Black Site in America: 4 More Victims Come Forward From Chicago Secret Prison, Man Tortured Over Weed

Cassius Methyl
February 27, 2015

(ANTIMEDIA) Chicago, IL — Four more victims of incarceration at Chicago’s Guantanamo Bay style secret detention/torture center, known as Homan Square, have come out and spoken to The Guardian about their experience being essentially treated like cattle. They are four black males, Brock Terry, Kory Wright, Deandre Hutcherson and David Smith.

Three of them were held in 2006, and one in 2011.

They were kicked in the genitals while helpless and bound, put in ‘kennels for humans’, and they heard the bloodcurdling screams of other helpless victims while they thought they would never see the light of day again.

One man named Brock Terry was caught with five pounds of cannabis, and ended up being shackled to the “little circular thing behind the bench”, arms spread open, being fed only twice in 3 days. The Chicago Police are known for turning up the temperature in the facility extremely high, and then depriving victims of water while they are tied up, arms extended.

“I sat in that place for three days, man – with no talking, no calls to nobody,” Terry said. “They call police stations, I’m not there, I’m not there.”

“I was kept there. I didn’t speak to a lawyer or anything,” he continued. “I didn’t interact with nobody for three days. And then when I do see the light of day, I go straight to another police station, go straight there to county and be processed.”

He also said he didn’t see any other victims there, but he heard cries from people being seemingly tortured, and they screamed “no, no, no” and “stop”.

Another black man named Deandre Hutcherson was shackled in the same vulnerable position, and he said he was punched in the face, and stomped in the genitals “like he [the cop] was putting a cigarette out”

“They got kennels – like, for people,” Terry also told The Guardian. “I didn’t really want to believe that, but it is the truth.”

“I never saw anyone, but I know something else is going on. You don’t want to be in that kind of situation, so you gotta be quiet about it, so you don’t go down that route.” Terry continued.

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More details will be released as the situation unfolds.

There is a movement to #Shut Down Homan Square going on now. Watch live here.

Please share this with beyond as many people as possible. This is a step too far, and we simply can’t stand for it.

The Day Tracy Ann Rooker Kristensen of Papillion NE Tried to Help Me Commit Suicide

I am actually working on my next book and this is a chapter that I am putting in. I am writing the book as fiction, but have no doubt that this story is completely true.

A year ago last November- my now ex husband Michael Bernard sent me to Seattle to see if I could find a second property for us. Little did I know at the time that this was a ruse for him to break up with me- as he was seeing a new guy by the name of Adam. He waited for me to get out to Seattle and then broke up with me over the phone- cutting off all contact with me in the process. Claiming that he had been miserable for 8 of the 20 years we were together, the truth was that he was basically fucking his new guy and wanted to get me out of the picture.

I flew back immediately- which Michael so graciously paid for- but he refuse to talk to me or see me. Pretty much out of sight out of mind I guess. To say that I was completely devastated was an understatement, and it was Tracy that picked me up at the airport when I got back to Omaha.

After staying at the house for two weeks stranded without a car- and having no contact with Michael- I decided to take a bottle of Xanex that I had. Downing 70 of them with a couple of beers- I was desperately trying to stop the pain which I felt. Somehow or other- my older sister Kathy got ahold of Michael- not being able to get a hold of me- and he sent Tracy to my house to see what was up.

Realizing that I was attempting suicide- and being schooled as a nurse, Tracy Rooker Kristensen decided that she would not bother calling an ambulance, but rather decided to take me to my bank instead and get me to withdraw three hundred dollars out of my account. Working with Michael over the phone, Michael then called my sister back and reported that I was “drunk as a skunk” and that it was best that my sister just let me sleep it off. Helping me into bed after we returned from the bank- the last thing Tracy said to me was “good bye David” as she shut my bedroom door and left.

Obviously this suicide attempt didn’t succeed- and I was grateful for that eventually- but I had absolutely no recollection of Tracy taking me to the bank. In fact- I ended up accusing someone else to stealing my money- and it was only after I called my bank and asked for them to pull the video that I learned that it had been Tracy who had taken me to the bank. Watching videos of Tracy pulling into my bank parking lot and me getting out and going into the bank- it was obvious to both me and the the bank employee that something was wrong with me, as I was completely out of it. I was SO out of it that when I got out of the bank- I tried to get into the car of someone else and Tracy had to retrieve me and get me into her car.

Now Tracy is training as a nurse- and she is Michael Bernard’s best friend. They drink together- do drugs together- and it was, I believe, their hope that I would end up dying that night so that Michael wouldn’t have to deal with the divorce that came after. They conspired together to help me kill myself.

