News Report: UK State Protecting Establishment Paedophiles, March 16, 2015

A Satanic Ritual Abuse Survivor – UK Column News 25th November 2015

and I felt I should add this as well…

BBCTW: Debating Tom Watson’s paedo ‘witch hunt’ (15Oct15)

so I guess the question should be- who EXACTLY was it who “accidentally” erased the entire data base that concerned child pedophile rings. You can’t say that there isn’t a cover up when you consider that this happened- at the time that it happened. And no one has been held accountable for hitting the delete button. AND- we have on record UK officials promoting and justifying PIE. Saying that there is no indication of people being protected and child abuse being promoted is silly- esp. considering what everyone knows now.

An Example of the Games People Are Playing On Facebook Concerning the Hampstead Case

Posted on Facebook on the Dave McGowan Study Group – Killers, Laurel Canyon, Moon, Pedophocracy

Andrea Skolnik
November 19 at 12:57am · Edited

As a relatively new member I ask if there is moderation in this group . I joined here to study and share the work of Dave McGowan. I have been returning to stay updated on his health . In the recent weeks I receive notifications repeatedly through the day from the same member who keeps posting new threads . This member has a webpage of his own and daily promotes that page here and has to a degree hijacked this group . I moderate many JFK research groups and an easy fix for this is to give these types of members a dedicated thread that they can link in and if they stay in that thread their new threads do not monopolize the entire wall. When this happens and other webpages are highlighted you are losing the impact of McGowans work and simply advertising for various websites . I will copy and paste the comment I made in the thread I refer to as record that I addressed it with that member in public . I do not wish to start a flame war here , I enjoy this group and the links found here , I simply wish to express a concern as a member and offer solutions that I have seen work in these situations . Thank you .

but today she posted this…

Andrea Skolnik: I posted that because I intend to block you effective immediately , Whine all you like , Make whatever allegations you wish . You are wasting everyones time here and alienating readers with your nonsense. When I block you You will simply go to a new thread and cause drama there . When no one responds to your posts you seek conflict out and pick fights . It is obvious what you are by your posts here . The real shame is that you are effectively destroying this group when the person that the focus should be on is Dave McGowan while he is on his death bed and I will no longer assist you in doing that so I am blocking you .
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So she asks if there is a moderator- but then comes forward showing that the moderator is her. So which one is it? Cause both obviously can’t be true. And the problem all started because I took on reporting the Hampstead case. But I just wanted to show that these are the types of games that the opposition is playing on the internet.

New Interview with Ella Gareeva, Abraham Christi, (The Hampstead Mother and Her Partner), and David Shurter

Govt Conveniently Deleted Entire Database of Evidence Documenting Pedophile Rings

Yeah- but there is absolutely NO INDICATION of a cover-up, right?

Amazing Website Concerning the Hampstead Case From An On the Ground Investigator Who Has Been Involved From the Beginning

And So The Personal Attacks Ensue Online

Steve Marsden…/12/22/david-shurters-epic-fail/

David Shurter lol- you’ll fight me against Doug Mesner- Lucien Greaves. You are actually fighting for the satanist who stands against me. Okay- if people are going to read that- they should also read this….

so steve marsden has now blocked me so that I can’t read what he is saying about me. How convenient. He presents himself as so righteous- but now I have no way to deal with his arguments against me. Interesting…

Hampstead Info and Timeline Sent to Me By A Concerned Party

The Hampstead children’s video testimony can be viewed here
and the written testimony here
he blog
belonging to the children’s mother, Ella Gareeva and her partner,
Abraham Christie can be found here

(If you are not familiar with the the details of this case, please
see the summary below.)

1) The children’s verbal testimony. Listen to it! It is clear,
consistent and accurate. It is natural and spontaneous. How can
anyone not believe these children? They are telling the truth! They
are unburdening themselves! Overall, they have repeated their
testimony consistently to: mother and partner;
interviewing police; visiting police; partner’s brother in law;
partner’s friend; foster carer and medical experts. They have not
made one “mistake”.

2) The children were examined twice by expert doctors; the doctors
found medical evidence to back up both of their allegations of physical
and sexual abuse.

3) There is no way that those children could have been coached to
remember all that detail over just four weeks. Any coach would have
deserved an Oscar: check out their body language! When the little
boy is describing an incident that happened after he was made to
lick the school nurse’s “privates” he looks up and says “after the
licking”! (At 12.50 in this video
This is the natural and automatic gesture of a small boy who is
remembering then explaining how his female abuser stood over him.
As she forced herself upon him he had to look up. And when talking
to different adults, the children offered new information about
alleged abusers and backed each other up e.g. discussing lubricants in front
of their foster carer and explaining to the brother in law how
inter-generational cults work (from 4.30 here were they coached,
that could never have happened.

