The Investigations into My Father Robert Lynn Shurter Jr. and Step-Mother Joanne C. Shurter, or Rather the LACK of Them

A couple months ago, I was told of a man named Aaron Larson who was with Jacob Wetterling when he was abducted on October 22, 1989 and was Jacob’s best friend. I found him on Facebook and sent him a message- telling him who I was, who my father was, that I believe my father and stepmother were the ones who abducted him, and I sent a picture of my dad of how he looked when Jacob was abducted.

I have not heard anything from Aaron, or anyone else, regarding what I have done- although I have sent several messages to Aaron through Facebook- the last one being this…

“again- you don’t owe me anything- but Jacob was your friend- and the authorities have a history of burying all of this. PLEASE don’t just sit by and let this happen. I KNOW my dad was the one who took Jacob- but they will cover this up because of what my family was involved with. YOU could help push this- I can’t do much of anything. Please do what you can to help- Jacob DESERVES it.”

Since I haven’t heard from Aaron, I have assumed that he recognized my father, went to authorities, and has been told not to contact me. Otherwise, I would think that I would have received a reply back telling me that my father was not Jacob’s abductor.

However, in the 15 years+ that I have struggled to get my father investigated- I have had NO help from police. In fact, as I have said repeatedly- when I went to the Nebraska State Patrol and demanded that cold case Det. John Pankonin take my DNA to compare it to the Ricky Chadek- who was found abducted and found murdered in Omaha, NE on March 23, 1989- Det. Pankonin sent his sister Tru Pankonin to ingratiate herself into both mine and my older sister’s lives.

The interesting thing about the murder of Ricky Chadek is that he was murdered EXACTLY the same way Danny Joe Eberle (Sept. 18, 1983), and Christopher Walden (Dec. 2, 1983) were murdered- the two boys that John Jubert was executed for on July 16, 1996. This fact was kept from the news, and I only know about it because Det. Pankonin told both my sister and I of this fact.

Jubert couldn’t have murdered Chadek in 1989 since he was in custody on January 12, 1984. So the question remains- why were all three of these boys murdered in the same way- and WHO killed Chadek?

In 1976- the same year that a man found my family who was searching for his abducted daughter and whom I was forced to light on fire- four children were found ritually murdered in Michigan: Mark Stebbins (abducted Feb. 15, 1976- found murdered Feb. 19, 1976), Jill Robinson (abducted Dec. 22, 1976- found murdered on Dec. 26, 1976), Kristine Milhelich (abducted on Jan. 2- 1977- found murdered on Jan. 23, 1977), and Timothy King (abducted on March 16, 1977- found murdered on March 22, 1976).

I have spoken with Michigan State Police- who asked me if I was “Bob”- an anonymous man who came forward in 2005 and started claiming that he knew who killed these children- which was ALSO the same time my father had started coming clean and had begun calling people to tell them of his crimes.

Noreen Gosch- mother of abducted Johnny Gosch- even told me that she had received a phone call from my father who told her that he was guilty of “horrible crimes against children” and that he was involved with her son’s abduction- although she told me that she thought he was just a crazy person until she spoke with me.

Interesting that some anonymous guy comes forward to try and make waves regarding the Oakland Four murders at EXACTLY the same time my father started to come clean about his crimes- and too this day- NO ONE still knows who this “Bob” is- although “Bob” is what my stepmother always called my father- Robert Lynn Shurter Jr.

Personally- I believe that the FBI and anyone else who gets wind of this case will sit on the info and do their best to prevent it from being investigated. I also believe that since my dad was a pilot- flew his own plane- and was born and raised in Michigan and knew the state well- I think that he and his friends were doing their best to shift what was beginning to come out in Omaha in the 70’s and turn the focus onto Michigan by ritually killing four children. It was a simple case of distraction, and one that worked until 1986- when all hell broke loose in Omaha.

Authorities will claim that they have absolutely NO EVIDENCE that satanic ritual abuse of children exists- even though- two years after my brother Stephen Wesley Shurter died in Ocean City, Maryland- a man was caught and convicted of having a huge collection of extreme child porn depicting satanic ritual abuse and the horrible rapes of children in the SAME TOWN. This man, coincidentally, was named Larry King Jr. although it is NOT the same Larry King who went to jail in Omaha regarding the Franklin Credit scandal.

These pictures are PROOF- and it is interesting that NO ONE has ever come forward about this. I know because I was keeping up with Ocean City Maryland after my niece Melissa told me that I would be surprised at what my homeless and drug addicted brother had in his possession when he died. I believe that she was speaking DIRECTLY about this collection of pictures- as my brother was a photographer and it was the only thing that he was consistent about doing his whole life.

In fact- I believe that the second photographer Rusty Nelson speaks about concerning the crimes going on in Omaha that he was convicted for- WAS my brother. Furthermore- Frank Church- who led the Church Committee in Congress investigating MKUltra, had his picture taken BY MY BROTHER- which was my brother’s one claim to fame. If you google Frank Church- the picture that comes up is the very one TAKEN by my brother.

Funny- for having no connection to any of this- as authorities often claim- my family was VERY CONNECTED to many of the key players.
So is my father- and his third wife (who I know for a fact was TOTALLY involved with my father’s crimes) being investigated? I would say no.

Why? Because my father, before he died, told people- including my older sister and I- that there were the remains of dead children in the walls of his master bedroom closet- which he TOTALLY rebuilt- but, to date- no one has even bothered to look into this. Despite that there have been several reports made.

When my father died, my sister Kathy was told by a nurse that dealt with my dad when he was dying that we needed to look into the daily notes that the hospital filed- as my dad TOLD THEM AS WELL. (That hospital is Methodist Hospital- located on West Dodge Road in Omaha, NE.) However, his third wife Joanne C. Shurter- (as his wife at the time) had everything SEALED so that neither my sister nor I- who are direct CHILDREN of our dad- can have any access to these records.

Omaha Police- however- are not bound by these rules- but have NEVER initiated ANY KIND OF INVESTIGATION into any of it. All they would have to do is check out my father’s medical records and see what was written in his daily notes- but they have DONE NOTHING other than sending their family members into mine and my sister’s lives to see what they could find on us.

So where do I go from here? At this moment- I have absolutely NO IDEA- but that, in no way, means that I am stopping. Why won’t they investigate my father and stepmother for their crimes? They can claim whatever they want- but the truth is, in my opinion, is that they KNOW what we have said is the truth- and if they were to investigate and discover the REAL facts to all of this- it would VALIDATE what I have said REPEATEDLY in the past and would cast a WHOLE NEW LIGHT on the events surrounding Omaha. They don’t want this. By their EVERY ACTION everyone can see this.

I mean- why else would you send your sister into the lives of people who were reporting murders to you- as a POLICE MAN? And Det. John Pankonin can say whatever he likes- but the timing of his sister Tru coming into mine and Kathy’s lives plainly shows that nothing is what it seems with any of this- esp. considering that RIGHT AFTER John Pankonin received a PROMOTION.

Interesting, isn’t it- how all of these things point to a major cover up and STILL nothing has been done to try and solve it. And if none of this was true- why wouldn’t they at least investigate and put it all to rest?

Your answer is as good as mine when it comes to this situation, which is why I am saying that NO INVESTIGATION into my father and stepmother is happening. But then, I guess the myriad of child that have been murdered are of ABSOLUTELY NO CONSEQUENCE to authorities. Judging by their actions- or rather INACTION, this is incredibly apparent.

The Use of Hidden and Secret Facebook Groups That Are Being Used to Engage in the Extreme Targeting of Vulnerable People- Most Esp. Children

It is no secret that vulnerable people are being targeted online and that certain groups and forums are seeking personal information from people, often within 10 minutes of the person going into these groups.