I just had to write this for posterity- so that I could get it straight in my head as I write this out. Tracy also convinced Michael that I had no grounds for a divorce- and basically helped herself to whatever was mine after I returned to Seattle a month later. All the while Michael was with his new butt buddy- but funny enough- a year later Adam dumped Michael. Probably cause he got a small taste of what I had endured with the sociopathic narcissist for twenty years.

I am grateful that I didn’t die that day- no thanks to Tracy Ann Rooker Kristensen, who lives in Papillion Nebraska now with her husband Clay in their rented out house on Park View Blvd. I am also glad to be away from her and Michael- and also am glad that she was wrong about me not being able to file for a divorce. To say that she is typically full of it is an understatement. Although I am writing my second book as fiction- I just felt that this should be out there so that people- if they google her name- can become aware of what a psycho this bitch really is. I mean- that is the whole reason why TDAmeritrade- where Michael and Tracy met- got rid of her. But beware of the barracuda. She is cunning, and can be deadly if given the chance. As Michael Bernard’s best friend- it says something about him as well.

Here is a picture of her and I together- selling my book down in an area of Omaha called the Old Market.


Taking Some Heat on Facebook About My Opinion About Pious, Self Righteous Christians- Using My Stepmother Joanne C. Shurter and her daughter Christina Marie Blumpkin as Examples of Why I Think Christian Self Righteousness is Not Worth the Air Used to Promote It

I guess I am a bit jaded as the fact is that people like my father and stepmother- Joanne C. Shurter- were the loudest when it came to public discourse about God and Christianity but the fact remains that they were abducting, raping, selling, and murdering other people’s children. I just find that the most pious are generally the darkest mother fuckers out there. My father would constantly say that Joanne’s daughter, Christina Marie Blumpkin- who married for money- would slit your throat for $5 dollars if she thought she could get away with it- and yet, she will go on and on about how she is better than anyone else because she is a Christian. Of course- she married into a Jewish family so how that works, I am not exactly sure, but it is like mother like daughter- since Joanne C. Shurter stayed with my father- a man she obviously hated judging by the memorial service she held for him, all so she could get paid. This sorry ass group of child fuckers is unfortunately what has jaded me so bad when it comes to the pious, self righteous disposition of many Christians.

The world is as bad off as it is because Christians are waiting on their lazy asses for some invisible deity to fly out of the clouds and save mankind from situations that many Christians can’t be bothered to fix. Somehow or other- the philosophies of Ayn Rand have convoluted the Bible and now this whole- self gratification is the primary goal to life and personal responsibility and the poor choices people make are to blame for their situations in life and nothing more. So being born to a father who married a borderline personality psychopath like Joanne C. Shurter was somehow my fault and holding God responsible for the things that happened is not valid since I, as a small child, should have had the gumption to stand and fight against the people who were torturing not only me- but others as well. I have even had it said by Christians that I should thank God that I survived like I have, as if the choice not to follow in my parents deranged footsteps is somehow because of God instead of being subject to choices I PERSONALLY MADE. I guess whatever grand thing that happens to us is because of God but the bad shit that happens- that is our individual faults.

People go on and on about ISIS and how bad they are- but considering the facts of the matter 1). America MADE ISIS by keeping the middle east in poverty and beating them down every chance we got for generations and 2). When looking at the history of Christianity in comparison to what ISIS has done recently- ISIS doesn’t hold a candle to the brutality of those pushing the Christian faith. I have heard how barbaric the middle east is, and how they are- what did Chris Kyle call them- “SAVAGES” I believe, but when looking at Christianity as a whole- I don’t think that Christians have ANY FUCKING ROOM TO TALK. I mean, people like my step mother Joanne C. Shurter will go on and on about how great Christianity is while having a history of raping and murdering kids. Typical Christian. And the greed that encapsulates not only her but her daughter Christina Marie Blumpkin is also typical of Christians. A kind of “God loves me so fuck everyone else” mentality.

Do I believe that God is going to punish the evil doers in the next life? Not at all. I think this is a lie that our elite masters have given us so that we won’t stand and hold them accountable for what they do. And most Christians are eager to judge others. Joanne C. Shurter and Christina Marie Blumpkin will ALWAYS rise to the challenge of attacking me while sitting safe in their homes, but other than feeding their own greed and delusional fantasies that they are more righteous, thus more deserving than others- exactly WHAT do they offer? I use them as an example because they are the easiest and most typical of Christians. Of course Christina Marie Blumpkin married into a Jewish family- but there weren’t any rich Christians for her to live off of at the time. Like God preaches- use who you can cause you never know what tomorrow will bring.

