Why I Worry About Pizzagate

The UK is so focused on this one Hampstead case that all of the others are being ignored. And they have a PROVEN HISTORY that this SAME GROUP covered up these SAME allegations in the 80’s when they first erupted- and yet NOTHING is happening. Just a lot of talk about this ONE case…

And people wonder why I am worried about “pizzagate”.

Some Thoughts on Pizzagate and Such…

A Timeline of Events Concerning Pizzagate

1). Seth Rich- from OMAHA NE- who was Assange’s reported leak- ends up murdered.

1). Julian Assange gets his picture taken with his hand over his heart (along with a video that was pulled immediately- showing his brains being blown out the back of his head WHILE holding his hand over his heart and saying the pledge of allegiance).

2). The Director of Wikileaks- Gavin McFadyen- is murdered.

3). A video made in 2012 goes all over social media- presented as a NEW video of Assange directly after Assange’s and McFadyen’s murder.

4). The Podesta emails- off of Weiner’s laptop- come forward and are NOW being attributed to Wikileaks.

5). The public has ONLY seen video or heard audio of the man- but NO ONE has seen him alive in public. ONLY reports- but NO evidence.

6). Assange is NOW reportedly asking Trump to PARDON Hillary- after going after her in such the way he has…

YEAH- there is nothing to see here folks. Nothing at all. HEY- ISN’T WALKING DEAD ABOUT TO START?


You know- the pictures they are showing concerning this Pizzagate thing are NOT pictures of blood. Blood doesn’t look like that- I dries fast- it CAKES- and it STINKS. It clots as it dries- and it is AWFUL. And it turns brown- it doesn’t stay red. It congeals. The pictures are TOTALLY FAKE. And blood STINKS. REALLY BAD. And again- they took pics- BUT NEVER OF THEMSELVES. It was children- or those they were going to blackmail. But it was ALWAYS for financial gain. So why is this thing SO DIFFERENT from what I- AND MANY OTHERS- know to be real?.


So I admit that I have been pretty harsh with this Pizzagate stuff- but I knew what it was designed to do from the day I looked into it when it first came out. So I have been somewhat tunnel visioned when it came to this. And I have been CRITICAL of people who are talking about it- and that isn’t right either. I have been wrong to be so hard and negatively outspoken on this concerning those who are caring enough to get involved.

I am just afraid that they are going to do what they ALWAYS do. It ALWAYS works like this- a big flash in the pan and then it all gets discredited and goes away- and victims are left to suffer, not to mention the MYRIAD of children who haven’t been hurt by it yet- BUT ARE ABOUT TOO.

There is A LOT of truth in pizzagate. There is. But I just want people to be damn sure they are aware that there are ALSO a bunch of lies in it. I DO appreciate that this is waking people up- but I am just wary of it all going away- as I have said. This has happened before- JUST LIKE WHAT IS HAPPENING NOW- and that has ALWAYS been the result.

So if you are going to investigate Pizzagate- would you just do me a favor and ALSO look into all of the OTHER stuff that goes right along with this- and not just compartmentalize and put all your eggs in this Podesta basket? It that so hard to ask? Because it would do A LOT to calm my nerves. Otherwise- I am not going to stop saying what I am- whether it alienates people or not.

I am here to do what I can to expose this mess. NOT make a bunch of friends for some weird popularity contest. You might like me- you might not. But NONE of your opinions about me discredits the TRUTH of what I am saying.

They are effectively tearing “pizzagate” apart- which is why it was designed. But no proof? What is Jeffery Epstein’s pedophile island? Jerry Sandusky’s 2nd Mile High children’s foundation? The ranch that Scalia was murdered at. NONE of this has to do with Pizzagate- and it is ALL PROVEN REAL. And it ISN’T witches we need to go after- it is PEDOPHILES. Funny- they focus on the occult crap- but do their best to stay away from the pedophilia. But this ISN’T the 80s- and convincing people that we are under a “witch hunt” is a distraction. Practice whatever stupid shit you want- BUT HURTING CHILDREN IS GOING BEYOND. And THAT is why people are getting involved.



First off- no one who writes a book makes a lot of money. ESP. considering that I send people to read the extended version for free on my blog more than not.