These groups are attracting their victims with sweet promises and are often incredibly nice in order to draw in these vulnerable people. They post on various websites that these are EXCLUSIVE hidden groups and demand that those who are interested in joining email ALL of their personal information, such as their addresses and phone numbers, to these abusers who then decide who can join and who can’t.

And many members have reported to me that they don’t even KNOW THE NAMES of the groups that they are joining until they are invited to join after sending all of their personal information. In fact, no one can JOIN these groups but rather- members have to be INVITED, and they are only invited AFTER they send in all of their personal information.

These groups are luring victims with claims that that they can help- even CURE- people’s DID symptoms, although, from what I have discovered- these groups have now extended out to include ALL trauma survivors. However, after these groups have a hold of their victims, I have been told that they change dramatically.

The scariest part of these groups is that they are targeting not only adult victims of extreme abuse- but also CHILDREN through their websites, and they have absolutely NO ACCOUNTABILITY whatsoever. And since these groups are hidden- although they are primarily on Facebook- no parents are able to see or even view these groups that are targeting their children. Silence is the MAIN REQUIREMENT for all of these groups, and threats of being removed for any violation of their expectations are often enacted without impunity.

Although there are laws in effect now stating that you cannot misrepresent who you are, that you can’t do therapy online, and that cyber-bullying is considered a crime- these groups are violating all of these laws unabashedly.

First of all, these groups are completely misrepresenting who they are. People are being led to believe that prominent members of the survivor community are not only involved with these groups but are also running them, although this is far from the truth. They are also claiming that these prominent members are on their administrative staff although, as a general rule- this is not even close to the truth.

In fact, often times, these prominent members don’t even have a clue that these groups even exist- let alone being involved with running them.

This is done for two reasons. First, it gives these groups credibility. Second, when they commit their crimes against their victims- who are already extremely vulnerable, it destroys the reputation of those prominent members of the survivor community who- these groups claim- are running these groups in the first place.

It is done to damage the reputation of survivor leaders and is effectively preventing the victims from reaching out to those who are, essentially, being illegally defamed and who could actually offer help to the victims.

None of these groups are using their real names as leaders, which again breaks the law of misrepresenting who they are. In fact, from the myriad of members who have contacted me- from what I understand- no one has a clue who ANY of these people are, as all of their names are always completely fake, although members have reported one name to me over and over as someone who is involved with this nefarious activity.

Amber Vollatton- who murdered Lori King and then went all over the internet bragging out it- who also goes under the name Menagerie- has been named as a person behind this illegal activity by many victims over and over.

Amber Vollatton and these groups she has been called out as being involved with, are seeking out the MOST VULNERABLE people- in this case people who have dissociative identity disorder (once called multiple personality disorder), and are demanding that the members go through “therapy” with them. And let me remind you- many of their members on these hidden groups are CHILDREN.

This so called “therapy” is done over the phone. These groups demand that members share their personal information- such as their addresses and phone numbers, in order to be invited in and then these abusers are GROUP calling these people and doing some strange form of hypnosis/meditation with them where they are requiring that these vulnerable people visualize putting all of their “parts” into the light so that they can get rid of them.

(“Parts” refer to the split off pieces of victim’s personalities that occurred when they suffered the severest form of trauma).

These groups are also equating these “parts” with some weird form of psychic phenomenon- telling their victims that the flashbacks that they are experiencing are actually “spirits” or “demons” that are attacking them. Not only that, but I have been told repeatedly that victims are being told that they are being attacked by these “demons” because they are guilty of INVITING THEM IN. In essence, they are telling the most vulnerable victims stupid crap in order to scare the ever living shit out of them, and again- these victims include A COUNTLESS AMOUNT OF CHILDREN.

All in all- what these groups are effectively doing is using CULT BEHAVIOR in order to scare and control their victims.

After this “therapy”, if the victims express that all of their parts are NOT gone- (which is generally always the case), they are then told that these are “bad” parts and that they need to be destroyed. And how are they to be destroyed? Well, the victims are being encouraged to KILL THEMSELVES, as they are being told that this is the only way that these “bad” parts can be dealt with.

Again- to reiterate- they are,in effect, telling CHILDREN that they are to blame for their “parts” caused by their abuse, and in order to do the right thing, they need to KILL THEMSELVES.

None of these groups adhere to any kind of privacy policies and, according to the myriad of victims who have spoken up- these groups have a history of illegally using and abusing the personal information that their victims are demanded to share with these abusers in order to join these “exclusive” groups- such as group calling them on the phone, (where 4 or more people are on the phone speaking to the victim at the same time), sharing the personal information with other people that are generally completely unknown to the victims they are targeting, and- in the end- these groups are using that personal information against their victims.

Members who stand up or refuse to go along with these groups demands have all reported that they have faced a campaign of cyber-bullying and since these groups are hidden and secret- once a person is removed- they are completely unable to access the site in order to report them to Facebook.

Actually, again according to the plethora of victims who have been terrorized by these groups, it has been reported to me that these groups not only demand adherence to their strange group calling “therapy” practices- but they also demand that their members don’t even post ON THEIR OWN PERSONAL FACEBOOK PAGES- or they risk being REMOVED and ATTACKED.

This effectively isolates these victims from their friends and family, giving this group EVEN MORE CONTROL over their victims. And again- it can’t be said enough that many of these targeted individuals are UNDER-AGED CHILDREN.

Worse yet, since these groups are hidden and secret, after these members are removed for “violating” these overreaching and illegal rules, they are unable to even access the sites, thus preventing them from being able to report these groups to Facebook. Since it is a “secret” group-therefore completely hidden- people are not able to just pull it up in a search, and so these groups behaviors are able to go completely unreported by those they have attacked, since there is no way to go back into these groups and report them.

So these groups are misrepresenting who they are, are doing illegal and totally bizarre “therapies” online, demanding access to their victims personal info that they are using against them at will, and are cyber-bullying any and every person who would speak out against these groups behavior. And because of Facebook’s policies, they are doing this in such a way that they are COMPLETELY UNACCOUNTABLE for.

Victims are afraid, and because of the harassment that these groups are known to engage in- ALL of the victims I have been in contact with feel completely helpless and powerless as a whole. God only knows how many of these totally vulnerable people have committed suicide as a result of what they have experienced- and those who remain in these groups are so afraid of being targeted that they are essentially frozen from doing ANYTHING. And again- it can’t be said enough- that many of these victims are UNDER-AGED CHILDREN.

Everything I have learned about these groups- and I know of at least 8 of them on Facebook alone- has shown me that there are people who are going onto the internet and using CULT BEHAVIOR to ensnare victims in order to keep them under control. Since most victims have been exposed and damaged by cult like behavior, they unfortunately are being attracted to it in droves- like moths to a flame.

It is human nature to gravitate to that which we know- even if what we know is destructive and damaging. These abusers are obviously aware of this- and so they have made themselves readily available to engage in behavior that both SCARES and CONTROLS this abused and totally vulnerable population.

And, as of yet, there has been ZERO accountability from Facebook concerning these hidden groups and their totally illegal activity, even though the damage that they are inflicting has been VAST and FAR REACHING.

In fact, Facebook- by their own actions- has seemed to promote and encourage this behavior by allowing hidden and secret groups to exist with absolutely NO OVERSIGHT as to what damage these groups are inflicting on their victims- who also include underage children.

A Facebook Post About Our Luciferian Loving Leaders

Have any of you noticed how sickly our leaders seem to be looking as a whole lately? How their skin looks pasty, their eyes look drawn, and how tired they look? There is a reason for this- and why this is occuring to all of them as a WHOLE.

They are being consumed by the darkness from the INSIDE. They aren’t telling anyone- but their dreams are FILLED with constant nightmares- and STRESS is beginning to consume their every thought.

They believed that THEY were the ones in charge- that no one was more powerful than them. But they- as a whole- are beginning to realize the folly of their ways, because THEY had no real power. Delusions of grandeur- egos the size of an entire universe- but the power they fed upon WAS NEVER THEIRS.

