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Some Words of Advice for Pedophiles Who Wish To Explore Their Urges

First, give it a little time. Seems that there is a concerted effort to make your desires into a disorder and when it is claimed that it is a disease, you will no longer be hated for your desires. Everyone will feel sorry for you and look at you as if you have a disease, instead of being morally corrupt.

Second, hook up with groups of rich pedophiles. They are NEVER caught, and when they are, society seems to have a tendency to look the other way. Besides, rich people have access to WAY more child sex toys than you can if you are poor.

Lastly, if your need to rape a child is so strong you can’t control yourselves, convince the child you are a devil worshiper and that your having sex with them is a tribute to the Devil. This is a SURE FIRE WAY that the child won’t be believed, and if they tell their parents and they report you- the courts and the media will vilify them instead of you.

Society is coming to the point where pedophilia and those who “suffer” from wanting to have sex with children will be viewed with pity instead of disdain. Historically, children have no rights and are never believed, and so your chances of raping a child and getting away with it are much more in your favor now.

But if you just focus on these three avenues, you will be fine. Rape all the children that you want. HAVE A PARTY. The police, the Judicial system, and society as a whole will just look the other way and maybe even offer their children up to you. We protect our pedophiles, and soon, if the system has it’s way in normalizing pedophiles, you may even be thanked for your services.

Of course I don’t have any children, so please don’t expect me to join in on this. However, it seems there are plenty who will. The day is yours, so go, have all the fun you want raping children. Besides, since you are incapable of controlling your disorder, no one will blame you. We are all just a victim of our instincts and urges anyway.

Regarding the UK Child Abuse Scandal


I find it interesting that in America- when a judge rules in favor of gay marriage, it causes an uproar. But when ONE JUDGE claims that their isn’t a group of pedophiles who are being protected and says that the child victims are lying- everyone just takes her word for it.

Could the judge be wrong? So many allegations made but she determined it was all false in the span of two weeks- supposedly interviewing 16 witnesses. Considering the veracity of the claims- and the powerful and rich people who are named- could this just be a cover up? I mean- cases like this only get investigated and solved this fast on television. Usually it takes some time- and there is more than JUST ONE JUDGE doing the investigation.

Who knows. But it seems incredibly odd to me- esp. considering the claims that are coming out in the UK against so many powerful people.

Cyril Smith child abuse probe: Police officer threatened

Cyril Smith M1 arrest to be probed by Northamptonshire Police

Cyril Smith child abuse inquiry ‘scrapped after his arrest’

Cyril Smith: Detective claims three probes were stopped

Cyril Smith: MP’s friend made ‘veiled threats’ to police

Profile: Cyril Smith

The State of the World…

My father’s friends called the populous “Eaters and breeders” and judging by the state of the world- this opinion hasn’t changed. Guided by Ayn Rand- who believed in social Darwinism, it is funny that they don’t seem to realize that she died penniless, on food stamps and welfare. They will all call themselves Christians, and yet, in their opinion, only the lives of the wealthy matter. Funny- I didn’t realize that God became a dollar bill.

I Would Like to Start Publishing Others Writings on My Blog

I have come to the conclusion that the same game of “isolate, divide, and conquer” is still being played, and that it is easy for the opposing side to trash us as individuals. Therefore, I have decided that, in order to bring to light this charade that satanic ritual abuse and large scale pedophile ring run by and for the elite, that we must come together so that all of our voices can be heard.

I am asking those who would like to participate to send me whatever you can to my email-, and I in turn will publish it on my blog. I will give you full credit for what you write and publish whatever name you want associated with your information. I can’t do this alone, and although I have decided to stop fighting with the “pedophile protection squad” on Amazon, I don’t seem to be making any headway in exposing all this mess.

No man is an island- I certainly am not. And so I am asking the help of other survivors and survivor advocates to help share info so that we can expose this mess in the best way possible. The attack squad on the internet will have a much harder time trashing us if there are too many of us to trash.

Think about it and let me know. Again, my email is

Thanks for your consideration.

Opperman Report : Nick Bryant , Confessions of A DC Madam, Franklin Scandal

More Cover Ups that the PP Squad Insist Don’t Happen.

The PP Squad says that the UK is NOT having issues with officials protecting pedophiles. These articles- from the BBC, say otherwise…

All current, reported by the BBC, that show that pedophiles are often protected. Of course- the UK is across “the pond” as Gordon puts it- and so it exists in another universe apparently. But seems that there are issues protecting pedophiles- not to mention people like Jimmy Saville. I am sure this is going to spur an argument- but I don’t work or write for the BBC and have nothing to do with what they report.

Cyril Smith child abuse probe: Police officer threatened

Cyril Smith M1 arrest to be probed by Northamptonshire Police

Cyril Smith child abuse inquiry ‘scrapped after his arrest’

Cyril Smith: Detective claims three probes were stopped

Cyril Smith: MP’s friend made ‘veiled threats’ to police

Profile: Cyril Smith

Some Interesting Articles Sent to Me On Facebook Showing the State of Our World

Revealed: Prosecutor who failed to nail Penn State coach for ‘sex abuse’ vanished in 2005 and was declared ‘legally dead’ this year

‘We can’t prove sex with children does them harm’ says Labour-linked NCCL

Patricia Hewitt called for age of consent to be lowered to ten

Americans Killed by Cops Now Outnumber Americans Killed in Iraq War

Republicans Admit To Guessing On The Budget

Republicans block Senate bill to boost veterans’ benefits

10 Depraved Conspiracy Theories (That Turned Out To Be True)10 Depraved Conspiracy Theories (That Turned Out To Be True)

Found this on Facebook today. Notice that those involved with Operation Snow White were prosecuted for espionage, but the Grandpa Bush, who was found to be involved in trying to overthrow the American government, faced NO charges. Interesting.