I had someone bitch at me that I have been asking for financial help. Trying to shame me because I am poor.

But lets talk about what I have spent. 12 Grand on a book- about 500 a year to keep that damn blog going- not to mention the other shit I am doing. And I make 740 dollars a month. So I should just keep going- shut up- and not ask for help?

And my sister DOES need help. She is terminal- dying of kidney failure among other things. So sharing her stuff to see if I can help her is bad as well I guess. I should just stand back and watch her suffer and do nothing to help.

I am sorry I offended some of you and your frail sensibilities. I forgot that this world is all about you.

Why is DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder) so politicized? Because it was one of the main objectives of MKUltra. The difference between others and myself is that I was taught to go places when I dissociated. But what is dissociating but retreating into ones self? Of course the Kingdom of Heaven ALSO resides there…


Whatever happened to “I may not agree with what you are saying but I will fight to the death for your right to say it?”


You know- people seem to have this idea that if they won’t do something- that it also holds true for everyone else. This is a false idea. No- you may not want to be raping kids or doing a myriad of other horrible acts- but that doesn’t mean that holds true for others. When you have enough money to do whatever you want- whenever you want- life looses value- and it takes MUCH MORE than a piece of stuff to get the high they are addicted too. Hurting children is about power- if we can agree on anything- it is that EVERY ONE of our supposed “leaders” craves power. And children give them that. It isn’t hard to figure out. And just because YOU don’t believe in an anti-Christ- and don’t practice witchcraft and sorcery- doesn’t mean that is true for others. Because whether they believe or not- they DO practice- and they live in worlds most of us would only fathom in our nightmares. Because when you sell your soul- it makes you soulless- and that is an awful way of existence if you ask me.


I know of MANY secret groups- 20 of them or so are run by a man named Neil Brick- who are telling survivors that they can be mass programmed by hand signals- that bad guys are everywhere, behind every bush- AND some groups- not necessarily Brick’s- are doing strange “therapies” where the survivors have to envision putting their “parts” in the light and when that doesn’t work- are then being told that these are “bad” parts and that they need to be murdered. ANYONE can start a secret group- there are NO rules to it. And I wouldn’t just go to someone for therapy because I knew they were abused. Being abused doesn’t make anyone an expert on abuse. But the ones OPENING the groups are NOT vetted- no one knows WHO they are- and they can do ANYTHING THEY WANT- because they are protected by anonymity and the fact that their groups are “secret”. Just because this may not be happening in YOUR group DOES IN NO WAY MEAN that this ISN’T happening. And it is- in BIG PROPORTIONS.


You know- Hoaxteadresearch makes their position quite clear. Child abuse and pedophilia ISN’T rampant- and those who point out the facts that you only need to look around to see this is TOTALLY false are actually sexual deviants living out their own sick fantasies. By pointing out the truth… Interesting how that works- or doesn’t… lol

(This conversation is reversed- Ghost of Sam speaks first…)



The New Argument Against Me

This was left on a comment on Facebook and I wanted to share it…

“Stay away from the exposed. The people that have actually lived it all do not usually set up expose websites seriously it destroys cedibility. We open closed closed and secret groups where great care is taken about who is there. We talk to each other in one on one situations or small groups. We don’t talk about it all either information comes out slot usually when one mentions a thing you know what they’re talking about and you share. Lastly you’re careful how much you share because you don’t know if you’ll set something off memories etc. So information gets shated over long friendships usually.”

Couple things about this post. First off, those secret groups generally get survivors personal info within 10 minutes and they are ALSO trying to convince victims to commit suicide- all in the dark as SECRET groups.

And aren’t survivors TIRED of the secrets enough already?

And believing that what makes a real survivor real is FEAR is LUDICRIUS.

Having an expose blog for years has HELPED my credibility as everyone can see that I have NEVER ONCE contradicted myself in all these years.

But this is an example of the mind games victims have to deal with on a constant basis.

So to be real- you all need to be hiding in your bedroom closets, sucking your thumb and clinging to your teddy bear?