Now- they are being claimed. And funny- although they would deny it-it seems their victims have FREE REIGN to terrorize them any time they feel the need. Esp. In their sleep.

The “shell” they created learned how to become a “doorway” and has made it possible for the other side to come back and forth at will. And it makes no difference WHO believes this- it won’t change anything one bit. It isn’t dependent on public opinion- and THEY know this to be true, which is the only thing that matters.

No sleep- and if they sleep- NO REST. And this is just the beginning of their fun. A prelude, if you will, for what awaits them.

Heaven doesn’t appreciate what they have done. In fact- as a result- Heaven is 100% focused on WRATH. And since the spell has already been cast- there is absolutely NO GOING BACK.

They should enjoy what they have while it lasts- because it isn’t going to last for long. The darkness that that is eating them alive from the inside is getting ready to claim them- and OH WHAT WONDERS it has in store for them.

But keep a close watch on them- you will see what I am saying is true. They taught the wrong person their shit- and now that it has been used against them- there is absolutely NOTHING that can be done to change what is happening.

Again- the game in front of them is “come clean or be claimed” and for some- there simply isn’t enough time to make amends for the crimes against Heaven they have committed.

Oh well- but as the old saying goes- sometimes karma can be a REAL BITCH, and they are already beginning to reap theirs.

The Shunning Program and the Survivor Community

I was totally blessed to speak to my therapist today and I was “reminded” of things that I have forgotten concerning abuse and how it affects the person who have been abused.

Survivors of abuse almost always have a hard time achieving a sense of identity. We are so controlled that we never get a chance to figure out who we are as a person, and this is for ALL abuse survivors and not just ones who have are victims of mind control or satanic ritual abuse.

Often, an abused child can walk into the room and gage what everyone in the room is feeling- everyone but themselves of course. This isn’t magic- but rather a defensive strategy designed to protect them. It is just part of the human condition. Most abuse survivors will do anything to prevent themselves from being hurt again, and this is part of that condition.

But in this process, totally focused on others- we never get a chance to know how WE are feeling or even who we are.

Constantly knocking a person down is part of trying to control them- and most abuse survivors are generally totally controlled by their abusers.

The most powerful aspect of the survivor community is this ability to identify with a group- thus finding a sense of self identity for ourselves. Identifying with a group helps give us a sense of identity- helping us to understand who we are.

When this happens, oftentimes survivors will be so desperate to fit in that they will do anything in order to keep connected with the group. This is the reason why members of these groups will quietly allow things to happen that they know to be wrong- so they can feel like they fit in and not be rejected,

Joining these groups with such a desperate need to fit in makes a person susceptible to what is called “group think”. Group think happens all the time when groups form and are isolated from all other thoughts and ideas- and is the reason why such groups have a tendency to make really bad decisions. Our government is an example of this.

The justification of going to war with Iraq was an example of group think- barring of course that this was done intentionally and with a purpose. Our leaders were SO convinced that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction that they didn’t allow any other arguments to get in their way- and now we have found ourselves in this long and unwinnable war- based on nothing but bad information.

These groups often use shunning to control their members- something that survivors of abuse are deathly afraid of. Scared that they will be ostracized from the group-thus losing the only identity of self that they have- people will go along with things that they might know are wrong- remaining silent so that they are able to remain part of the group.

This explains the behavior of those who are concerned that something nefarious happened regarding the death of Lori King but have remained silent. Speaking out would get them kicked out of the group- and survivors, who have been isolated and alone for the majority of our lives, are desperate to prevent this from happening.

But you don’t have to be a survivor to be subject to this fear- as it is part of the human condition. Going along with things you know to be wrong so that you won’t be ostracized or attacked is a normal part of life. And standing alone is difficult- esp. when a person is so afraid of being isolated.

Neil Brick- suggesting that I am being “cult controlled” is another example of this shunning program. It was said in hopes of preventing anyone from listening to my criticism of him- and getting them to mistrust me.

He is a licensed therapist- so he- more than anyone- understands how shunning works to shut a person down. Telling survivors that I am “cult controlled” is his attempt to prevent anyone from trusting me and more than that- listening to me. His attacks- claiming I am evil or being controlled by evil people- while presenting himself as the hero- the one who people can trust and support, is all part of this shunning campaign.

What he is doing is not so different from Doug Mesner/ Doug Misicko/ Satanic founder of the Satanic Temple Lucien Greaves- who is trying to claim that the episode where I attacked my nephew when I was 13 was done as an adult. In fact- he presents it as if it just happened- although it was 37 years ago- as a result of me being forced to light someone on fire. This is being done by Doug/Lucien for the same reasons that Neil Brick is making the claims he is- to prevent people from listening to anything I have to say. Doug also has photo-shopped a picture of me with tin foil on my head, which he is posting all over the internet.

This too is part of his campaign to get people to shun me.

Neil Brick and Satanist Doug are hoping that everyone focuses on who they want to present me to be- in order to distract from what I have been saying. All of this is being done in hopes that people will shun me, thus ignoring me.

The issue that these two have is that the shunning program doesn’t work so well with me- as I have been standing alone most of my life and don’t have a need to fit in with the masses.

I self-identified with being gay LONG before I ever even considered myself a survivor- and doing so in a small northwestern Iowa town of 800 made me incredibly strong- as, you can imagine- identifying as gay was not accepted nor welcomed by anyone in the town. The result is that I gained an incredible amount of strength in doing so- and it has allowed me to stand alone and not really have any issue with it.

However- others are not so fortunate- and so this threat to eradicate anyone who would offer a dissenting opinion from their groups has been an incredible mind control attribute. (And using threats like these to control others behavior IS a form of mind control).

Neil demanded at his last Survivorship conference that people sit on their hands- but how can this be construed as anything other than punishment? And the sad thing is- some people probably did it in order not to face the harsh consequences of being thrown out into the street.

Neil used shame to control a group of conference goers- and then shunned those who refused to go with it- as is shown with Laura W. getting tossed from both the conference and the hotel.

I have recently found myself angry with the survivor community- never once considering that they are being mind-controlled. No one wants to sit on their hands- as this is often a punishment we faced as children, (I was once forced to sit on my hands for a week by my father and step mother), and yet, when this was demanded- they just followed with what they were being told to do.

And when someone refused- which would be the NORMAL reaction- the same group sat quietly and allowed that person to be extricated and shunned for not following Neil’s rules.

Extreme abuse, like that which many survivors endured in their childhoods, causes Stockholm Syndrome- which enables them to be controlled easily by those such as Neil. They will even DEFEND his actions and blame those who have no desire to suffer such punishment.

Although this, in my opinion, is wrong- it is also understandable. Fear is a valuable tool for control- and is hard for those who are frightened to fight against. That is why they will identify and protect those who inflict such abuse- because we have been trained to do JUST THAT with those who would abuse us.

And really- when you consider the survivors who were either at Amber’s house when Lori King was murdered- or those who were being forced to sit on their hands at the Survivorship conference- judging by the fact that no one stood and pointed out that what was happening was wrong- it is pretty obvious to me that none of them feel safe in their perspective groups.

People just allowed this despicable behavior- and so why would any of them believe that they would be supported if they spoke out? What would prevent the same thing happening to them- and who would protect them when they got attacked? No one helped Lori or Laura, so it goes to figure that they all believed that no one would protect them.

And so the abuse ensued and people came away with the desire to ignore it and distance themselves mentally away from it in order to not get caught up in the chaos themselves. As a result- they got to remain members of these groups.

But my question is- at what cost? And it is no wonder that they are scared- considering what happened to others who defied the group. One person is dead- the other got thrown out on the street- and the only thing that got generated was a great deal of fear in those who remained. And through that fear- the abuse survivors allowed themselves to be further controlled.

