Reviewing the World in Which We Live and Its View that Satanism is a Constitutional Right of All People

America- in fact most of the world- has become so sinister that it is hard to take any of it seriously. Promoting satanism- the media runs to Lucien Greaves, aka Doug Mesner- who is claiming that under the constitution the devil can and SHOULD be promoted, every chance that it can get. Of course Doug- (I refuse to call him Lucien Greaves- since he chose his last name Greaves from another Greaves (Philip R. Greaves II to be more specific) who wrote “”The Pedophile’s Guide to Love and Pleasure: a Child-lover’s Code of Conduct”), pretends to take all this seriously although in actuality thinks that this whole thing is a joke. Obviously- since he had national media take pictures of him tea bagging a grave site connected to the late Westboro Church minister. Claiming that he is both a satanist and atheist- the American media eats it up and can’t seem to get enough of his point of view- while others, like myself, are censored and kept quiet although there are plenty of people who disagree with his stance. Like Harvard, who had the decency to tell him to shove off after he tried to perform a satanic black mass on campus. Claiming that under our constitution his view of “anything goes” is his God given right, he is pushing to erect a statue of Baphomet with two adoring children in Oklahoma City right beside a statue of the Ten Commandments.

I have said this before and i will keep saying it that I believe this media fascination with the horn hat wearing Mesner is nothing more than a distraction to prevent people from listening too the myriads of claims against the real satanists like Michael Aquino- who worked extensively for our government. Aquino claims that anyone who speaks out against him are pedophiles “projecting their sick fantasies onto him” for some strange reason. Of course his main detractor years ago was Diane Napolis who he claims says that he is in league with people from outer space. The fact is that most people don’t much care for Aquino- and the last time he was on national media- via the Oprah Winfrey show, 800 of his victims called in and claimed that he had sexually and satanically abused them. Which is why the media is now deflecting away from Aquino to the manchild Mesner. Doing its best to poo poo satanism and the hold that it has had on our society- the media is now doing what it did in the 80s and trying to make a joke of the whole thing so that society will discredit the whole mess as some sort of wide spread conspiracy theory.

And society seems to eat it up. So let me explain what goes on in a REAL satanic mass. Children are murdered. Not only murdered- but tortured before they are murdered. Children are abducted- treated well for about a week before they are murdered, and then, on the night they are murdered- are skinned, terrorized, and butchered. At the pinnacle of their suffering- when they are killed- their blood is drank because all of the endorphins act like an aphrodisiac- and those involved then have sexual orgies. The reason why the remains weren’t found in Omaha- which is where I suffered through this- is because they were cremated at Forest Lawn Cemetery, which was no more than five miles away. It disturbs me that many of my critics on Amazon complain that I don’t go into enough detail of the ritual sacrifices and go into gory detail of what happens during the whole event- as it seems all they want is to be fed the disturbing nuances of it all for some sick reason I can’t fathom. Treating it like it is some sort of horror movie rather than a true series of events- it seems that these unfathomable acts are designed as mere entertainment to feed the masses rather than what they truly are- CHILDREN BEING TORTURED AND MURDERED TO HONOR SATAN AND BRING ABOUT THE WORLD IN A WAY THAT WELCOMES THE SUPPOSED UPCOMING ANTICHRIST.

Most who speak about these practices are dismissed because their is no one to corroborate their stories, but my older sis- who is 12 years my senior- CORROBORATES MINE. In fact we corroborate each other. This is why I have been personally attacked on the internet and anywhere else that this group of satanist lovers can trash me- because I don’t fit the parameters of what they have held with this mess since the formation of the False Memory Foundation. They have even claimed that my sister, who has supported me in this- isn’t really my sister but me acting like my sister. This is complete bullshit- but then that is what this group of satanists is known for- COMPLETE AND UTTER BULLSHIT. Mocking anyone who disagrees with their sick and twisted views on what is right and wrong- they name call- much like Aquino- in order to distract and detract from what the victims claim happened.

And society listens to the satanists. Which is why, today- I feel that the world- and everyone in it- deserves everything they get from this and more. Fighting for the dark- no one can whine when it finally comes to pass. And it is people like Aquino and pedophile loving Mesner that are doing their best to help this to fruition. All the while most of society sits back and finds the whole thing entertaining.

Satanists want to give out materials in Orange schools

Source: Orlando Sentinel

September 15, 2014, 4:49 PM

A religious group called The Satanic Temple is making plans to hand out literature in Orange County Public Schools later this school year, following distributions by atheist and evangelical Christian groups. The New York-based Satanist group hopes to use a distribution as a form of protest.
Atheist group lawsuit against Orange schools dismissed; group can distribute materials in high schools.