I suggest you get fucking real…

My Perspective in All of This Pedophile Devil Worship Crap…

You all need to understand- for me this has ALWAYS been an epic spiritual battle as it couldn’t have been any other way- considering that I was made into the anti-Christ and it was a job I SO DID NOT WANT.

So when you wonder about my spiritual stuff- just realize- what I am able to do YOU ALL ARE- you just have been taught NOT to. And by who?

A bunch of devil lovers who were betting on big payouts with their stupid war with Heaven. And THIS is what is REALLY going on.

Pizzagate- that ranch SCALIA was murdered at- THE Bohemian Grove- they have been preparing for a war with Heaven.

They just never realized how GOOD I would get with the stuff they trained me to do- and had NO CLUE that I would be able to come along and COMPLETELY FUCK THEM IN EVERY WAY- INCLUDING SIDEWAYS.

So that is where I am at- where I have ALWAYS been at. I ALWAYS chose Heaven- and the ONLY THING I have EVER WANTED TO DO I have totally achieved.

The Order is about to get everything they deserve and MUCH MUCH MORE- because a comfortable prison cell was NEVER FUCKING GOOD ENOUGH FOR ME.

In fact, they are all about to SUFFER- in ways you can’t even BEGIN to imagine. 😉

And I know there are those of you out there who HATE that I am going after your heroes in all of this- but it is ONLY because I know them to be fake- and part of the opposition as INSTRUMENTAL in controling the narrative on all of this sick shit with children. But notice when I do- how they go away. Heard about this idiot satanic daycare bullshit lately?

The reason why they are desperately spreading it around that I am disinfo is that I have been targeting AND TAKING OUT their little workers- and they don’t like this AT ALL. And I have been doing this the entire time. I began with Franklin- and now I have DETAILED these so called heroes and their lies so that when people go to research Franklin- they at least have a chance to be exposed TO THE TRUTH instead of this circus of complete and utter bullshit that has allowed all of this to stay in the shadows up to this point.

My views on Cathy O’Brien I have taken A LOT of heat for. But she simply needs to answer the two questions I have posed to her as they ARE important questions. 1). What does she think of the McMartin tunnels that were discovered AFTER the court case and 2). Why has she never spoken about the Oakland Four ritual child murders that happened in her own state? You can say whatever you will- but these two points are IMPORTANT- and if your claim is that there is no need for her to address these issues- then I would suggest you are following blindly are are part of the problem rather than the solution.

This IS all coming out. And it doesn’t make a difference who does what at this point. The darkness that is fueling all of this- making people authentic and bringing that which has been hidden out into the light- is not dependent on public opinion. It CERTAINLY isn’t influenced by lies. So get ready because I have a feeling that those of you who believe you have your eyes open are in for a rude awakening.

And for those still asleep- even more so.

Some More of My Facebook Posts- Pizzagate, Child Trafficking, and the Like…

What I would personally like is if people who take up Pizzagate would ALSO take up Jerry Sandusky’s 2nd Mile high club- the ranch that Scalia was murdered at- the Bohemian grove- AND the REAL Jeffery Epstein story that includes BOTH Bill Clinton and Donald Trump- and not just the facts that make them comfortable. THIS is what I would like to see. If this is real- then this will happen. Otherwise- people will just go on and on about Pizzagate until eventually IT ALL GOES AWAY…


So for those of you speaking about Pizzagate and the problems with child sex abuse- Hoaxtead is now claiming the ONLY reason you are all concerned is that YOU ARE OBSESSED WITH HAVING SEX WITH CHILDREN YOURSELVES. otherwise- you would just let all of this alone…and more than that- I guess there only some 1000’s of people concerned with this. I guess the rest of the world doesn’t care.



lol- after 15+ yrs of saying the same old thing over and over and over and being consistent the whole time- I suggest that those of you who are suggesting I am actually a disinfo agent can go fuck yourselves.

and this has come at me on several levels- so it IS being spread…


It is frustrating that people are going on and on about this pizzagate bullshit- esp now that they are trying to use Franklin as a basis for it. Hoaxtead has NOW combined pizzagate with Hampstead- and this is because they are going to use the two to make all of these allegations go away. Will they be successful? Well- after McMartin- EVERYTHING was closed down for 3 decades- so maybe. Will people fight against this? They didn’t in the 80s. And NOW they are running with the SAME TYPE OF SHIT that fucked them LAST TIME- and they seem to be too dense to realize this. Stop being lead around by the nose and start using some critical reasoning. Believing an “official story” that has gone NOWHERE- is NOT logical in my opinion. But do what you will- and I will do the same….


