How Kentucky Child Care Officials Treats Under Aged Girls Who Say Their Father Is Sexually Inappropriate With Them

Mary Gina,

My name is David Shurter and I have known ********(the mother) for over two decades now. In fact, I knew *****(the mother) before she ever met ********(the father)- so to say that I have been involved with this family’s life is an understatement.

She doesn’t know that I am writing this letter. I had my team of investigators get me your contact info and I feel that I need to reach out to you- to make a few things clear.

I wrote a letter 10+ years ago- at the start of the ****** divorce- detailing why I felt ******* (the father) has been inappropriate with his children. It is a long letter- and I am sure you can find it in the court documents- as, what I understand; I have my own file with my name on it with concerns to this case.

Allegations of sexual abuse- esp. concerning (the daughter) and (the father)- came out when she was 4- then 8- NOW the 14 yr old girl has come forward HERSELF to tell you that she is uncomfortable being alone with her father because he inappropriately touches her. How have you responded? By saying she is exaggerating- that (her mother) put her up to it- but regardless- basically you have told a 14 yr old girl who came to you with serious concerns that she is a liar.

And THIS is how Kentucky officials deal with children who make allegations of sexual abuse? If that is not bad enough- now I understand that you are going to put a 14 yr old who is claiming she has been sensually abused in the same room with her abuser and expect… what? For her to tell you all that she was lying? Exaggerating? What?

****(the father) is a typical example of an abuser. He has lived in Burlington for HOW MANY YEARS and STILL has NO FRIENDS or ANY contacts with the community of any sort. That is indicative of most abusers.

You claim that he needs **** (the mother) to keep him up to speed in dealing with his children- making the ex-wife RESPONSIBLE for the man she divorced- claiming that their children’s problems with their father is caused by ****(the mother) maybe having conflicting facial expressions, or conflicting body language. This man was a pilot- he was responsible for 1000’s of people’s lives DAILY as he flew them around the country as a commercial airline pilot- but he just can’t be expected to be as responsible for his children? He needs someone to hold his hand =- namely *****(the mother)- to make this work?

How often do you hold YOUR ex’s hand in life? How much responsibility do you feel to HIM and his actions? Do you find it acceptable for him to blame his failing on you? Or is that just reserved for the other mother’s you are dealing with?

Let me tell you something about *****(the mother). It is well known that I can’t stand **** (the father)- (mainly because I don’t like pedophiles)- but in all the years that we have been friends- S****(the mother) has NEVER allowed me to speak bad about ****(the father) in front of the children. In fact- we sometimes fight because she has a tendency to DEFEND the man.

****(the father)- he has absolutely NO contact with the community- but ****(the mother) works for the public schools- WITH PARENTS AND CHILDREN. But your contention is that she is the crazy emotional unstable one while ****(the father)- who lives his life as MOST EVERY OTHER PREDATOR DOES- is the healthy- stable one. This seems deluded to me.

****(the father) has stuck his hands down **** and **** (the underaged brothers) pants- *** (the underaged daughter) has accused him of inappropriately touching her- the children found a “pocket pussy” sex toy lying by his bed in his bedroom- and yet you, in your mind- can find no reason why he isn’t a great father. And ****(the mother) is the “crazy” one- and yet it was **** (the father) that the children were afraid was going to go kill himself during a stay with him.

This situation is baffling to me- and it is my contention that your inept performance as the social worker you were trained to be is going to put these children further into harm’s way- and so I have decided to get involved.

I am a nationally recognized child advocate. I have a blog that gets about a thousand hits a day- have an email list that is about 600 people- mostly media, law officials, and victim advocate groups- and I am going to focus on this situation and you who are involved officiating it. The child protection care in our nation is SERIOUSLY lacking- and this situation- where a 14 yr old girl was strong enough to talk about the abuse her father has inflicted on her only to be told by you- a Kentucky official- that she is exaggerating- or worse- lying- will help further show how in need of a uhaul our child care system is.

I am not going to use the children’s names- but since you are a state official- I am not giving you such leeway.

You think you can call a 14 yr old abuse survivor a liar- and that there is nothing anyone can do about it. However- I can show otherwise.

