A New Perspective Regarding the Survivor Community and the Targeted Individual Community

For years I have done what I could to help both communities. I have endured death threats, ridicule, stalking, attacks, and in the end- I sacrificed my 20 year relationship over situations I felt I had a need by God to protect. My friends, my family- and those who actually know me have all asked why I would make such choices and I guess I was being directed by ego- saying that it was my lot to try and defend this group of people.

However, lately I have had it pointed out to me that I have done all that I could for years now- sacrificing most of what I held most dear, and yet this whole GoFundMe campaign has shown people exactly where I really stand in the community. It isn’t just that no one has really helped (although there have been a few and they are greatly appreciated), but I have gotten somewhat rude comments as a result, demeaning me for asking in my hour of need. I have sacrificed so much for two groups of people who can not nor do not feel the same towards me. I realize that my sacrifices have been meaningless, and that perhaps it was simply ego that forced me to feel the need to fight for such a group of people.

As such- I am backing away from both groups. Will Satanic ritual abuse and it’s connections with human trafficking and MKUltra ever be revealed? Only if it is for five minutes and doesn’t upset the regularly scheduled programing on tv. Quite frankly- I have been fighting to expose things that most people don’t give two cents about. We have designed a world where everyone wants saved but no one wants to help anyone else. When you ask for help- people get ignored- or worse- criticized for their efforts. I’m not trying to whine- but simply pointing out the facts of the matter. The truth is that mankind could not care less for the rest of mankind- and I am no longer going against the tide to fight a battle that can neither be won- nor does anyone care about in the first place.

It is true- being cold, hard, and unyielding is mankind’s true nature- and Social Darwinism it truer today than when it first began. People don’t care about the world around them unless it directly affects them- and then it only matters as so much as their needs get met. This is harsh- but true. The world is the way it is because we are the way we are- flat out. It isn’t magic- it isn’t designed by God- we live in a cold harsh world because, quite frankly- very few of us care enough to make it out any other way.

I have to say thanks for the emails that I have recieved on my GoFundMe account- you helped me open my eyes when so many others tried and failed. Now I understand- and for those I have abandoned on my crusade to do good- I owe you a deep apology and must admit that you were all right- it wasn’t worth it and it didn’t do any good. I know that now, and more than that- I understand now. I am sorry I didn’t listen for all these years.

An Invitation to Have the Targeted Individual Community Shut Its Mouth -Primarily Renata “Everyone at work stalks me” Murray and Big Babyand Put Its Money Where Their Big Ass Mouths Are

First off- I had a roommate who had loads of ammo put in clips right by guns when I SPECIFICALLY asked not to have loaded weapons in my house.

Second- I asked that nothing be downloaded onto my computer- and this just got bypassed and I had to completely redo my computer.

Renata Murray- who has a freak show every Sunday on Talkshoe.com at 114616 SET THIS ALL UP by pushing this freak to come live with me.

A freak who was convinced that the comcast people were govt agents stalking him- that he was constantly being inundated with electromagnetic weapons from DAY ONE when he moved in- and who was drawing lines of sites on my neighbors houses who he was convinced that they were all perpetrators attacking him with energy weapons.

This kind of insanity is pushed by Renata who complains about workplace mobbing- when the fact is she is a big mouth bitch and most people who don’t just accept her insanity are perps trying to keep her down. If you don’t like your job- GO GET ANOTHER ONE. Stop being a victim.

Now- this is the kind of crap I have had to deal with. Here are pictures of my ex roommates room.DSC_0060




What you are looking at is corrugated metal panels that surround his bed that are covered in magnets with about 400 lbs of those brick magnets all over his bed with tin foil insulation which he sleeps in because this is suppose to keep him from being attacked by electromagnetic weapons WHICH OBVIOUSLY DOESN’T WORK.

Now there is some issue that I turned this guys guns into the police. He CAN GET THEM BACK SIMPLY BY SHOWING UP AT THE COP SHOP.

Anyway- since Renata Murray wants to promote this type of BS EVERY WEEK on her called titled support for TI’s- I suggest that she or her cohort BIG BABY let the freak come live with them. AFTER ALL- THEY PROMOTE THIS BEHAVIOR SO WHAT IS GOOD FOR THE GOOSE IS GOOD FOR THE GANDER IF YOU ASK ME.