“If a public school board is going to allow religious pamphlets and full Bibles to be distributed to students, as is the case in Orange County, Florida, we think the responsible thing to do is to ensure that these students are given access to a variety of differing religious opinions,” said temple co-founder and spokesman Lucien Greaves. The district has not received a formal request from the temple, but school officials say they reserve the right to review materials.

However, Orange has twice allowed a group called World Changers of Florida to distribute Bibles, and an atheist group gave out materials last year. In both cases, district counsel Woody Rodriguez said the pamphlets and books were being allowed to avoid a lawsuit.

The Satanic Temple, a relatively new group that supports social justice causes and believes Satan is the “eternal rebel against the ultimate tyrant,” wants to give out materials such as The Satanic Children’s Big Book of Activities. Greaves said the book contains information for students on protecting themselves from corporal punishment at school.

“They have no ability to keep out the Satanists and the literature they want to distribute unless they close the forum altogether,” said FFRF attorney Andrew Seidel.

more at link….

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Satanists Plan Rally in Support of Florida Gov. Rick Scott
Source: ABC News

The Satanic Temple is planning its first major rally, which will be held in support of Florida Gov. Rick Scott later this month for — which might sound ironic — signing a bill that allows for the possibility of prayer in public schools.

The religion’s founder Neil Bricke, who is based in New York, is expected to speak at the rally. Bricke uses an assumed name for Satanic-related business and would not reveal his real name to ABC News. The group also hopes to open a temple in New York in the next few months. It may be telling that the Satanic temple will be located in New York and the group’s first rally, scheduled for Jan. 25, will be held in Florida.

“New York is a pretty good place for Satanism. Florida is too,” said Satanic Temple spokesman Lucien Greaves.

The Florida bill that has delighted the Satanists is Senate Bill 98 and gives students “sole discretion in determining whether an inspirational message is to be delivered” at a student assembly. The bill prohibits school officials from participating in or influencing whether an inspirational message will be delivered.

Satanists feel that the policy “does a lot to support religious diversity,” according to Greaves.
“The Satanic Temple embraces the free expression of religion, and Satanists are happy to show their support of Rick Scott who — particularly with SB 98 — has reaffirmed our American freedom to practice our faith openly, allowing our Satanic children the freedom to pray in school,” the Temple said in a release announcing the rally.

“This is a great country. Everyone has a voice,” Gov. Scott’s press secretary wrote in an email to when asked about the rally.

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gads…..look what happens when you allow religion into public schools!

Deleted Amazon Post by Michael Aquino about his Book Extreme Prejudice

Michael A. Aquino says:

Dear Ms. Kelly,

Mrs. Aquino and I appreciate your response, but both reason and truth are wasted on hobbyists, who are essentially just projecting their own pedophile fantasies on others to avoid confronting themselves in the mirror. The only ones who pay attention to them anymore are others with the same fantasies.

I am perfectly content for sincerely and seriously interested persons to read _Extreme Prejudice_ for themselves and decide for themselves.


The post got deleted by Amazon before I could read the whole thing- but this is the beginning that ended up in my email. Funny how someone who has been accused of hurting children over and over calls all of his detractors pedophiles. Telling about the kind of person Aquino is.

Thoughts on an Illuminati and a One World Order

Growing up as a former victim of our governments MKUltra program- wrapped up with Satanic Ritual abuse as it was- I was often told of a world in which there would be order within chaos- and that it would have nothing to do with God but would be by the hands of men. Often bordering and crossing the boundaries of Neo Nazism – there was a definite belief in white supremacy- and I often heard the rantings of what I thought were about things that couldn’t possibly be true about the place my father and his friends would take in the end as masters of all they survey.

However, after 9-11, I have seen our government go after civil liberties I never thought as a child could be touched, and they have taken away people’s rights in a way I would never have thought possible- affording them their belief in the total domination they have be-quested for themselves. We live in a world that has often been talked about but was never to be believed for decades- and yet now here we are. The rich where involved with what my parents used to call “happenings” – and there wasn’t one member of my father’s group who wasn’t rich and powerful. Above all else no poor people were allowed. Nor blacks or anyone else of color. The bloodlines often spoken of were not to be tainted by those less than they themselves, and let assure you they believed that white is right and that their power was supreme.