I admit that this piece is all over the place- and is full of anger and rage. Growing up with a psychopath like Joanne C. Shurter- it is understandable in my opinion. But I have to admit- writing this has made me feel better. Joanne C. Shurter will, like my father, probably never pay a day for her crimes. Of course- her parents being some of the nastiest town drunks, I would assume she feels like she has paid her dues. But just as Christina Marie Blumpkin didn’t fall far from the tree of her mother Joanne C. Shurter- neither did Joanne C. Shurter fall far from her mother Donna Friedricksen. Just as nasty- just as vile- and just as Christian. Fuck who you can if the philosophy Joanne learned from her mother- and so it continues with Christina. And if all else fails- just go on loudly about how Christian you are, and how God loves a sinner.

Just cause I want to publish them for austerity- I am going to put some of my comments that I published on Facebook on here. This blog, after all, is for me.

This is how it started…. “Personally- I am sick of all of this Jesus bullshit. So many people waiting on some fantasy deity to fly through the clouds to save the day while SITTING ON THEIR ASSES LETTING THE WORLD FALL APART AROUND THEM. I would rather be in hell with fighters than in Heaven with a bunch of lazy assholes who are waiting for God to change the world for them. Actually- looking at it- Satanists are winning- and always have. And the only reason why Christians think they aren’t gonna always win is cause they read it in some dumbass book- and most HAVEN’T read the book- they have just been told what is in it. Keep your pious bullshit to yourselves. The world doesn’t need your fucking prayers- it needs your action. But you keep cramming your heads up some deities ass and tell yourselves that your all that.”

” I just don’t want to listen to a group of pious ass holes who shove their religion up everyone’s ass and then cry they are being persecuted when someone voices opposition. Those that are suffering don’t need prayers, they need help. And those who offer to pray for them generally only do so so they can feel good about themselves.

” Again, typical Christian crap. Judgement can be given but not taken. Like Brenda knows what I have gone through. But since she is christian boy she will put her two cents in like she has any fucking clue. I guess those who are poor and living on the streets or living in some God forsaken war torn country just don’t love God enough. That is why they are suffering their plight. I mean hell, if the bible thumper believe it then it must be true. How wonderful it must be to be so pious that you can make arbitrary judgements on everyone’s life. And then, like it is some tragedy, they threaten to delete you on Facebook for giving your opinion. Trite, simple, and sad. God cares about them so Fuck everyone else. They are to blame for their own problems I guess.”

“People bitch and moan about ISIS, but 1). America CREATED this group by starving the middle east and beating them down for generations, and 2). In comparison to the history of Christianity as a whole – they don’t hold a candle to the barbarism that entails the religion of Christianity. Brenda is a perfect example of Christians convolution their faith with the philosophies of any rand and this whole “personal responsibility” bullshit. promoting social darwinism and a sense of greedy entitlement so true of rand – it is but another way they make themselves better than everyone else. THEY can judge but God help you if you do the same to them because then they pass and whine about how terrible you are and how dare you say anything about their faith while they do their best to subjecate you for yours. Personally I think America, as the pious self righteous place that it is, deserves everything it gets. My step mother Joanne C. Shurter, who helped abduct, rape, sell and murder kids but is the LOUDEST to publicly talk about God is the epitome of what most Christians are all about. This belief that ” God loves me so Fuck everybody else” is typical and it is time we stop running from these fanatics and start calling it out like we see it. If their God is so powerful and protective, it shouldn’t be a problem, now should it?”

I NEED TO MAKE AN AMENDMENT ON CHRISTINA MARIE BLUMPLIN….. My older sister informed me that Christina is going to Temple Israel in Omaha- since she married into a Jewish family. Go where the money is- that is Christina’s motto. As well as her mother’s- Joanne C. Shurter

“God’s” Training Camp

Before I was born, my parents sold me to the American government to be a subject in the MKUltra program. Originating from Project Paperclip, when our government brought Nazi scientists from Germany to the United States in 1946, the MKUltra project was a continuation of what happened in the concentration camps during World War II; brainwashing and torturing children in order to ascertain what psychic abilities they were capable of. My torture and training began the day I took my first breath.

Electric shock, sleep and sensory deprivation, drowning, and being drugged were some of my first memories as a child, only to have rape, severe beatings, being buried alive, and murdering other children added later on. I was never exposed to the comforts afforded most children as love was never part of the paradigm. Fight or flight was instilled in me from the beginning, and I found life to be a “kill or be killed” situation.

A “game” would often be played with me as a child where I was encouraged to pray to God while I was being beaten, assured that the torture would stop the second God showed up. He never did. As a result, I spent many years later angry with God, which was probably the intended result.