Otherwise- they should just stick to their own persecution where the entire world is out to get them and nothing they do or anyone in the targeted community is responsible because the govts control their every behavior. This type of crap SICKENS ME AND THE FACT THAT THEY AREN’T RESPONSIBLE FOR ANYTHING THAT THEY DO is highly convenient- since they can run their mouths but never put their money where their mouths are.

New Interview with Me and Ron Patton- Editor of Paranoia Magazine


New Video Explaining My Situation and Why I Need Help


Instead of going with the biggest donation- I am revising the contest and adding everyone’s name in a hat and will draw the winner. That way everyone has a chance to win.

On Another Note- Asking for Help

Please consider donating to my gofundme.com account to help me get my stuff and finally relocate to Seattle.

My ex is living with boxes and all my mom’s stuff and really needs the stuff to go.

Sometimes God makes us humble and we need to ask for help- and I am at one of those times. I really need my studio out here so that I can start working and hopefully get myself off of disability.

I thank all of you who have contributed – shared, and prayed for God to help me. This is an exercise in humility and compassion for all of us- and I wouldn’t ask for help if I didn’t truly need it. We are all together in the world- and I really need the help of those who are able to enable me to help those who have helped me in the past.

If you are able and compelled to help a fellow survivor and member of the human race- here is the link…

People Who Support the False Memory Foundation are Not Worth My Time and Effort

I just want to say that those who discredit people’s personal abuse are not worth my time and effort. Arbitrarily discrediting a person’s personal past of being raped and abused and doing their best to discredit and dismiss what a victim says they are went through by generalizing them as liars are not, in my estimation, good people. Esp. when they have no idea of the specifics of that person’s past. Elizabeth Loftus- a main supporter of the False Memory Pedophile Protection Squad- is a main example of what I am speaking about.

If you choose to side with the abuser- and discredit the survivor of abuse- then you aren’t worth a hill of beans as far as I am concerned. I get criticized from the PP Squad that this does not bode well in society- and that I present myself as someone who is unyielding- but if you don’t know the specifics of a person’s past- and who they are as a person- and are willing to call them a liar when they come forward saying that they were abused- then you are just speaking out of opinion- and you know what they say about those. Everyone has one and they generally stink.

I have been attacked- vilified- even called a perp in my crusade to expose what has happened- and all of this is from people who have never met me nor know much about what I went through. They are jumping to the side of people who have been vilifying survivors for decades now- for whatever reason- and I can’t concern myself with those who do this in order to make themselves feel better. I neither have the patience for such ignorance- nor the tolerance. If I seem irritable- considering that I have gone through what I have and been stalked by my family for coming forward- I think that it is normal and to be expected. I AM frustrated that my past seems to be at the mercy of those who have no idea what I went through- and join the ranks of people who have spent decades protecting abusers by claiming that the victim’s and their experiences are due to false memories and being guided by evil therapists. I am sick to death of people who are desperate to live in some sort of mind driven utopia who think that abuse only happens when it is socially approved. No one was with me during my rapes, beatings, and such- and so therefore I don’t feel as if I need their approval to express what happened to me.

I am human- as we all are. And my emotional reactions to things are mine to deal with. If you are looking for someone to lie to you and tell you that my abuse didn’t happen- then look elsewhere. It is not my responsibility to make complete strangers comfortable- and if you are looking for those to make you feel better about the world around you with lies- then I suggest you join ranks with the False Memory Foundation- many who are outspoken with the comfort concerning satanism- like Lucian Greaves- or pedophilia- like many of the False Memory foundation advocates- whose institution was built by people like Ralph Underwager- who detailed in a Padika interview how having sex with children was okay.

I try to live in the real world- and don’t have time for those who think that the world is nice- that governments are just- and that God has sprinkled fairy dust to make us all loving and wonderful. This is not the world that I live in- and if it is your contention that this is true- then this site- and what I am trying to do in exposing this mess- is definitely not for you.

FFCHS- A Disinformation Group: A New Article on the Group that Perps Targets


Derrick Robertson doesn’t like me- and is involved in the Targeted Individual community. He has a huge following in the targeted individual community- and has a call on Talkshoe on Saturday nights. This article speaks the truth about Derrick and his organization.