This doesn’t mean that we killed black children- as, at least with me- the only child sacrifices I was involved with were those of prepubescent white boys always. Abraham was asked to sacrifice his son- the Satanists that I was involved with as a child believed that “their side” strong enough to follow through with what was asked to show their allegiance to Satan- who was actually the champion for free will and the hero to those in the human race who could understand the intricacies of what it was like to gain knowledge from the dark by initiating in sin. To sin was to gain knowledge of how things should be- while celebrating the free will of no cost to the members worthy enough to be part of the whole thing.

Why my father? I think that he and my mother sacrificed their first born son- David Christopher, to the cult. It isn’t like they were beyond doing this for their group- as my mother went into labor with me on Thanksgiving night and doctors kept her from delivering until the 6th of December to assure that I would have 666 connected to me always. Most of my life I couldn’t get them to speak about my older brother with the same name as I- the oldest of my older siblings. My mom once told me that my father and she had made a “terrible mistake” and that I should just “let the past be the past”, so I can only go on what I believe- as the only two who knew for sure are my deceased parents and they weren’t talking. But the facts about David Christopher is that he was a healthy baby boy and within the week he was dead- although exactly how has always been this ugly, painful secret for my parents. Having my name- and feeling somewhat like the old Bob Newhart character whose name was Daryl with his “other brother Daryl”- I wanted to know about the oldest of my siblings- esp. since I had his name.

Personally- I believe this is what solidified my parent’s role in this mess- and afforded them the wealth and freedom that they had while they were alive and involved in this group- also affording my father the title of “high priest”. Completely convoluted back then it would be damn near impossible to prove today, but this is what I believe.

This group that was involved made inordinate amounts of cash while they were alive- and have been afforded luxuries that which most of us can only dream about. They have enjoyed quite a run of self advancement by means of power, money, and enjoyment of whatever sin be their pleasure- the more the merrier. However- I don’t think that they are going to be able to achieve what they thought they were. The world is a crazy place- and only those narcissistic and power hungry enough are the ones to grapple for such power- as no one can control nature for very long. Eventually we all grow old- weak- and sick- finding ourselves unable to keep the title wave of such experiences and pleasures at bay any longer- thus finding ourselves consumed by our guilt and remorse. My parents taught me the nuances of such choices in the end- and it was not pleasant to watch- much less for them to personally experience. In the end- the high will be brought low- it is commanded- and fighting against such things are futile. This is true for all of us.

Will we be shepherded as a bunch of compliant sheep who will just blindly and willingly go along with whatever happens- letting those who shouldn’t be in power much less leading a society do whatever it is that makes them and their group richer and “more in control”, it remains to be seen. But this has always been on the table- and there has been a push- at least since the 60s and much earlier- by the group that has been the most in power, to gain total control- and so this “one world order” is not a conspiracy theory but rather a conspiracy reality. Whether we chose to see it and act is one still a decision waiting for the population to decide on what to do.

Pedophilia enabling follows around GOP candidate for the U.S. Senate Ben Sasse, NE

Pedophilia enabling follows around GOP candidate for the U.S. Senate Ben Sasse, NE
publication date: Aug 27, 2014

US Senate candidate Ben Sasse: Would you trust him around your children?

Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate from Nebraska Ben Sasse, already struck by allegations that he helped cover up the sexual abuse of underage male pages while tutoring and proctoring the House Page Program in the late 1990s, is now faced with another brush with pederasty and pedophilia as a result of the conviction of the former chief of cyber-security for the Department of Health and Human Services . The chief of cyber-security for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Timothy DeFoggi, was convicted by a jury for the U.S. District Court of Nebraska in Omaha for “engaging in a child exploitation enterprise, conspiracy to advertise and distribute child pornography, and accessing a computer with intent to view child pornography in connection with his membership in a child pornography website.” DeFoggi used the sites, including two called PedoBook and Onion Pedo Video Archive, to traffic in child pornography. The sites were operated in Omaha by Aaron McGrath, who used the Tor anonymity service to cover the tracks of himself and clients like DeFoggi. DeFoggi is a former resident of Germantown, Maryland. Last December, Ryan Loskarn, the chief of staff for Tennessee Republican Senator Lamar Alexander, was arrested at his Capitol Hill home for possession and distribution of child pornography. The following month, he reputedly committed suicide at his parents’ home in Sykesville, Maryland. Sykesville is a 45 minute drive from Germantown. Loskarn previously worked for GOP House members from Tennessee and California.