Psychic ability was expected in my training, and I was taught to look into people’s minds to ascertain what they were hiding. Beginning with eavesdropping, eventually people were placed in adjoining rooms where I had to guess their thoughts and feelings. Incorrect answers always resulted in torture. Later I learned that this was called “remote viewing”, where the subject was able to see and experience events without being physically present, but as a child I thought it was magic.

Eventually I was forced to kill other children in rituals that could only be considered satanic. Raised to be a psychopath, I acted as if I enjoyed this in order to stave off my own abuse. Although I had no choice but to do what I was told, nonetheless I had severe issues with survivor guilt when I reached adulthood. With no one to tell and trusting no one, I spent much of my life isolated by my own living nightmares.

Angry at God and the world as I was, I still could not escape the hope that someday I would find healing. I spent much of my life pleading with God, trying to ascertain why I had been put in such a horrible situation; often yelling, sometimes crying, but always heartbroken.

The abilities that I garnered from my training only intensified with age and, try as I might, I could not shut them off. Feeling as if I was abhorrent in the eyes of God, I hid myself away to curb what was happening to me, convinced I was somehow evil. One would think that such abilities would make me feel powerful but just the opposite was true. Believing I was unnatural and flawed, I spent much of my young life afraid and hating myself.

Eventually I decided to seek therapy. Hoping I would be deemed crazy, which would somehow let me off the hook, I told my therapist everything. Listening patiently and never judging, after several sessions she recommended that I try to control my abilities rather than fight with shutting them down. Suggesting that I learn about shamanism, I was told this spiritual practice might offer me the answers I had been so desperately searching for.

Shamanism is well known as a Native American practice but I eventually learned that it is actually the first spiritual practice of mankind. Found throughout many cultures, it is a way to connect and interact with the energies of the Universe to inspire healing and regeneration and it was through this spiritual process that I eventually formed a loving relationship with God.
Although God didn’t stop my torture, I discovered it was God who gave me the strength to endure it. Allowing me to be trained as I was, I believe that it was Heaven’s design to make me into a warrior. My abilities, although forged in hell, still stemmed from God; and I came to see that Heaven expected me to become a light bearer. Faced with evil at the beginning of my life, it was God who helped me eventually maneuver myself into a place where Heaven’s light shown brightest; within me.

I am not alone as an MKUltra survivor as there are a great many people who survived what I did, my three older sibling being an example. Struggling just as I have, it seems overcoming our childhood history has been just as hard as going through it. Many didn’t survive the training and even more succumbed to self-destructive behaviors afterwards. Both my older sister and brother are now dead as a result. However, there are plenty of us who survived what was done to us. Finding ourselves in hell as children, we each have had to fight to find our way into the light.

I have learned that God is everywhere and in everything and can even be found in the darkness. What we went through as children I now call “God’s training camp”, as it made each of us stronger and more formidable as adults. Heaven saved each of us so that we could all become God’s champions, leading mankind into a time of miracles.

This time is now, so we survivors must shake off the fear of what was done to us and embrace the abilities that derived from it. God is with all of us now and always has been; it is this reason alone we survived. Able to herald in a Heaven on earth, we each have unique abilities to shine the light and love within us outward. It is our destiny that can no longer be denied, so rise and shine and embrace the miracles and love of God. In doing so, we will effectively change the world for the better.

Internet Trolls May be Trained Government Agents According to Leaked Document

Glenn Greenwald, a journalist, constitutional lawyer, commentator, and author of three New York Times best-selling books on politics and law, has been working with NBC News in publishing a series of articles on how covert government agents infiltrate the Internet to “manipulate, deceive, and destroy reputations.”

The information is based on documents leaked by National Security Agency (NSA) whistleblower Edward Snowden. Greenwald’s article, How Covert Agents Infiltrate the Internet to Manipulate, Deceive, and Destroy Reputations, is based on four classified documents produced by the British spy agency GCHQ, and presented to the NSA and three other English speaking agencies reportedly part of “The Five Eyes Alliance.”

In this shocking piece, Greenwald publishes a copy of a spy training manual used entitled: “The Art of Deception: Training for Online Covert Operations.” Greenwald writes that agencies like the NSA are “attempting to control, infiltrate, manipulate, and warp online discourse, and in doing so, are compromising the integrity of the internet itself.
– See more at:

My Philosophy on Life After Being MKUltra Trained and Satanist Raised

Due to my background, being raised both in the MKUltra project, or an off shoot thereof, and in a satanic cult, I admit that my belief system is a bit complex so I ask that you bear with me. It has been said that I have a strong “new age” philosophy that is unhealthy, but shamanism was the first spiritual practice of mankind and precedes every religion, and so it is anything but new. The quantum physics concepts I was taught as a child explained the mechanics of how the energy that flows around us and through us and how it could be consciously manipulated, but it was my spiritual practice of Shamanism that enabled me to connect with God and the energy of Heaven- the source that gives life to everything, which basically changed my life.