I have come to realize that this is not something that should produce anger but rather pity. Because, in the minds of these survivors- the only question that is on the back burner of their minds, in my opinion, is- “when will it be my turn?”

Mind control is insidious, and these situations show how mind-controlled survivors are. As infuriating as I find this, I have realized that more than that- it is truly pathetic and incredibly sad.

And I don’t see where either of these situations promoted trust, compassion, and safety. In fact- they did just the opposite- and considering that these groups will continue to fight for their perpetrators- it is telling how controlled they are.

It is just sad. More than that- it promotes a sense of hopelessness- thus allowing the abuse to continue unabated.

If THIS doesn’t scare you, then I would suggest that you all are afraid of the wrong things. More than that- you are completely under mind-control. And THAT is the scariest part of all of this.

An Honest Look as To Why I Have Very Little Respect for the Survivor Community as a Whole

I woke this morning and am really irritated and decide to write why. You have to remember, this is my personal blog and I really need to vent.

People out there are saying that I have no respect for the survivor community- and honestly, they are 110% correct- but let me explain why.

First- let me discuss the murder of Lori King. When she was alive- she was well known as an advocate who would go out of her way to help survivors any way she could. She gave money- time- and spent a great deal of effort to try and help survivors. She had well over 300 “friends” who claimed that they cared about her and loved her- but when she died- LESS THAN A HANDFUL came forward and tried to press authorities to get her murder investigated.

Pat Goodwin- on Ivory Garden- posted a memorial for Lori- but only FOUR could be bothered to post their condolences on the post. In fact- many survivors wrote Pat and complained that she put the memorial up in the first place. So out of 300+ of her so called friends- not one could be bothered to even type something nice in support of Lori- although she had spent her entire life trying to help them.

The worst part about Lori is that she WAS NOT THE ONLY ONE who was at Menagerie/Amber’s house the weekend she was murdered. There was a gathering- where a bunch of them flew in- which makes this conspiracy to keep Lori’s death quiet even more despicable. Their “friend” is murdered- and not ONE of them could do anything other than do their best to keep all of this quiet.

Of course- all the police had to do was get the flight records showing who flew in that weekend. “Amber’s” house is in the middle of nowhere- thus the airport in which they all flew into is small- making this a pretty easy part of the investigation. But with all of the survivors there that weekend- NOT ONE has come forward to the police. (Of course- now that I have pressed the issue- they won’t have too, because the police now are going to go to them).

How does Amber get so many survivors to pledge their allegiance to her murderous ways? She talks “baby talk” to them, sends them stuffed animals, and makes herself out to be their mom, dad, and GOD. (And this is NOT an exaggeration- she actually likes to present herself to survivors as their “god”). So Amber reaches out to their greed and they surround her in droves as a result. I find this sad, pathetic, and incredibly wrong. And yet survivors DEMAND that they are respected by others.

They let their “friend” get murdered and all conspire to stay quiet because the murderer gives them shit- and they get upset if this fact gets pointed out. (Of course- covering up a murder is a CRIME- not a game- and very few of the rest of society find this behavior acceptable, let alone the authorities).

People are upset with me because I have taken the stance on Neil Brick that I have- and are vilifying me for speaking my opinion and what my experiences with this man have been. Yes, it is true- in the beginning I fought for this man and extoled his “virtues” that everyone insisted that he has. I even wrote an article in 2010 talking Neil and his SMART conference up. I came across the article- which Neil has posted on his website- (WITHOUT my permission by the way- despite the fact that he claims otherwise), and was mortified at myself.

In my defense- (which is actually completely unnecessary in my opinion)-at the time I had JUST come in contact with the survivor community and was so overwhelmed and thrilled that there were others out there that I did just about anything I could to fit in and be accepted by these people. But time and experience has a tendency to change people- and yesterday- when I read what I wrote so many years back- I was disgusted with myself- as I could see I was just as deluded then as I find many survivors to be now.

What I have experienced by the majority of people who claim to be DID- (having multiple personality disorder) is that their “disorder” gives them a “get out of responsibility for their actions free card”. THEY aren’t responsible for the awful things they might do- but rather- it is all of their other personalities that did it- and so they can’t be blamed or held responsible for their bad behavior. Kind of like a sick ass version of the “devil made me do it” I guess. (I am sure that some of them are reading this article right now and are telling themselves that they aren’t responsible for letting the murder of Lori King slide because it is their OTHER PERSONALITIES who are responsible).

Why in the world would ANYONE respect this stance? But let’s be clear on one thing- I CERTANILY DON’T.

There are millions of survivors in the world- but where are they? What have ANY of them done to expose and try to stop this atrocity towards children? Other than going to conferences- which are nothing more than social groups- so they can get together, go out to eat, and get to know each other?

I got into all of this activism years ago- not because I wanted justice for myself- but because I realized that this was STILL HAPPENING TO COUNTLESS OTHER CHILDREN. If it had just been about MY abuse- I would have ditched this a long time ago- as nothing will EVER change the past. However, knowing that children are STILL being tortured, raped, and murdered compelled me to try and do something about it.

But to gain survivor’s allegiances-it seems you have to offer them shit (like what we can see with Amber Vollatton)- and since I am poverty stricken this is impossible. Survivors can argue this all they want- but if Amber has shown people ANYTHING- it is the truth of this FACT.

And so no- I don’t respect the a lot of the survivor community- neither for what they stand for nor what they do. And not only do I NOT care about fitting in with the majority of them- I have ABSOLUTELLY NO DESIRE to do so.

Neil Brick will claim that he has helped survivors- but all he does is throw conferences and post other people’s articles on his blog for the most part- and he makes a considerable amount of MONEY hosting his conferences, so this is FAR from altruistic. To survivors- in my opinion- what solely matters to them is THEIR abuse- what THEY endured- and what THEY need.

They could give a shit less that it is happening to others- and that others are ending up dead. You only have to look at their secrecy with regards to the murder of Lori King to see that they really don’t care about others- I mean- the whole situation of keeping her murder quiet and their allegiance to her killer shows that.

The minute you aren’t doing for them- they ditch you- just like they have Lori King. She got murdered and what have they done? Well- Amber is giving them shit so NOW they are supporting and protecting HER, dismissing the fact that it was AMBER who hurt Lori in the first place.

Some who stand against me try to use what I am saying in this article to vilify me- like Neil Brick claiming that the survivor community doesn’t trust me- and then get all indignant when I respond how little I care.

It has been my experience that the majority of survivors ALWAYS HAVE THEIR HANDS OUT- and their hands are ALWAYS EMPTY. And if you get hurt- or worse- murdered- like Lori King, they just pretend you didn’t exist and go on to the next person who will give them what they want. And WHO CARES Amber hurt Lori- it is in the past and now is now and Amber is giving everyone stuffed animals so I guess we are all just supposed to ignore Lori’s murder and move on! All the while these survivors are claiming that THEY are the victims and everyone else is the bad guy. (Unless of course the murderer is offering stuffies and such- which then makes it all acceptable).

In many ways- I believe the survivor community to be cut from the same cloth as our abusers. Survivors can do whatever nasty thing they want and justify it any way they need to be comfortable with themselves- and will attack anyone who says otherwise. They may not be killing and raping kids but the pain and anguish they cause is just as paramount, (as their SILENCE and INACTION are allowing COUNTLESS other children to be hurt)- and just like our abusers- many survivors NEVER take any responsibility for this. They aren’t responsible and if anyone claims they are- they can just vilify that person or worse, claim that their “other personalities” are to blame- which TOTALLY absolves them from any consequences in their minds.

Of course this doesn’t apply to ALL survivors as there are a few of us who are actually TRYING to help- but we are few and far between- and obviously- judging by where society is right now- we haven’t really been able to make much of a difference to expose or stop this. The rest are simply in it for themselves- and have no problem looking away and pretending you don’t exist if you end up getting murdered. What they have done with their “friend” Lori King is a PERFECT example of this.