Sasse was the chief of staff for Nebraska GOP U.S. Representative Jeff Fortenberry when Loskarn also worked in the House. Sasse, who is a home schooler and an extreme right-wing Republican, served as the assistant secretary for planning and evaluation at the Department of Health and Human Services from January 2008 to January 2009. Sasse’s oversight of HHS programs overlapped for one year with DeFoggi’s work within the office of the assistant secretary for administration. The two offices, planning/evaluation and administration worked closely with one another, a fact that places Sasse, once again, in a job during a major case involving pedophilia.

Omaha, of course, is infamous for the so-called “Franklin cover-up,” the use of the Franklin Credit Union in the 1980s by a top GOP official named Lawrence King to launder money used for the trafficking of children, including orphans from Boy’s Town, for purposes of sexual molestation. The scandal involved the Reagan and Bush White Houses and was aggressively investigated in front-page stories by The Washington Times.The FBI’s Operation Torpedo targeted DeFoggi’s and McGrath’s cyber-pedophile operations based in Omaha. DeFoggi used the handles of “fuckchrist” and “PTasseater” to traffic in pornographic images and video of children, including infants. Sasse’s sordid record of affiliation with major pederast perpetrators may be exactly what the secret society of pedophiles in Omaha and Boy’s Town wants to have representing them in the U.S. Senate.

Nebraska, once again, hit with another major pedophile case as seen in this below-the-fold article in the establishment Omaha World-Herald, which was implicated in the Franklin Cover-up. Nebraska’s GOP candidate for U.S. Senate, Ben Sasse, is always one degree of separation from pedophile cases involving places where he has worked. Why would Nebraska want someone who, for almost 20 years, has had the stench of pedophilia around him representing them in the U.S. Senate?

Concerning A Review on Rabbit Hole: A Satanic Ritual Abuse Survivor’s Story / My Reply to the Attack

Exploiting the tragedy of child abuse – superlative example!
By Vindalf on February 22, 2014
Format: Paperback
Rabbit Hole by David Shurter, is the best example of someone heartlessly exploiting the tragic topic of child abuse for their own self-promotion that I have ever seen. Everyone should read this book, or at least the free sample chapter available online, to learn what someone falsely claiming to care about sexually abused children sounds like in their own words. In chapter 8 of this book, “The Unraveling Begins”, David Shurter defends two of the most heinous convicted child sex abusers in Omaha’s history – his old friends Walt Carlson and Mark Andersen. Shurter dismisses the charges of crimes against children which led to these men’s convictions as “ridiculous”. Shurter dismisses the disclosures and testimony of the prepubescent child victims as “no real evidence”. Shurter slanders some of the victims & their families, claiming that the children’s disclosures were part of an extortion plot against Andersen orchestrated by the parents, and falsely states that this supposed extortion plot was verified during Andersen’s trial.

This is an example of the concentrated attack that I am speaking about that is happening on Amazon- but since Vindalf and I have crossed paths before- I figure that it is okay that I use him as an example of the misinformation that is a part of this mess. So this is the truth of this situation…

Nothing in Omaha at the time Franklin Credit Union broke out was what it seemed as there was a concentrated effort to distort and misdirect from the true story that was happening in Omaha, Nebraska at the time. At the time of these allegations from the “child victims” of this situation came from boys here were around 18 years of age- and they were, in fact, hustlers that sold themselves around the area in town called the Run. The allegations consisted of things that were suppose to happen when they were 11= but when it got reported and went to court was MUCH LATER. I knew these boys- there were well known in the Baer circles- and I think that the TIMING of this situation was what makes me ask if it was real or not.

Defending criminals? How about this for you. In my book- MUCH WORSE THAN MARK AND WALT- I also question the truth about serial killer Jon Jubert- the Offett Air Force guy that got busted killing two paperboys here in Omaha. You see- there had been murders= the exact same way that his two victims were murdered- that WELL PROCEEDED Jubert being transferred to Omaha. The case of Ricky Chaddick being one of them. So that means I am questioning the guilt of Jubert- a condemned and executed “child murderer” whose case containing of two murdered Omaha World Herald newspaper boys adequately deflected the public from three Des Moines Registrar newspaper boys in West Des Moines, Iowa- one of whom was Johnny Gosch. The three boys who had been abducted in the state next door- two hours away from Omaha, in the proceeding year and a half. Jubert’s conviction was also in the SAME WEEK as Franklin hit the local tv stations with Alecia Owen, Troy Boner, and Paul Bonnaci- Bonnaci- who had an unbelievable act to distract from the satanism going on in Omaha with his whole DID crazy act, which was the SAME WEEK that Mark and Walt were found guilty of child abuse, and was also the the SAME WEEK that my best friend David Klotz was murdered for being a Baer boy- All of which were in the SAME WEEK that John Jubert was found guilty of child murder. Wow- quite a week- and what an amazing amount of coincidence that this all happened AT THE SAME TIME, THE SAME WEEK, ON LOCAL NEWS? It was pretty much almost like it was instrumented- and I have the contention that it was- IT MOST DEFINITELY WAS.