All life derives from the same energy source, and all life exists as a conduit for that energy source. Life flows through us and out of us, influencing the vibrations of energy around us and manifesting our lives accordingly. Another way of saying it is that we are God experiencing God. Everything we do, everything we say, and everything we think casts our energy out into the Universe. Most of our lives are lived in ignorance, and psychologically and psychically focusing on energy is a way to improve the consciousness perspective in a manner that is able to influence the life force that surrounds us all.

Satanists will claim that we ARE gods, but nothing could be farther from the truth. Without the energy that flows from the Source, we are nothing. We cease to exist. However, we have the manifestational powers of Heaven flowing through us, which makes each one of us powerful. Made in God’s image was not a literal physical body but rather about the spirit of possibilities that flows through all of us, surrounds all of us, and grounds all of us. This exchange of God’s light to man is Heaven’s gift, and though each of us experiences it differently as individuals, it is this energy that is creating the lives we are living.

From since I can remember, I have always had the ability to go inside, through and out, onto different plains of existence, where I could get information and guidance. Trained as I was, I would have visions- some still shots and others movies, that flashed in my head with a velocity that sometimes made it hard to decipher. However, this provided me to ability to think in concepts, which I could visualize in my mind. What was said, what I experienced, and the information I could obtain through my practice was grilled from me each time. Severe punishment, torture if you will, would ensue for nonsense. Instruction on how to be adept was constantly provided, in every fashion. Good guys, bad guys, as a child I really couldn’t tell the difference.

Raised to believe I was the Anti-Christ, with no desire to be such, I went on a quest early on to try and thwart my fate. I studied every religion I could, looking for some way I could breach the contract. I prayed constantly, begging God to help me. I read the Bible three times from cover to cover, and countless times just opening up to a page, seeking out a way to change my fate. Funny enough, nothing was written about it, and I came up empty in all my searches.

Needless to say, I had an unusual relationship with God. Able to sense the world around me, and the energy that vibrates around us all, I found it impossible to deny God’s existence, and yet I was often angry that I had been chosen. I have had it argued that I am obsessed with being “the one” but the fact is, I always believed that I was, just not in the way that I desired. Believing that I was the harbinger of death, destruction, and persecution did not sit well with me, and I tried over and over to self-destruct- generally by my own hand.

At the age of 27, I finally admitted to a friend my fears. Looking at me, smiling, I will never forget her words.

“You? You are the Anti-Christ? What are you going to do- criticize their clothing choices? When they cry, you are going to feel bad, so you won’t make much of an Anti-Christ. “

It was in that moment that I realized that I had a choice, God’s gift to me, and that regardless of what the future held, I was capable of making the right decisions. So I began to relax a bit and working through my fears and convictions that I was inherently evil, I started to practice what I was taught to test how far I could go with it.

Most of the arguments I have heard recently only echoed my own in the beginning, as I was not convinced that what I was doing wasn’t some sort of abomination unto God. Growing up in what I did, sorcery and devil worship was common place, and I spent countless hours of my life agonizing over the evil I experienced as a child in an attempt not to repeat it. To me, my abilities seemed natural and normal, so soul searching became the norm as I never wanted to get carried away as I saw everyone else in my childhood doing. Demanding self-awareness, I began to train myself to focus on conscious intent with all of my actions.

What we think we will say, even if it is only to ourselves. What we say dictates what we will do. Our actions create energy that flows out and over us, gaining momentum as it comes back behind us, flowing back into us. Every process has its own vibrations which reverberate out into the Universe, so what you think manifests differently than what you say and do. However, all of it has an effect. That is why it is so important to consciously keep yourself in check.

Reading the Bible, raised like I was, was difficult to say the least. Understanding the counter arguments prevented true reflection on the dogma it presented, and yet the story of Jesus Christ captivated me. Love God, love your neighbor, and love yourself were instructions to connect with the highest of vibrations, and I realized that, regardless what he was believed to be or not, what Jesus SAID was spot on. Despite the argument whether he was the Son of God or not in no way diminishes the fact that what he said was RIGHT, and that his teachings are instrumental in living a worthwhile life.

Heaven is all about Love, Grace, Compassion, and Redemption as should be our lives. I have taken some slack about detailing my experiences with psycho-pumping those who had fallen first from the grace of God, (Psycho-pumping being a shamanic term that involves helping those who haven’t or can’t cross over in death back into the hands of Heaven), and I have been completely unrepentant. Love can’t be imitated, and the amazing exchange between God and his fallen flock was always breathtaking, so no one can convince me that I am some sort of heretic. God’s love for every being is limitless, and knows absolutely no boundaries, so it isn’t surprising to me that he embraced the very ones who tested mankind. The will of Heaven cannot be thwarted, thus they were doing God’s bidding this whole time. Like it is said, God works in mysterious ways.

