Sent to Me About the Satanic Temple, Doug Mesner, and This Whole Satanic Movement

Mr. Shurter,

I wanted to touch base with you as someone who has been concerned about The Satanic Temple. They had been getting press for months in America before this recent worldwide media explosion in the last few weeks due to their statue.

I have been following their story as a concerned parent and citizen. Jex Blackmore has fooled a lot of people so far. She comes off articulate, attractive, and charming in all of her media interviews. She promotes the organization as one who merely wants religious freedom and equality mixed in with a bit of civil disobedience.

If you take a look at her Facebook page- and the pages of The Satanic Temple- there is a far more radical tone than what they present in the public media. Blackmore has posted things such as, “the Bible needs to go to the relic room like the Confederate Flag”. Members and chapter heads post thoughts and opinions hoping for Christianity to go extinct. Some say they want to start a Satanic theocracy. I thought this was a group who claims it means no harm to Christianity and merely strives for equality?

I have seen Doug Mesner make posts on their social media pages. He often talks about the “Satanic panic era” as nothing more than false memories and he doesn’t believe any of the ritual abuse stories.

Mesner boasts that he went to Harvard. I’ve heard different stories. Some say he was expelled from Harvard, while others say he dropped out. It appears that he doesn’t have a traditional day job and he seems to make money speaking at atheist conventions. People have accused him on of using Temple donation money to pay for living expenses and drugs.

(I don’t know what his status with Harvard actually is. I actually heard he graduated, but can’t confirm this either way. But it is like my father always said- there are lots of “educated idiots” running around, and it is my opinion that Mesner is a perfect example of that. It is obvious that he isn’t working in the field of neuroscience, since he is busy bilking money for his fake movement.)

He isn’t married to Leveay’s daughter. He does have a reputation of being a “player” with women. He has dated Jex Blackmore in the past. When he appears at these atheist conventions the women go crazy for him and they want pictures with him.

What’s really disturbing to me is how much unchallenged press The Satanic Temple has received all over the world! Just this week Blackmore boasted about doing interviews with Mexico ‘ s Telemundo network and an Australian radio station. In America, she and Mesner have done interviews with local news all the way up to Time Magazine.

None ot the media asks them about allegations that this whole thing started first as a planned hoax then turned as a money making fame opportunity. Mesner and Blackmore are trying to build an empire and the media is totally helping them do it!

Mesner and Blackmore will also try to destroy anybody that tries to expose their empire first. Chapter heads and members have been threatened with lawsuits and violence if anyone publicly speaks out after falling out of favor.

This group is absolutely NOT the way it presents itself to the media.

I just wanted to share these observations with you. In doing a Google search, “Satanic Temple exposed”, your website and blogs popped up. You’re one of the very few speaking out to try to expose them. It may help to vent, but you’re right- it won’t do any good because media refuses to ask them tough questions.

You may feel free to write back. But please keep my name confidential and anonymous. I am old and fear for my safety. This is a vindictive group!

Jesus May Attract Hypocrites, But Judging by Doug Mesner ask Doug Misicko aka Lucien Greaves and His Interview with Fox, Satan Is Scraping the Bottom of the Barrel

You know, I have a lot of lies published about me by this leader of the Satanic Church- and it used to really bother me. That was until I watched the interview he had on Fox with Megan Kelly. After watching this interview- I totally understand now.

With his slow speech impediment and a face that would scare most small children and many grown adults, I finally understand why this guy is such a douche and why he has such a chip on his shoulder concerning God. I mean- looking at him and listening to him talk- it dawned on me how absolutely horrible growing up and going to school must have been for him. There probably wasn’t a day that went by that he didn’t hate himself, and the fact that he couldn’t fit in to regular society, even if he had wanted too, is blatantly obvious. No wonder he is such an attention seeker, doing weird gay rituals that he calls satanic and pulling his junk out and putting it on a gravestone for all the world to see. He has never been able to fit in to normal society- and negative attention is attention nonetheless. But it just dawned on me the past few days how much he has been screwed- not only by God, but Satan as well.