No one in this mess is who they say they are- and those who are supposedly fighting the good fight quite the person they say they are. When I contacted the investigators involved with the Franklin mess I was dismayed when John DeCamp shied away= only agreeing to meet me AFTER Noreen Gosch (Johnny’s mother) and I agreed to meet for lunch. Nebraska Congressman Ernie Chambers on spoke to me twice- the first time after listening to me telling me to “drop it” or that “they would commit me, dope me up and throw me off the roof of the building, calling it a suicide.” The second time he greeted me with an angry tirade about how he had his own issues to contend with and that he couldn’t deal with mine- where after I told him that he was a “sell out” and when he actually “WANTED TO DO SOMETHING FOR THE PUBLIC- to get a hold of me”. I have discovered that everything connected with this mess is a smoke and mirror- and it is so heavily infiltrated with the “bad guys” that it is doubtful that the truth will ever get out into public consciousness.

Things in Omaha were controlled by the rich and powerful- and there is a huge secret= much bigger than I ever imagined- and I personally think that until it is looked at it is a huge black hole on life events and life in general. I am NOT just placing myself inside of a situation- and in fact- as much as the PP Squad would like to assert- the whole thing is NOT EVEN ABOUT ME. I just have one place in it and am willing to talk openly and publicly about it whereas most who have a place in it just wish it was all over. I figure one man standing on a rooftop can increase and promote public discourse about the events- and so that is where I have placeed myself in order to get all of this mess looked at.

Are Walt and Mark guilty- I have no idea. However- about the allegations that the sex parties were happening at Walt’s house are ridiculous- considering he lived in his 70 year old parents basement- and the things that came out in trial about the family first trying to extort money out of Mark was well known in those circles as it was on the news at the time. Most of those who have had the most to say- such as anonymous trolls like Gordon on Amazon- haven’t even read the book- which tells me that since people like Vindalf= who left this review- are working in conjunction with other internet trolls to try and do what they can to downplay and contort the facts of Franklin once again- only this time online. However- I stand by what I say- and actually- not reading Rabbit Hole and still arguing about it is kinda lazy as I have the unedited version on my website at, so anyone who wants to read it may do so for free now. It isn’t the one that got nominated for book of the year- but it is 30,000 words more of info and insight that was taken out of it before it got published.

Vindalf has reviewed on four books- and all of them are connected to me or my case- and every one has a one star rating but mine- which I believe he gave me 5 stars in hopes that his review would hit the top of my ratings- allowing his review to be picked up and promoted as the most helpful. It is common of the games I have had to endure on the site with this small group of very effective game players. Below is the link for the reviews- so that one can check out what I have just said for them self.

This is Vindalf’s page on Amazon showing the reviews I am speaking about…

Reviewed Rabbit Hole: A Satanic Ritual Abuse Survivor’s Story by David Shurter : “Exploiting the tragedy of child abuse – superlative example!”

Reviewed Twenty-Two Faces by Judy Byington : “misinformation spoils it”

Reviewed The Franklin Scandal: A Story of Powerbrokers, Child Abuse & Betrayal … by Nick Bryant : “Disappointed”

Reviewed The Franklin Cover-up: Child Abuse, Satanism, and Murder in Nebraska by John W. DeCamp : “Petty Vengeance”.

Living in the End Times- Could It Also Be New Beginnings?

A new day is being herald in and whether that be a good thing or bad is philosophical at this point as it is coming upon us regardless. Some say that these are the end times- and that we are all doomed to fail as societies tip over but I worry that this has become some sort of self fulfilling mantra that is focusing us on accepting a fractured and broken future by way of capacitive aggressiveness that is passive as well as explosive at times. Times are what we make of them- and by way of the rules of Law of Attraction- we bring to ourselves that which defines us as individuals- be that chaos or peace. If we are negative, it will influence our sight to see that which is negative to help manifest what we believe to become true. Same as true with peace and tranquility. With Buddha in mind, it isn’t that the way of life will get easier or harder- rather it is our perspective to those positive things in life that brings the gift of abundance, and the gratitude we show for what we already have. We draw to ourselves that which we have in mind, and generally will speak out loud what we have inside our heads- so it is a cycle that can either be fed through apathy and weakness, or focused and maintained with a sense of gratefulness and acceptance with a focus on perceptions to that which happens around us.

