If Assange is Still Alive and In Full Command as the Washington Examiner Claims- Why Doesn’t He Just Come to the Window and Show Himself?

All this hype- first with a speech he gave in 2012 reported as NEW- NOW we are expecting a “statement” from Wikileaks- when the EASIEST solution- if he were still alive- is too simply come to the window.

But he can’t- because he is dead- which explains this campaign of lies that has followed his execution.

He simply has to show himself and prove I am wrong. But he hasn’t- because he can’t- because they executed him.

Julian Assagne and His “New” Video Speaking from the Grave

Last night someone sent me this link- supposedly showing Julian Assange giving a speech at the Ecuadorian Embassy- BUT THIS MORNING- I was sent THIS…

“This speech apparently Published 21st October 2016 Is the same speech I found on the internet delivered on Monday 20 August 2012 00.52 AEST Last modified on Thursday 11 August 2016 22.59 (He has identical Hair cut since 2012)”

So I guess they get an A for effort- but an F for actually pulling off this lie…

compared to this one https://youtu.be/VvrLTBvWpd8

He is WEARING THE EXACT SAME OUTFIT…says the SAME things to “show” he isn’t dead- but they need to show something NEW- NOT regurgitate something from years ago…

Muslim Rapists…

In America- we GLORIFY and EPITOMIZE murder and rape as we celebrate with it each night on our televisions. There has been no better way to get man to sin than by barraging him with non stop entertainment- and it has helped turn all of us into something that we never should have been. We are in an up-rise against Muslims- and yeah- this racist bullshit COMING FROM EVERY FUCKING SIDE is REALLY getting old- but really- in the scope of it- our culture is no less parasitic than theirs- and right now- THE MAJORITY OF MANKIND is acting like a group of depraved delusional monkeys and seem to be to stupid to even BEGIN to comprehend as to how much they suck as individuals. If it is true that Muslims are rapists- and who knows- maybe a lot of them are- OF COURSE they are going to come to America- because if our justice system and American culture has taught us anything- it is that we LOVE rapists- esp. CHILD RAPISTS- and if they come here- they won’t face any consequences. I mean- right now- NO ONE IS. Why wouldn’t every pedophile in the WORLD come here- because for them we have become BETTER than Thailand.

So maybe it should read- We shall take your rapists and your murderers, your pedophiles and your degenerates- because we- in America- understand you and, although we might not like you- we will tolerate you- BECAUSE HONESTLY WE ARE JUST LIKE YOU. Come and be one of us…join in the fun.

On “Eatting Babies”…

What is so fucking hard to understand that these people DO NOT EAT BABIES? They make FAR TO MUCH MONEY selling them! Get a damn clue…

My Message Redefined…

You know- maybe I should put my message in language everyone can understand…

You all WILL be obedient and do as you have been COMMANDED to DO- and LOVE- or you will SUFFER. HORRIBLY.

Pious? Sanctimonious? I don’t give a fuck. THESE ARE THE TERMS- and NONE of you have the option to take it or leave it.

Kiss Your Asses Goodbye

Yesterday I did a Shamanic journey to go find Julian Assange after finding out that they shot him as he had his hand across his heart, saying the pledge of allegiance- but I had NO IDEA that they had ALSO murdered Edward Snowden. That kind of tipped me over the edge.

Just to let all of you know- I invoked the FULL WRATH of Heaven yesterday- went and asked everyone- AND it was blessed by my Father and Mother- who kind of reprimanded me by remarking they were glad I was “no longer dragging my feet”.


So argue all your stupid shit about this election all you fucking want- but SOMETHING tells me that it AINT GONNA HAPPEN. Why?

Because the hour glass has run out. Get ready- because as soon as things fall into place- which is ALWAYS required for ANY spell- this shit is OVER.

Enough is fucking enough already.

Max Spiers, Julian Assange, and Edward Snowden

What do these three men have in common? They are ALL DEAD.

The crap flying around now about Max Spiers is sickening- as people are RACING to try and take his place and use HIS work to set THEMSELVES up as THE ONE.

According to Vanessa Bates- Max’s mother- the coroner she had look at Max told her that he believed that he had been DROWNED. Which explains WHY his phone was wet.

THERE WAS NO BLACK LIQUID RUNNING OUT OF HIS MOUTH. The ONLY people who have claimed this are the people who were WITH him when he was murdered. But still- everyone is just running around acting like they KNOW when the truth is all that they know are LIES.

Julian Assange- well- that picture of him with his hand over his heart has a VIDEO with it. Seems he was ALSO saying the pledge of allegiance when they SHOT HIM TO DEATH. NOW everyone is saying that he is ANYWHERE BUT DEAD. That video was only up for a second- and now is no where to be found.

