New Paranoia Magazine Article: Lucien Greaves and this Satanic Movement Fraud- A Case of Extraordinary Deception

Lately we have been hearing a lot about this whole satanic fiasco in the media- being led by Lucien Greaves.  He threw a satanic rally for Florida governor Rick Scott, has brought satanic literature in the form of coloring books to Florida school children and has pushed satanic prayer preceding several public events around the country.

He also wasted $100,000 on an 8ft statue of the devil with two adorning children that they unveiled in Detroit but has to hide it because now, not only is no one willing to display it- but he and his followers have myriads of people who want to destroy it.

And this Lucien Greaves aka Doug Mesner aka Doug Misicko- their satanic fearless leader- has pictures all over the web with him pulling out his privates and laying his ball sack on a grave stone after throwing some sort of gay satanic ritual for a female family member of the late Westboro Baptist church minister.

It is nothing but a three ring circus but then, that is exactly what it is supposed to be.

If everyone remembers, when accusations of extreme child abuse emerged in the United States in the 80’s (as they did in the UK and Australia at the same time), we had the exact same sort of circus we are seeing now- as the exact same accusations that happened then are now, once again, coming into focus in all three countries today- this time with proof that these horrific crimes were covered up before- in all three countries.

In the US- Col. Michael Aquino paraded around all over our media dressed as Merlin (although the nasty part is that what he was wearing was actually the real thing)- who argued with Ted Gunderson, a supposed opponent who had held a high position working for our FBI but who came off as a bumbling fool while Aquino himself came off as an idiot and the end result was that neither they- nor any idea of devil worship- was to be taken seriously by most of the populous for the next three decades.

Of course- the truth is that Aquino- in many ways- is THE basis for all of our torture programs in America.  Ask him- he will tell you- he is brilliant in the art of psych ops and has an entire philosophy of Might Being Right and mastering the art of manipulation at the very center of those beliefs.

He has been accused a MYRIAD of times by a MYRIAD of people with concerns that he committed the most extreme crimes against children- but because there is and has never been any real investigations despite all of the accusations, he is allowed to go around and proclaim himself as THE victim while claiming that to go after him is too be guilty of trying to start a “witch hunt”.

And this ploy worked- and is STILL working.

But don’t be fooled- this whole act that our media gave us featuring these buffoons was nothing more than a propaganda campaign- fueled by our CIA, to make sure the words “satanic panic” and “false memories” stuck in our head when it came to any concerns about a large pedophile child trafficking ring who were abusing children in horrific ways all around our country coming up.

The SAME types of activities by the SAME types of individuals who were being accused in both the UK and Australia at the SAME exact time- and we all now know without a doubt that the UK is guilty of a cover up, and there is ample evidence that both Australia and the US are guilty of the same crimes- which is why I believe that this whole satanic movement circus has come back to town.

Nothing about this Satanic Temple/Church (whatever), movement is real.  First off, atheists- which they claim to be- don’t go around calling themselves Satanists.  Atheists don’t buy into ANY of it- and they certainly don’t take a side of the same faith they claim to distain.  Plus, although they are promoting themselves as champions of the people and the voice of reason- why any one of us believe that they wouldn’t be capable of and more than willing to lie and manipulate, considering the basis of their belief system and who they follow?  To believe this is nonsensical.

I mean, they just spent $100,000 dollars on an impressive 8 foot statue of Baphomet- so obviously they have a great deal of respect for an aspect of mankind that has, from the very beginning- been viewed as both manipulative and captivating in its concepts of depravity and selfishness.  They say that the devil isn’t that important to them- but then why did they spend so much money on a statue glorifying him?

It makes me think of that horrible Eddy Murphy movie where he played a vampire- in the scene where he changes into a pastor and preaches “the devil is good”.  “Evil is good”.

And Lucien Greaves- aka Doug Mesner aka Doug Misicko- even has other groups of Satanists questioning him and his motives…

“After the administrative meeting, Kelsey Daniels decided to sign the paper work to help Lucien Greaves aka Doug Mesner.  She called Doug and gave him permission to use her signature for the application on the monument.  So, don’t be fooled by simple lies and deception by those who fail at their endeavors.  One of the reasons for the Black Mass in Oklahoma was to vindicate Lucien being shut down by the Catholics.  Since he can’t have all the media, Doug rather whine and cry like the Catholics.  So folks, once again another Satanic Fraud is brought into the light.  He doesn’t care about any bodies’ rights as a Satanists, he only cares about positive media attention.  I say this because how he worded his statement against us, but he also tried to placate the Catholic Church by trying to use an unconsecrated host.  Lucien Greaves would rather appease the enemy and offend old allies.     Satanist doth not make!”

