TIME Writes About Why Rape and Trauma Survivors Have Fragmented and Incomplete Memories


There are a group of people- generally Elizabeth Loftus fans- who swear that memories are never surpressed but REAL science tells us something much different. Trauma effects the brain in different ways- and it is obvious by the research that our brains work much differently when under extreme stress.

When we are relaxed- we think with an area of our brain called the prefontal cortex. This area is responsible for “executive decisions” such as where to focus and what to focus on. When reading, or watching television, or working- this area of the brain tells us what to focus on in order to keep us from being distracted and tones down what is going on around us. It also inhibits impulses so that we can concentrate.

However, in states of fear, terror, and high stress this area of the brain is impaired and our amygdala takes over- controlled by the adrenaline that is pumping through our veins. Our brains are focused on distinct areas of the trauma- and everything else goes to the sidelines. Many times, our brains will focus on details of the abuse and nothing else. Or, in some cases, the brain will focus on something else in order to save us from what we are experiencing. In this case we may focus on insignificant details. Either way our attention is impaired and our brains aren’t focusing as it would when we are relaxed.

Fear also shuts down the hippocampus. This area is the one responsible for logging our experiences into short term memory and then putting them into long-term memories. This actually stops us from remembering the sequence of events, helping us to repress the details of what the trauma is doing to us.

Fear has a vast effect on our brains and keeps us from remembering exactly what is happening. Repression is a result of this and that is what this article talks about.

The men who wrote the article above is James Harper Ph.D and is an independent consultant and instructor in psychology in the Department of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School. David Lisak is a forensic consultant, researcher, and national trainer and the board president of 1in6 that provided information and services to men who were sexually abused as children.

David Shurter Stalked By Amazon Trolls- Life And Times of David Shurter


1. David Shurter wrote the book “Rabbit Hole: A Satanic Ritual Abuse Survivor’s Story” which details the events surrounding a failed savings and loan named Franklin Credit Union.

2. David Shurter is a member in good standing at Ivory Garden and has been helping with the yearly conferences on Trauma and Dissociation. IGDID.org

3. David Shurter is a ward missionary for his church- working with the community.

4. David Shurter was his mother’s caretaker until she died- and now morns her loss.

5. David Shurter has been actively supporting survivors of ritual abuse and satanic ritual abuse for 20 years now.

6. David Shurter’s book and testimony was validated by the Nebraska State Patrol.

7. David Shurter worked with the Michigan State Patrol in conjunction with cold case child murders.

8. David Shurter is a renowned speaker and public figure as seen by his numerous radio interviews and speaking engagements.

9. David Shurter is a talented artist, spending time quilting for charities.

10. David Shurter has written and published several articles, a book, and writes poetry and short stories.

11. David Shurter is an honest and upstanding member of his community.

12. David Shurter has been continuously stalked by a small group of trolls for 3 years now, where his book “Rabbit Hole: A Satanic Ritual Abuse Survivor’s Story” is being promoted on Amazon.

Conversations After the Pedophile Lobby Sought Me Out to Engage Me One More Time

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Gordon_bydand says:
“I am not into multiple conspiracy theories- all I talk about is Franklin”
“SRA”, MKUltra, that time you insisted that everyone was a CIA assassin secretly working at Amazon monitoring you…

this is stupid. I believe- since the False Memory Foundation headquarters are in Seattle and Amazon headquarters are located in Seattle- i figured that they- talking about your group now- probably had an inside to this place- seeings as how this is your only venue. I went through MKUltra- as did my older siblings- and SRA is highly connected to it. But then my opinion about the False Memory foundation is well known- and its history is even more so. I think that the False Memory Foundation is a front that actively attacks survivors in order to keep our government’s secrets quiet, and that it has been around for three decades. However- as we are seeing today- more and more survivors are coming out of the woodwork- Hollywood, Omaha, all over the United States and esp. abroad in the UK- to the only ones screaming about a “witch hunt” are those who are actively and aggressively trying to detour any conversation about it by dismissing and berating EVERYONE AND ANYONE who talks about it. I think you are part of this group- cause no one as intelligent as you would spend as much time on here fighting the way you do for no reason. I think you are exceptionally bright- and why you are IN HERE all the time begs the question as to why such a bright person- with such a great life- isn’t out living it but rather sitting in a chat in Amazon supposedly trying to save the world from even considering the fact that SRA, MKUltra and Child traffickings are real and highly connected.

“the restraining order was done by my stepmother”
Doesn’t matter who or why. The point remains; I have never had a restraining order issued against me, whereas a judge not only found you enough of a credible threat to issue one, but also to renew it!