You guys HAVE to check out the conversation going on Hoaxtead… NOW they are doing EXACTLY what I ALSO said- they are going to discredit Cathy O’brien and her stupid shit to make sure ALL survivors are discredited…



PIZZAGATE Will Be Used To Take Down The Alt Media…Unless We Are Vigilant by The Millennium Report

I am not the ONLY one who is saying that there are HUGE issues with this case…


PIZZAGATE Will Be Used To Take Down The Alt Media…Unless We Are Vigilant
This Is The Most Important Video On The Internet Today
SOS: Alt Media Under Serious Threat By PIZZAGATE False Flag!

The Millennium Report

The Alternative Media right now faces the greatest existential threat since its inception in 1995 with the advent of the Internet.

The “Scandal of the Millennium” known as PIZZAGATE was not supposed to go prime time. It really wasn’t.

However, in this day and age of information highways crisscrossing all over the Internet while the likes of WikiLeaks and Edward Snowden, Anonymous and Guccifer were on the loose, many a Pandora’s box (PB) has been opened.

The most radioactive of these PB’s is clearly PIZZAGATE. Truly, if ever there was one scandal capable of taking down the whole God-forsaken System, it is PIZZAGATE.

Our proof is that the Mainstream Media (MSM) has literally gone ballistic. Remember, the media magnates who control the media corporations are into their own versions of PIZZAGATE. Hence, at the end of the day, all similar pedogates are inextricably connected. Just as Hollywood pedophilia and Beltway pedophilia are “joined at the hip”.

John and Tony Podesta were in Praia da Luz, Portugal on May 3rd, 2007–the day that Madeleine McCann vanished

The current reality is that the world power structure that is manned by human beings is quite vulnerable to being blackmailed and bribed, coerced and compelled to do things they would not otherwise do. What is usually being held over their heads like the Sword of Damocles is the threat of a manufactured pedophilia scandal being outed by the local media.
This thing is so BIG the World Shadow Government will react with fury and ferocity.

And why wouldn’t they, the WSG itself is now in great jeopardy as it faces its own very serious existential threats. When one truly understands that the entire Global Control Matrix is itself controlled by pedophilia, Satanic ritual child sexual abuse, child pornography, child rape, child trafficking, etc., then it’s easy to see why the power structure will not permit the Alt Media to disseminate its investigative findings so freely regarding PIZZAGATE.

Special Note:
The TMR editor started writing an article on a very strong premonition that began on Monday of Thanksgiving week. The premonition was that the owner of Comet Ping Pong Pizza would either be violently suicided or his massage pizza parlor would be blown up or shot up via a classic CIA false flag black operation. This very strong intuition then went on to inform the clandestine plot being used by TPTB to blame it on the Alt Media that is aggressively investigating PIZZAGATE. In this way every Alt Media platform that has posted anything about this exploding scandal would be tagged as a “fake news website”. Once this occurred, hearings would be held in Congress to address the ‘growing problem’ of fake news. Of course, it is the MSM that is the biggest purveyor of fake news on the Internet… as well as throughout world history. All the MSM does is propagandize 24/7—worldwide. Everything they disseminate is fake and fraudulent as it is produced by phony journalists.
Surely the reader gets the picture.

If you don’t get it, please watch this urgent video asap. It is perhaps the single most important video on the net today. Yes, it’s that critical!

SOS: Alt Media Under Serious Threat By PIZZAGATE False Flag!

What makes this video especially relevant is that the producer developed the identical narrative as The Millennium Report editor but did so INDEPENDENTLY of ours. It was only the Thanksgiving holiday that prevented us from getting our article completed. Now with Barry Soetoro’s excellent video uploaded on YouTube, we are quite confident that we can avert the false flag(s) that are being engineered to shut down alternative news sites all over the world.

