Regarding Noreen Gosch- Mother of abducted child Johnny Gosch- and the MSNBC Video “Missing Johnny”

In the MSNBC show “Missing Johnny”, there is a clip of the three families together in a room. The other two sets of parents are shown first- crying. Their pain is almost palatable. Then they show John and Noreen. John leans over and says something to Noreen, and she laughs. This is in the SAME room at the SAME exact time. I found this to be telling. What kind of parents sit in a room with others crying about their lost children and laugh? Noreen has accused John of selling Johnny for many years- but judging by her reaction on MSNBC, she was not as torn up about losing her son as the other parents. You don’t have to take my word for it. It is on MSNBC. Also- she claims that her son came and saw her at 27- and says she knows it was him because it she knows her own son. So my question is- was the man who came to see her Jeff Gannon? Cause she wanted him to take a DNA test, claiming HE could be her son. Noreen is NOT the person she presents herself as publicly, and anyone who researches this can see that.

—An Addition–
I have had a couple people who have written me and told me I am completely off base for this post and I would like to answer them.

First off, what I have said can be SEEN on the MSNBC video, which I had ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with. I was told that pointing this out would backfire on me- but I am just telling the truth on what can be seen on the video.

I also had it suggested that they laughed to “throw off the bad guys”. So laughing in the same room as two other devastated parents was their reasoning? Exactly how this “throws anyone off” is beyond me.

Noreen and I have a long and sordid history. She herself told me that my father called her speaking about committing “crimes against children” and that he had “skeletons in his closet”, but told me she didn’t know who it was until I came along. I believe it was this reason that my stepmother, Joanne C. Shurter, began taking the phone off the hook. My father was too weak to go downstairs, and I think he was scared that he was trying to come clean- so she devised this tactic to prevent him from calling anyone. It was because of this that my father laid on the floor for six hours after he fell- as he was unable to call anyone to help him. My father was coming clean- and my stepmother did everything she could to prevent this.

Also- Noreen continuously called my sister late in the evenings- after she took her Ambien- to grill her about what she knew about my families past. Later on she denied ever doing this- but I believe my sister, who was on top of me to try and get her to quit. Funny that she never mentions anything that she learned from my sis or myself- and has gone out of her way to discredit me and my family. For someone seeking answers to her son’s disappearance, she doesn’t seem all that interested in anyone’s help other than Paul Bonnaci.

It has been my experience that those who have been the most public about the things concerning Omaha are not anything like what they present themselves to be. There are many people who just unquestionably accept what Noreen Gosch has to say- that her son came and visited her at 27, that her ex husband ran around with a Noreen Gosch “look alike” in order to dupe people into thinking it was her- not to mention the whole Jeff Gannon BS. And the fact that she has gone out of her way to connect her son’s disappearance in West Des Moines Iowa with everything that was happening in Omaha Nebraska is incredibly telling.

Oh- and at the end of the MSNBC show- the “captain” they mention who supposedly bought Johnny Gosch- is none other than Michael Aquino. The nickname “Captain” was his- although their is no mention of who is actual identity is on the MSNBC show. This, of course, comes from Paul Bonnaci- who is SOLELY RESPONSIBLE for having a grand jury dismiss EVERY ALLEGATION OF CHILD ABUSE concerning Omaha. This “hoax” originated with him. A simple look at the history will show this. But people are just suppose to glorify a convicted pedophile as telling the absolute truth.

And John DeCamp- Noreen’s champion- was also intimately involved in investigating the Oklahoma City bombing and the Columbine shooting. Although this man has come out publicly and claimed that everything I am saying is the truth, I don’t trust this man any further than I can spit. The group surrounding Noreen is questionable at best- and I am not going to jump on the Noreen Gosch bandwagon just because she claims she is a victim. She has claimed for years that her ex husband John Gosch SOLD their son. I see no reason why it can’t be considered that BOTH OF THEM may have been involved. My allegiance is too finding out the truth- not glorifying the personalities that are involved with the situation. If some have an issue with this- it is YOUR problem, not mine.

There are TWO Boystowns, One in Omaha and One in Australia- BOTH had the Same Sexual Abuse Issues Going On

What is amazing to me that the priest accused of abuse had the audacity to tell one of his victims to his face that he had “false memories”. It seems that this doesn’t go over well when said face to face to the victims. Funny how the “false memory” crap deals ONLY primarily with memories of childhood sexual abuse. Anyone who has memories of being sexually abused as children are claimed to be suffering from false memories. Funny no one has false memories of anything good. If they are so easily to implant into people’s heads – why are aren’t there any cases of GOOD memories being implanted into people’s heads? Interesting.

According to What I Was Taught As a Child- 2015 is the Year

When I was a child, my “handlers” often spoke of the future and the upcoming war with Heaven that was suppose to take place. This was a time when the powers that be intended to subjugate mankind and take over the world, claiming it for themselves. For years many believed that 2012 was the date- basing their predictions on the Mayan calendar but I was taught that it was 2013, 2014, and 2015 that were the actual years mankind would fall into ruin.

I have read that “millennial hysteria” is a natural phenomenon that effects mankind. When the world turned 1000, man thought that we were at the end and that Jesus was coming back. This was so prevalent that historically it was when Christianity took hold all over the world. However, this hysteria was parlayed when we turned 2000 because of the Mayan calender. This was anticipated, and I was taught that the few years after 2012 was when the world would sink into “end of the world” fantasies and that this would build for a few years after 2012. In fact, 2015 was when I was taught that things would really happen.

