Doug Mesner/ CIA Satanist Lucien Greaves Talks About Gang Stalking- So Let Us Do Just That

So let’s talk about a real life case that Mesner is involved with. The murder of Lori King.

This conversation was screen shot dirctly from YouTube…

So by Bartha’s own admission, they STALKED Lori King until she ended up dead in one of their homes… (Amber Vollotton aka Menagerie aka Critthink).

So yeah, gang stalking usually DOES turn lethal- and this fuck Mesner KNOWS this from personal experience. And since he was involved with the murder of Lori King- which was easy to figure out since “Amber” went all over bragging about it- OF COURSE he is running around lying- saying gang stalking isn’t true.

But by this groups OWN ADMISSIONS- they stalked King and she ended up dead as a result.

So since we have at least ONE DEAD BODY- obviously this can’t be dismissed as fake.

Oh, and Lori King was murdered on a Sunday- the SAME Sunday Pat Goodwin was finishing up her second conference on trauma and dissociation- and Lori King was one of the original founders of the survivor support group Ivory Garden.

Wow- what a fucking coincidence THAT is- don’t you think? Almost seems like a threat- murdering King to try and prevent Pat from hosting more conferences…

Question for the Day

If organized pedophilia is so fake- what the fuck do you call what happened with the Catholic Church?

Pablo Escabar and His Omaha Connection

Yet ANOTHER Sock Puppet Account for Doug Mesner

Doug misicko aka Doug Mesner aka CIA Satanist Lucien Greaves aka Justin Sanity aka iamichabod aka what the fuck ever…. How do you keep up with all of your aliases and all of your lies?

Lol- you will claim it isn’t you but you can’t HELP yourself from taking credit for your shit with me. Little boy with an ego and a HUGE chip on his sad little shoulder.

So Doug- I have a PERSONAL question for you- have you called Inspector Bruce Turner about your involvement with Lori King’s murder yet?

Menagerie aka Amber Volletton wasn’t the sharpest tool in the shed when she went all over and bragged about killing her.

Just in case you misplaced it- here is his number again…

Inspector Bruce Turner

THIS is Hoaxtead’s Response

So I am young and ignorant and don’t know what you are talking about is their answer? Lol.

And about their new article- you guys send out threats, get contacted by police- and then are stupid enough to talk about it on your site.

You openly gang stalk people- and are so bold to plan strategies on your site.

You go all over the internet doing your absolute best to trash whoever you don’t like.

THEN you write an article claiming your victims are just suffering from victimhood and the fault is with them.

Just like every other narcissitic perp out there. Blaming the victim while being nothing more than little monsters.

And judging by your posts- totally, willfully, and joyfully ignorant all the while.

Ya, you’re someone I would go to for advice and info. LMFAO.

Replying to a Post on Hoaxtead Directed at Me

So you know I watch Hoaxtead? Lol- ya think? I have only been posting your stupid shit on my blog for how long now? Way to go Captain Obvious.

So if everyone went on Voat after pizzagate and I am supposed to be this sad creepy dude desperately seeking attention- how come I have no idea what Voat even really is?

You would THINK I would go where I can get attention.

But then you say that there are all kinds of conversations about me. On a website I have never been on. You guys claim I am a nobody and that no one even knows who I am- and yet complete strangers are having conversations about me on a site I haven’t viewed.

How does THAT work exactly?

And by now- with everything that has happened with this shit- if there WERE something in my past- and there isn’t- don’t you think it would have been used against me by now? Lol. I mean- come on.

And I am not involved with pizzagate- it was a psych ops operation- and Neil Wolfe and his friend Steve are PART of the psych ops bullshit.

And the fact that I exposed it as I did explained why attendance was so low- otherwise those you claimed were so against me coming would have had no issue and came.

And why is a guy who doesn’t believe in pizzagate trolling the sites talking about it- as you obviously are or else how could you know?

But since you know I’m watching- how about answering my three questions?

Since we all know reports of horrific and rampant child abuse occurred in the 80s in the UK…

1). What exactly were the allegations?

2). Who exactly was involved in those allegations.


3). If these claims were so bogus- why was so much money, time, and effort spent in covering these allegations up?

Responses to the Hoaxtead Pedophile Protection Squad Chapter

An Excellant Explanation of the Psych-Ops Shit They Have Going to Close This Child Trafficking Interest Down

Much like in the 80s, they are trying to use their own people in order to orchastrate a false narrative to this mess.

Alex Jones is a loud mouth, kinda unpopular Jerry Springer wanna be, so I don’t see how it is going to work with him. Dr. Phil is a joke. And everyone knows better than to trust the media.

I just don’t see how they think these idiots have disproved anyone BUT themselves.

Let alone try and convince everyone that the internet is a bad thing and only THEIR news should be trusted despite the fact that so many people have been woken up and learned what is going on and it has been BECAUSE of the internet that this has become possible.

They are doing what they can- as they did in the 80s the LAST time these allegations surfaced. And they are gonna do what they ALWAYS do- set shit up and then yell from the roof tops in hopes that everyone gets distracted by it.

But the rally had a poor turn out because people didn’t trust it. They seemed to listen to me- and I did my OWN yelling from the roof tops to make sure people knew it was a set up.

Oh- and Satanic Views- what gave you the impression I didn’t do my thang today at the rally? Cause I most DEFINITELY did. Lol.

An Example of Their Media Manipulation

Critical reasoning breakdown of this article

1. The recent missing children cases in DC are no big deal- no higher than usual.

2. No one is being abducted- the teens CHOOSE to disappear and reappear between 24-48 hours.

3. MOST missing children are returned home- although no resources where given to support this claim despite the fact we DO have statistics that one child is disappearing every 27 seconds.

4. This article is entertainment, which is why it was published in the celebrity category- but which celebrity was abducted?

Julian Vane aka Satanic Views on Hoaxtead Claims I’m Afraid of Them (Yet Another Threat)

First Spineless Norman leaves this…

And then Satanic Views follows with this…

For someone in the UK- he sure does seem to know my geography. Wonder who he knows in Kent- which right down the road from me.

Of course the dude has openly admitted he gets continuely called out by the police for sending threats to people so…

They claim I’m afraid of them- but when I confront them they block me and run away. Like Spineless did on YouTube.

I publish their shit all the time so how am I giving the impression that I am afraid of their pathetic asses?

But I’ll put their stupid shit out there since they are so desperate for me to acknowledge them. LMFAO

Oh-and I guess my screen shot didn’t catch his “red rum red rum” comment under the Shining clip he posted, but he was kind enough to bring it to my attention…