This is a lie, it wasn’t renewed. Nor is it in effect now- nor has it been in effect for years. I hate my stepmother- and I am outrageously angry with her- and it came through. I have that right- considering what I have had to endure. And I need NO PERMISSION to feel the way I feel, certainly not from you.

“at least i am not Mesner whose friends and colleagues say he is just trying to make money with his movement. The very person you ALL have quoted.”
You keep saying that with no proof, 99% of the time you’re the only one who mentions Mesner – sidebar, I have gone on the record as disliking him, and only mentioned him recently to show YOUR cognitive dissonance – and didn’t YOU claim that your ex- then not- and now again-friend Goodwin is only in it for the money?

I also said I was wrong. Pat Goodwin at IGDID.org threw one of the best conferences and first of its kind anywhere and she did it on a bare bones budget. And the fact that she hosted such a successful conference in the same town that the False Memory Foundation is headquartered at- I have the up most respect for her- as does EVERYONE WHO ATTENDED THE CONFERENCE- attendees and speakers alike. No one but her could have pulled off such a thing. People came away from that conference CHANGED- and it changed the dynamics- and most of all the perspectives- of what it was like to be DID and out in the world in advocates, therapists- and survivor’s alike. This next conference- from what I understand- is going to be even better. And say what you will- but people out in the real world like me- and more than that- they are interested in what we all have to say. The things you assert about us online don’t hold up in the real world- and all of us are doing a great deal of work in Seattle. You see- I am not just a blogger- but I am also an activist- and Amazon is HARDLY my only venue.

“serial killers don’t go to therapy. But then you probably know more about that than i do.”
No, I wouldn’t. I don’t have any mental illnesses, or problems dire enough to need therapy, nor have I killed anyone. As opposed to YOU (according to you, anyway; I don’t believe it – although I note you didn’t answer the question about Letelier).

The place that False Memory Foundation needs to be on it it’s own home turf, and it is funny watching all of you squawk like you know in the knowledge that this whole mess is coming out and try as you might- there is NO WAY YOU CAN STOP IT. History ALWAYS repeats itself- but this time there are more survivors than before and we are WELL connected and it is time that this whole mess come out into the light. In the end- we will be judged by our ACTIONS- and not some anonymous troll who lives on the internet and fights as much as you do on Amazon.

and i didn’t answser the question about Letelier because it is always seems like a distraction from what REALLY needs to be talked about and the names that REALLY need to be mentioned.

Contrary to the Pedophile Lobby- Dissociation Isn’t a New Concept

Regardless of the False Memory advocates claim- dissociative identity disorder- once called Multiple Personalities- isn’t a new concept- and it didn’t begin with the book Sybil. Contrary to what they say- it wasn’t a fad but was discovered and spoken about in the later part of the 18th century.

Frenchman Pierre Marie Félix Janet (30 May 1859 – 24 February 1947) was one of the first people to discover a connection between events in the subject’s past life and his or her present day trauma, and coined the words ‘dissociation’ and ‘subconscious’. He was a French psychologist, philosopher and psychotherapist in the field of dissociation and traumatic memory and is ranked alongside William James and Wilhelm Wundt as one of the founding fathers of psychology.

There is also Morton Henry Prince (December 21, 1854 – August 31, 1929) who was an American physician who specialized in neurology and abnormal psychology, and was one of the men who established psychology as a clinical and academic discipline. A graduate of Harvard in 1879, he established the Journal of Abnormal Psychology, and is one of the men who further researched about European ideas about psychopathology, especially in understanding dissociative phenomenon. He was the American expert in dissociative disorders, and was the one who coined the phrase “multiple personality disorder”. In 1906 he wrote the paper “The Dissociation of a Personality” in which he spoke about his case history and the troubles his patients faced with this disorder. He was also the man who established the Harvard Psychological clinic- doing so in 1927.

So as you can see, dissociation and multiple personalities are not a new phenomenon.

1986 was the first time multiple personalities and extreme abuse- in the form of satanic ritual abuse, was heard in an American court of law. Paul Bonnaci- a man who supposedly suffered the condition because of allegedly suffering satanic ritual abuse- came forward when a minor by the name of Alicia Owen claimed that the Omaha Nebraska police chief Robert Wadman had raped her and impregnated her with a child. Discredited by a grand jury- who was, in my opinion, heavily influenced, they dismissed his claims- finding the boy so bizarre that he couldn’t be trusted. The powers that be called their allegations a “carefully crafted hoax” although no one was ever found to be behind this supposed hoax.