And a past best friend of his, a guy by the name of Shane Bugbee, wrote a great article all about his pal Doug where he not only calls him out as a fraud- but links him directly with the CIA…

“I recall Doug Mesner telling me the C.I.A. had asked him to write some private reports for them, maybe in my most paranoid state I could run with and ramble about the possibilities there… More likely, The Satanic Temple is just the act of a group of social and career climbers using slick psychological marketing tricks in the tradition of Edward Bernays to meet their ends. But at the least, I think anyone could question and everyone should question the intent of a guy from wealth and without ties to the occult as to why he has decided to fund a Satanic religion while pulling the strings of a guy who has such a brilliant mind, who has studied the science of the mind at one of the top learning facilities in the world, and maybe, just maybe you could come up with the same conclusion I have, that The Satanic Temple has ulterior motives above and beyond helping mankind or making a movie.”

This is important, because it shows that not only is the Satanic Temple being accused of being a fraud- and there are MANY other instances of this, but the best friend of its leader Lucien Greaves claims that once again, the CIA is trying to control and divert conversation away from serious and extreme crimes against children and onto charlatans like Mesner and his Satanic movement- who serve as their distraction.

Exactly like Col. Michael Aquino and his Luciferian Temple of Set did back when these allegations FIRST came out in the 80’s.

Personally, in the years that I have battled with Doug Mesner and his band of rabid satanic “skeptic” wolves- I have come to feel kind of sorry for the guy.

Considering the way he talks and that he has a face that would scare a gargoyle, I can only assume that growing up was hell for him and that is why he has the chip on his shoulder that he does.  He finds power in the hurt that he inflicts on others- but, like it is for everyone, it never lasts- because the real issue is that he doesn’t feel as if he has any power within himself.

But what is truly sad is that our government and our CIA have seen fit to manipulate and blatantly use such a broken and disturbed individual in such a devious and self-destructive manner – which I personally find completely deplorable and blatantly without compassion or any kind of human dignity.

There is an excellent article out there entitled “Government Agents Infiltrate Survivor Forums and Online Groups” which can be found at…

What is important about this article is that this directly speaks about Doug Mesner and his group of CIA satanic trolls and what kind of activities they are involved with, because they are ALL connected.  I have battled voraciously with this group online for years trying to expose my father’s involvement with this child abduction ring and it was just this past Easter that I received a threat from someone calling himself “Denise Matteau” but because of the writing style, I am positive it was Lucien Greaves aka Doug Mesner aka Doug Misicko himself.  The entire exchange can be read on my blog at…  “A ‘Veiled’ Threat Sent to Me This Easter” and you can read the previous exchange leading up to this at “Seemingly More Games from the Pedophile Protection Squad”.

I spent two hours one night alone on Twitter fighting Lucien Greaves and his groupies as they bombarded me with insults- most of them strangely enough obsessed with strong sexual connotations.  Early on in our argument, they added Kayne West and Justin Beiber’s twitter address which allowed both them and their followers to read our exchange- and I found it interesting that just a few days later that it was reported that ISIS was doing the very same thing in order to gain more exposure for them.

It would have been stressful- but at one point the conversation denigrated into my dealing with accusations that Justin Beiber- a young straight man- and I, an old gay guy- were sleeping together, so it was pretty much pathetically ludicrous.  I was amused though the next day to discover that Beiber had liked four of my tweets, including the one where I call out Mesner and his group for simply being “a group of satanic CIA paid trolls”.

But Mesner and the people he is associated with will stop at nothing to close down and quiet victims of abuse in order to shut down any and all conversation that might be detrimental to this whole child abduction and sex trafficking enterprise they are protecting.

They might seem like buffoons  but  as Felicity Lee’s article “Government Agents Infiltrate Survivor Forums and Online Groups” points out with no question- they are in no way beyond resorting to lethal methods to gain their objectives.

If you search “Lucien Greaves” on YouTube, you will find a plethora of videos where he talks about “satanic panic” and “false memories”- but remember that these exact phrases were given to us by a bunch of wealthy CIA connected parents who had been accused of these exact crimes by their own children, who together founded the “False Memory Syndrome Foundation” and got it’s early funding from the North American Man Boy Love Association.

All stood accused by their own children except for Ralph Underwager- who didn’t have any children but in an interview with a UK magazine called Paidika- proclaimed how great it was for children to have sex with adults and how all of this should be promoted and not distained- as it currently is now.