If he has actually sold his soul to the devil- he doesn’t seem to have gotten much from it. He still is ugly as sin, and judging by his slow speech- does not come off as the sharpest tool in the shed. You would think he would have asked for more that what he did. Of course- he doesn’t seem that bright- so maybe it just didn’t occur to him. But judging by what a person can see- Satan hasn’t done him any more favors than God. It is kinda sad actually.

His friends at, who now call themselves “international skeptics”, all still seem to want to crawl up his butt- but then, none of them seem to have a life and I guess they need someone’s coat tails to ride on- and Doug is more than willing to let that happen. But the lot of them seem like disgruntled bullies who are only capable to tearing other people’s accomplishments down. I guess it probably has something to do with the fact that none of them have any real accomplishments themselves. It doesn’t even bother them that their golden child will whip out his privates at any given time in order to get some notoriety- but I guess that is due to being desperate to draw attention away from his face and that weird eye of his. He can raise all sorts of money for a statue of the devil but he can’t get his face fixed- that says something. Cause you know that face has a lot to do with his personality, which, other than an overwhelmingly superior attitude, seems to lack any real substance. It is sad really.

But Mesner aka Misicko aka Lucien Greaves has done one positive thing for me in my life. When I start to get down about my life and the things that I have experienced- I now can view his interview with Fox news and realize that things could have been a lot worse for me. I don’t need to pull my dick out of my pants to get people to pay attention to me, and although I am not gonna win any modeling contracts, I don’t feel compelled to live in the darkness, which is probably the only place he DOESN’T feel judged, as it is hard to see his face. And when I think of Satan- and those who follow him, I realize that I was not so low that he chose me when he was busy scraping the bottom of the barrel. I can actually go out in polite society and not feel like a freak show, whereas I don’t think that Doug has ever been able to claim the same thing.

God- he might attract some hypocritical dicks sometimes, but Satan- considering people like Doug and dickheads like Michael Aquino- who lash out from the dark but don’t have the balls to actually come out their front door when they realize that someone like me is standing on their front porch, and have this strange belief that myriads of people are suffering from having sexual fantasies about him even though he looks like a warped version of Eddie Munster, Satan seems only able to embrace the lowest life forms possible. Physically and psychologically ugly, with nasty personalities, unbecoming, and, when forced to stand alone, incredibly weak- it is knowing these two men that has given me a much needed appreciation for where I stand in life and with myself.


oh- and this was sent to me today that I wanted to add…

“The founder of the organization “Satanic temple of Detroit” and high priest “Lucien Greaves” also operated under another pseudo name “Doug Mesner” who is trying to join humanist and satanist with one agenda…Chaos.…

But his real name is Douglas Misicko of Sterling Heights, Michigan who went to Harvard in Mas. majoring in neurosciences. Dunn Dunn Dunnnnn.

His high priestess “Jex Blackmore” is a pseudo name for Andrea Potti of Novi, MI who really works for the Detroit Institute of Arts as one of their program organizers “officially”.

The dual go about casting political spells in Michigan with the Snaketivity scene at the Capitol Building in Lansing and various exploits including this statue of satan disaster. Which they will also use to gain even more exposure to there cause.

The founder posing as Doug Mesner hired Shawn Bigbee (who was given the right hand of fellowship by the late Anton Levay of the Satanic Church Org to help Doug’s movement catch some steam from the press.

Doug latched onto Shawn Bigbee for the creds and shawn’s talent, but when Shawn figured Doug was a money making fake satanist, Shawn cut his ties.

So the more the stupid media shines their light on these agents of influence, the more members they collect and the more money too.

They also profile members of weak minds and submit the additional intel to Doug’s partners he acquired while at Harvard.

The rabbit hole is much deeper than this. But the Info provided from my research should be a good starting point for any honest gumshoe.”