In 1992, the False Memory Syndrome Foundation was formed to deal with the rising tide of people claiming to have been abused with satanic ritual abuse. Heavily funded in the beginning by the North American Man Boy Love Association, this group used what happened with Bonnaci, which was their prototype, in Omaha to develop a theory that false memories had been implanted by a group of rogue therapists and that dissociation and multiple personalities didn’t exist. They claimed that books such as “Michelle Remembers” and “Sybil” had influenced the public and that this is where multiple personalities stemmed from- but looking at the history of the disorder- one can see this is not true. They allege that these books caused what they coined as a “satanic panic” and began a “witch hunt” with people looking for satanists behind every bush.

The McMartin Preschool scandal exemplified this accusation when preschoolers began coming home with sexually transmitted diseases and started talking about horrific satanic abuse. Most of the public was unaware that McMartin was one of seven preschools in the area that claimed to have such problems- one of them being a Long Beach Catholic preschool. Fought venomously in the courts- the pedophile lobby uses this case as to why they believe that all claims have been debunked.

Of course there are new cases being alleged now- esp. the case of Jimmy Savile in the UK. The pedophile lobby claims these new cases are bogus- and that satanism, and esp. dissociative identity disorders, are completely false. Over-riding the victims claims, they blanket both the media and the internet with the opinions that none of this exist, and that they are all claims made through the misappropriation of bad therapy. However, the fact is that BOTH exist- and it has been ferociously fought against by the powers that be.

Multiple personalities are not a new phenomenon by any means, and it isn’t a huge leap to realize that our government has known about this condition and has continously tried to influence this condition to develop a kind of Manchurian candidate that could be controlled. Satanic ritual abuse, extreme ritual abuse, and mind control are all connected- along with child trafficking. Hitler was not the first one to employ these techniques in order to break a person down, but through Project Paperclip- when we brought all of his Nazi scientists to the United States after World War II to further their work- I guess he could be considered the Granddaddy of all of this. The fact is that the Pedophile Lobby has been working diligently to conceal our governments activities in extreme child abuse for quite some time now- just as England protected and promoted Jimmy Savile for the same reason. Being aware of dissociation through trauma for over a century- this condition has been well known and manipulated in order to control the population. But nothing can remain a secret forever- and I just wanted to publish the history of dissociation to prove that this has been well known from the very beginning of our psychotherapy history.

Testimonials Concerning the Ivory Garden 2014 Conference on Trauma and Dissociation

Ivory Garden Trauma and Dissociation Conference Website » About Ivory Garden » 2014 Conference Testimonials

There were approximately 200 attendees at this conference. About 1/2 were clinicians and about 1/2 were supporters and adult survivors of abuse. All were invited to attend every workshop. This was a first time for this type of conference. It was amazingly successful and an honor to attend.

We are still receiving input from this conference. Here is what we have so far.
Input from clinicians:

All speakers received 4 or 5 in all areas – according to the CEU assessments. Some comments:

Marv Thomas –



Colin Ross-

“Excellent review – trauma concepts”

“Interesting, well-stated, already, experience based”

“Add to conceptual background for tools of the trade”

“Great to hear actual content of what might be said in a session”

“Really appreciated the way the substance was provided to the ‘theories/concepts. Therapeutic Neutrality (unraveled and clear). Clear about the Stockholm Syndrome and a new dimension.”

“Great – as always. Repetition IS learning”

“Very helpful and direct explanation. Awesome!”

“Love his language – commonality. Learned – ‘Trauma Model Therapy’ and ‘Therapeutic Neutrality’.

“Interesting, well-focused. Learned: re-frame attachment issues. Will help with focus on attachment issues.”

“Excellent opportunity to hear Dr. Ross speak. Learned: ‘Locus of Control Shift’ (Trauma Model).”

“You Rock! Thank you for being the voice of reason. Learned: wisdom and courage.”

Joan Golston –

“Excellent speaker! Excellent content! Nice framing of boundaries.”

“Well done. Props were fun and useful. Learned: dealing with implicit communications – great tactics.”

“Visuals were excellent. Learned: need more information.

Lynn Crook –

“Loved it. Learned – activation of different parts of the brain. Want more of the same. Thank you.”

“I loved this. Lynn’s humility, enthusiasm, inclusion, and lots of great exercises! Learned: How participation exercises connect people. And everyone’s inner light can shine s beautifully. ”

Laura Brown –

“Very impressed with Dr. Brown’s presentation: content, overheads, style of delivery, and online materials. Learned: Content of abuse! The complexities of a survivor’s responses to the need for care of an aged abusive parent and their death. The importance of preparation before delving into addressing the abuse issues. Possibly, more of my clients are abuse survivors than I had thought. Great day! Hoping that you will return next year.”

“Fantastic information! Please bring Dr. Brown back again!”

“Very helpful. Learned: New perspective on difficult issues – excellent training which I will use with my clients. This is an excellent training. Repeat would be great!”