That does not mean that injustice and focus on the negative is ignored- as we are all experiencing the repercussions of a world that is failing morally and spiritually. Glorifying all the things that are ripping our consciousness and character apart- this “anything goes” mentality is unhealthy and, although there are those who would argue against me- is nothing more than a slow boiling ride into damnation as our myths of mankind are taken and perverted so that good is bad and bad is good. The Devil- and the deep rooted mythology withstanding as a champion of lies and chaos, celebrating and glorifying through a statue of Baphomet with two children giving adoration to the Devil in Oklahoma City, is basically an abomination to those of us who have gone through the depths of hell and had to fight to get to the other side all our lives as a result. It is mocking those who have suffered at the hands of those people who have worshiped the Dark side and all that dwells within it while promoting a lie all in an of itself. Those who involve children in the dark for dark purposes are doing nothing more than manifesting to help further manifest bringing out the darkness in the victims as they generally begin the journey of re victimization afterwards- if not on ourselves then on others. As such- it takes a huge amount of refocusing and maintaining a positive focus on life and that things will work out if we let God and and the Universe help us help ourselves become better than we are today.

This does not include a hedonistic, narcissist based, accentuated greed focused reality we have made thus far. That means being our brother’s keeper- and helping each other when we can with no compunctions about payback while we help. This, on the other hand, does involve each of us to become grateful as God loves a happy giver- thus directing us to give of our time and such to others in society who also need and are looking for the direction to help each other. This MUST happen- in my opinion, or we will actually be doomed- as times appear to be getting much rougher and in the end- we will all need each other to make it through the changes that, inflicted upon ourselves or not- seem to be ripping the fabric of society in such a way that everything is going to hell. There are a certain group of people who would argue with me- and say that I am being an alarmist- but really- watching things deteriorate as much as they have regarding social morays and good conduct in the recent years, I have become to realize how pervasive dark thinking is in all of our lives, and how trained we have been to focus on the negative instead of the positive. This is feeding the belief that our lives have no hope but to turn into some mad max/terminator/big brother Illuminati controlled mind set like we are some sort of brainless sheep who can be herded as such. Cry against this all we’d like- the proof is in the pudding- and our actions speak louder than our words.

I am not sure why I felt the need to write this down this morning, but oh well. I will get off my soapbox now. But before I go- let me reiterate that focusing on the Devil is bad, fundamentally it goes against all the ancient myths we have grown up under the influence of since the beginning of our species. Normalizing or gratifying in any way the Dark helps manifest more dark- while saying that it is okay to our children- and we are at such a tee tottering point in time that on push one way or the other is going to to have that much more influence on the future- and we all, as a society, must make a stand for what we believe in before we are lost in some sort of ambiguous world where anything goes and nothing is wrong with championing the evil that exists today in our world.

Targeted Individuals as Perps

This past Sunday- while my ex roommate James Lico new roommate was over here “mending bridges” with me- James Lico was instant messaging my older sister on Facebook- giving her a link to click on so that she could listen to Renata Murray’s Sunday Talkshoe show.

Funny- James Lico has written a lot of disparaging things about me- accusing me of “elder abuse” while demanding to come back and live in my house. James was sent to me by Renata Murray- who, although I am not racist at all- fits the stereotype of a loud mouth opinionated uneducated black woman to a tee. Involving herself with people she has never met- from what I understand she has had quite a bit to say about me on her show. Funny- both Renata and James Lico’s roommate and I once called themselves my friends- but when I no longer fit the parameters of what they wanted from me- turned on me like jackals to cause as many issues as they could for me.

My sis has absolutely no interest in James Lico- as she has talked to him on the phone and believes he is psychotic. I lived with the man and had to turn in his arsenal of guns and loaded magazines to the police after he was making threats about my neighbors- who he was convinced were secret CIA agents inundating him with secret microwave weapons in order to hurt him and make him into some sort of Manchurian candidate remotely. My sis refers to the as the “totally insane” community as they are convinced that everyone is out to get them. Renata spurs and encourages this type of thinking on her small talkshoe program every Sunday. She is effective in the brainwashing of the inept, I must say- but some of us- including myself- would rather she keep her big mouth out of our lives and think she would be better off trying to figure out how to stop her own perps rather than trying to solve the problems of everyone else- esp. as uneducated as she is. I bring her up because her name got mentioned several times when James Lico’s roommate came over last Sunday as James himself was trying to access my sister for whatever reason.