Why The “Movement” To Expose and Fight Satanism is Never Going to Go Anywhere

I have been involved with a myriad of people over the years trying to expose satanic ritual abuse and how it is perpetrating horrible crimes against children- but recently I have concluded that this so called movement has gone nowhere, and it probably never will. I have my ideas why this is true- first and foremost the majority of the people identifying themselves as it’s leaders are so narcissistic and ego centric that they have a tendency to slit the throats of anyone they can in order to grab the “glory” for themselves- and it is this behavior that prevents survivors from working together in any sort of cohesive manner. Most survivors, in my opinion, are solely focused on themselves- what happened to them, what they had to endure, what they have lost- and they don’t have the capability to really care about anyone or anything that doesn’t directly involve their personal trauma. Which is why a guy such as Doug Mesner aka Doug Misicko aka Lucien Greaves is able to run circles around the survivor movement.

Below is an interview he had with FOX news. The person who uploaded this video claimed that Mesner aka Misicko aka Greaves was incredibly intelligent- but that is not how I view it. His answers are slow, and though he presents his usual overbearing superior ego- he seems, at the very best, average. He is the founder of the Satanic Temple- and husband to satanist Anton LeVay’s daughter, and doing what his father in law did so well in the 60’s- he is making a joke out of satanism in the public realm.

However, although he certainly is a huge tool, and has a face that would scare small children, it doesn’t seem that he is the sharpest tool in the shed. However, his 9 ft $100,000 devil statue is all over the news and social media and he is winning against survivors hands down. Below are just a few of the articles I was able to gather on the internet- and I assure you this is a SMALL sampling of what is out there…

So where are the voices of those who have been satanically ritually abused in all of this? NO WHERE. And why? Because survivors are so completely disjointed that none of us can work together as all of our leaders seem to want to be the “ONE”. Mesner is effectively taking the focus off of Michael Aquino- who is the American governments psych-ops expert and founder of Temple of Set- a Luciferian organization that believes in the Anti-Christ- and has been named by thousands of people who insist that he raped and satanically abused them as kids. In fact- after Aquino went on Oprah in the 90’s- the show had over 800 people call in within a week later and claim he has abused them. Aquino’s response? He insists that the 1000’s of people who have claimed he abused them are all in working in conjunction with each other, conspiring against him in order to black ball him because of his connections with satanism. Not only that- but he insists that all of us who have claimed he abused us are involved in some deviant sexual fantasy- and that he is the REAL victim. Of course- the fact that he looks like some weird version of Eddie Munster and offers no sex appeal what so ever, this is ridiculous. But hey- he insists that he is innocent- that even though he was called out satanically ritually abusing kids at the Presidio daycare in San Francisco and his whole military career is based on the nuances of psych ops and torturing people- he is actually the victim. And now that we have Mesner aka Misicko aka Greaves running around taking the limelight off of Aquino- it pretty much looks as if this whole situation is not only going to get swept under the rug- but it is going to be made out to be a joke.

But let me put it another way…


IT IS THIS GUY- WHO PULLED OUT HIS JUNK IN FRONT OF CAMERAS AND HAD IT DISPLAYED ALL OVER THE NEWS- THAT IS RUNNING CIRCLES AROUND SURVIVORS. His point of view is out there- his point of view is what everyone is focusing on- and NO ONE is talking about the real victims of this mess. And that fact, the fact that actual survivors are again without a voice, is due to the survivors themselves. We only have ourselves to blame. While we are bitching and moaning on Facebook and internet radio shows- the Satanists, lead by an idiot, are on main stream media and all over social networks. They are actually ACCOMPLISHING something- while we are not. The public is only hearing what these satanists have to say- which is not even CLOSE to the truth- while survivors are focused on themselves, and their healing, and their lives. And because we are so focused on ourselves- and SOLELY ourselves, we will, once again, lose the battle to get the truth out there. And we will only have ourselves to blame.

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and for those of you who believe that women can’t be pedophiles…

I can personally attest- thanks to my stepmother- that women CAN sexually abuse children, and she was not only aggressive- but mean as hell about it.