“Was great – wish there would have been more time! Learned: the contract for care – more compassions for both sides. Want more info. This was a great class.”

“ I learned and enjoyed the info presenter and content of the presentation very much. Learned: conflicts over subject matter that are relevant and so rarely expressed. To make a plan for what may come up for myself or clients regarding death or connection to perpetrator. This was one of my favorite lecturers – thank you.”

Ellie Fields –

“Good presentation. Learned: first exposure to method. [ Thought Field Therapy].”

“Very good conceptual presentation. Nice experiential presentation.”

Sandra Paulsen –

“Learned: bringing in different cultures, listening to the soul.”

“excellent unit – addressed diversity and accepting and open while conveying important information. Wonderful to hear. Assists with mindset in practice.”

“Very good reminder about gratitudes. Learned: bringing in cultures. Listening to the soul.”

“Loved the opening to intuition.”

“Would have wanted inclusion of RA/MC, but it was helpful. Thank you.”

“Instruction was very knowledgeable about the topic. Learned: Neurobiology integrated into therapeutic practice.”

“Very professional and thoughtful. Learned: to call particular part ‘part of self’ instead of just the name. child as ‘monster’, but only child with fierce defense.”

“Loved it! Learned: Begin before the beginning. Skills of integration. Thank you.”

“Great topic and useful materials.”

“open-heared, honest, helpful, kind and clearly presented. Learned: somatic techniques, EMDR, early trauma protocol. Will attend to more somatic trainings and incorporate techniques into practice.”

“Use of examples very helpful. Learned: Somatic Techniques. To repeat at end of sessions – tucking in. Thank you Sandra!”

“A language to frame and match my practice. Learned: About amnesiac block.”

“Excellent and clear. Learned: EMDR – would like more specifics. Learned more about dissociation.”

“Helpful and informative. Learned: working with introjects.”
These are input from survivors who attended so far – all 5 stars:

“Good work on everyone’s part!”
“I will be attending next year! This conference was very special, important, unforgettable and helpful!”
“This was such an honor to be a part of and I can’t believe I was able to go! The community aspect, the variety of sessions, etc made this a fun experience and life-changing too.”
“I was extremely impressed with the entire Conference. 3 Cheers for Felicity and Crew
Outstanding job.”

“For the first year, I thought it was amazing. I’m sure with time, it will do nothing but improve. I’m so thankful for everyone’s time and effort into making this a success!”

“I’m very happy this was done as it was very educational, validating and helpful. Definitely do it again!”

“ The hotel was beautiful inside and out. Considering we have never done anything like this before, we enjoyed it very very much. we would love to do this again. Hopefully financially we can, cuz it was very very good for us. Thanks to all who made it possible.”

“Our favorite CONFERENCE SPEAKER was Lani Kent; we thoroughly enjoyed the art therapy class. In close 2nd was Ellie Fields followed by a very close Colin Ross.”

“I LOVED it! I loved being staff there, i loved helping out. i loved meeting everyone. i loved being able to HELP. i loved it all! it was wonderful! i loved lani kent’s stuff, too and was glad it was there. it was a wonderful balance to the rest to have her creativity and healing messages there.”

“hotel rooms are really nice, venue is clean and smells good. i want to know more about fms and military ptsd. it was great, thank you”

“Overall the conference was a success. The accommodations were fantastic for the price. I felt honored to hear all of the speakers and learned so much. The energy around the conference area and during presentation was amazing – supportive, accepting, and loving. I can’t wait to go next year.”

“The Ivory Garden Conference on Trauma and Dissociation was the first of it’s kind EVER! The presentations were all top notch and the people who attended came away with a greater respect and knowledge of what it is like to have DID and Complex PTSD. Removing these conditions out of the realm of conspiracy- the therapists learned how prevalent these conditions are and what extreme trauma does to the human psyche. Gaining a greater understanding of how trauma effects the behavior of individuals, now the attendees will be able to take what they know out into the world and help others who were not able to attend. I look forward to next year’s conference- which is shaping up to be more informative and influential than the first. Kudos!!”

“The whole conference was a wonderful experience. To get to meet the people I’ve talked with online for so many years was thrilling. I enjoyed the workshops and most of all watching the suite upstairs. There were so many interesting people to meet and for the first time in my life I didn’t need to feel I had to hide who I really am. Colin Ross was amazing and full of helpful information. So were the other speakers. It was great when we got to play during our free time at night also. ….. absolutely made my night the night we decided to go on the town! It was a once in a lifetime experience for me and I will cherish the memories of all the events and the people, especially the person whom I got to room with. She is a super cool gal and I enjoyed her company very much. Thank you Felicity and everyone who made this incredible event take place. It was wonderful. Morgan”

If I misquoted anyone, I apologize. These quotes came from a form that was passed around and clinicians evaluations. I will update further.