That entire interview can be found at   “Ralph Underwager- Another False Memory Foundation Pedophile and his Paidika Interview”

Also remember that it was our American CIA who ALSO coined the phrase “conspiracy theorist” in order to dismiss anyone who would question the assassination of JFK.  This whole game, and what they do- is in no way new; it has been going on for a long time now.  What is different is that we now have the internet and all of the lies and deceptions aren’t allowed to remain secret anymore.

Doug Mesner and the group he is affiliated with is not only nothing new, but who they are and what they are doing isn’t even remotely unique-as cookie cutter versions are happening right now in the UK and in Australia,  both of who are also seeing a resurgence in these types of allegations.

The UK government and their band of trolls are now trying to turn a child abuse case in Hampstead into their version of the McMartin, which was the ONE case that shut down the THOUSANDS of other similar cases throughout the US in the 80’s.  They even have a government website called to help with this.

This group will go on and on about anything that discredits the systematic ritual abuse of children, but despite all their blustering, they have yet to answer three questions I have asked of them repeatedly.  Since we all know that a cover up concerning child sex abuse and trafficking occurred in the UK in the 80’s, those questions are:

1).  WHO was being accused of the crimes?

2).  WHAT exactly were the crimes they were being accused of?

And 3).  WHY were these crimes covered up, esp. considering that they were called to be so bogus?  Why waste the time if they were all lies?

In Australia- there is a victim by the name of Fiona Barnett, who brought charges against Anthony Kidman (Nicole Kidman’s dad) for her rape and torture as her MKUltra “programmer” which resulted in his suicide a couple months later.  She is facing the exact same types of opposition that I have here in the US trying to expose a large, organized, and systematic child sex trafficking ring that has been operating in Australia.

Australian government operatives like Kathy Devine and Amanda Prosser have a reported history of abusing and hurting victims, and have joined forces with John Brown- who has been accused of the homosexual rape of a male victim as a way of shutting him up- and now they have banded against her in order to quiet her claims down, despite the fact that it has been because of her dedication that helped bring about an inquiry with the Australian Royal Commission to look into claims of organized pedophilia and child rapes.

Coincidentally, those connected with these three are also directly connected to the people at Hoaxstead Research- standing as yet another example as how our governments are working in conjunction with each other to try and quiet claims of an organized, large, and well-funded pedophile child trafficking sex ring.

For more information on Fiona Barnett, she has a website…

https://www.pedophilesdownunder and she has a documentary detailing her case on YouTube at “Fiona Barnett- Candygirl”.  Compare what she has to say to what I have been saying, keeping in mind that the two of us only met 4 ½ months ago.  The similarities, in my opinion, are uncanny.

Lucien Greaves aka Doug Mesner aka Doug Misicko and his whole satanic BS is the same game we have had played out on us before when allegations of extreme crimes against children first came out in US in the 80’s in order to cover the situations up.

His bizarre antics are meant to be shocking and entertaining so that they can be used as a distraction.  But following Mesner, or Hoaxstead Research, or any of the Australian trolls is a never ending storm of chaos that never, in any way, leads to any solutions concerning the issues facing us with regards to child abductions and this organized and large child sex trafficking ring that seems to have only gotten worse in the three decades that it was first exposed and covered up.

Hell, these groups will all tell you that it doesn’t exist and there is nothing to be concerned with but with all of their blowhard rhetoric that is actually the ONLY thing they will tell you.   But don’t be deceived, no matter how hard they chide you into feeling stupid.

According to the Missing and Exploited Center for Children, one child is disappearing in America every 27 seconds- and that is only those being reported and doesn’t count runaways or throw aways- and that is not even counting the 10s of 1000s of children that our Child Protection services have reported losing.  SOMETHING is definitely happening to our children, and this is JUST in America and isn’t taking into account either the UK or Australia.

We have a choice- we can either remain mesmerized by Lucien Greaves publicly exposing himself and acting like some vicious village idiot, or we can chose not to be distracted and actually start to focus on what exactly is happening to so many children.  We can feed into the cynical denials of these crimes with Hoaxstead, Prosser, Devine, Brown, Greaves- and all of the other government sponsored trolls who are doing their best to try and contain and control this mess, or we can start getting involved because we all know that our children and their safety is worth everything and that our children should all be protected at any cost.

We aren’t like these individuals, and we certainly aren’t as stupid as they believe us to be as every one of us is beginning to see through the bullshit that we have been fed for thirty years now trying to keep this child sex trafficking enterprise quiet.  More than that, we all know that we all need to get involved in order to stop this- every single one of us.

For those of you who would like to know more about me and my story- I have a documentary on YouTube entitled “David’s Story- The Childhood Ritual Abuse of David Shurter” which can be found at and I have a blog at .