For those who do not quite understand what is being asserted here, it is this: PIZZAGATE is the greatest scandal of the millennium with the potential to collapse the U.S. Federal Government, after it dissolves the Democratic Party and the Obama Administration. It was found out in a way that surprised all of those rich and powerful who are directly involved. Now that this genie is out of the bottle, there is no way of putting it back in. Hence, they will systematically kill every messenger that spreads any pejorative evidence or damning information.

TPTB can only “kill all the messengers” by taking a sweeping action against the Alt Media. The “fake news” meme began after PIZZAGATE and first made its way onto the Internet after election day. Not only did the MSM blame the Alt Media for the election of Donald Trump, they especially gin up the “fake news” charge against those sites that post on PIZZAGATE. When the two major newspapers of record — The Washington Post and The New York Times — print front page articles explaining the iniquities of PIZZAGATE, it’s quite obvious they have some serious problems.

‘Pizzagate’ shows how fake news hurts real people — WashPo

Fake News Onslaught Targets Pizzeria as Nest of Child-Trafficking — NYT

Clearly the MSM saw a golden opportunity to take down a whole lot of truth-seeking citizen journalists and alternative news websites in one fell swoop. The more that they can tar and feather the Alt Media with PIZZAGATE “fake news”, the more they will do something very desperate. This is where PIZZAGATE is actually a double-edged sword, and can badly hurt both sides of this epic battle for the soul of the nation and ongoing info war.

If the reader has happened upon this post, it is not by accident. Every single person who receives this article ought to take it very seriously, even if there is not a dramatic false flag event.

What makes this unfolding situation all the more consequential is that the Alt Media is challenging the MSM like never before. As a matter of fact, the Alt Media is growing so big, so fast that it will soon overwhelm the MSM. The corporate media know this and will do everything within their power to forestall their end. They know that many higher-ups will go to prison for life for covering up so many heinous crimes both at home and abroad.

This is the intensifying predicament that the whole nation faces at this very moment. It will get very ugly very fast no matter what how PIZZAGATE evolves. Therefore, it is highly advised that everyone takes the sage advice from the video. From this point forward as the Alt Media warriors march forward in the deep investigation of PIZZAGATE, caution is highly recommended. Any type of slander or libel ought to be strictly avoided. Let the facts speak for themselves as there are many and they are very incriminating.

Alternative Media is the New Guerrilla Warfare: Time for Citizens to Expose Globalists

Lastly, please pass this post on. Spread it far and wide so that everyone sees what is truly at stake. The whole Alternative Media now sits on a precipice that only we can step back from. We can also preclude false flags from occurring by spotting them in advance and warning all concerned. Those false flag operations that do take place can be quickly identified for what they are and deconstructed for the frauds that they are.

The Millennium Report
November 27, 2016

Editor’s Note

The false flag warning issued in this post should not be taken lightly. The U.S. Federal Government has arrogated unlawful powers unto itself to conduct false flag operations against the American citizenry when certain conditions related to national security have been met. You can be sure that those who run the US Inc. see the explosive revelations associated with PIZZAGATE as a grave matter of national security.

“FALSE FLAGS” are LEGAL PROPAGANDA PRODUCED by the Department of Defense

The Psych Ops of Pizzagate and the Hampstead case in the UK- Why They Are Being Connected Together

Our governments are DESPERATELY trying to link “pizzagate” and the case in the UK called the Hampstead case for the simple reason that BOTH CASES are a psych ops operation. They are attempting to do the SAME thing that they did in the 80’s with McMartin preschool, after which- ANY AND ALL action concerning ANY of these allegations were clamped down on and dealt with severely for THREE DECADES. And what do we have now? A situation that makes what was going on in America- the UK- AND Australia, just to name a few- in the 80s look TAME in comparison.

After McMartin- which was the LONGEST AND COSTLIEST trial in American history at the time, where the tunnels that the children spoke about being raped and forced to murder animals in weren’t discovered until AFTER the trial- therapists were TERRORIZED by the CIA based group The False Memory Syndrome Foundation- who ILLEGALLY hurt them in court for decades- making INORDINANT AMOUNTS OF MONEY doing so.