Thank you all for you input and support of this conference.


A Reply to Doug Mesner/satanist Lucien Greaves Post “Tin-Foil Hats & Diminutive Super-soldiers: S.M.A.R.T. conference EMF shield hats”

Funny that Mesner/satanist Lucien Greaves post comes up when looking up my name on Google, claiming that I told him that I found Judy Byington’s book 22 Faces “quite credible”. This is a lie- I never said such a thing. In fact- over and over and over- if you look at the comments on the book with Mesner’s supporters- it has been complained about that I NEVER READ THE BOOK. This is also a lie. I did read the book. However, it is my contention that these False Memory supporters want to use the book to support their platform- and that they are using it to further promote their misguided beliefs that memories of abuse are always fabricated by evil therapists who convince their unwitting and obviously brainless patients of blatant lies. I think this whole philosophy is hogwash- and that Mesner is just doing his best to get a name for himself- using whatever and whoever he can to achieve this objective.

22 Faces is not written by a survivor- but rather Judy is just telling Jenny’s story. The False Memory Pedophile Protection Squad has twisted the facts of this relationship to demonize Byington- claiming that she was Jenny’s therapist (which isn’t true), and that Byington has coerced Jenny to make up lies so she can profit off of them. 22 Faces is Jenny’s story- and Jenny told me personally that she stands by everything that was said in the book- and yet the PP Squad goes on and on about how disillusioned and dysfunctional Jenny is. They then turn this around and claim that Byington has taken advantage of the woman- listing everything they found wrong with the book as proof that Judy is not only evil and manipulative but dimwitted. People on Amazon such as Gordon_bydand claim that they are saving the world from “another witch hunt”- saying that those who read 22 Faces are going to be so discombobulated by what they read that they are going to lose all rationality and start looking for people to burn at the stake. I read 22 Faces- gave it a three star rating, and didn’t experience such loss of my rational faculties- but then that is just me. Of course Mesner says that I found the book “quite credible” while his supporters constantly claim that I never read it in the first place. To me it was just a book.

Connecting me with Neil Brick in this same article- I find it funny that he has also says that I burned Brick- which is why I am not going to any more SMART conferences. The truth is that I can’t stand Brick- and I found him to be manipulative and money hungry. I was wrong when I claimed that Brick didn’t have a vendor selling tin foil hats- as I discovered that the year before I spoke he in fact DID have a vendor selling such things. The same year that Mesner misrepresented himself and attended the SMART conference. Just because I spoke at SMART does not mean that I supported Neil Brick- nor does it mean that I respect the man. I have taken a lot of heat in the survivor community because of my dislike of Brick, but I am not one who goes with the crowd just to be liked. I have called Brick a liar to his face- and had many issues with the man working with him on the NATRC as I found him to be a control freak who manipulates survivors and scares them into thinking that “handlers” are hiding in every bush. I CHOOSE to stop attending the SMART conference due to the fact that I despise Brick and what he does to survivors. I am not the only one who has had issues with the man, although I probably am the most outspoken person about my distaste.

The pedophile protection squad speaks out of both sides of their mouth- and when one argument against me doesn’t work- they just jump the fence and go on and argue the opposite side. An example is that I found 22 Faces to be credible and then argue that I didn’t read the book. Obviously both can’t be true- and in fact neither is true.

However- let me remind everyone who Doug Mesner/satanist Lucien Greaves is. This is a boy who has tried to attend the ISSTD conference over and over and been turned away every time. His chosen name Greaves is taken from a man who wrote a book aimed at pedophiles who spoke about the special nuances that it takes to molest a child- a book that Amazon choose to take off their website. This is also the boy who pulled out his privates in front of national media and put them on top of a gravestone thinking that this action made the deceased person gay. (Of course- judging by the pic- he probably made the woman gay when she saw how little his member is). You don’t have to take my word on this- see the pic for yourself.


This is the spokesperson for the pedophile protection squad and is typical of the people who are fighting to trash me constantly. However, Mesner’s actions stand alone- and it is obvious to everyone that he has no morals or sense of decency. He is also a liar and not someone ANYONE should trust their children with.

Nestle CEO: Water Is Not A Human Right, Should Be Privatized

Bishop Spong – One of the Most Intelligent Interviews On the Bible I Have Ever Heard

A Continuous Argument with Christina Blumpkin/Shurter of Omaha, NE on Amazon

I find it funny that my stepmother Joanne C. Shurter’s daughter Christina seeks me out on Amazon in order to engage me and now she wants to claim that I am cyber bullying her. She writes to strangers telling them that I am a violent psychopath, although I have ABSOLUTELY NO HISTORY of being such- but figures that people should just take her word for it. She and her mother- with her mother’s lawyer Gerry Friedrickson stalked me so bad in Omaha that I had to move- but now she is claiming that she is a victim.

