, was known to have read a lot of cult or ritual books, spoke a lot about the Oakland County Child Killer on a regular basis, or had family members that would talk about these types of activities. This list would also include Firemen, EMS Technicians, City Employees, and individuals that worked with law enforcement in any capacity.

If you have any information related to these areas of interest you should contact one or more media representatives with your information so there is a record of your report outside of the investigators. Ask the media representative to forward your information to Jessica Cooper at the Oakland County Michigan prosecutor’s office or Mike McCabe at the Oakland County Sheriffs Department. If you do not wish to provide your name, do not feel obligated to do so. Tell the media representative the information is what matters, not the name of the person providing the information.

The source has repeatedly said this is about giving the families of the victims someone other than themselves to blame for the abductions and murders of these seven children. That when you consider police have failed in their efforts to solve this case for over 34 years. The source believes that the only way this case will be solved is if the public is made aware of the new information and who to be looking for.

And unlike police investigators, the source and media investigators believe the public’s assistance is the best chance police will have in finding those responsible for the abduction and murder of these seven children. If the public is not made aware of all information that may link someone they know to these abductions and murders other than a pedophile or members of a sex ring being responsible. Then how is anyone going to know to come forward with information they have that may identify potential suspects in this case.

The public must be provided with all information related to this case. Otherwise the murders of these seven children may never be solved.

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