The “Other” First Milk Carton Child- who appeared alongside Etan Patz

I find it interesting that there is no mention of the SECOND- first boy on the milk carton- as there were two boys shown.  Etan Patz was displayed along with JOHNNY GOSCH, who was abducted in West Des Moines, IA.  Of course- both cases the police FAILED MISERABLY- and in fact, didn’t bother to act until- well, Patz was 33 years ago and Gosch has NEVER BEEN INVESTIGATED!  Maybe because Johnny Gosch is connected with something much larger and more sinister.  How ever, I find it important that it be known that there were TWO boys shown on the first milk box carton- and mention that it is telling that nothing is being said about it.

I hope they find justice for the family of Etan Patz- here in Omaha- there is no justice to be had.  Take the case of Ricky Chadek- the police are SO FOCUSED ON THE WYNGERT FAMILY THAT THEY CANT SEE ANYTHING ELSE.  No proof links Neil Wyngert with the Chadek case- but STILL COPS FOCUS ON HIM while disregarding all else that comes in regarding the case.

And they believe Patz is buried in the floor- so why is it so hard to believe that my dad has dead kids buried in the closet that he rebuilt.  Everything is just coincidence with the police in Omaha- they are the only ones who KNOW the facts- and STILL THERE HAS BEEN NO RESOLUTION TO ALL THE CHILD ABDUCTIONS HERE IN THE 70’S AND 80’S.  Considering that KEY MEMBERS OF LAW ENFORCEMENT were involved- this might be the reason why.


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