The quantum physics concepts that I was introduced to as a child, along with the worship of demons, made, for me, God’s existence undeniable. Learning the importance of the spiritual world around us was a way to use the concepts that I was introduced too, but it was the energy of Heaven that allowed me to excel as I have. What I learned from my MKUltra training are parlor tricks compared to what I have been able to develop, but still, contrary to what I was told as a child, it hasn’t made me a God but rather a servant.

I am not sure that any of this has made sense to anyone but me, but I felt I needed to try and give some grounding information as to where I stand in life. I guess I should conclude this with a “to be continued”.

Helping the Fallen back to Heaven Was In No Way Against God

The reason why so much money and time has been spent by our government on projects like MKUltra is that, quite simply, what they have been studying works. Energy manipulation has been incredibly effective, and the psychic abilities that they have encouraged through the generations have been very real. Building “psychic warriors” has been a long time goal basically because, up to this point, it has provided fantastic results. I am not going to argue the morality of all of this, or whether it was right or wrong in the eyes of God, but I am simply stating that it was successful in it’s endeavors.

Terrified of what was opened in me as a child, I spent years trying to shut it down unsuccessfully. Eventually, I realized that I had to deal with myself and come to terms with what was done to me- both physically as well as spiritually. I have had it argued that simple prayer would stop all of this and that it is because I want to remain special as the reason why my plea went unheard by God- but this is not factual. Feeling fundamentally flawed, I spent much of my life feeling like I was abhorrent in the eyes of Heaven. Finally I reached a point where I have come to believe that God kept me as I am for a reason, and that I had an obligation to use what I was taught to glorify God and help those who were unable to help themselves. This included those who had fallen first from the Grace of God.

Knowing what I did to be the right thing, I am nonetheless surprised at those who argue that what I have done is against God and that I am, in many ways, doing just what the cult in my childhood wanted me to do. This is also incorrect. I assure everyone that the cult had no intention of me removing their power. They have been using the assistance of the fallen for generations now, which has enabled them to keep a hold of the world as they have. I simply removed that help.

Invested in a pit of eternal hell fire, I find it interesting that so many who profess to know God believe that Heaven demands that we love our enemies, but the same does not hold true for Heaven. “Love your enemies but give me a second while I throw mine in an eternal fire pit” is a contradiction of the worse sort, and makes God out to be a hypocrite. God’s love and grace is available to all, and that includes the fallen.

Helping the fallen to go back to Heaven was indicative of God’s grace and regardless what the Bible says, it is what happened. As a result, our most powerful have been brought down in such a way that they will never recover the power they had in the past. The dark practices are now all coming into the light and there is nothing that can be done to stop it. Agree or not with all of this, it won’t change what has occurred, nor will it change what is.

We are in a time of miracles, and Heaven is going to work through us as us to bring Heaven on Earth. No longer will the magnificence of God be shadowed, and we- as a race of beings, as a whole are about to have our doubts soothed as to whether God exists. We are ALL capable of working with the energies of Heaven, and to do so is not wrong but is EXACTLY what need to happen. Hearing our cries, Heaven has responded, and bringing the fallen back home was only the beginning. I was given the ability to do what I did, and so I took advantage of the opportunity. In doing so, my testimony has been strengthened and I have begun to understand the compassion God and all of Heaven has for each of us.

Taught early on to be frightened of my abilities, I have laid claim to them in order to make a change so that as an adult I am no longer controlled by that fear. It has only been through the grace of God that I was able to succeed. Despite how others feel as to what I have done, I feel that I have made the right choice and that the effects of what I have done is making a change for the better concerning mankind.

I have no regrets.

As An MKUltra Survivor- A Response to the Satanists To Those Who I Grew Up With and To Those I Have Never Met

In my book Rabbit Hole: A Satanic Ritual Abuse Survivor’s Story, I speak about becoming possessed by a demon by the name of Uriel who inhabited my father up to his death, at which point he came and sought me out. I detail our conversation- what he offered and what I asked of him, and the efforts that I went through to help him back to God. You see, the darkness was a tool of Heaven’s intention all along, to test mankind. The energy of Heaven is completely loving and forgiving and there is neither a lake of fire nor any eternal pit of hell. God is about Grace, and Heaven embracing the worst first and welcoming them back home has made a reverberation in the Universe that has changed everything.