And I will be giving people your contact info- and your office’s contact info- so that the public can voice their disapproval.

Again ****(the mother) has no idea that I am writing this- nor can she influence what I am going to do. (ANYMORE THAN SHE CAN INFLUENCE **** ****(the father) AND WHAT HE DOES).

But in my opinion- this situation is wrong and needs to be publicly exposed. So I am about to do just that.


David Shurter



This is AMAZING- the Dialogue is FINALLY Beginning…

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Latest Interviews- On 8/20/2016 I Will Be Talking Specifics About My MKUltra Training

So to let you guys know- I am able to release my new interview with John B. Wells from Caravan to Midnight on Monday. But ONLY the audio. So you can at least hear it, although you may want to check out and check out his site- cause he is a brilliant guy.

Okay- so on Saturday evening- I am going to be interviewed on William Ramsey’s new show William Ramsey Investigates, which can be heard at, and as well as We are going to be discussing the SPECIFICS of my MKUltra training- and he is going to help me go into detail what they did and what it did to me as a child. Probably should offer a trigger warning- but hey- that is up to you.

William Ramsey is an expert investigator who has recently primarily focused on the West Memphis 3- Damion Echols, and that atrocity of justice that occurred concerning the death of three murdered boys. He has shown the links to Johnny Depp- who was best friends with Hunter S. Thompson- a KEY player in the events that went down in Omaha, and, having watched and interacted with him for years- can personally say that he is an amazing person and I was honored and moved that he asked me to be on his first series of shows, which will no doubt grow exponentially in the future.

Now Ed Opperman is ALSO going to be interviewing right before William Ramsey and his guest will be David Cay Johnston, who was sued by Trump. The Opperman Report is detailed, relentless with the truth, and truly eye opening and you never know what gem of info Ed is going to get out next so I would say- consider them both.

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The thing is about the Fallen- who some refer to as “demons”, is that, as a child, I could never help feeling sorry for them. Their interaction with the cult was basically as performing monkeys really. The cult would do all this shit and then EXPECT them to do what they were COMMANDING them to do. I understand their hate for this world and its leaders. There was no one who saw the depths of depravity in mankind more than they. But Heaven’s love knows NO BOUNDS- and as much as it disturbs people to think about- the Fallen being embraced back into Heaven has healed EVERYTHING. The grace that is upon us- although it may seem awful right now- has amazing things in store for the faithful. Faithful in what you may ask? Well- simply WHAT IT HAS ALWAYS BEEN ABOUT- faithful to LOVE.

Oh- and all you “demon worshipers” out there. Those you found so helpful in the past are now working at the behest of Heaven- so I don’t think you are going to find them so enthralling anymore. Sucks to be you- but at least you got a chance to experience what it was like to do as thou whilst. Now you get to experience the cost of that decision.

Satanic Panic

Satanic panic= When a book (Michelle Remembers) got therapists WORLD WIDE to get together and convince all their clients that they and/or their children had been satanically ritually abused, and for some reason that has NEVER been determined, decided to cause a panic that occurred in the US, the UK, and Australia- just to name a few- to come, at the EXACT SAME TIME, WITHOUT the help of the internet, as it wasn’t around then- under some sort of global mass hysteria where we enacted a witch hunt- fought off by a group of rich white people who had been accused of these very same crimes by their children- (except the one who went on a UK interview and said how great it was for children to have sex with adults and how society just needs to get over itself coincidentally at the same time that people in the UK government were advocating for the age of consent to be lowered to 10). This- IN TURN- infected the law officials, who were over zealous in their questioning the victims- ALL THE WHILE the rampant prostitution of boys was occurring in both Omaha, NE (Conspiracy of Silence) and Houston, TX (Boys for Sale). Does this pretty much sum it up?

A Question for All of You

What is worse, do you think? This pervasive evil that is raping and killing children and causing the complete destruction of mankind- or the cowardice and apathy that is allowing the evil to florish unabated? Because I can’t find the distinction myself.

The Cult, MKUltra, CERN, This “War with Heaven”, and the Facts to the Matter Where Mankind Is Now