My father came clean about his crimes with his hospice nurse Janie at Methodist Hospital, so Joanne C. Shurter sealed his medical records to keep that information from coming out- and Christina dances around, much like the False Memory Pedophile Protection Squad, amused that no one can see what my father told his nurse. Claiming that I am making false claims- her mother Joanne C. Shurter won’t release those records to anyone so that they can see for themselves. Constantly calling me a liar- and worse, she just expects to be believed because she is Christina Blumpkin. That name means something because these people own Nebraska Furniture Mart. She married into the family through Matt- who is a step son to Ron Blumpkin.

I offered to have her come onto my blog and discuss the situation- but she refused since I am willing to let my sister Kathy and her kids- who know Christina well and am unwilling to allow the Amazon trolls who are part of the False Memory Pedophile Protection Squad to come on. She wanted them to come on but not Kathy’s kids- because they know her as a slut and a trouble maker. According to ALL OF KATHY’S KIDS- they dismissed her from their lives because she tried to have sex with not only her own family members but their friends as well- and she doesn’t want this known. She has her OWN secrets in this.

As far as the False Memory Pedophile Protection Squad- I have decided to stay off Amazon and not engage them anymore. Nothing more than a time waster- this group, consisting of Critthink/Menagerie, Gordon, Karmakaze, and Murphy right now- twist everything that is said and attack constantly anyone who argues the validity of satanic ritual abuse. Very good at what they do- they constantly inserted themselves in the argument between Christina Blumpkin of Omaha, Ne as if they had any clue the dynamics of my family. Of course Christina was going on and on about how I was abusive with her- although there is ABSOLUTELY NO POLICE DOCUMENTATION to back up her claims. I guess that my father and her mother didn’t care enough about her to report my alleged abuse of Christina to the police or do anything about it. Of course, she is lying out her ass in order to save her mother. I have NO HISTORY of being aggressive or violent but that doesn’t stop her and her mother Joanne C. Shurter from contacting strangers through email to say so in order to prevent anyone from helping me. Constantly having to defend myself- she now claims that I have been cyber bullying her, although she sought me out both on 22 faces and my book Rabbit Hole- A Satanic Ritual Abuse Survivors Story.

My older sister Kathy has gone online and publicly supported what I have said- going through the same abuse as I did. However- Christina Blumpkin claims that she is the only one telling the truth and that my three older siblings and I are crazy and liars. Of course she says anything and everything she can to try and shut us down- like she knows what we went through as kids, even though Kathy is the youngest of my oldest siblings and is 12 years older than I, and I am 8 1/2 years older than Christina. Contacting Doug Mesner/satanist Lucien Greaves- she and her mother gave a distorted time line of my childhood, which can be found in Mesner/Lucien Greaves comments at the end of his article David Shurter’s Epic Fail.

Kathy and my abuse is well documented in hospital records- which is why Kathy was removed from my father and stepmother Joanne C. Shurter’s house at a young age. All Christina Blumpkin has is her view on events- of course she wasn’t even born yet when Kathy was removed and was incredibly young when I left home. However- it is fitting that she is working in conjunction with the False Memory Pedophile Protection Squad as she is cut of the same cloth.

Staying off Amazon- the only way she can reach me now is through my website. I will post ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING she is brave enough to comment on- but like I said- I am also inviting those who knew her as a child to come and post as well. TROLLS ON THE INTERNET ARE NOT GOING TO BE ALLOWED IN A DISCUSSION BETWEEN OUR FAMILY- AS THEY KNOW NOTHING AND HAVE NOTHING BUT CONJECTURE AND OPINIONS.

A New Conversation Between Christina Blumpkin/Shurter and I on Amazon

In reply to your post on Nov 1, 2014 8:09:50 PM PDT
CBNewMom says:
So, David, you CHOSE, yet again, to go against your word. You said you would leave me out of this if I left you alone. I’ve held up my part of the bargain. You now have not.

Your post, in reply to an earlier post on Nov 1, 2014 8:41:12 PM PDT
LoessJedi says:
and yet doug mesner/lucien greaves knows things about my past he could only have heard from your camp. please explain how that is possible.