Right after helping Uriel, I spent over year and a half consciously and with intent seeking out shamanic-ally as many of the fallen as I could in order to help them the same way I did him. Every being that fell first from the grace of God has been helped back, coincidentally being the very ones your group has been feeding on for generations. No surprise to me, Heaven embraced each and every one of them back. At first, I went on this quest because I was asked too- but later, I began to realize the effect it was having on the world, and that the only way to defeat your group was to remove the source of your power, thus I continued with the vigor only true faith in Heaven provides.

As you taught me, we are orbit ally reaching the astrological plain of Ophiuchus, when this war with Heaven was supposedly going to happen. After all, isn’t it at the heart of the serpent bearer where the gates of Heaven lay? You all were right of course, and I can assure all of you that Heaven is totally focused on all of us now and that there has been a definite shift of energy that has resulted in your exposure by bringing your crimes out into the light. Less and less people trust their governments and media outlets every day do to the continuous scandals and crimes that are coming up daily concerning your illicit activities. No longer able to hide in the darkness, it is a remarkable difference from the past, wouldn’t you say- when all of this would have been so easily suppressed? In fact, correct me if I am wrong, but this is the first time in history that this whole Satanist thing hasn’t worked, isn’t it? It is because the energy you were using like parasites is no longer available to you. Do all the rituals you want but none of you will find the power you are looking for. Those days are gone and never again will it work for you like it has in the past.

From the day of my conception, you drove the darkness into me with your tests, torture, and death. There are those who have argued that what you taught me is against God, and that I am being disillusioned by the dark. Convinced as a child that I would be the Anti-Christ as an adult, this could be true, but I am so good at what you taught me that I couldn’t stop from using it to bring you all to a halt. This epic generational hold each of your families has had on the rein of power had to stop, and the only way this could be accomplished was by removing your advantage so God gave me a way to do that. My lessons on energy manipulation and traveling mentally in different dimensions enabled my remote viewing to reach such a level that none of you could have foreseen the consequences when you were training me as a child. It all made it all too easy to connect with, and more importantly, decipher what I was experiencing enough to enable me to cause an effect. I only needed to focus my intent- visualize it- and see it through, even if I had to ask for help. In everything I did, I left room for God to work Heaven’s miracles. Now the ones you have used for your dark purposes are on the side of God, and all of Heaven is with us now. And it seems, as a whole, that none of them appreciated being used in such ways and Heaven is displeased in such a way that I wouldn’t want to be any of you.

Eager to please, God intends to give you all the existence your families have fought so long and hard for; a realm where there is nothing but darkness and the light of Heaven is non existent. In fact, you are all about to take the place of the very angels you have been manipulating for generations. Experiencing nothing but the misery you have caused for others, the results of your work are going to be brought back to you all in abundance. Times are changing fast, and the point has come where it is time to pay the piper.

You were very effective teaching what you forced me to learn although the one thing you could never control was my personal choice. Influence, threaten, and torture me as you did as a child- it was my training that helped me to realize the true existence of God and find the energy of Heaven undeniable. It was this which kept me from breaking and was probably the only thing that saved me in the end. I simply used what you all taught me to do to connect with my abilities and work with the energy source you exposed me too as a child. And the coolest thing about it is that there are a ton of others out there like me, who you taught the same lessons to, who have become the psychic warriors you designed us to be but none of whom you can control. The Light of Heaven is shining upon us all and we have all been judged accountable for the repercussions of our actions, and now the power of Heaven is going to deal with each of us accordingly. No worries though, as some of you involved with this Luciferian project will be given the positions of austerity you have so desperately felt entitled too, although probably not as you all have imagined.

God is not about flesh but spirit as the power of Heaven works through us as us, engaging us within us and using us as conduits to create the wonder and magic that stems from the Grace that flows from the light into everyday reality. This relationship with the light is within us all, directed by our intentions, which are displayed through our actions, and it is this interaction with our souls on which we all will all be judged. As a result, all of the pain and suffering experienced by so many as a direct result from your Luciferian practices is about to return to you amplified; and since it will all flow to you through you, there will be nothing you can do to stop it. So enjoy it while you got it, cause I assure you, it ain’t gonna last.

The Psychic Part of My MKUltra Training

Psychic ability was a huge part of my MKUltra training and it has been my experience that this is the least spoken part of the abuse that I and others suffered. It was actually this side of my training that drove me into therapy 14 years ago and I believe that embracing this has been the most important part of my healing as an adult. Spending years trying to deny my abilities and obsessed with the fear that was associated with my training, it prevented me from actually using what I was taught. Practicing what I learned through my training as a child has made me in the formidable adult I have now become.