I also have a book on Amazon called “Rabbit Hole- A Satanic Ritual Abuse Survivor’s Story” and I probably should mention my two most watched videos…  “A Walking Tour through Pedophile Heaven: Omaha, NE” and “A Video Explanation of the Events at Hummel Park 1” and Part 2 is at .

We can change all of this- but it is going to take each and every one of us all working together to do it.  But there is nothing more valuable than our children- unless of course you believe that it is okay to rape, sell, torture, and kill innocent children.  Personally I don’t, and I truly believe that the majority of you don’t either and so it is time to stand and be accountable in trying to bring a halt to the very crimes against our children that have a history of being covered up each time they have repeatedly surfaced in society as a concern.

The time is now to finally deal with this mess, so we don’t have to repeat this exact same thing again in the future.   There is nothing more important facing us as a people and quite frankly, we owe it to our children and we all know it.





Funny- for There Not Being a Cover-up Concerning VIP Pedophiles, There Sure Are A Lot of People Looking Into It

But then, those who are claiming this are not only WORKING for the pedophiles, they are lying their ASSES OFF.

Sheva Burton aka Susan Melrose- Is Going All Over the Internet Trying to Trash Me

Funny that someone not direct enough or strong enough to go by her own name is so eager to be heard…

Sheva Burton aka Susan Melrose can do what she wants- but here are a few things her government associated ass won’t be able to stop.

I have been invited to be the SOLE speaker at a conference in Nebraska that is being hosted by some who are directly involved with child sex trafficking in their state.  Since this conference is PRIVATE- no info is going to be given with regards to it.  Good luck trying to figure THAT one out Susan.

You also won’t be able to stop my from selling my book all over Seattle and getting attention to have people come to a conference that I PERSONALLY am hosting for Fiona Barnett and I.  I won’t be doing any advertising- since it is only Seattle that I am concerned with- so try and try and try but you won’t be able to follow me- let alone stop me.

And the hotel I am hosting the conference at- they have already heard all about you and your group and have already agreed that they will involve the police EVERY SINGLE TIME you try to play one of your games.  Oh- and good luck trying to get me off my own roster- I WILL be talking and if you don’t like it- that is totally TOUGH SHIT.

Also- Paranoia Magazine is ALREADY at the presses- publishing my brand new article entitled “Lucien Greaves and this Satanic Movement Fraud- A Case of Extraordinary Deception”.  You might want to read it- because I speak all about you and your little group of government agents.

Oh- and one last thing.  I discovered my stepmother sold her house- so I have already contacted the new owners and told them that there are the remains of murdered dead children in the walls of their closet.  My FATHER put them there.  When they go look- AND THEY ARE GOING TOO- telling everyone lies about me won’t be as effective.

You all have demanded that I supply proof- well- I am about to do just that.  And after it is done- telling everyone that I am full of it won’t work.  Good luck trying to stop this.  I don’t think your emails are going to work.

I decided a while ago to go under the radar with most of what I am doing.  No reason to make it easy for you to stalk me and try to screw with me.  But for someone who can’t use her real name SUSAN MELROSE- you sure are busy making sure you are being heard.  lol.

I hear ya loud and clear.  But as soon as everything plays out- I don’t think anyone will be very interested in listening to you.

Hoaxstead Research May Have Changed Their “Toon” but They Are Still Singing the Same Old Tired Song

To be honest, I find this website quite enjoyable- considering the absurdity that is being presented there.  Also, judging by the fact that now that I have started pointing it out what complete butt wipes they are,  they are now trying to come off as a more gentler and respectful them.  But even with the attitude change- they are still singing their same old tired song.

They will present every single case that they have issue with without ever answering the three simple questions I have asked of them repeatedly.  They want to say that none of it is real- that there is no large, organized, and secret elite pedophile child sex, rape, and torture trafficking ring despite the fact that we all can see otherwise.

Look- obviously there were serious crimes that were covered up in the UK in the 80’s and since there is indisputable evidence proving this, that gives ALL of the claims back then MERIT- because if there wasn’t any, there would have been no need to cover them up in the first place.

So OBVIOUSLY this shit exists.

Now that we are where we are now – facing the exact types of allegations as we faced back then, considering that they were covered up the first time, why would anyone in their right mind believe that the same type of thing isn’t happening this time?  It may be different people and different situations- but the mode of operandi is identical, and since we all KNOW that this happened before, It would be silly to think that it isn’t happening again.

There is simply too much evidence to keep doing what we did three decades ago, when the same allegations of extreme crimes against children came out the first time- which was turn our heads and ignore what was before us.  It is before us again, and this time, we need to do something different.

One of the Hoaxstead Research commenters said that it was the “British way to laugh” at things they found absurd- but I don’t find the sadistic sexual torture of children on a mass scale funny.  Guess that is the American in me.