In reply to your post on Nov 1, 2014 8:51:30 PM PDT
CBNewMom says:
“MY CAMP”? What, are we at war? Seriously…you have first world problems that really are questioable. David, I didn’t insert myself into this, you chose to force me into it. I haven’t engaged in conversation with anyone but Felicity (as admitted MONTHS ago). Is there something that you don’t want others to know or are you simply upset that a timeline of your life was posted by someone you don’t like? Just because he has a timeline doesn’t mean that it was either me or my Mom. There are many people out there that know you and your history who have come forward via Amazon or elsewhere to discuss their relative disdain for you and your actions. Why does it have to be from “my camp”?

Last edited by you 1 hour ago
LoessJedi says:
oh really? who? and even though the timeline was wrong- that info could only come from your camp. You have constantly gone after me ever since my book was written- and you mother has gone after me all her life. She is my primary abuser in all of this. But I would like to know who has known me that could give specifics- however incorrect- about me. Going to go live with my mom for a few months was the clue. No one knows of that. You broke your word, and so I acted accordingly.

and, contrary to your info- I wasn’t running the streets when I was with her. I never had ANY dealings with the police when I was with her. in fact I never was involved with the police ever- with either parent.

In reply to your post on Nov 1, 2014 9:07:18 PM PDT
CBNewMom says:
Ummmmm….that article was written on December 22, 2013. Well before I was forced into this. So, “I” broke my word? REALLY???? Don’t think so. And, if you read the comments on your book as an objective, and I stress OBJECTIVE observer, you will notice that there are people who know you and know about your past who also don’t belive the things you post about. I don’t know who it was nor do I care. What I care about is the fact that you betrayed the agreement that we made. I didn’t break it. You did. You Google something and react with no thought.

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CBNewMom says:
And, I do have to disagree with you about not having any run ins with the law. What about the car you took and wrecked? Doesn’t that count?

Your post, in reply to an earlier post on Nov 1, 2014 9:13:24 PM PDT
LoessJedi says:
Jim wrote that after I refused to let him live with me. In the comment section I posted an interview he gave me that says just the opposite. Going to live with my mom was never anything I spoke about, basically cause I believed my father and ripped her heart out in the process. You have lied about me and too me over and over- so I have absolutely no reason to trust you. It is best that people know you and your mother are out there causing issues for me. You set me up to get beaten over and over as a child. To say that I have no trust for you is an understatement.

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LoessJedi says:
the police were never called when I intentionally wrecked your mother’s car. oh wait- I stayed out all night in order to keep from getting beaten- but the police were only called to try and find me. The car was a non issue to everyone but my father and your mother. Obviously since I didn’t get into any trouble for it. Dad knew I did it intentionally and I was always amused that your mother had to drive it when the insurance company refused to total it.

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CBNewMom says:
Fine. You don’t trust me. In so many statements you said that I was too young to know what was going on or to even begin to understand the situation. So, with that in mind, I’d like to know HOW I set you up as a CHILD to get beaten? If I was SO stupid to not recognize what was going on how was I SO smart to set you up? You are full of contradictions. My Mom and I have stayed quiet and in the background whilst ou have gone out and publicly slandered both of us with your delusions. You are NOT a Survivor. You’re a liar. Maybe you don’t see yourself as such but that’s exactly what you are. Simply stated, a liar.

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CBNewMom says:
So you agree that the police HAD been involved when you were younger? And, yes, they were called so that my Mom and Dad could make sure that you were OK. You didn’t run away from being beaten by my Mom. Maybe our Father but not my Mom. You were always the aggressor with my Mom. I have many memories of that (even though I was a child and “too young” to see what was going on) And, your sadistic, sociopathic admission that you got pleasure from the fact that she had to drive a wrecked car just goes to show how much of a derelict you were then and how much of one you are now.

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LoessJedi says:
lol- ya= Cindy Stephen Kathy and I all have said the same thing and the only ones telling the truth are you and your mother- who was HEAVILY involved in the abuse. Filling the toilet with toilet paper got me beat- after you ate chocolate pudding out of the refrigerator- I had to eat it like a dog and get beat at the same time. You were a spoiled pretentious brat who only thought of herself. You were 9 when I left home- you have no clue what the four of us endured as children- and yet you try to speak with authority. I am not full of contradictions- and Kathy- who is older than both of us- can attest to the truth of what I have said. Your mom hasn’t stayed quiet nor have you. You contacted everyone and anyone you could to threaten them from helping me. You have no idea what your mother was guilty of before you were born. You are just going on her lies. In all these years- you haven’t changed at all.

Your post, in reply to an earlier post on Nov 1, 2014 9:33:01 PM PDT
LoessJedi says:
your mom attacked me physically over and over. Even the school can attest to that. Your mom has NEVER been afraid of me- it was her who came up to me in Nebraska Furniture Mart- as the court records show. She only got a protection order on me in order to try and stop me from writing my blog and publishing my book. Funny how selective your memory is. Makes me wonder how much you are actually involved in what she was.