I am not going to debate the validity of what I was taught as the only person who has to accept it and come to terms with it is myself and I have no interest in arguing with people who aren’t aware of our human capacity to identify and influence the energy that surrounds us all. However, I often have remarked that the reason why this training took place and has lasted for generations is because the powers behind MKUltra realize that what they have been doing works. This should be obvious when considering the amount of time and money that has been generated for this training. MKUltra’s primary goal, contrary to popular belief, was not to make sex slaves and assassins but to make a psychic army of warriors that could influence and control the world around them. I was taught to innately sense energy and thought in such a way that I could control those around me, while my “handlers”, (instructors and abusers), tried to control me.

Early on in my training, it began with eavesdropping on a conversation from across the room, then graduated from there. Next I was taught to read lips- so that I could ascertain what was being said without words being spoken. After that, I was expected to figure out what the people were saying without the use of language and words, simply by focusing on them and trying to figure out what they were thinking. Finally, I was put in a room where I had to focus on others in a separate room with no interaction. The movie Suspect Zero, starring Ben Kingsly, was spot on in some respects- as the abilities afforded to the character was much like what was done to me and many others.

When I went into therapy with the therapist I had for 14 years, I decided to come clean and talk about my abilities straight out. Spending the first five sessions explaining my inability to keep from looking into people’s heads to see what they were hiding, I spoke about the training I experienced and the fact that something was opened up inside of me that I could neither stop nor control. For years I had isolated myself in hopes of preventing the intrusive thoughts that kept inundating me out in public, which had only gotten more intense as I grew older. Often scaring people with my intimate knowledge of things I couldn’t possibly know, I found myself terrified of myself and what was happening to me. Taught to use it as a form of manipulation, I felt that I was somehow flawed and, more than that, dangerous- having some sense of what I was capable of and feeling that it was fundamentally wrong. Eventually I stopped fearing those who had abused me and replaced it with a consuming fear of myself, and it was this that was primarily used against me, except that I was doing it to myself.

Remote viewing, as it is called, was expected of me as a child. Simply put, this is intuitively seeing events and people without being physically present. Taught there were no absolutes, I was trained to see time as a constant continuum that I could travel back and forth in solely in my mind, and that I could sense and manipulate events at will. Some may see this as magic, but the more mankind learns about quantum physics, the more we are beginning to realize the effects that energy fields have around us, and this training was almost solely focused on this. Only able to influence energy, I learned that I couldn’t fully control the results, and that is the flaw in MKUltra’s training. First, my instructors were unable to do what they taught me to do, and secondly they couldn’t control me or my mind- so I eventually came to the conclusion- through a great deal of therapy- that I had much more power than I was ever taught to believe over myself.

Finally suggesting that I needed to learn to control it rather than shut it off, my therapist suggested that I read Michael Harner’s book “Way of the Shaman”. This was a total game changer for me, as I discovered the tools to shield myself and learn how to direct my abilities in a way that was not associated with the trauma and the fear of how it was done to me. Taught that what I was doing was Satanic in nature as a child, I spent much of my young adulthood scared of myself- whereas Shamanism taught me that my abilities had nothing to do with the devil but rather was gift that God gave all mankind. This is probably why I eventually identified with Star Wars and the use of “the force” so strongly. Directing my abilities through my actions, I was able to make a choice when and how I used what I was taught, and learned that my abilities could be used for good as much as they could be used for evil.

I can’t fully explain what they did or how it worked but rather I can only assure you that it DID work. Simply intensifying what was already ornately present, I now- as an adult- have much more influence and control over myself and am not worried that I am evil or wrong. Experiencing what I now call “God’s training camp”, I have been able to use my abilities to help people rather than inflict the destruction that was expected of me- and because I went through the training that I did- I am much more strong and competent than I ever would have been without it. Opening both my mind and spirit to the forces of energy around me- I am able to identify the dark much more precisely, having experienced it much more personally than most, and thus have found that I am able to be a warrior for the light. Each of us that have gone through this training have our own abilities, and we differ from each other as individuals, but the undeniable fact is that we are much stronger than we give ourselves credit for- and this fear that has been encouraged is as baseless as the control our handlers believe they have over us.

The time has come for us to let go of the fear that was instilled within us and start using the abilities we learned through our training. How it was done was terrifying and brutal, but then is not now- and many of us are now adults and will never again suffer that which we did when we were children. WHAT was done to us and the fact that what we were taught works is key now- and each of us must embrace the gifts our training afforded us in order to begin influencing and changing the world around us. To become light bearers has ALWAYS been our choice, and though what we can do was forged in darkness, each of us has the ability to turn that around and become the beings we were destined to become. We as adults now have the choice and we have the power to realize our dreams of a better world, so forget the past and embrace the future as the warriors we were designed to be and start using those gifts that we were taught so many years ago. It will be this that will begin to change the world for the better, and in doing so, we will herald in the world we have always wanted.

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