4) Not one of the alleged abusers with distinguishing marks has
come forward to prove the children wrong. Not one. The children
described warts, tattoos, piercings, verrucas, birthmarks and skin
complaints. These people could have ended the case in a moment.
They could have volunteered for a discreet private examination by a
police doctor to prove their innocence yet they did not. Some of
them even complained that they were “living in fear” because their details were on the
internet: their vicar, who was accused of having tattoos and
piercings, could have put his flock’s minds at rest and volunteered
to have an examination but he did not. In his case, all he would
have needed to do was take off his shirt in front of a doctor. What
would you have done if you were that vicar, and an innocent man?
What would you have done if you were a head teacher who had been
wrongly accused of these crimes? Would you have thrown open your
school for scrutiny and shown everyone proof that you and your
teachers and community were innocent or would you have lurked in
the shadows? This silence speaks volumes: it strongly suggests that
these people are, as the children allege, members of a Satanic cult
in Hampstead.

5) The children’s father has a criminal record for domestic
violence Their mother had to go to the police because he was sending her
obscene texts. He assaulted her in front of his little girl. The
court granted the mother an emergency injunction and a non-
molestation order. This proves that their father is indeed violent
and verbally abusive (with an abusive focus on intimate/sexual

6) If this is a hoax then who benefits? And how? This was never a
custody battle – the mother already had custody! If it is a hoax it
is an impossibly complicated set-up.

7) Serious doubts have been raised by professional analysts over
the validity of the children’s retraction statements.

8) The extreme levels of internet trolling and disinformation
generated by this case and its very dark and abusive nature,
including death threats, obscene images and illegal hacking,
strongly suggest that an abusive cult exists that is scared of
being exposed. The mother alleges that after the information was
leaked onto the internet, three alleged cult members called her –
because they were terrified. But cannot know more about this
compelling evidence because the Hampstead case has been covered up
and never properly investigated.

9) Investigations by members of the public have found
substantiating evidence and uncovered alleged cult members’ crimes
e.g. people filing incorrect addresses with
government bodies. When the father’s web servers were investigated,
possible links to child pornography were found (a site called littleorgies was found and shut down; it
advertised a little girl of the same name and age of A). When
related IP addresses were investigated even more illegal links were
found; someone appeared to be sharing child pornography. These
incidents were all reported to the police and the nternet Watch Foundation. A link between the alleged abusers and the local newspaper, which has
loudly supported the alleged abusers, was found. More than one
alleged abuser works for the BBC. The media reports that the mother
and her partner tortured the children are lies: the children tell
us quite clearly that their mother and Abraham are kind and
generous and that they do not hurt them. The BBC interview
exonerating the father was a sham and did not mention that the
father is an actor! The mainstream media is lying because the last
thing the UK government needs is the Hampstead case.

10) As extreme as the children’s allegations are, they are not
incredible. In 2014 the UN told the UK off for its high levels of baby
trafficking into London for ritual abuse. And all too many SRA
survivors claim that they were forced to kill and eat
babies; Satanists believe that this gives them power. Others have
alleged that whole “cult villages” exist. These people are experts
in covering their tracks, which is what they have been doing for
centuries. And as for baby skin shoes? Posting babies via DHL? We
might know more about the truth of these more extreme allegations
if London’s Metropolitan police had investigated this case properly
and not covered it up….indeed, were it a “hoax” there would be no
need to go to such extraordinary lengths to cover it up.

We have to face the facts: we have a global problem with networks
of Satanic groups like Hampstead. These cases are not hoaxes:
Google David Shurter. Google Fiona Barnett. We have to keep working
together to expose these people and help the children – all the

If you are not familiar with the Hampstead case, please see
this summary
(taken from this document:
Allegations include ritual abuse, child sexual abuse, making of
child pornography, child trafficking, ritual murder and cannibalism
via 70+ professionals who include parents of 20 ‘special’ children
and also teachers, the head teacher, church clergy, social workers,
police, CAFCASS officers and local shopkeepers in and around
Hampstead London UK.

Abuse is alleged to centre mostly around Christ Church School and
its adjoining church though 7 other schools and other churches are
alleged to be involved too, with abuse and murder said to be taking
place also in secret rooms/cellars in private Hampstead homes and
local shops namely, McDonalds and a coffee shop – also, a local
swimming pool and a tennis club are also mentioned.

Mother Ella Draper (now Gareeva) and her children A and G reported
the above allegations to Barnet Police London early September 2014
after the children had disclosed abuse at the hands of their father
Ricky Dearman and multiple others, to mother and her partner Mr
Abraham Christie two weeks earlier, while on holiday in Morocco.
Since their father had threatened to kill them, were they to
‘talk’, it is evident from their original allegations that a
certain degree of force needed to be employed by Mr Christie to
persuade the children to disclose and this occurred in the presence
of and with permission of their mother.