There ARE targeted individuals out there to be sure- but for the most part- esp. those on FFCHS, another Talkshoe show on Saturdays, as well as Renata’s call on Sunday- it consists of people like James Lico who just found the condition on the internet and then convinced himself that he was on of the chosen. Most people are NOT that special- and James certainly isn’t.

I do not appreciate James trying to access my Twitter account, my Linked In account- and every other account he has tried to access in the past couple months. For being a targeted individual- he certainly knows how to target others- but then I think that he is being coached by Renata- who was a proud member of FFCHS (Freedom from covert harassment and surveillance). All of these programs are a joke- and generally just want info or- like FFCHS- money- from the people they supposedly serve. Me- I want nothing to do with the drama. James Lico- if he wants his guns back- should go to the police who refuse to give them back to him- and not to me or my sis- who both think he is loony tunes. As far as his little group- they can go on and talk all they want- but from what I know they have their own issues and I am far from being one for them in comparison. I wish they would leave me alone- and crawl back under whatever T.I. rock they crawled out from under.

Stories About the Mass Graves of Poor Children Around the World.

More Conversations on Amazon with Gordon As He Gets them Deleted

In reply to your post on Aug 6, 2014 7:14:35 AM PDT
Gordon_bydand says:
You’re the one who makes accusations, liar. I have facts. Facts about this book that “SRA” pushers (aka liars) like you can’t answer, which is why you resort to accusations.

Last edited by you 5 hours ago
LoessJedi says:
and getting my replies deleted so that only your accusations stand is deceptive at best. If I was such a liar- why not let what I say stand so that others could see what a “liar” I am. But that isn’t your style. You want the last and only word- hoping that people will believe your nasty opinions.

Your post, in reply to an earlier post on Aug 6, 2014 7:44:55 AM PDT
LoessJedi says:

The Campaign to Bully Authors on Amazon who Talk About Surviving Satanic Ritual Abuse

In reply to your post on Aug 6, 2014 8:38:58 AM PDT
Gordon_bydand says:
It’s not deceptive in the slightest. It’s about ENDING deceptions like yours. Your lies and insults and irrelevancies should be deleted, and there is nothing wrong with reporting them.

In reply to your post on Aug 6, 2014 8:40:00 AM PDT
Gordon_bydand says:
I wonder if this post will say anything about the campaign to bully reviewers on Amazon who call attention to the lies of “satanic ritual abuse”. Somehow I doubt it.

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LoessJedi says:
one of the most important parts of the woo woo tactic (look it up on line) is to constantly call your opponent a liar when you can’t argue them down to silence. This has been WIDELY used in just the past three pages alone. In fact almost every post that isn’t mine uses this tactic. Then – at least on Amazon- report them over and over and get them taken down so only one side’s accusations stand- while all defensive remarks go to the wayside.

One Troll Attack on Judy Byington’s book 22 Faces on Amazon

In reply to your post on Aug 6, 2014 12:59:45 PM PDT
Gordon_bydand says:
Or maybe it’s because YOU LIE CONSTANTLY. About me, yourself, the book which you never read, everything.

So, why do you think so many of your posts get taken down?

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LoessJedi says:
I could argue yours get taken down quite a bit as well. Complain five times about a post and it gets taken down automatically.

You are deceptive. and a game player. and correct me if I am wrong- but the review that is at the top of the list is mine- and I said I didn’t read the book at the time. It is entitled Judy Byington- As a Person- Rocks

In reply to your post on Aug 6, 2014 1:09:17 PM PDT
Gordon_bydand says:
Yeah, you didn’t answer the question. Why do you think so many of your posts get taken down?

I deceive no one. Nor am I a “game player”, whatever that means. Another scare word, I suppose.

Your post, in reply to an earlier post on Aug 6, 2014 1:13:36 PM PDT
LoessJedi says:
because you and your group complain about them constantly. that is why they get taken down. As you said- you complain about them. Me- I like people to be able to see the WHOLE conversation. It just seems more honest to me. Let people decide for themselves what is true or not. It isn’t my job to alter the info to try and manipulate what they think. I believe people are more intelligent than you do obviously.

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Gordon_bydand says:
Golden mean fallacy. The assumption that both sides deserve to be heard. Creationists and proponents of “Intelligent Design” are fond of it for the very same reason you are. Also, still no group. And I’m pretty sure Amazon doesn’t work that way; if it gets taken down, an admin thinks it violated a rule somewhere.