What I would like to see in the UK- since I have had many people reach out to me- is that Shirley Oaks combines themselves with ALL of the victims of the UK’s children homes.  There is a serious need- and since Shirley Oaks is making such headway- I think it would be wonderful to see ALL the victims of ALL of their children’s homes coming together.

Hoaxstead Research would have a much harder time saying that organized abuse of children that is connected to our governments doesn’t exist if they had to face the 1000’s who experienced the VERY THING that they are so vehemently discrediting.

Hoaxstead might have changed the WAY they are talking- but they are still spouting the same old crap, failing over and over again to answer the questions that are being posed of them.  They act like the government, they are just as manipulative as the government, and their actions ONLY benefit those who are making the money off this huge child sex trafficking ring- who coincidentally are the ones who covered it up the FIRST time all of these crimes came out.  And who is that?  Well, none other than their GOVERNMENT.



The Hasert Scandal: What the Media Isn’t Telling You

Although they say large scale conspiracys don’t exist.  As you watch this, compare what we know about Jerry Sandusky.  Same type of crap…

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=””frameboarder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

NEW Documentary: David’s Story – The Childhood Ritual Abuse of David Shurter

About “David’s Story: The Childhood Ritual Abuse of David Shurter

Okay- first off- everything shown on this was at the end of a grueling 4 day filming where we filmed 70 hours of this story and I was exhausted.  Plus- as you can see- I am sweating my ass off because I had to sit out in the sun and I hate heat, so that complicated things.  In saying that- I would like to offer a few corrections as to things I misspoke.

All in all- everything in this video is exactly how I saw things 4 years ago, although I have obviously evolved- as everyone does in time, but there are a few things that I want to deal with concerning a few of the things I said.

First off- my family is NOT connected to the Rothchilds.  We are Rathbuns (or however you spell it).  This is an error on my part- and I am not even sure why I said something so silly- but again- I was exhausted and hot.

Secondly- although it is true that my father and step mother kept my mother away from me until I was 18, there was a month and a ½ period when I was 14 that I went to live with her.  I just want to make this distinction.  Otherwise- she was prevented from seeing me.

And third and last- I had a disastrous summer which ended up in a semester of college before going to Omaha right after graduating from high school- so it didn’t happen right off the bat.

Knowing that these things will eventually get thrown in my face- I just wanted to point these out.  Other than that- I stand by everything that is presented.

Strange thing though- concerning the Hummel Park part of the documentary.  The scene going up the steps and into the pavilion was all one shot and no audio in the video was messed with- and so no one knows or can figure out why you can distinctly hear a little boy saying “help me” through the whole scene.  This wasn’t done for effect- in fact- no one knows how it even got in there- but If you pay attention, you can definitely hear it, so it is just something I thought I might point out as you watch it.



<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

Hoaxstead Research is a Perfect Example of Those Felicity Lee Spoke of In Her Last Article

This group of yahoos are a joke.  They bitch about vigilantes sharing publicly the personal private info of those they accused of pedophilia while doing the SAME THING to those they dislike.  They even go so far as to publish pictures of their living quarters and talk openly where they work and hang out.

This group, who I believe are government trolls, will do whatever they can and will say whatever they can think of to trash anyone who openly talks about an elite group of pedophiles raping and hurting children.

They make it out to be a joke, although no one is laughing.

Judging by the comments concerning their latest post, it is obvious they are checking out my blog, but insist on refusing to answer the questions I have asked repeatedly.

We all know that a cover up happened in the 80’s concerning child trafficking in the UK- at the SAME TIME the exact same type of allegations were hitting in the US and Australia.  SO- AGAIN- since we all know this happened, society is left with 3 questions.

1).  WHO was involved in this criminal activity?

2).  WHAT were the specific allegations?


3).  If these claims were so bogus and had no merit, WHY were they all covered up in the first place?

They will say large scale conspiracies don’t exist, but then- what do we call everything that has come out about the Catholic Church?  It was large in scale, the accusations have been going on for decades, many people knew, and yet nothing was done.

I would really appreciate it, as would many others, if they took a break from trashing people- most of who are working in direct conjunction with them, and take the time to give a reasonable explanation to these questions.  But don’t hold your breath because I believe we all will be waiting a VERY LONG TIME- if it ever happens at all.

On another note, people are telling me that they have been blocked from accessing my blog.  Interesting that for claiming I am so crazy, a great deal of effort is being waged to keep the public from reading my stuff.

They never win their arguments they start with me, and they all have come to realize that all of their attacks during the well over a decade that I have been trying to expose this haven’t made me back down in the least, despite their group attacks resembling a pack of rabid wolves- so now they are resorting to petty shit like spelling my name wrong.

