Regarding Melania Trump…

You know- I look forward to the day that Melania Trump gets the confidence to take her place in the White House. She is brilliant, driven, sexy, and confident- and I think if she gave herself a chance- she could actually become the US’s version of Princess Di. I truly do. And I can’t help but say- in doing so- she would bring some REAL class back to the White House- that hasn’t been seen since the days of Jackie O.

My Stance on Donald Trump Today

Look-for all you buttwipes arguing with me about the Trump/Epstein connection. You are NOT doing yourselves any favors denying that Trump was involved with Epstein because by TRUMP’S OWN ADMISSION- he has been to Epstein’s parties- knows him enough to say he is a great guy- and he ALSO knew Epstein was a pedophile- remarking that he likes his girls a little young but that he was still a great guy. So this weird FLIGHT LOG bullshit you want to bring up constantly only makes you look deceptive.

The thing is- I am starting to wonder if Trump isn’t going to help mankind return to it’s humanity- because I am not so sure we aren’t going to see- up front and center- is a MAN FINDING REDEMPTION. And for that to happen- his darkness MUST be known- as ALL OF OUR PERSONAL DARKNESS must be exposed for US to find redemption.

So you denying his darkness and trying to present him as something he is not DIMINISHES this AMAZING and BEAUTIFUL event. He has flaws- we all do. And yeah- some of his are DARK- AS ARE OURS. He is a man- with failings- who is actually changing before our eyes because of the grace that Heaven has bestowed upon him- and I am going to FIGHT for that. Thus- I am STILL GOING TO POINT OUT HIS FLAWS-because who he is allowing himself to become- in the FIRST TIME IN HIS LIFE- is nothing short of a miracle- and in the end his flaws will be a good comparison to what a man can do- DESPITE HIS DARKNESS.

So take your bullshit glorification and shove it- okay?

A Reply to a Trump Tweet

With that- then I have a suggestion. Why don’t you deal with your convicted pedophile billionaire best friend Jeffery Epstein instead of FUCKING DEFENDING HIM.

My Quote for the Day

I do have to admit that it is QUITE entertaining to me to watch their shit fuck up so bad.

And Depp has proved to be an EXCELLENT example.

And all at the VERY TIME you all were SO SURE you would have EVERYTHING. LOL


Jerry Sandusky’s Son Being Arrested is NOT What You Think

Yeah they busted him- and that is supposed to give you all hope.

BUT-chances are- they are afraid that he knew what his dad was doing with that Second Mile High child’s foundation where he was selling children to the rich.

Or do you all REALLY believe Jerry Sandusky is behind prosecuting attorny Ray Gricar’s disappearce four years before Penn State got exposed- while investigating WHAT WE FOUND OUT FOUR YEARS LATER WAS THE TRUTH.

They arrested Jerry Sandusky’s son- not because he is a pedophile- but because they want to shut this situation down.

So what DOES Jerry Sandusky and his son know about Ray Gricar’s disappearance? THAT is the question that interests me…

And isn’t the Mile High club referring to fucking in a plane in flight? So what the fuck is a SECOND Mile High club?

With Regards to Hoaxtead Research’s Allegations

So how was me going to the Nebraska State Patrol and having to demand that Det. John Pankonin take my DNA and look into my family seeking attention? And I don’t remember asking Pankonin to send his sister Tru and her best friend Teri into mine and my sister’s lives to gather dirt on us. Which, of course, they got NONE.

Are you really trying to claim that everything I have had to do in the last decade to get this investigated has been fun? You think this is FUN do you? And I would have had to do NONE of it had Pankonin JUST DONE HIS DAMN JOB.

And I get attention EVERYWHERE I GO. People LIKE me out in public- and they go out of their way to ENGAGE WITH ME all the time. So I CERTAINLY don’t need the internet to get attention

And this argument you are all engaging in today on your site that everyone who is trying to get this pedophile rape shit looked at are only doing so because of their OWN sick child rape fantasies is STUPID.

Since Col. Micheal Aquino has been running on this platform for 30+ years and has gotten NO WHERE with it, I would THINK that should tell you something.

So, it is your contention that everyone who is looking into pedophile rape trafficking- and you all have no more idea what that number is any more than I do- can ALL be classified as pedophiles because of their interest to investigate and STOP this shit?

THAT is your argument? Over generalizing a MASS group of people by calling them pedophiles because of their research in trying to understand and stop this?

Because that “argument” is deluded. Not to mention pathetic.

And you can post shit from my blog onto yours all day long- BUT I STILL HAVE YET TO SEE ANY OF YOU ANSWER MY THREE QUESTIONS.

OH, and I am not just going to appear at your side if you mention my name- which is why- in the Harry Potter books, Valdemort was called the same thing you are now all calling me- He Who Must Not Be Named. But then people as SMART as all of you probably already know this- which should tell people the reason why you won’t use my name is because you don’t want people reading what I am saying.

I would say it was clever- but considering it is so blatantly obvious- I can’t because it’s NOT.