And about Frank Church. If you google his name and see his pic, that picture was taken by my brother Stephen. It was my brother’s one claim to fame. So obviously Church was surrounded by bad guys.

1. CIA prompted false testimony

In 1990, a woman named Nayirah al-Sabah spoke on the floor of Congress and testified that she had witnessed Iraqi soldiers removing Kuwaiti babies from hospital incubators and leaving them to freeze to death.

Her testimony created a public outcry against the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait and helped spur the United States to invade.

It was later revealed that Nayirah was the daughter of the Kuwaiti ambassador to the United States and that her testimony was false.

She even took acting classes at the behest of the CIA so she would be more believable.

2. The FBI poisoned alcohol during Prohibition

Frustrated that the consumption of alcohol wasn’t going away (shocking), the FBI decided to contaminate alcohol with fatal impurities.

Some of these impurities included methane, formaldehyde, and ammonia. This denatured alcohol got into the hands of bootleggers and thousands of people would die from it.

3. The CIA has a ‘heart attack gun’

Following the Watergate scandal, US Senator Frank Church held a committee to investigate the goings on of the US intelligence agencies (FBI, CIA, and NSA).

One of the things that was revealed is that the CIA possessed a gun they claimed would give someone a heart attack and leave no identifiable trace.

The gun worked by firing a small poison dart (made of frozen liquid) that would penetrate clothing and skin.

The poison would melt inside the target’s body and cause a heart attack.

4. Gulf of Tonkin Incident

In August 1964, there were two highly publicized incidents in the Gulf of Tonkin off of the coast of North Vietnam.

The USS Maddox was attacked by patrols of North Vietnamese patrol boats. These incidents were used as justification to increase US military involvement in Vietnam.

In 2005, it was revealed that the second incident never actually involved North Vietnamese forces. The USS Maddox seems to have been firing at nothing in particular.

5. Operation Snow White

Unhappy with the scrutiny that it was receiving by various international governments, the Church of Scientology began Operation Snow White, which infiltrated various governments with covert agents.

The Church of Scientology placed 5,000 covert agents inside of the US Government alone. The Scientologists engaged in wiretapping, espionage, destroying and confiscating government files and much more.

Eventually Operation Snow White was found out and 11 high ranking members of the Church of Scientology were convicted of various espionage charges.

6. The Business Plot

The Business Plot was a conspiracy in 1934 to overthrow President Franklin Roosevelt and replace him with a fascist military leader.

The plot had the backing of many Wall Street bankers, the powerful DuPont family and Prescott Bush (the father and grandfather of both Bush presidents).

The conspiracy was found out when the conspirators approached retired Marine Corps General Smedley Butler about acquiring the military assistance to complete the coup.

Gen. Butler immediately reported the incident. None of the conspirators were ever charged for the plot.

7. COINTELPRO Against Activists in the 60s

COINTELPRO (Counter Intelligence Program) was a series of covert and often illegal projects conducted by the FBI to disrupt, discredit and infiltrating domestic political organizations.

85% of COINTELPRO’s operations focused on “subversive” groups, many of which were deemed to have communist or socialist leanings.

Among those targeted include the NAACP, Martin Luther King Jr. and various other Civil Rights leaders.

The other 15% of COINTELPRO’s operations focused on disrupting white supremacist groups, including the Ku Klux Klan.

8. Operation Mockingbird

Operation Mockingbird was a secret campaign by the CIA to influence the media (both domestically and abroad).

This was accomplished by recruiting American journalists to present the views of the CIA to the public.

The CIA also funded student and cultural organizations and influenced foreign political campaigns. Operation Mockingbird helped influence American public opinion by restricting where journalists were allowed to report.

9. Tuskegee Syphilis Study

In 1932 the Public Health Service began a study where they monitored 600 poor sharecroppers (mostly black).

400 of those studied had syphilis when the study began (but were unaware of it). The participants of the study believed that they were receiving free health care from the government.

Unfortunately for them, the PHS was only monitoring their condition and even actively withheld penicillin (which is used to cure syphilis) from the participants.

When the study was revealed to the public in 1972, many participants had died from syphilis, along with many sexual partners who had contracted the disease.

In addition several children were born with life threatening congenital syphilis.

10. MK Ultra

MK Ultra was an illegal program undertaken by the CIA to develop methods of mind control and various torture methods.

The CIA used human subjects for experiments, often without their knowledge or consent. Some of these experiments included experimental chemical compounds such as LSD.

Overall, the scope of the project was very broad with over 80 different institutions participating, including universities, hospital and mental institutes.

When the project was outed to the American public, the director of the CIA ordered most of its documentation destroyed.

So our knowledge of MK Ultra is limited. However we do know that the program has ties that include several Nazi scientists, (along with several other CIA projects).

The 13 Families that Own the World

1. Rothschild (Bauer or Bower)
2. Bruce
3. Cavendish (Kennedy)
4. De Medici
5. Hanover
6. Hapsburg
7. Krupp
8. Plantagenet
9. Rockefeller
10. Romanov
11. Sinclair (St. Clair)
12. Warburg (del Banco)
13. Windsor (Saxe-Coburg-Gothe)

What it must be like to have so much money and control. The 1% of the 1% who control all the money in the world. I have had it argued on Amazon that this doesn’t matter- but I think it does.