For believing they are so intellectually superior to everyone- their actions are no proof of this.  I mean, they can’t even answer three little questions.  Impressive, isn’t it?

One last thing… I really don’t appreciate four big guys showing up at my widowed 65 year old friend’s house- who is a disabled vet and has NOTHING to do with ANYTHING, just to intimidate him.  Only bullies on an elementary school playground do this and this behavior is in absolutely no way respectable.  Plus, it failed miserably.

I did spend the time after being notified about it to call my loved ones and warn them- apologizing profusely that simply knowing me had put them in jeapordy.  But have no doubts when I tell you that I also told them that regardless of what happens in the future it will IN NO WAY DETER ME OR STOP ME IN ANY WAY, SHAPE, or FORM.

You trained me to bite down and not let go, so if you have a problem with that- perhaps you shouldn’t have trained me the way you did.  We are in a 6th level extinction event, so threatening me or those I love with death falls completely flat.  We are ALL getting ready to cross- some of us sooner than others- but we are all in the same boat.  Regardless, I sent a little something your way to help you realize the folly of your actions.  I also called the police and asked them to keep a keen eye out on all of us.

With all your blustering I assure you that the only ones you have convinced of your “absolute power” is yourselves and the facts of the matter show just the opposite.

In fact, I would go as far to say that I have never seen a bigger group of idiots in my life.  With all your insults and all of your games, you truly are the most pathetic group of ninnys that have ever walked the Earth.

Considering that all of you think you are “gods”, what you all really need to do is get a fucking clue.

But just like waiting for all of you to answer three simple questions, I am not going to hold my breath waiting for this to happen, because the simple fact is, not one of you is capable of this.

And you are all just to stupid to realize it.

A Message for All of My Luciferian Bitches

I realize now that all of you are beginning to grasp that all of your plans have gone seriously wrong and that none of you seem to be able to figure out what to do about it. That is pretty much because there is NOTHING you CAN do about it. Ironic, isn’t it- that it was because of all of your torture, and all of your training, and all of your desperate attempts to mold me into the Anti-Christ, that- in essence, it was all of you who provided me the keys to Heaven?

You taught me how to manipulate energy, travel in my mind, cast spells, use witch craft, commune with demons, and all of those young boys you slaughtered as a tribute to me as you all pledged to me your souls allegiance- well, let’s just say that it couldn’t have worked out any better.

You did your very best to make me into a psycho path and- in a way- I must say that it completely worked because I have to admit that there is a part of me whose depravity knows no boundaries and has absolutely no mercy. But there is a distinct difference between what you had planned and what actually has manifested.

You wanted me to focus my evil on the people- all those “eaters and breeders” as you called them, never considering that I had grown very weary- very fast- of all of your slaughtering of the innocent and that I had grown to hate all of you with complete passion. You all believe you are the best, the brightest, the strongest, the most powerful- but the truth is that every one of you all completely suck.

It was your desire that I hurt others but the fact is- the only ones I have ever wanted to hurt were all of you. I hate you- who you all are, what you all do, everything that you all stand for- and the depths of my hate and desire to hurt all of you- in the absolute worst possible of ways- has absolutely no boundaries. But I have always known that what I wanted exactly was never possible in this reality.

I have never cared about legal proceedings or jail time for my Luciferian bitches. No, what I envisioned was WAY more grandiose and MUCH more profound. What I wanted was for them to experience, up close and personal, EVERY scream, ALL the fear, EVERY SINGLE TEAR they ever caused to be shed, and all of the utter ABJECT PAIN they have inflicted, over and over and over. Not just from their victims, not just from me, but from all of the families they have decimated, and all of the people who have been affected by that destruction.

It has been because of their training and their pledging their souls to me that has allowed me to construct a place that makes the Hellraiser series look like a collection of Disney cartoons in comparison and gave me the ability to put them all right square in the middle.

Completely separated from God and Heaven- it offers every single one of you all of the death and destruction you could ever imagine+ and the best part is that, for every single one of you, it will be NEVER ENDING. It is even complete with a devil- as it was He who dwells within the dark that I gave property of your souls too- and to get them back all you have to do is simply go into the dark and take them from Him. This should be relatively easy- considering the fact that all of you are all “gods”.

Contrary to popular opinion, Heaven has both a Father AND a Mother- although you always told me she was our sister. “May our sister dwell and sleep in darkness forever”- remember? But she isn’t our sister- she is our Mother. And she ISN’T asleep.

Our brother Jesus was WAY more like our Father- all full of love and light and redemption- but I am not really LIKE our Father. No- in fact, again- truth be told, I have always been MUCH MORE of a mamma’s boy.