Like Groucho Marx once said- “I don’t want to part of a club that would have me as a member”, and this ESP. goes for my place in the survivor community. I WON’T remain silent just because this survivor community demands it- I WILL speak out when I see a problem- and if the survivor community doesn’t like it- my reply is two simple words- TOUGH SHIT.

They can crawl up Neil Brick’s ass all they want- they can flock to Amber to get her stuffed animals- and they can expect the murder of Lori King to be brushed under the carpet in order to keep profiting from Amber- but I WILL NOT respect, nor adhere, to this sick and perverted celebration of greed and the need to fit in.

They can claim they are “afraid”, that they are “triggered”, or whatever stupid shit they claim to justify their bad behavior- but I WILL NOT just sit by quietly and let it all go just because I am afraid to rock the boat. I don’t find their behavior acceptable- I don’t think their behavior is justified- and I certainly don’t respect this assertion that they aren’t responsible.

Survivors ARE responsible- and what they are doing- as a whole- is not only allowing murderers to walk free- but is allowing COUNTLESS other children to get hurt. I care as much for survivor’s fear about as much as they care for others pain- which is NONE AT ALL. If they want to hide in their closets with their teddy bears- that is up to them- but I am not going to allow their fear to dictate my actions. And I am CERTAINLY not going to let their greed and selfishness control me.

The difference between many survivors and myself is that I am able and willing to take responsibility for my actions- and, more than that, I am willing to stand- ALONE if necessary- to try and do the RIGHT THING. Maybe that is because I only have ONE PERSONALITY- and I don’t have ANY issues if I come off as an asshole. The truth hurts sometimes- and I have no need to be placated nor do I have any desire to placate others.

Lori and I didn’t even like each other when she was alive- and yet I AM WILLING TO FIGHT FOR JUSTICE FOR HER. And you all can see- by their own actions- that her “friends” can NOT make that same claim- and despite what they believe- the responsibility for their behavior falls on THEM and NO ONE ELSE. THEY are as much to blame as Amber and her group, as they have gone out of their way to protect and shield Lori King’s murderer.

And again- if they don’t like me saying this- I have two words for the lot of them- TOUGH SHIT.

Neil Brick and His Response to My Article About Him Yesterday

I woke this morning to find this link in my email:

So I want to deal with what Neil Brick responded with in regards to my article yesterday…

Neil Brick writes: “Update: David Shurter has been repeatedly making factually inaccurate statements about S.M.A.R.T. and Neil Brick, some that are incredibly bizarre in nature. David Shurter makes the entirely false statement that a survivor was removed from the Survivorship conference. This is entirely untrue. No survivors were removed from this conference or any Survivorship or S.M.A.R.T. conference.”

My reply: The woman who got thrown out was Laura W. (I am leaving out her last name out of respect to her). This whole situation is WELL KNOWN in the survivor community- and just shows that Neil Brick is once again lying. Neil Brick says my claims are “bizarre” in nature- but doesn’t go into detail of exactly what I said that was so bizarre. I stand by what I said.

Neil Brick writes: “David Shurter makes another false statement that Survivorship allowed the person who infiltrated the conference and filmed speakers without permission to stay. This is also false. They were removed from the conference. Sadly, David Shurter states he agrees with Lucien Greaves and the Grey Faction about Neil Brick, a group that has attacked survivors and their supporters. David Shurter makes false statements about the North American Truth and Reconciliation Coalition (NATRC). David Shurter makes the false statement that Neil attacks other survivors’ conferences. This is totally untrue.”

My reply: Pat Goodwin reached out to SMART and Survivorship a few years ago and asked that everyone join forces- support each other- and stand together. As a result- she received an email that hurt her feelings. I am reaching out to her today to get the link to the article she wrote as a result. And as it is- Neil can’t show ANYWHERE where he has supported anyone but HIMSELF. Again- this is another lie. And the NATRC is defunct- I was told this by a survivor who was previously on the Survivorship board. Because of the activity of Neil and his group- this survivor not only left Survivorship- this survivor has also distanced himself from the entire survivor community. Again- I have no interest in mentioning names- since Neil has a tendency to go after those who stand against him.

Also- the person he repeatedly lied about in an NATRC meeting was a person named Lynn S. I defended her rigorously- but a year later- I hurt her feelings by making Neil a handmade sewn banner for his SMART conference. She felt that it was a betrayal against her- but it wasn’t anything other than a desperate attempt on my part to try and calm the waters between Neil and I so that he would stop attacking me in the community. It didn’t work- and if I could do it all over again- I wouldn’t bother.

Neil Brick writes: “The reality is that David Shurter has attacked several survivor organizations viciously and many people in the survivor movement do not trust him at all anymore.”

Funny- Neil holds the two MAIN survivor groups in his grasp- SMART and SURVIVORSHIP. These are the two groups I have spoken out about- and since I have ATTENDED both of these conferences AS A SPEAKER- I feel I have a good grasp of what they are like. Whether the survivor movement trusts me or not- I don’t know- and, more importantly, I don’t care. I have never needed a group to stand behind me to do what I have done- but this is telling- coming from Neil- since most of the issues I have faced is my STANCE AGAINST NEIL. I have a plethora of friends in the survivor community- which is EXACTLY how I found out about the whole Laura W. ordeal.

Neil writes: “Survivors that publicly attack other child or ritual abuse advocates are not helping others nor are they helping the movement move forward. The child abuse “skeptics” watch these attacks, promote and encourage them and benefit from them. Survivor resources are only destroyed more by these attacks. Certain members of the survivor movement are sent to the movement to disable the movement in different ways. Some are programmed to attack others. Their goals (usually unknown to them) is to fragment the movement and destroy legitimate sources of education and support for survivors.”

Neil Brick concludes: “It appears that this may apply to David Shurter. David Shurter’s attacks have hurt the survivor movement.”

My reply: So now Neil is suggesting that I am being cult controlled and I just don’t know about it. This is truly paranoid and, considering what I have done and am doing- it is not only completely paranoid- but highly delusional. I have stood AGAINST NEIL BRICK- and now he is claiming that in doing so- I have hurt the entire survivor community- which shows my stance that Neil equates himself as THE survivor community- and to stand against him is to stand against ALL survivors. This is ridiculous.

I have ACTIVELY and PUBLICLY stood against Doug Mesner/Doug Misicko/Satanist Lucien Greaves for YEARS. If you look on Amazon in the comments for “Sybil Exposed” and “22 Faces”- you will find 100s of 1000s of posts where Pat Goodwin and I have fought against Doug and his wolf pack. In fact- out of all of the millions of survivors out in the world- WE ARE THE ONLY TWO WHO HAVE DONE SO.

For those of you who are interested in how Neil treated me while we were “working together”- you should check out this interview that I did with him, Judy Byington, and Pat Goodwin- who has been known in the survivor community as “Felicity Lee” for years.

New TalkShoe Program Featuring Neil Brick, Judy Byington, and Felicity Lee

Yes, Neil has posts against Doug and his group- but all he has done is defended HIMSELF- and no one else. And personally- I think it has all been fake. In fact- I believe they are working IN LEAGUE with each other- as Neil’s fight with Doug is being done in hopes that survivors will see it and gravitate to Neil. I personally believe that Neil Brick is working DIRECTLY with the other side- and that he is FULLY AWARE OF IT.

Right now, I am pushing to get my father investigated for the abduction of Jacob Wetterling- and I am also demanding that the murder of Lori King be investigated. When it is discovered that my father and stepmother were the ones abducting and murdering children- what I have said about Omaha and what was going on there will be VALIDATED- which will VALIDATE other survivors who have stated that they have been abused in the same ways. This is not going against the survivor movement- but is actually going to help it. After I prove what I have said- other survivors will be able to come forward and not have the same issues that they have had in the past being disbelieved, scoffed at, and ridiculed. But since the survivor community has been NO WHERE TO BE FOUND in my efforts- relying on them, in my opinion, is a waste of time.