But if he isn’t dead- then bring him forth and have him make a public appearance. BUT THIS WILL NEVER HAPPEN.

Nor will it happen with Edward Snowden- WHO HAS ALSO BEEN KILLED.

Why do you think- after so many interviews- that he has just dropped out of sight? Are you thinking he just decided to stop and go on with his life?

Vanessa and Rosette- after giving me an interview- have had constant death threats trying to shut them up. They are terrified- but NOW people are trying to trash THEM. Sarah- Max’s “fiance”- was trying to hook him back on heroin. She is IN LEAGUE with his murderer’s.

I am starting to believe that mankind is doomed and it is too ignorant to realize it. And it is because of this that I am starting to believe that this MAY NOT BE SUCH A BAD THING.

A Word for The Order

You bitch all the time about burning witches- let me show you how Heaven does it.

You will know what I am speaking about when it happens.

Pat Goodwin and the Facts Surrounding Her and Myself


I was told the day after her last conference last week that she is telling people I almost ran over her foot. Exactly HOW does someone “almost” hit you with their car?

The TRUTH is- during our visit with the hotel- she publicly humiliated me FOUR TIMES- and so I finally went out to my car.

When she and her friend DID come out- the princess took her damn sweet time getting into my car… after which I TOLD her that if she treated me like she had just done at the conference- that we were going to have issues- at which point the 65 year old started behaving like an 8 yr old- screaming that I let her out of the car.

Which I did. And yes- I did leave both of them standing in the hotel parking lot- but then- I figured the bitch could just fly them both back home on her broom.

Pat Goodwin aka Felicity Lee leaves out KEY info when she speaks about people. Like the fact that her website Ivory Garden is averaging ONE PERSON A DAY on it- and she generally gets DAILY emails from survivors telling her how they don’t trust her.

The conference was what it was this year because of ME and MY ADVERTISING IT IN ALL MY INTERVIEWS.

But let me just point out ONE MORE THING. Lori King was murdered because Pat DEMANDED that she sign the paperwork that took down Jeanette Bartha’s blog. Pat is the one who filled OUT the paperwork- but she was too afraid to sign her own name- so she made Lori King do it.


And it isn’t like she didn’t do the same afterwards. Infinite Minds got in trouble for posing as a non for profit when they weren’t- BECAUSE Pat asked me to turn them in.

The only difference between Lori and myself is that I have WAY MORE than a high school education- and so I was able to fill the paperwork out myself- and I OBVIOUSLY didn’t get murdered over what I did.

But that has NOTHING to do with Pat. If I HAD gotten murdered- she would have just done the same thing she has done with Lori- and MAKE HERSELF OUT TO BE THE VICTIM.

But deal with this woman at your own risk- because she GETS OFF putting people in bad situations and watching what happens to them. It is how she feels the MOST powerful.

Do what she asks- go ahead. But when they come to hurt you- she will do nothing other than take personal advantage of your situation and she won’t give one flying fuck what happens to you.

In her mind- she IS THE ONE- and she IS ALL SHE CARES ABOUT.

“Almost ran over her foot with my car?” At the time- as mad as I was- she is lucky I didn’t flat out RUN OVER HER FAT BALDING ASS- AND THEN BACK UP OVER HER FOR GOOD MEASURE.

Facebook Posts I Have Written…

“The Fallen claimed that they could turn all of mankind from Heaven. They obviously failed since there are A LOT of people going to the New Earth. I have been told that it is now MY volley- so here is MY boast. I WILL bring EVERY ONE of you to your knees and MAKE you obedient to Heaven. And I WON’T fail.”

“Look- some of you idiots out there think you can drop names- link my posts to people such as Melania Trump or whoever- but let me assure you that they are ALL aware of me already. All of our leaders- our rich- our powerful- ALL had to pledge their souls to the Order- because they couldn’t be were they are now if they hadn’t. And the Order gave ME possession of all those souls- and all of that darkness- but not only that- they ALSO gave me THEIRS. The word has gotten out- and many are perplexed and don’t know what to do- probably because there is NOTHING they CAN do. They were warned- in the end- that they would be brought low- and they have already sent their remote viewers to discover that MY darkness is LIMITLESS. And it has NO boundaries. And they are about to discover how bad things REALLY ARE GOING TO BE for them- VERY SOON NOW. So do what you want- tell anyone you want- but I assure you that they already know- and that they are terrified. And do you know what? THEY SHOULD BE.”

“So I am thinking that this storm supposedly supposed to hit Seattle is actually man made. You know what THIS means of course. I am only able to channel their own shit back to them and if they DID create this storm- I will be able to channel that destructive force right back into their lives. Have fun my friends- because it is about to get a WHOLE LOT MORE interesting.”