Have you ever heard the phrase “there is no greater wrath than that of a woman scorned”? Because let me assure you, there is no greater truth than this- and I assure you that our Mother stands as the epitome of this statement.

The truest and greatest power that exists dwells within the dark feminine. It is where Creation begins- as can be seen by the fact that EVERY ONE OF US originated within the darkness of a mother’s womb. And what you all have created, considering the scorn you have caused, is absolutely magnificent in its vast scope of despair that you have brought upon yourselves.

Really, I had no idea that when I gave He who Lives Within the Dark your soul’s bonds that it would give the Dark a life of its own. Nor did I realize that it would begin to claim all of the darkness that dwells within the hearts and souls of mankind- but I guess it is much too late to worry about it now. But have absolutely no doubt- as you are all beginning to realize- this is EXACTLY what is happening.

Oh, and one last thing. I assure all of you that none of what I am telling you is dependent on public opinion. This is just how it is but what you all choose to do with what I am telling you is TOTALLY on you. I just want you all to know that without all of you, NONE of this could have been possible. Without all of your dedication and hard work, I would have never achieved the tools I needed to totally and utterly fuck every single one of you in ways that none of you, as of yet, can even begin to comprehend- and as we come into the future I just ask every one of you to forever keep this in mind.

From the bottom of my heart- thank you!

Concerning This Irrational Fear of “Being Programmed”

First of all, being “programmed” isn’t even possible, and calling what they are doing “programming” gives this group WAY more power than they really have. The human brain IS NOT a computer- and they are not able to fill it with code to make people to do things they don’t want to do. If this were true- there would be no one fighting against them as they would just collect them, program them, and make them into complacent slaves. Since this is OBVIOUSLY not the case, this whole idea that these idiots are able to “program” people is ridiculous.

This trauma based MKUltra experiment DOESN’T program people- it CONDITIONS them. It is their hope that if they condition a person with enough trauma- it will limit their victims consciousness and thus their victims will act in ways that fit the parameters of behavior that this group are hoping for. But FREE WILL was given to us directly by God- and no one can overrun that- certainly not THIS group.

How many brains do you think it takes to hurt a child and invoke the Stockholm syndrome in them? Studies have shown that it only takes three days of beating and raping a child to invoke this human condition- and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to do this. This group are ABUSERS- and although they would like people to think that they are all powerful- what they are is simply a group of bullies who, as a whole, are devoid of any humanity whatsoever.

This group has promoted this idea of “programming” because it makes them out to be way more powerful than what they actually are. It is, like EVERYTHING they present, just one more lie in their mountains of lies.

From what I understand- this tranny named Menagerie and her little group are seeking out survivors of abuse and are doing their best to try and control them. This tranny is trying to convince very broken and vulnerable people that they have been “programmed” and that there are dark parts within them that need to be murdered- in effect they are basically trying to convince these poor people that they are evil and need to commit suicide. This tranny and her group are trying to scare their victims by filling their heads with a bunch of bullshit- and it seems to have worked in the past.

But these victims are quickly waking up to this game.

This tranny who calls himself Menagerie is trying to convince them that they were programmed and is scaring them into believing that just because they like the Wizard of Oz and Alice in Wonderland- two stories WELL KNOWN to be part of the MKUltra conditioning program- that this means they are ALL victims of MKUltra- which many if not most of their victims are NOT.

However, if those of us who DID have the Wizard of Oz and Alice in Wonderland involved in our conditioning- these things ARE NOT scary to us but rather WE ARE DRAWN TO THEM. Personally- I have an entire collection of Wizard of Oz stuff and Alice in Wonderland. Why? Because a long while back- I decided I was going to OWN my abuse so that it wouldn’t be so frightening to me. It wasn’t these two aspects that frightened me as a young man- but rather it was the fact that I was so drawn to them that I found disconcerting- and I decided that I would take control of myself rather than let myself feel that this group of child abusing rapists and murdering pedophiles had control.

But those of us who DID have The Wizard of Oz and Alice in Wonderland in our conditioning program aren’t afraid of these aspects- but rather, again- we are ATTRACTED to them.

What I find interesting is that this tranny Menagerie- who felt so uncomfortable in his own skin and his own darkness, decided to have a procedure(s) to make him into someone else. If ANYONE is full of darkness- it is this guy in a dress- and I don’t see anyone telling him that HE should commit suicide. It is all a mind game- or better yet- a MIND FUCK- and it is all based on lies. If you are a victim of abuse and you are listening to this guy spout his bullshit and believe it- then I suggest that you sign up and get yourself on the Darwin Award list- because chances are you are too dumb to live.