Neil Brick can say whatever he wants about me- he can claim as many falsehoods as he wants- but that video that the “Grey Faction” released of him speaking at his own conference shows who and what Neil is. It is my opinion that telling a group of conference goers that they MUST sit on their hands so that they don’t touch their faces and mind control other participants is BIZARRE and the video plainly shows that this happened- and it was NEIL BRICK HIMSELF who was the cause of it.

I am sure that he will respond to this with another vague attack- calling me names and offering no proof as to what I have said as false. However, I WILL be getting the article that Pat Goodwin wrote as a response to her email from Neil Brick’s group and it WILL show how “supportive” Neil has been to other survivor groups.

In the end- I am sure that Neil will do the same thing to me as he has done with the “Grey Faction”- which is denying any responsibility for his own actions and blaming me for showing the truth of what I am saying- once again showing that Neil believes he IS the survivor movement and that attacking him is to attack the survivor movement as a whole.

This is as delusional as it is completely inaccurate.

As Much as I Hate to Admit It- Satanist Lucien Greaves and His “Grey Faction” Are Correct About Neil Brick

Doug Mesner/Doug Misicko/Satanist Lucien Greaves and Neil Brick are at it once again, and once again Neil is doing his best to support and defend himself all over the internet.

The issue that I have with Brick’s campaign is that Brick set up and titled it “Petition to Stop Attacks Against Child Abuse and Ritual Abuse Survivors and Neil Brick”, and from what I read- it is all about Brick defending Brick and ONLY Brick.

How exactly is he protecting survivors? He doesn’t mention anyone but himself- and worse- Brick speaks about himself in third person. Who does that? And if he is so supportive of survivors- why does he mention no one but HIMSELF?

Then I watched this video- done by Greaves’s “Grey Faction”, filmed at the last Survivorship conference, showing Neil, who was presenting, attack A SURVIVOR at his conference- and I was appalled.

The person he attacks in this video- was not only thrown out of the conference- BUT THE HOTEL AS WELL. And this was a SURVIVOR attendee who PAID MONEY to go to this conference.

He threw her out- but left Satanist Lucien Greaves’s friends to film him. So HOW was this conference safe? He threw out a poor woman, (who is incredibly sweet by the way), for scratching her face- but let SATANISTS stay and film.

Maybe he should have been more concerned about the Satanists who were filming him and less about survivors scratching their faces.

And just so people understand- Neil Brick runs and controls BOTH Survivorship and SMART.

Let me make it quite clear-it would be a cold day in hell before I would go to a weekend conference and sit on my hands the whole time because people were paranoid that if I touch my face they will be somehow mind controlled.

But paranoia is the name of the game with both of these organizations. Survivorship has gone around claiming that if you wake in the morning and your shoes are dirty- this means that “they” came for you in the middle of the night and raped you and you just don’t remember it. And they are telling the MOST VULNERABLE PEOPLE THIS.

And how do they supposedly mind control people? By scratching their faces, blinking their eyes, telling off color jokes,using “hand signals” (whatever those are), and opening a book- and these are just a few.

Funny- when they were trying to mind control me- they were torturing me, drowning me, electrocuting me, and making me kill little boys. I WISH my abuse was so easy as to have them scratch their faces, blink their eyes, and open a book.

The worse thing about that campaign is that, in reading the comments, it seems that the survivor community thinks that Neil Brick IS the survivor community- and to go after him means that you are attacking the entire community.

I AM a survivor- and I DON’T support Neil Brick. I think he is petty, controlling, and pretty much a despicable hairy little man who thinks WAY more about himself than he does others.

Pat Goodwin has hosted the Seattle Trauma and Dissociation Conference for two years now- this year is the third year- and how has Brick supported THIS survivor conference? By trashing Goodwin and her conference EVERY CHANCE HE GETS- that’s how.

So supporting survivors- for Brick- means SOLELY supporting him- obviously. By attending HIS conference- and trashing anyone who offers him any competition.

Compare SMART’s speakers and Survivorships speakers with the Seattle Trauma and Dissociation conference and you will see that THERE IS NO COMPARISON. The BIGGEST difference between them is that Goodwin’s conference HAS NO AGENDA.

Goodwin ISN’T trying to convince abuse victims that they have been victims of satanic ritual abuse, she doesn’t try to scare victims into thinking that they are being raped at night and just don’t remember it, and she isn’t filling victims heads with delusional ideas that any sane person would find ludicrous.

I worked with Neil Brick for years- trying to “fit in” with the survivor community- and have watched him systematically drive anyone and everyone who may disagree with him and his agenda away from participating.

A perfect example is the North American Truth and Reconciliation Coalition. When it was first formed- we had over 300 people who wanted to participate- but after Brick got finished- there were FIVE of us left. I was one of them.

I had serious issues with Brick- and in an NATRC meeting- I listened to him LIE REPEATEDLY in order to trash another survivor who claimed that he was using and abusing her. NOW- the NATRC ISN’T EVEN A THING ANYMORE. And this was done SOLELY by Brick. He ran everyone off- and finally- I just told him to go FUCK HIMSELF and left myself.

Brick has done more to HURT the survivor community than help it. Any sane person who watches the “Grey Faction” video of Neil will come away believing that he- AND EVERYONE WHO FOLLOWS HIM- is completely off their rocker. How is this “helping” survivors?

What other survivors is he giving support too? Who does he mention in his campaign- other than HIMSELF? Any other survivors? Any other conferences? No- JUST THE TWO HE GETS PAID FOR.

And if you go to his conferences and scratch your face- he will throw you out of the conference- out of the hotel- and onto the street without a second glance. Unless of course you are a Satanist filming him- then he OBVIOUSLY has no issue with you. So WHERE is this compassion he supposedly has for survivors? Let alone for SAFETY?!

His judgement- and more than that- his DISCERNMENT- is COMPLETELY questionable. And then- Greaves and his friends release the video of Brick- making him- AND EVERY SURVIVOR THAT FOLLOWS HIM- look crazy.

And you want to know what? Judging by many of the comments on his campaign (where again he speaks about himself in third person and defends himself repeatedly and ONLY himself)- where survivors are extoling Brick’s virtues and how wonderful he is- Greaves and his group may not be that far off from the truth.

Coming Clean With My Investigation into the Murder of Lori King

First off- I was wrong.

Lori King DID NOT die in a motel room- but in a house that is owned by Amber Vallotton, this supposed famous “lettuce lady” who lives there with her husband- and who has a 20 minute video about her fabulous pioneering “lettuce lady” experience with growing fabulous lettuce…

This Amber Vallotton is actually the very same person I met PERSONALLY, not as Amber but rather as Menagerie- at the first Ivory Garden Conference in October in Seattle in 2014.

If you watch the video- in my opinion there is NO WAY this person is a woman- not with his Adams apple and his hairy- HUGE ass arms- and yet that is what everyone is supposed to believe.

I suppose it could be a woman- but at this SAME conference when we met- he/she/it and Lori King convinced a bunch of women to go with them on a “site seeing” tour- ended up “lost” and one of the women totally screwed her ankle up. Now, according to some of the women there- Menagerie/Amber- whatever- reached down, picked this woman up- who HAD to have weighed more than 350 lbs- because although she was totally sweet as can be she was a BIG girl- and carried her to another spot entirely. Sounds great and very heroic- but I- AS A LARGE 6’3 MAN- could not have done that, let alone with the ease that Menagerie reportedly did.

And although I have taken some heat for saying this- my impression of Menagerie is that “he looked like a bulldozer in a dress”.

Now this “lettuce lady” is quite impressive online- has a Ph.D, teaches at Virginia Tech, has won awards for this new way to grow lettuce, etc. etc. etc. and her Facebook account was made in 1999. She seems well established and totally respectable- but let me point out a few things wrong with this- and why I believe it to be a total facade.