Concerning Fiona Barnett- Australian Pedophile Ring MKUltra Survivor Whistle Blower

There is a lot of shit going around about this brave woman- ESP. On Hoaxtead, so I want to deal with it.

First off- these people exaggerate, lie, and deceive all the time and other than talk trash about others efforts- they don’t really do anything.

And most of the people they trash are working in CONJUNCTION with them- so THAT is even a lie.

But as far as Fiona Barnett- her documentary “Candy Girl”, although it came out first- was filmed THREE+ YEARS after I had filmed mine and we had NO CLUE the other existed and YET- if you watch them side by side- you can see we are saying A LOT of The SAME EXACT STUFF.

THAT is how I know she is real.

Taking Hoaxtead’s Cue Exposing Cathy O’Brien As the Fake She Is

So yeah- I have taken a cue from Hoaxtead Research and have joined them in exposing Cathy O’Brien as the fraud I know she is. And since she is so connected to Rosanne Barr- who lives on fucking Twitter- I have decided to press the issue with her since O’Brien won’t return any of my attempts to reach out.

I know she is fake because about an hour before she and Mark Phillips were interviewed on the Opperman Report- Ed called me and told me that he was interviewing them and asked me what questions I would ask.

He asked all but one on my list- and I got to listen to her and Mark answer- or not answer- and so I KNOW they are fake.

O’Brien paused a MINIMUM of 15 seconds before answering any question, making it obvious that she was being fed answers- and when they were asked about McMartin- the longest and most costly court trial in America in it’s time where not ONE conviction was had and the tunnels that the children said they were abused in weren’t discovered until AFTER the trial- and even then- it was an EXCAVATION PROJECT as they were getting ready to totally get rid of all evidence of them- O’Brien refused to even ANSWER the question- and Mark Phillips was NOTICEABLY irritated- and said they weren’t involved with that.

So this big advocate- who has NEVER ONCE spoke about the Oakland 4 case in Michigan where four children were RITUALLY MURDERED- and I KNOW THIS because the cold case people in Michigan contacted me about the case and in our conversation TOLD ME THIS- won’t talk about a case that was so incredibly wrong that WHAT REAL SURVIVOR WOULDN’T WANT TO TAKE THIS ON?

She is NOT what she says she is, or if she is- not in the degree she is claiming- because the one constant in the MKUltra program is that they ONLY chose the best and the brightest- and she is neither. THAT is my strongest claim in my mind- although to me- her shit is sad.

And Rosanne- doing what she has- joining forces side by side with O’Brien- tells me that she is fake as well- because just as O’Brien is neither the best nor the brightest- the same can CERTAINLY be said about Barr.

But in the end- it is like what I posted on Facebook tonight:

“Why do I have such an issue with these fake advocates? Because their bullshit has HELPED enable the murder, rape, and God only knows what else of MYRIADS of children and I am SORRY- but in my opinion- it isn’t ABOUT THEM- IT IS ABOUT THOSE CHILDREN., So FUCK THEM. And if some of you are butt hurt because I am opening your eyes- then so be it. I don’t care.

As for them- most of them have NO CLUE that their asses ARE ALREADY IN THE HEART OF THE FUCKING DARKNESS- they just don’t realize it yet. But for those of you- and you KNOW who you are- that feeling of oppression that has enveloped you- is the beginnings of a very VERY unhappy experience. Your feelings of impending doom are REAL. The only reason that it hasn’t happened yet is because I know the VALUE you all have for “crescendos” and so we really need to BUILD THIS SHIT- you know what I am saying?

And like I have said- I was able to nail Obama and his camp- all of Hollywood- AND Trump and HIS camp all in one fell swoop- and have NO DOUBT- ALL OF YOUR ASSES ARE SQUARE IN THE HEART OF THE DARKNESS ALREADY.

I am doing what I was trained to do- I am WINNING- WITH NO MERCY. That is what you wanted- that is what you are getting. And trust me- you should consider yourselves SO FUCKED at this point.

For those of you who are still out there- I stopped playing a long time ago and released the Darkness to do what it does- and since some of you were all so kind enough to bring it in full force with your stupid CERN toy- I have totally unleashed it upon the world- with one command- NO FUCKING MERCY. So you keep going with your shit- but the evil you are promoting is ATTRACTING the Darkness to your stupid asses- and it only has one objective- TO CLAIM YOUR STUPID ASS. So do what you want- do it hard and fierce- cause you are ONLY doing me a favor.”

Regarding Charles Manson…

Speaking of letters- I would have SO LIKED to have been a fly on the wall when Manson received my book and letter in which I told him that I KNEW John Brandeis and I KNEW he was HEAVILY INVOLVED with the whole MKUltra shit- and I knew that John Brandeis lived RIGHT ACROSS THE STREET from Manson and his followers when all that shit went down. Oh- and by the way- John Brandeis is Alan Baer’s father-in-law…

My Step Mother Joanne C. Shurter- Should Have NEVER Sold that House

Because I don’t think that the woman who bought the house really appreciated the letter I sent her telling her that there were the bodies of murdered children 4 ft from her head at night in the walls of her bedroom closet. No, something tells me she did not like that little bit of information AT ALL.

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