Yes- you read that right. If you have someone trying to convince you to kill yourself because you have dark sides to your personality and you are buying into it hook, line, and sinker- you are acting in ways that are so stupid that it defies words and maybe you SHOULD consider taking yourself out of the gene pool. You have two choices- believe this tranny who murdered Lori King and then went out on the internet and bragged about it who is telling you that IT IS YOU who has darkness and that you need to kill yourself because of it- or you can conclude that this tranny is full of shit and dismiss her/him for the hot mess that he is. Whatever you decide- in the end- it will be YOUR CHOICE and no one else’s.

No one is being programmed to do things against his or her will- it is an impossibility. If you are doing something that goes against the grain of who you are- it isn’t because someone is making you do it but rather because YOU ARE MAKING THE CHOICE TO DO SUCH BEHAVIOUR, so if you find what you are doing to be unacceptable- then by all means- DO SOMETHING ELSE. But if you need to tell yourself that you aren’t responsible for your own behavior and need to blame someone else- not only have you cut yourself off at the knees, but you are seriously deluding yourself. But once again- let me repeat the fact the only one responsible for your behavior- since you are adults- is YOU yourself and ONLY YOU.

This morning I got yet ANOTHER email from this Charles Edward Frith who doesn’t seem to realize that I know what a bullshit con artist he is and that I truly think he is a freak for obsessing about me enough that he feels compelled to try and engage me over and over and over- although I have come right out and have told him in the bluntest possible way what I think of him. However- now he is trying to say that I am not doing enough to “help” survivors. This is what I have to say to this…

I am not responsible for saving ANYONE. A person should never swim out to save a drowning person- because that person will first drown their “rescuer” before they eventually drown themselves. Trying to “save” anyone else NEVER works and so I don’t bother. It isn’t to say that I don’t care- because I most definitely do- but the thing is- no one has ever banged on my door to try and save me and so I have had to do my own saving in regards to myself. In that process, I have discovered that I am STRONG and CAPABLE, and have absolutely NO NEED for others to do the work that I needed to do myself. Having to do my own work myself has made me strong in and of myself- and has given me the capabilities of being able to stand and walk on my own. I am responsible for my own healing- AS WE ALL ARE. If you feel otherwise- then by all means- seek out those who are presenting themselves out to be saviors like this tranny Menagerie- but you shouldn’t be surprised when they turn against you and help you right over the cliff you thought they would save you from in the first place.

One last thing- and it has nothing to do with “programming” being a fallacy and that what they are doing is conditioning- conditioning that we ALL HAVE THE CHOICE to deny and act against- but rather deals with Charles Edward Frith’s question about Justice Anton Scalia and his suggesting that I used demonic powers to have him murdered. There ARE no demons left of this side- and it wasn’t demonic influence that allowed Scalia to get his throat slit by a 13 year old boy but was, instead, Heaven’s influence. This group of evil pedophiles have all convinced themselves that THEY THEMSELVES are gods and that they are more powerful than all of Heaven. This delusion that they are suffering from has allowed them to do whatever they want- whenever they want- and they have incorrectly assumed that there will be no penalty for their horrific crimes.

They are wrong- DEAD WRONG. We have all been given example after example of Heaven’s wrath- and this is JUST what this group has brought upon themselves. They believe that only they are all powerful and now Heaven is showing them how absolutely foolish they have been. Look around- this group isn’t in control of ANYTHING- in fact- EVERYTHING is completely out of their control. No one can thwart the will of Heaven- no matter what bullshit they tell themselves, and now they are being held accountable for their crimes. Their love for death and destruction has now embraced them- and they are about to see the results of their actions- and no one- certainly not any of them- will be able to stop what already has them all firmly in its grasp.

Fact is- the only ones they have successfully “programmed” is themselves. And now they are about to be claimed as a result of their own behavior. They are totally UNABLE to act in any other way than that which they have programmed themselves to do- and it will be this fact that will cause them to find themselves claimed by the DARK sooner than any of them should be comfortable with.

They all believed they were ALL POWERFUL- and that they could defeat God and the Will of Heaven- and now they are about to discover how very wrong they have been. And they have no one to blame- like the rest of us- but themselves.



A Remark About My Last Article About Sabine McNeil and Hoaxstead

To be honest, I have never met Sabine- nor have I personally talked with her, but rather got my info from others- THUS I am neither the FIRST, nor the ONLY one who is saying this.

Insulting me doesn’t work, and I find the issues I brought up to be valid.

Hoaxstead’s games aren’t orginal and plenty of people just went with the flow last time which is why it was able to be covered up the “first” time.