Now Amber seems QUITE established- and extremely busy- so my question is why was this award winning business owner- teacher at Virginia Tech, the mother of growing lettuce- driving 3 states away to pick up Lori King, drive her back 3 states to her house, only to turn around and drive 3 states to take Lori King BACK- and then drive the 3 states back to go home REPEATEDLY. Once- it isn’t a big deal- but over and over and over? And Lori King JUST HAPPENED TO DIE IN HER HOUSE.

How did Amber aka Menagerie aka whatever have the time- what with it’s amazing “lettuce lady” life?

Interesting thing about this Facebook account it has- it was set up in 1999, when Facebook wasn’t even close to what it is now- but the posts, just from the limited amount of what I could see- are what you would see today. How is it that there is such completeness on a program that was JUST beginning?

Also- the MAJORITY of her 500+ friends are all past members of the Ivory Garden survivor forum but what is MOST interesting to me is that this “lettuce lady”- who I JUST became aware of- whose last name I JUST got the spelling for THIS MORNING- has me- and my Facebook account- BLOCKED.

Interesting that someone I didn’t supposedly know- whose circles I never have knowingly come in contact with- not as Amber Vallotton anyway- knows about me and actually has me blocked on her account.

How does this award winning Ph.D university instructor pioneering “lettuce lady” even know who I am- and what made her manually block me on Facebook? Considering everything- this transcends coincidence in such a way that is just too obvious to ignore.

And what I know about the survivor community is that it is full of people- mostly women- who are the most demanding, needy, and impatient group I have ever dealt with- so how is it that this “lettuce lady” has so much time to give the survivor community? I mean, she showed up at the first Ivory Garden Trauma and Dissociation conference in Seattle in 2014- has made 100’s of friends with the members of the Ivory Garden support forum, and has QUITE the reputation in the community itself- so OBVIOUSLY she is involved.

So how does it find the time?

I mean-Amber- who was going by Menagerie at the time, even stormed the stage with Lori King, interrupting Colin Ross’s presentation, so they could introduce themselves and give roses to Pat Goodwin, founder of Ivory Garden and the one who, sole handedly, set up and hosted the conference. Of course- Amber- also went to the microphone and mistakingly declared to the crowded room that it and Lori would be taking over the Ivory Garden support forum after the conference- (which I now find mystifying considering it is such a well-known and award winning Ph.D. University teaching “lettuce lady” professor), so, needless to say, it was an unforgettable fiasco.

Also, I find it peculiar that in Amber Vallottor’s extensive repertoire, it doesn’t say ONE WORD about its AMAZING dedication to the survivor community- although it lists every other achievement- (and there are many). Funny how all of THAT has been conveniently omitted- especially when you consider the dedication that has been given from Amber aka Menagerie aka whatever, I mean- why wouldn’t it be mentioned somewhere- anywhere- but it’s NOT.

I mean, she is so involved in the community that when she reaches out to survivors, she is well known to send them stuffed animals and little gifts to their homes- and this has happened A LOT- with A LOT of survivors- EVERY ONE OF THEM IN FACT.

In other words, she has been working on accessing AS MANY SURIVORS AS SHE CAN- so how can “Amber” do this AND still lead her amazing “lettuce lady” life?

Now Indian Valley, Virginia has the SAME THING in common as the resort that Anton Scalia was murdered at- and that is that it is in the middle of nowhere and is far away from the rest of the population. I am enclosing a picture of a map of Indian Valley- to show you how isolated it is. So much so that it prevented Lori King from having cell phone service- or at least that is what Lori complained to her friends about the repeated times she visited the house in which she was found dead-after Amber showed up and demanded Lori go with her.

Indian valley

In fact, from what I was told, Menagerie/Amber was actually quite aggressive with Lori- according to her friends- which ALSO included physical abuse from what I understand. In fact- the LAST TIME Lori went with Amber aka Menagerie aka whatever- she told witnesses she was scared of Amber/Menagerie- and EVEN reached out to Pat, although they were estranged at the time, through an obscure website that was the only one Pat hadn’t blocked her from and only because she didn’t realize that anyone could SEND messages on it, where Lori stated that she was AFRAID of Menagerie/Amber.

Yes, Lori ended up going with her- but the fact that they left RIGHT AFTER her husband made a quick run to the store to get something for Lori- who had JUST had surgery – and Menagerie/Amber was known to be aggressive AND that Lori never made it home but rather DIED in AMBER’S house- should logically raise some suspicion. Menagerie aka Amber aka whatever was WELL KNOWN by Lori’s friends- to be a bully and not take no for an answer, which Lori often complained to them about.

Coincidentally- Lori King died Sunday, October 18th- 2015- which ALSO happened to be the last day of Ivory Garden’s SECOND conference. And Lori was the SECOND of the original Ivory Garden founders to wind up dead.

I believe that Amber aka Menagerie aka whatever is working for the CIA- just like her friend and partner online- Doug Misicko aka Doug Mesner aka Lucien Greaves- satanic founder of the Satanic Temple.

They are actively rounding up survivors- searching them out on the internet- because it is well known that what happened in the UK- with them getting caught in covering up the same type of allegations from their survivors there red handed- could easily happen here in America with all of the survivors unless they can control or get rid of us- and judging by Lori King- THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT THEY ARE DOING.

When you look Amber aka Menagerie aka whatever up- on the surface she looks great- and EVERY LITTLE THING about her is SO professional- but it is so overreaching that it proves this Amber person is FAKE.

No one like the Amber persona being presented is going to have the time to do what it has been doing in the survivor community and still have time to lead it’s AMAZING “lettuce lady” life. It is just not going to happen- there is only so much time in a day and something like what is being presented would take COMPLETE focus to build and maintain so there is no way this “lettuce lady” could do that AND spend the time it spends in the survivor community.

And why was this Ph.D. amazing award winning successful business owner who is pioneering the growth of lettuce university professor spending so much time with Lori King- going back and forth through 3 states to retrieve her and take her back-when Lori was a high school dropout?

What DID they have in common exactly?

None of this amazing “lettuce lady” life makes sense when you consider the time that was involved with what happened with Menagerie/Amber and Lori King ALONE –(the trips, the CONSTANT hours long phone calls, and all of the other weird things that were going on), not to mention all of the time and energy and effort this Menagerie aka Amber aka whatever has spent rounding up everyone who has been on the Ivory Garden support forum, going to survivor conferences, and doing all of the crap I know it has done just in the years that I have been aware of it.

And all of this is completely disregarding the INORDINANT amounts of time it has spent arguing with Pat Goodwin and I on Amazon with its little group- complete with Misicko/Mesner/Satanist Lucien Greaves- for years on books like Sybil Exposed and 22 Faces- where there are literally 100s of 100,000s of posts in the years we have fought.

Yes, they went under anonymous names, but having dealt with them as long as we have- I can tell their writing styles, and without a doubt I believe it is them.

Besides, judging by their many aliases, it is pretty obvious they have absolutely NO PROBLEM lying about who they are- and actually it has been my personal experience that there is absolutely NOTHING Amber aka Menagerie aka whatever and Doug Misiscko aka Doug Mesner aka Satanist Lucien Greaves WON’T lie about.

If they tell you its sunny- chances are you should grab your umbrella.

So how does this “lettuce lady” find the time to live her amazing award winning “lettuce lady” life AND do what it does in the survivor community?

(And by survivor community- I am speaking primarily with those suffering from DID, extreme trauma, and governmental abuse).

I mean- yeah- this Amber “lettuce lady” online profile is amazing-totally professional and completely unassuming, but WHERE DOES it find the time to do all of what it does?

Discovering that Lori King was murdered in a house- AMBER’S/MENAGERIE’S HOUSE- and NOT in a motel room- has changed the scope of everything for me- because NOW I can’t help but wonder EXACTLY HOW MANY PEOPLE have been hurt in this house besides Lori King.