Everything that Has Been Hidden is Coming Out into the Light…

George Bush Jr. admits that explosives were used in 911

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A Comment Sent to Me About Noreen Gosch and the New Documentary “Who Took Johnny”

Friends in Omaha just viewed a new documentary called “Who Took Johnny”, all about the abduction of Johnny Gosch in West Des Moines in the 80’s. Here is the comment:

“I’ll be real fast to get trash out and I hear them up the street LOL but yes, the film was very strange, and the Galinsky guy was on skype at the end– Norreen contradicted several issues, and the film said nothing about her husband John as setting up Johnny. It was weird. I found a short film int. with ted gunderson where she outright talks about her husband. very strange. I don’t want doubts about her to thwart the concerns about human trafficking.”

As I suspected- this documentary is just more lies from Noreen Gosch about her son’s abduction. Here is an interview with her talking about the film…

The thing that grabs me most about this interview is that she claims that many of the abducted and trafficked boys were just “let go” when this pedophile group was done with them, and yet- NOT ONE HAS COME FORWARD TO SPEAK ABOUT WHAT HAPPENED TO THEM. So this group of elite pedophiles who were abducting kids all over the nation just let their victims go I guess. She once told me the same happened to her son Johnny- and that he had been hiding out on Indian reservations since his release- although no one but Noreen can confirm this. She says she has witnesses, and yet NOT ONE PERSON has come forward publicly to affirm this allegation.

In fact- her argument with Nick Bryant- the author of the book “The Franklin Scandal”, all occurred because Bryant went on a mission to flush Johnny out. Before they were fast friends- but after this Noreen went on a campaign against him. I believe that this was because there IS NO JOHNNY to flush out- that he was murdered a long time ago, and that Noreen Gosch doesn’t want this known- as there IS NO STATUTE OF LIMITATIONS ON MURDER. Claiming that he is still alive, people can just figure he was a part of some unfortunate circumstances, keeping people from delving to far into the whole mess. Her claims that there are many who were abducted and survived their ordeal and are too frightened to come forward doesn’t hold water- esp. since there is NO PROOF that this is even factual. All anyone has to base their opinions on is Noreen’s word- and as my friend stated concerning this new documentary- Noreen has a problem of contradicting herself.

By her own admission- most of her “investigation” is based on the testimony of a convicted pedophile Paul Bonnaci- who can tell stories about the Bush White House and places all over the country- but hasn’t said a word about what exactly was happening in Omaha Nebraska- his hometown that he has lived in all of his life. Considering that it was BONNACI’S testimony to the grand jury in the 80’s that convinced people that the whole Franklin credit scandal was some “carefully crafted hoax”, to base an entire investigation on this guy is suspect to say the least. But Noreen has done JUST THIS, and is expecting everyone to just take her word for it.

Considering that this whole elite pedophile group is starting to gain more and more attention- esp. in Europe- I am wondering if Noreen isn’t doing the same thing Paul Bonnaci did in the 80’s- setting herself up to look like a liar in order to help discredit in people’s minds the whole pedophile group, hoping for the same outcome- as if she is deemed a liar, then this whole child abduction and trafficking ring gets dismissed as false. What I know for certain- based on my personal experience with Noreen Gosch and this group of pedophiles, is that Noreen IS a liar, and this group of elite pedophiles is REAL. Just because Noreen Gosch and Paul Bonnaci are liars doesn’t negate this fact even in the least.

I look forward to seeing “Who Took Johnny”, and will do so as soon as humanly possible- but for now- I have to be content that others- way less involved, have come away with their own concerns and misgivings.

sent to me about the above video…

“Here’s what a friend and I put together last night–This is kind of hard to follow, because that tape is so chopped up———–“At the 1:00:00 mark: How did they know Johnny Gosch would be alone that morning?
“We had made prior arrangements with Johnny’s father.” ~Paul Bonacci

1:24:00 “…about my son’s case and the related Franklin Credit Union cover up.” ~Noreen Gosch

1:35:40 Mention of Dennis Whelan, private investigator from Omaha. She says Mr. Whelan told her there was an auction of children (26 boys) near Houston, Texas.

1:38:00 Mention of a catalog of children, not yet kidnapped, in the belongings of an arrested pedophile.””