The result? No therapists would let victims speak about their abuse- and they certainly couldn’t do anything to try and report it. Thus we who went through HORRIBLE AND HORRIFYING SHIT were COMPLETELY SILENCED.

Franklin Credit is ALSO coming back on the forefront- but I can NOT tell you how sickening it is to listen to people GLORIFY John DeCamp, Ted Gunderson, Paul Bonnaci, Troy Boner, and Noreen Gosch as it is THIS VERY GROUP that has made this mess completely unbelievable to anyone who looks into it. Not to mention- their stories are lacking A LOT OF KEY DETAILS that MANY PEOPLE IN OMAHA ARE WELL AWARE OF.

Funny thing- people in Omaha are beginning to talk again- and it ISN’T like what was going on in Omaha wasn’t WELL KNOWN to MANY people who lived there. Like the fact that Peter Citron “committed suicide” by drinking DRANO. And the details I have presented about the Old Market in my video “A Walking Tour through Pedophile Omaha” are consistent to what many others remember as well, and they seem to have been inspired by MY speaking out and now are beginning to do the same- so how will they shut ALL of us up?

They opened up Pandora’s Box with these Podesta emails- and there is not shutting it now- esp. since there is such a DISTINCT and DETAILED history with much of this now. It isn’t as if this is the 80’s- and we are even light years away from where we were on September 11, and it seems that the eaters and breeders aren’t as stupid and lazy as you all believe.

You may have turned many AWAY from Heaven- but something tells me that Heaven is about to bring them BACK. Once people realize the TRUTH about all of your sick shit- I don’t think they are going to respond the way you thought.

Like what is going on in Israel right now- karma can be a REAL BITCH.

This is How I Know Juliane Assange is Dead

This is how I know that Assange is dead. The day that picture came out with him with his hand over his heart- my sister had called me hysterical- demanding that I get on my computer immediately and try to pull up a link. I did- and it didn’t come up- and so I asked her why she was so upset and she told me that she had been watching a video of Assange- with his hand over his heart- saying the pledge of allegiance when they shot him to death. But the video stopped right at the end and then was gone- and the link DID NOT work for me. Then- two days later- a speech that he gave in 2012 went all over social media- being presented as a NEW video of him. We have seen NOTHING but video of him since- and he has not come to the window NOT ONCE since that day. ALSO- the police presence that was present at the embassy that was CONSTANT SINCE THE BEGINNING- suddenly stopped- and hasn’t returned. THEN- after all of this- we suddenly have this PIZZAGATE bullshit being attributed to Wikileaks- but now that he is dead- they can say WHATEVER THEY WANT and who is going to question them? Certainly not a dead man. So this is why I know that Assange is dead. Not to mention that he is working with me on the other side. So take it for what it is worth…


Arguing Against the Pedophile Rights Movement







Oh- and just so all of you know- this was a posted comment just left on Hoaxtead… Remember what I said about once “pizzagate” is discredited- ALL of Wikileaks will be?

November 27, 2016 at 2:50 pm

Bob, as Justin Sanity says above, we really do not know anything that is verifiable for certain.
For example, how do we know that the emails are even genuine?
Even f it can be shown that they are of genuine origin, how do we know that the emails have not been altered afterwards?
How can you trust Wikileaks for anything. They are about as accountable and transparent as any government.
How easy is it to start a meme? Flat earth anyone? where did that come from?
It really shows that a lot of people will believe anything in either the mainstream media or any old shitty blog just because it is claimed.
Just make it a rule not to believe anything unless you can verify with real evidence. Not the junk in the ‘alternative media’ like Pizza means X Y or Z, therefore guilty or in the so called mainstream like Iraq has those WMDs so let’s go and destroy the country.

It seems that most ‘news’ is just really entertainment/distraction/titillation of one sort or another for a lot of people.
Unfortunately, it can be extremely powerful and sometimes it has terrible consequences for many people.