And there isn’t just one house involved in this mess- because as I dug deeper, I discovered that there are TWO properties that are connected to Amber Vallotton- and BOTH OF THEM are JUST LIKE the ranch that Anton Scalia was murdered at-totally isolated and far far away from anything and anyone.

Yeah- the police are reportedly looking into this- but I, from VAST personal experience, trust this about as far as I can spit- and I can’t spit. Not that I have any issues whatsoever with the inspector that is looking into this- but I have seen how it works, and so I would be a fool to have any faith in the system.

It is the INFORMATION that “they”- whoever “they” are- want to prevent from coming out- and so that is EXACTLY what I am going to offer out.

This mess ISN’T a conspiracy theory- it is REAL- and Lori King, in death, now has the chance to do what she could never really do in this life-and that is making a lasting change in all of this mess. Her death holds the key to breaking this all apart and showing what is happening with all of this TODAY in America.

These people SUCK more than I could ever articulate- and they are HURTING and KILLING people- ESP. CHILDREN. And they are ALL CONNECTED WITH OUR GOVERNMENT.

Will you really just look away and tell yourselves that none of this matters? Really? Because if that is so, you really need to take a hard and brutally honest look at just who you are as a person, and just admit that you are as BIG a part of the problem as they are.

Do what you will, say what you may. The only thing I can say is may God have mercy on your souls, as well as those whose lives will be lost because of your unwillingness to get involved and help.

An Honest Look at Hitler, MKUltra, and the American Government

The issue that our government has with this whole MKUltra issue is that, although they are doing their best to make it into a case of conspiracy theory, we have undeniable evidence that it existed.

They say that it ended way before the Church Committee conducted a formal congressional inquiry- but this program was completely secret- SO secret that they did everything they could to destroy evidence of its existence and only got busted because 20,000 papers got misplaced in some tax records showing that it existed. An extraordinary effort went into hiding it, so why would anyone believe they stopped?

Just because they said they did? And everyone is just supposed to believe them?

This whole process in America was already a problem but became amplified after WWII when we brought all those Nazi scientists over from the concentration camps during Operation Paperclip and spirited away Hitler and protected him in Argentina until he died of old age.

Information, by the way- that ONLY came forward because of Putin. You see, the bodies of “Hitler” and “Eva Braun” that were retrieved from the burnt out bunker were sent to Russia after WWII- and it turns out that not only was the body not Hitler- but was, in fact- FEMALE. (And none of the DNA matched either Eva’s nor Hitler’s). So Putin told Obama that either Obama tell the American people or Putin WOULD- and so our FBI came clean on the REAL outcome of the Nazi leader, although they couldn’t have been more quiet in letting the information out.

But the undeniable fact is that this is true and the FBI itself confirms this.

I actually believe that it is because of THESE facts that we now have an argument about whether the concentration camps even existed and what happened there. But proof of what happened in Germany during WWII is PROVEN when you look at its continuation here in America.

The difference is- Germany was THEN and America Is NOW.

A large component to Hitler and this MKUltra playbook is this focus on the occult- which is ALSO vehemently being tried to be placed in the realms of conspiracy – but that is only because the truth of the matter is that the occult is REAL and practicing it WORKED.

That is why it has been around for so long and embraced by so many- and it is the reason why the secrecy of MKUltra has been fought for so voraciously for SO long- because it holds secrets that they don’t want known.

Mind control and the occult go hand in hand in my experience- and extreme trauma- esp at a very young age- provides useful advantages that can be used later on, esp. with you couple it with the magic of the occult.

I have finally begun to look into the story of Sybil- the multiple personality story that happened in the 70’s that supposedly began this “panic” in America in the late 80’s and 90’s. I was a child at the time and dealing with my own horror and so I have never much bothered with it but as an adult- I have always been mystified with the fact that Sybil has been repeatedly equated with a direct link with SRA (satanic ritual abuse) DESPITE the fact that there is absolutely NO MENTION of SRA in the book nor did Sybil or her therapist EVER make any such claims publicly.

But a few days ago, I watched this…

Sybil: A Brilliant Hysteric? | Retro Report | The New York Times

So Sybil and her therapist MET in Omaha? I find this significant- because Sybil supposedly lived in Willow Corners Wisconsin but she was also directly connected to Omaha, Nebraska- and so, knowing what was going on in Omaha, esp. THEN- I now realize that THIS is why she was equated with SRA- because if she was in Omaha- she was SATANICALLY RITUALLY ABUSED.

Multiple personality disorder- then called Dissociative Identity Disorder and now simply referred to as Dissociative Disorders by many clinicians- was the GOAL of the this whole Nazi program philosophy- as they felt that if they could inflict as much trauma as possible on a child, they could break that child apart and then completely control that child into adulthood.

With their propaganda machine- society has had it drilled into our heads that all of this is crazy nonsense and no real discussion otherwise has really ever been able to be had since this all began to break apart in the 70’s and, most notably- the 90’s- but what they have been accused of by MYRIADS of people for MANY DECADES now is real.

It is real- it exists- and it is WORSE than ANYTHING you could imagine. And worst of all- they are doing it on the YOUNGEST of society- because it is only effective if you get them before certain ages. Our government has just taken certain predatory aspects that we all know exist and have existed for a long time, but they have FINE TUNED these and been able to direct these in certain individuals.

I was raised to become a psychopath. That was a basic belief instilled inside my mind as a child through the trauma I was experiencing. It didn’t work with me- but HOW MANY OTHERS are out there who can’t say the same?

When looked at logically- ALL of this makes sense now that people are finally aware of enough of the facts. Trying to make all of this seem crazy will bring suspicion upon you- because to deny what we all now know to be true will either make you out to be an idiot or working for the wrong side.

What do you think happened- bringing all of those Nazi scientists- the WORST of WWII- over to America and hiding Hitler? What do you think our government was up too? Maybe they just all wanted to talk and be friends and have tea? And history shows that they have spent an INORDINATE amount of time, effort, and resources to make this all look like a lie- just as Europe has done- and they are flat out busted for covering it up at the same time America was in the 80’s and 90’s.

The question NOW is not if all of this is true, but rather- what are we, as a society, going to DO about it?

I don’t have an answer to that question, but what I will say is that I have FAITH in the hearts and souls of mankind, because that is where one finds God and the Kingdom of Heaven, and so I KNOW without a doubt that the love and compassion will overcome the obstacles and that those who are responsible are about to pay DEARLY. As far as the rest of us- we are all about to see the naked truth as to how evil all of this has been- and I just hope that each ones of us is able to reach inside and hold tight to the faith that all of this is- VERY SOON- is about to get VERY interesting and that we are at a time of miracles- and that each one of us is able to trust in the hope of the light.

The Police Are Seeking Information on the Murder of Lori King aka Shadow- a Founder of Ivory Garden

Lori King, one of the founders of the survivor group Ivory Garden, commonly known as Shadow, was murdered by a transvestite who calls himself Menagerie, who also goes by the name Critthink- who police NOW know gave them the fake name of Amber- and they are looking for people who know anything about this case and the people involved.

I wrote an article on Lori, which can be found at: The Strange Death of Survivor Lori Sears King aka Shadow- One of the Founders of Ivory Garden.

You can send anything you know to the Floyd Co. sheriff’s Office and they will keep your email totally confidential.

That email is:

Lori King is the SECOND Ivory Garden founder who has ended up dead under very unusual circumstances, and she DESERVES justice.

We survivors NEED to stand up for each other so here is your chance to do the right thing and help get some justice for a survivor who spent close to a decade helping support and help survivors.

She deserves justice, and the police are looking for as many leads as they can, so please know you will be totally safe and that NOW is the time to do the right thing.

Please be sure to put Lori King’s name in the subject line of the email.

Thank you!