Medical evidence confirms repeated and long-term sexual abuse of
both children and who are noted also as suffering from serious Post
Traumatic Stress Disorder.
The children were immediately placed under a protection order and
removed from their mother’s custody.

Several days after the original allegations were recorded, Barnet
police paid a visit to Christ Church School and Church searching
for certain items alleged to be held there but nothing was found.

By then, the case had been relegated to the Family Courts and after
interviews with CAFCASS officers (who are among the alleged
abusers), the children retracted their allegations and Barnet
police once again interviewed the children who confirmed their

Unlike the original allegations, the retractions do not match; they
are largely inconclusive, especially concerning G who clearly has
much difficulty in stating that no babies at all were killed, as at
no point does he accept that NO babies were killed. A starts her
police retraction interview with: “What do you want me to say?”

In light of the original, serious allegations, A’s opening question
in the police retraction interview is most damning and is itself,
evidence of possible coercion.

The Family courts subsequently decided to send both children to
Foster Carers, with the mother’s contact limited to twice monthly
and the father’s (alleged abuser, baby killer and leader of a
paedophile, Satanic Cult) contact increased to weekly.

The Court accepted the evidence of the medical reports, yet no
further investigations ensued as to who had sexually abused the
children. Barnet Police closed the case with ‘Crime not confirmed’
on 22 September 2014.

Once in care, both children are reported by foster carers to be
suffering symptoms of PTSD. Both children retract their retractions
while in foster care and reaffirm their original allegations. The
mother, Ella Draper (now Gareeva) is informed of the renewed
allegations and acts on the advice of an experienced retired police

After months of getting nowhere via regular ‘competent’ authorities
at local level, the case was transferred to Mrs Justice Pauffley in
the Family Division of the High Court. Mrs Pauffley decided that it
should remain closed, that the Judicial Review should not be
pursued, while an ‘intervening’ Local Authority suggested that all
evidence and tapes to be destroyed. Hence the mother and her
McKenzie Friend acting on the combined strength of professional
advice and the EU Directive (which supported their Human Rights of
Free Speech), decided to alert the public as the only remaining
‘competent’ authority available and capable of demanding action
towards investigating this case.

Info on the Cover-Up in Hampstead

“Mrs Justice Pauffley of the family division found, after a hearing lasting 11 days, that: ‘There was no Satanic cult at which babies were murdered and children were abused.’”

THIS is the very type of investigation that has occurred with regards to the Hampstead children coming out and claiming that they were ritually sexually abused. What kind of investigation into things like this only take 11 days? All of the pedophile rings that have been busted have always taken months, at least, to complete- and were done with TEAMS of people. Mrs. Pauffley is now expecting everyone to believe that she has done what NO OTHER PERSON has ever done before- conducting a “thorough” investigation and concluding that there was no wrong doing on the part of the accused. AND YET- the UK is passing gag laws, rewriting the laws to protect the accused, and am now trying to lower the age of consent to 10 or below.

One has to ask how detailed this 11 day investigation was. Was there any forensic work done on the places that were named? Did this “investigation” include anything other than Mrs. Pauffley speaking with the accused? It is like it was here in America- the accused investigated themselves and surprisingly found themselves innocent of any wrong doing. Of course- what happened in America took MUCH LONGER than 11 days. Less than two weeks of looking into it- and Mrs. Pauffley concluded there was no merit to these accusations. But if you watch the children talking in the videos- they neither seem like they were coached or that they spoke under the threat of physical abuse- like it has been decided by the very people involved with the children’s allegations.

How can anyone conclude that these claims were bogus in 11 days? It seems to me as that this “investigation” of 11 DAYS is nothing more than an attempt to whitewash and cover up what the children claimed. We are to assume that Mrs. Pauffley looked into all the specifics of the children’s allegations, did the forensic work that would be needed- checked cell phones and such to see if the people accused were even there- and she did this ALL BY HERSELF IN A TIME SPAN OF LESS THAN TWO WEEKS?

If any of you believe this- then please contact me- cause I have a bridge to sell you on Mars.

My name is Michael Aquino, and I think it’s kind of fun to do the impossible; Ask Me Anything.

“Truth is stranger than fiction, or sometimes it just catches up. Remember that fun party in Eyes Wide Shut?” miichael aquino

Read this site asking questions to Michael Aquino- which, in my opinion, is full of people helping to jack him off. No questions about the abuse allegations are allowed- just ones were Aquino can show off. Of course- no one has asked the man if he is capable of lying- nor whether he is presenting himself as someone who can be one way but publicly present himself as another. I have to wonder what the threads were about that were removed. This is all done to present Aquino as a good man who has been victimized by society. It is, in my opinion, a joke and a complete mindfuck. But you guys read it- and please- share your opinions.