Some Facebook Rants: Where We Are Today…

I find it interesting how they have most of us convinced that it is Hillary supporters vs. Trump supporters- ESP. considering that 50% of the population refused to vote. This election rated right up there with I have one plate of fully formed dog shit- and another plate of diarrhea- which one are you going to eat first? So I guess those of us who are totally against the system itself are… what… hiding? We just ceased to exist? Cause if you listen to the news- that is EXACTLY what it sounds like happened. The majority of us DID SPEAK- and we wanted NEITHER. So go take your Nazi right republican asses and your crazy anything fucking goes lefty democrats- and get the damn clue that the MAJORITY OF THE NATION- doesn’t want EITHER OF YOU.


lol- yeah- elect Hillary and take the nomination away from Trump. If you think the country is in chaos NOW- JUST FUCKING WAIT…




I am guessing that the new psych ops bullshit that is happening is that NOW Franklin Credit is being brought up. But the OFFICIAL STORY to all of this is BULLSHIT- as I have spent the last 15+ years saying- and so I wouldn’t suggest people who REALLY want to make a difference in this focus on that. It is BULLSHIT- which is why IT NEVER WENT ANYWHERE. Jesus- how stupid can people fucking be. Use one psych op operation to justify and prove another. Are you fucking kidding me?

So when “pizzagate” comes out as false- AND IT IS GOING TO- then ALL child trafficking will be false. This is a psych ops operation- with them trying to make these allegations go away. The govt run website HoaxteadResearch.wordpress.com is NOW SHOWING THE TRUTH OF THIS. And when it comes out as false- they will THEN try to get rid of alternative media- and pretty much the internet. So the ONLY “truth” that will remain is theirs. And it AINT TRUTH they are spouting….
Spiny Norman
November 26, 2016 at 4:08 pm
‘Pizzagate’ shows how fake news hurts real people

SOME OF the people can be fooled all of the time, and some seem plenty pleased about it when it gives them license to exercise their most malicious impulses. How else to explain the noxious torrent of vitriol, venom and threats trained recently against a popular upper Northwest Washington pizzeria, which has been the subject of ludicrous conspiracy theories alleging that it is the center of a child – abuse racket run by Hillary Clinton and her campaign chairman, John Podesta?

The allegations against Comet Ping Pong, reported by the New York Times, are absurd on their face and detached from any gossamer thread of fact. They took root in the dark crevices of the Web and took flight thanks to social media platforms, whose witless “who, us?” posture in the face of misinformation and outright lunacy is a civic embarrassment.

More than that, the use of social media as a platform for outright lies about public figures and, in this case, malevolent rumors about a pleasant neighborhood restaurant popular with families is a menace to private lives, peace and prosperity. In response to the firestorm of anonymous death threats and warnings directed at Comet’s owner, James Alefantis, and some of his employees, D.C. police have had to deploy officers to keep an eye on the restaurant.

Fake and unfounded “news” articles suggesting that Comet’s backrooms, heretofore known for a couple of ping-pong tables and a play area for kids, were the scene of trafficked and molested children have appeared on Facebook, as well as on websites serving as platforms for scurrilous disinformation and fantasy conspiracies.

So what if Mr. Alefantis has never met Ms. Clinton and neither traffics nor abuses children? Social media, a neutral host body for parasitical insanity, have turned their algorithmic gaze upon him. The culprits include Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Reddit and other platforms that have done too little to safeguard their sites from deception and fraud. (Reddit belatedly shut down a message board devoted to “pizzagate.”)

Like 93 percent of Washingtonians, the restaurateur happened to support Ms. Clinton for president; he has some prominent Democratic friends, past and present. Mr. Alefantis’s name surfaced in leaked email from Mr. Podesta’s account, published by WikiLeaks, in which the two men discussed holding a Clinton fundraiser. As far as anyone knows, there is no more logic than that as to why Mr. Alefantis and his restaurant became targets.

The First Amendment is a bulwark of democracy but provides no protection for defamatory allegations published in knowing disregard for the truth. Mr. Alefantis is more than entitled to sue for defamation and libel, if he can find the purveyors of the garbage heaved his way.
A separate question is whether criminal charges may arise from some of the threats that have been leveled at the restaurant and its owner, online and by phone. Mischief may stray into the province of criminality if it incites violence.




So alt media lies- but our national media always tells the truth? Best to get rid of the alt media- and cuddle up to CNN, MSN, Fox- and the lot? REALLY?