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CBNewMom says:
I’m not involving Kathy in this only because she has children that deserve to be respected. Even IF I disagree with everything she says, I believe that she and her kids deserve the privacy that they desire. YOU have taken that away from them.

To address the issues you just posted. You might be misconstruing the time when Cindy’s kids lived with us and dumped a ton of food that they didn’t like down the toilets. Six kids plus two adults and one bathroom would guarantee a backup.

When you and I were kids, there were few sugary items allowed in the house due to the fact that you would eat them all and go crazy afterwards. Maybe you had/have food allergies…who knows. What I know is that I NEVER clogged a toilet to get you beat. Why would I? I know/knew what it was like to suffer Dad’s wrath. There was NO reason for me to put you under the bus. YOU always thought that “WE” were the second family. Do you REALLY want me to post about all the horrible things you did to me? I’d rather not.

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CBNewMom says:
Do you even REMEMBER your behavior in the courtroom?

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CBNewMom says:
But…am I not too young to be involved???? I know and knew nothing CORRECT??!!! Answer the question David. Answer the question.

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LoessJedi says:
they would all be lies Christina- just as the things you have posted before have been lies. I don’t need you to redefine my abuse. I went to go live with my mom when Cindy lived there- or I guess I don’t remember that right either. Kathy’s oldest son came forward on amazon and you basically called him a liar as well. Just like your mom- you are convinced that you are the only one telling the truth. Funny- I don’t seem to have a problem with sugar now- nor did I then. You fit into this group- as you will twist and lie about anything you need to in order to be right. Just like your mother.

If there is nothing to be afraid of- then have your mom release my father’s medical records. His hospice nurse told Kathy at his funeral that we needed to see his daily notes. If there is nothing to be concerned about- this shouldn’t be a problem.

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LoessJedi says:
i have it posted on my website Christina. I remember it verbatim.

Your post, in reply to an earlier post on Nov 1, 2014 9:51:18 PM PDT
LoessJedi says:
you were 9 when i left home. no- you didn’t know what I went through as a kid- nor do you have a clue what cindy stephen and kathy went through. Kathy has the paperwork to show the types of abuse- and why she was taken out of their house.

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CBNewMom says:
I know this is going to be deleted but F YOU DAVID!!!!! F YOU for even IMPLYING that you know ANYTHING about the end of my Dad’s life. You were ostercized because of your neurosis (which is a mild desciption of what you have) and you weren’t THERE to help him walk to the bathroom, to eat, to DO ANYTHING so F YOU and all of your effing lackeys…..whomever they may be. Dad’s medical records were sealed BECAUSE of you. BECAUSE YOU ARE MENTALLY UNSTABLE. Who would want to deal with that/you?

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LoessJedi says:
I saw dad the last week of his life. I helped him build his front deck. You will say anything you can to keep from answering the question- what is there to be afraid of? He told Kathy before he died the same thing he told mike and I- that he had skeletons in his closet. again- if there is nothing to be afraid of- release his medical records. but we both know that your mom is never going to do that because dad was coming clean in the end. and Kathy wasn’t alone- she had her best friend with her- who will also attest to what I am saying.

it is a simple way to end all of this. release the hold on his medical records.

Your post, in reply to an earlier post on Nov 1, 2014 10:06:43 PM PDT
LoessJedi says:
oh- and no one who actually knows me thinks I am mentally unstable. I have never had any history other than having PTSD. What do you think would happen if I got a hold of them Christina? That is a dumb excuse. You KNOW why those records are sealed. Again it makes me wonder how much you were involved with what my father and your mother were doing.

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CBNewMom says:
Guess what genius …I can’t. Nor can you. You helped him build his front deck? When? Not in his last weeks. I was there. I helped him. Eat, to the bathroom, from the bed to his sitting place. What is there to be afraid of? Nothing. You are a pain in the ass and that’s all there is to it.

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CBNewMom says:
I beg to differ.

Your post, in reply to an earlier post on Nov 1, 2014 10:20:21 PM PDT
LoessJedi says:
I hope you dont mind but I just published our conversation to my blog for posterity. That way nothing we said to each other gets deleted. and no- it wasn’t in his last weeks that I helped him build his deck. But he called me to his house when Cindy was there last and I ended up taking care of him for awhile. My father loved me. Which is more than I can say for you. He told me that he had made a mistake choosing Joanne over us. And his funeral showed just how much you all loved him. He was a liar and a fraud at cards just like he was a liar and a fraud in life and although some would of considered him a piece of art- most just considered him a piece of work. I have the disk of his funeral- Joanne C. Shurter was dumb enough to send it to me. Which shows how scared of me she WASN’T.