And don’t get sanctimonious about letting people “see the WHOLE conversation”. How many comments do you permit on your blog? None?

“correct me if I am wrong- but the review that is at the top of the list is mine”
You are wrong. The one at the top of the list is from your ex-cohort Goodwin. Yours is #30.

Your post, in reply to an earlier post on Aug 6, 2014 1:27:31 PM PDT
LoessJedi says:
mine is the most helpful critical review. anyone can check on it for themselves.

funny- you argue pedophiles, Nazis and satanists all have rights but me- i dont have the right to defend myself. interesting. of course all this is going up on my blog .

Your post, in reply to an earlier post on Aug 6, 2014 1:29:19 PM PDT
LoessJedi says:
it is middle of the day and i have 390 hits so far. so people must be finding all of this interesting. think that many people have been in here today? lol

In reply to your post on Aug 6, 2014 1:30:51 PM PDT
Gordon_bydand says:
Funny, I don’t recall saying anything about what rights you do or don’t have. However, I must remind you that, despite one of your more bizarre theories, Amazon isn’t a part of the government, so is perfectly free to censure anyone they feel like.

Your post, in reply to an earlier post on Aug 6, 2014 1:32:32 PM PDT
LoessJedi says:

my review on amazon for 22 faces

In reply to your post on Aug 6, 2014 1:32:47 PM PDT
Gordon_bydand says:
Appeal to popularity. Fallacy. Plus, don’t you rant all the time about how I or anyone else can come here (a major shopping site) in the middle of the day? But I guess it’s okay when they’re reading some random guy’s conspiracy theory blog…

In reply to your post on Aug 6, 2014 1:34:30 PM PDT
Gordon_bydand says:
My review on Amazon for 22 Faces:

Unlike yours, I actually talk about the book! Amazing, I know.

Your post, in reply to an earlier post on Aug 6, 2014 1:34:57 PM PDT
LoessJedi says:
they aren’t censoring- like you said- you are complaining to them. and you obviously dont believe I have rights- and that people are too dumb to make up their own minds. your actions speak louder than words.

my review for 22 faces

Your post, in reply to an earlier post on Aug 6, 2014 1:35:42 PM PDT
LoessJedi says:
your all that dude. lol.

Your post, in reply to an earlier post on Aug 6, 2014 1:36:43 PM PDT
LoessJedi says:
i talk about you dude and how you say you are working a job yet are in here all day. I was speaking about you and you alone.

In reply to your post on Aug 6, 2014 1:37:33 PM PDT
Gordon_bydand says:
I should start keeping a list of words you don’t understand. Like ‘censure’ and ‘rights’. I think people deserve not to be lied to by charlatans and predators like Byington, Goodwin, and you.

In reply to your post on Aug 6, 2014 1:39:59 PM PDT
Gordon_bydand says:
So you admit you have two standards, one for whoever agrees with you, and one for whoever does not. More of your confirmation bias.

Your post, in reply to an earlier post on Aug 6, 2014 1:40:55 PM PDT
LoessJedi says:
lol- basically because you think you are smarter than everyone and they are too dumb to know the difference- isn’t that correct?

In reply to your post on Aug 6, 2014 1:42:15 PM PDT
Gordon_bydand says:
No. It’s not. It’s because I think people deserve not to be lied to by charlatans and predators like Byington, Goodwin, and you.

Your post, in reply to an earlier post on Aug 6, 2014 1:42:29 PM PDT
LoessJedi says:
no- but you like to censure anything you dont agree with. thus you try to get all of my replies to your bs removed. I don’t agree with that. and i think that people are way smarter than you give them credit for.

Your post, in reply to an earlier post on Aug 6, 2014 1:44:52 PM PDT
LoessJedi says:
well i am sure there is one or two who appreciate your efforts to protect them from their own stupidity.

Your post, in reply to an earlier post on Aug 6, 2014 1:51:52 PM PDT
LoessJedi says: More Conversations on Amazon with Gordon As He Gets them Deleted

In reply to your post on Aug 6, 2014 1:48:54 PM PDT
Gordon_bydand says:
Yes, I’m sure the tinfoil hat brigade will enjoy your lies.

Your post, in reply to an earlier post on Aug 6, 2014 1:53:12 PM PDT
LoessJedi says:
lol- again you show how little repsect you have for the public. it is actually really sad. If they don’t believe you they are stupid. but then you are a deceptive little snot.