My friend Viv sent me this quote- and I wanted to share it because it is spot on for the most part…

“Never forget — all these various types of Mind-kontrol through these Satanic Black Arts and back-engineered Alien ET technologies do not work well on folks with strong character, integrity and love in their hearts for their fellow man, who have decided to live by the golden rule to treat others the way they want to be treated. It is this immutable human spirit, energized by love towards others, that poses the greatest risk to the Ruling cabal, and cannot ever be snuffed out. I am pretty certain the Cabal will eventually be defanged and stopped and will lose control over these weapons before they can combine them and succeed in their Globalist NWO Agenda of Evil.”




So want another argument? Listen to this guy- around the 45 minute mark- say that Aquino only kills a child to save 200- and we need to get off his case. He is magic- and his shit is saving the world. FEEL SAVED YET?

So all of you reading about how pedophilia is normal- I want to ask you a question. When did you all decide to stop being a pedophile? If it is normal- and just a way of life- when did you- the average joe- decide you didn’t want to rape kids? I mean- if it is so normal- this HAS to be a factor in this….


So I wanna get this argument straight… so gay people are gay because they CHOOSE to be gay- but pedophiles- they are just a victim of fate and were given no choice. Is that the argument we are running with now?

I often want to beat some people over the head with a board. But I don’t. Why? Because I choose NOT too. But my question is- DO THE FUCKING CHILDREN HAVE ANYTHING TO SAY ABOUT BEING RAPED? Or is it just about the rights of the pedophiles now?


Ya- they aren’t trying to normalize this behavior AT ALL.

American Psychiatric Association States: It Is ‘Natural, And Normal To Be AROUSED By Children’


So I have taken some heat about my views on Cathy O’Brien so I have a solution. I want to know what she thinks about the tunnels that were found under McMartin AFTER the trial and I would also like to know why she has never spoken about the Oakland 4 ritual child murders. I understand people’s hero worship of her- but until she deals with my questions- you had better make sure that hero worship is warranted. Just saying…

So I have some idiot, of course they are anonymous, insulting me on my YouTube channel- claiming i am a liar and full of shit but WON’T EVER show examples as to what got them to conclude that. Now i have ANOTHER anonymous poster AGREEING with the “puffy” idiot but who wont show examples as to why either. So these anons claim i am a liar- but wont say why or how- and I guess people are just suppose to agree with them although no one has any clue as to who they are. It is really actually pathetic.

Obviously someone hates my blog. I just had 365 hack attempts in 10 minutes. Funny someone doesn’t like the truth…

Prayer is nice and all- and it IS important- but it is meaningless without action. the biggest crime to mankind that the Order has done is that it has made all of you completely loose faith in yourselves. Heaven is within you= you have the power to do AMAZING things- but in order to do that- you must go within and face the person you all seem the most afraid of. But in order to overcome your darkness- you need to understand what that darkness is and how it works. The harshest secrets any of us have are those that we have from OURSELVES- and some of us spending our lives running from that which we should just be facing. The native americans have this belief that if you are being chased in a dream- you should just turn around and embrace it. This has been a mantra for me all my life- and I will tell you- the truth WILL set you free. Heaven is within you- trust the love that all of you have within your hearts. It makes you stronger than you can realize right now. Take a stand shine your light and bring forth change. And stop waiting for someone or something else to do it for you.

It isn’t that I am not happy that people are getting involved with this mess because of “Pizzagate”. And I am glad they care enough to be outraged. But you have to understand where I- and a LOT of other survivors are right now. we have ALL seen this before and we have ALWAYS been let down. So although I appreciate how everyone is feeling right now- forgive me if I don’t have much faith in seeing anything real or substantial coming from it. But you all ALWAYS have the option of proving me wrong.

The Podesta emails are being used by our government to make all of the child abuse allegations go away- JUST AS the UK is using Hampstead to make all of THEIR allegations go away- JUST AS Australia is using their “royal commission” to make all of THEIR allegations go away. Same fucking allegations- just different countries- but the game is being played the EXACT SAME WAY.

This is a SECOND GRADERS quiz in school…