The government is targeting people- and Derrick is a key member of the Freedom From Covert Harassment and Surveillance. They gather info on targets and keeps them busy with bogus lawsuits to make sure they don’t get anywhere, and this man and this group is NOT to be trusted. This article says it correctly- Derrick is a wolf in sheep’s clothing- and puts crazy people on the show in order to make targeted individuals look crazy when the simple truth is that our government is stalking and harassing anyone who speaks out against what our government is up too.

I am No Longer Supporting or Speaking at the Ivory Garden Conference on Trauma and Dissociation in Seattle Oct 3-5th

Neither my sister Kathy nor I will be talking at the conference- and the support that I have offered I am now removing. This is being done for personal reasons- but I am no longer in support of this conference.

New Book on the “Witch Hunt” of the 80s- Esp. McMartin


In the 1980s, a series of child sex abuse cases rocked the United States. The most famous case was the 1984 McMartin preschool case, but there were a number of others as well. By the latter part of the decade, the assumption was widespread that child sex abuse had become a serious problem in America. Yet within a few years, the concern about it died down considerably. The failure to convict anyone in the McMartin case and a widely publicized appellate decision in New Jersey that freed an accused molester had turned the dominant narrative on its head. In the early 1990s, a new narrative with remarkable staying power emerged: the child sex abuse cases were symptomatic of a ‘moral panic’ that had produced a witch hunt. A central claim in this new witch hunt narrative was that the children who testified were not reliable and easily swayed by prosecutorial suggestion. In time, the notion that child sex abuse was a product of sensationalized over-reporting and far less endemic than originally thought became the new common sense.

But did the new witch hunt narrative accurately represent reality? As Ross Cheit demonstrates in his exhaustive account of child sex abuse cases in the past two and a half decades, purveyors of the witch hunt narrative never did the hard work of examining court records in the many cases that reached the courts throughout the nation. Instead, they treated a couple of cases as representative and concluded that the issue was blown far out of proportion. Drawing on years of research into cases in a number of states, Cheit shows that the issue had not been blown out of proportion at all. In fact, child sex abuse convictions were regular occurrences, and the crime occurred far more frequently than conventional wisdom would have us believe. Cheit’s aim is not to simply prove the narrative wrong, however. He also shows how a narrative based on empirically thin evidence became a theory with real social force, and how that theory stood at odds with a far more grim reality. The belief that the charge of child sex abuse was typically a hoax also left us unprepared to deal with the far greater scandal of child sex abuse in the Catholic Church, which, incidentally, has served to substantiate Cheit’s thesis about the pervasiveness of the problem. In sum, The Witch-Hunt Narrative is a magisterial and empirically powerful account of the social dynamics that led to the denial of widespread human tragedy.

Asking Help for Relocation on GoFundMe


I am a writer, child advocate, and artist and I am desperately looking for funds to ship my stuff from the midwest out to Seattle. I moved out here in order to help host an annual conference on trauma and dissociation for victims of childhood sexual abuse- bought a fixer up home, and am living with no flooring and have had to make thousands of dollars of improvements to bring the place up to speed. I am now broke and am looking for help to get my deceased mother’s stuff out to me.

I am author of a book titled Rabbit Hole: An Satanic Ritual Abuse Survivors Story which I detail my parents activities as human traffickers, and am working dilegently on an upcoming conference on trauma and dissociation, info which can be found at igdid.org . I believe that the human trafficking issue MUST be exposed in order to prevent it from happening to others, but I am distracted right now with facing the loss of my mother’s things that she left me. I actually took care of my mother for the last five years of her life and she died in my home years ago. The thought of losing the things that she left me is creating a depression that is hard to deal with.

I have been disabled for over a decade with severe Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and am hoping that the work that I am doing with this annual conferernce will help me get off social security. I really need help to get myself off of disability in order to become a valuable member of society.

I also have a blog site which I detail info on both my abuse and child abuse as a whole- which I recieve over 500 hits a day. It is entitled DavidShurter.com and I have been working dilgently for years to expose and stop human trafficking as a whole. Again- right now I have been distracted worried that I am going to lose all of my possessions and it is preventing me from working full force on the things that I trully believe in.

ANY money will help- but if you are unable to do so- prayers for not only me but for all those who are suffering abuse would be appreciated! Please help me if you are able!