Regarding Yesterday’s Post on Mike Pence

I posted a couple videos made by some guy named Tori without watching them first and I now regret that decision. I was out of sorts yesterday and was seriously considering giving up on this mess- and I didn’t bother viewing the videos I was sent.

I DON’T believe in reptilians or aliens or any of the other stupid shit this guy said. I DO believe Pence is a closeted gay- and I DO believe Trump is a pedophile (as we have seen with Jeffery Epstein he both hangs out with AND DEFENDS pedophiles) and I ALSO BELIEVE chances are Pence is of the same cut of cloth- considering that ” birds of a feather flock together”. But this dude Tori- now that I actually listened what he had to say- sounds like a fricking wacko.

I am sorry for posting this without vetting it first. But I am human and make mistakes- just like everyone else.

If This is True- Mankind is Fucked

Trump is our messiah- he is going to SAVE us. There is NO ONE ON EARTH who is more honest- trustworthy- or loveable because he is JUST LIKE JESUS CHRIST. He is going to do what we won’t do for ourselves and will do all the work for us himself! Those bad politicians hate him because he is so great and is working directly with the right hand of God. He LOVES us and he wants to PROTECT us and HELP SAVE us- and he will because he is so genuine and caring! GO TRUMP- AND THANK YOU FOR BEING OUR MESSIAH!!!

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CBS News Ben Swann Does a “Reality Check” on Pizzagate

His conclusion? JUST LIKE HAMPSTEAD- no real investigation into the allegations has EVER BEEN DONE. Just the accused and their supporters claiming the allegations are false. Of course, considering what we DO KNOW- we can pretty much assume that they are liars doing what EVERY criminal does- claim they are innocent while trying to cover their tracks…

The Reason Why the Hampstead Child Abuse Case in the UK Wasn’t Investigated- IN THEIR OWN WORDS

Of course they weren’t afraid of this- although these two children are HARDLY the only such case they have there right now…

And I am SURE they found no merit in these allegations- just like the MYRIAD of other cases claiming THE SAME ALLEGATIONS.

Maybe that is why they secretly put their whisle blowers in jail for years.

But they don’t seem to be able to jail ALL of them. I mean- just look at Shirley Oaks…

And this shows that they are scrambling. So Hoatead’s claims FALL FUCKING FLAT as they have ALWAYS claimed that the Hampstead children’s claims were TOTALLY INVESTIGATED and that NO PROOF WAS FOUND. But the UK authorities are saying JUST THE OPPOSITE- which PROVES that Hoaxtead Research are liars. Of course- NOW they are trying to back track- but then that is the Pedophile Protection Squad’s MO…

Human Trafficking Cases Increase MORE THAN 50% in Florida

So since Hoaxtead Research is so convinced that large scale human trafficking isn’t happening- they will probably claim this CBS news story is “fake news”. But then- ANYTHING that doesn’t serve their agenda is discredited- ESP. since this story has NOTHING to do with Angela Power-Disney and all of their OTHER shills…

The Solution to Exposing Gov’t Child Trafficking and Pizzagate As the Fraud It Is

Since the real foundation of these absurd allegations started with the fraud of Franklin Credit in Omaha, Ne in the 80’s- which was what caused the the horrible witch hunt that ensued as a result- until it was completely debunked as the hysteria based on falsehoods that is was- there is no better person to represent the facts of this than the VERY person who did so then- Col. Michael Aquino- Founder of Temple of Set, government official- and the one MOST KNOWLEDGEABLE as to what occurred back then.

He WAS the “unofficial” spokesperson for False Memory Syndrome Foundation- and was all OVER every media outlet at the time, and since he is the ONLY ONE left of that group- I believe that it just make sense that such a distinguished and educated government official- ranking as he does, who was THERE and fought it so well- should represent the accused and defend them against these allegations as he did before when it occurred the first time.

Now, since Ted Gunderson is dead, and John DeCamp doesn’t even know who he is anymore as he is suffering from Alzheimer’s- I believe that I- David Shurter- should represent the other side. I was there- I have an established reputation with MANY people as being an expert on the situation- and I would be willing to represent that side that Mr. Aquino did such a marvelous job defeating in the 80’s,

However- I have some stipulations.

One- it will be PUBLIC- and FACE TO FACE- just as he was willing to do with Ted Gunderson many years ago. I have absolutely NO history of violence- and so claiming he is afraid of me in public can’t really be argued effectively, although he can have as much protection as he deems necessary.

And two- it will be videotaped. This just makes sense- since we are doing this to resolve this insane issue that is so similar to the “satanic panic” hysteria that enveloped this country back in the 80’s- and so this is important for the PEOPLE to see as well as just a select group.

I think to put this country at ease- we must rise- as good American’s, and try to put this matter to rest- and the oaths that Col. Aquino took to protect and honor America I believe should compel him to agree.

We owe it to our country to do this- so that we can put our fellow American’s at ease and assure them that their children are safe. After all- this IS the land we all love and we ARE Americans after all.

Melanie Shaw and the UK Child Abuse Shit

Melanie Shaw, in a secret court hearing, was given two more years in jail. So if you fuck children in the UK- you are protected and given ZERO jail time. But if you make the mistake of trying to protect children- it is off to jail you go. And more than that- into solitary confinement.

And what do the people do? They sit back- entertained. And expect Heaven to serve them cake and ice cream for their efforts.

Yeah- the world- and ESP. The people in it- SUCK. Although I am sure if you ask any of them- they would argue the point.

The Two Hampstead Children and Their Pending Abductions…

So what’s next for the two Uk children of Hampstead? Somethings tells me they just might be abducted so that Hoaxtead’s shills can be blamed- as if Sabine or Angela Power-Disney or any of the other idiots thay speak about are ANY kind of leaders for survivors. Why do I say this? Because the comments on Hoaxtead are ALREADY LEADING UP TO THIS…

Peter Tschrneff on Monique Lessan’s Show Tonight

Peter is real, he is brilliant, and he is on Monique’s show tonight 1/4/2017 at 5-7 pm pacific standard time…