For much of my life, I dismissed this as I never believed that what I was being taught was possible. But seeing the world now, today, in 2015, I see that this push for a take over has become a reality. We live in a society that I never thought was possible, and it isn’t hard to see the reality of what I was taught as emerging today.

Christianity and faith in God is at an epidemic decline. Society seems to have lost faith in everything, esp. in God. Bible thumping politicians who are anything but followers of the teachings of Jesus have taken over and seem to be infecting constant hatred for our fellow man. The poor, disabled, and the down and out are now enemies of the state, and “being our brother’s keeper” has deteriorated into petty attacks and downright disdain for our fellow man. The wars America has waged for over 200 years with the rest of the world have come home to roost as we are now focused on waging wars with the black community, gays, atheists, and the poor- who are regarded as infectious in an increasingly Godless society. People in need who collect food stamps are the enemy of the State and are being blamed for our collapsing economy instead of focusing on the money we have spent with wars, bailing out banks, and giving constant tax breaks to corporations and the super rich. Gay people are being blamed for the moral decline of our society instead of the real culprits who give us hundreds of murders, rapes, and gross indiscretions hourly on our televisions and media outlets. All of this is, of course, a distraction from the real problems that face our society that are solely based on the greed the super rich are enveloped with. They want control of everything and will do what they can to keep us fighting ourselves so that we don’t focus on them and their need for global domination.

I was told that a war with Heaven was coming. I never really believed it, but looking around I see that I was wrong to dismiss it. The agenda is obvious, but the powers that be have stupefied our society to the point where we are unable to see what is glaringly before us. We are so busy fighting each other that very few of us are able to see what is happening, and those who do seem to be too paralyzed to do anything effectual to prevent what is coming. This has been planned for a long time and we have been led here intentionally. You don’t have to take my word for it as all one has to do is look back through our history to see the truth in this. Nothing happens in a vacuum. We are where we are as a world because our leaders have brought us here. Intentionally.

Just because you might not believe in God or a war with Heaven doesn’t negate that there are those, mostly who are in power, who do. They have done what they can to make the world ripe for a dark takeover, and they believe that they are the ones who will benefit from such an event. I was taught as a child that 2015 was the year that they would take things over, and that when they were done- they would not only control the world but everyone in it. More than that- they believed that mankind would be so downtrodden that no one could do anything about it. In my perception, this seems to be true- as those who are aware are unable to do anything but pray. Not that prayer doesn’t help- but more action is required for us to turn things around, as my fear is that if Jesus doesn’t fly out of the 5th dimension to save us- that we will end up being slaves to those who have brought us to the brink in the first place.

Satanists believe in the motto “Do as thou whilst” and that God has no power. In fact, most satanists will profess to be atheists. They believe in greed, in achieving personal power, and have little regard for their fellow man who are just considered fodder to be used to achieve their ambitions. They believe that mankind is too stupid and lazy to fight them and they see themselves as superior in every way. The modern day satanists- who are working to distribute their literature to school kids in Florida, erecting statues thumbing their nose at God and the Ten Commandments in Oklahoma, and arguing for the right to openly worship Satan in government proceedings today are a fine example of this attitude. They dismiss, demean, and attack anyone who would publicly stand against them, and do their best to convince society to disregard the victims of their abuse by calling them crazy, hysterical, or worse. They stand against everything Jesus taught and do what they can to thumb their noses at God’s commandments. Those who are poor, sick, or downtrodden are the way they are because they are too lazy and stupid to do anything else, and social Darwinism is promoted venomously. Looking at our politicians today and their attacks on these factions of society- it is hard to distinguish them from the satanists. It is obvious that their objectives are identical.

2015 is shaping up to be the definitive year that will dictate where we are going as a global society. Whether you believe that Jade Helm is just a military exercise or something much more sinister- it is undeniable that something is about to happen. The group that was behind my abuse as a child claimed this was the definitive time for their takeover. Looking at the world today- this is not as easy to dismiss as it once was, if not completely impossible. And contrary to popular belief, this is happening not because of the Muslims, the gays, the black community, foreigners, or the poor but because those who are behind the worlds incredibly flawed systems want it all, and they will do everything to promote our infighting to prevent us as a whole from doing anything about it. All that needs to happen to prevent this is for us to wake up enough to start working together to change this. However, this dark takeover will become inevitable if we blindly remain on the course that we are on.

The way is simple. Love God and love your fellow man. Compassionately stand up for both. Unless we do this as a whole, our path is set and the majority of us will suffer as a whole for it. Make this 2015 the year to do so. Because I assure you- the other side has already embraced this as their time.

How Satanism Is Used as a Smoke and Mirrors Concerning Child Abuse

Satanic Panic is a phrase many of us are all too aware of. The minute we think of it, we dismiss is as a debunked conspiracy theory about hundreds of children nationwide and their parents who were under this mass delusion that children were being abused in their preschools by a bunch of “well-connected” people who were using American children in a myriad of ways to make inordinate amounts of money for their personal gain. This all hit public scrutiny during the first Bush White House in the late 80’s early 90’s, and the phrase “satanic panic” was coined by the False Memory Syndrome Foundation who claimed that all of these events were part of “false memories” , another phrase they coined at the same time, which were being put into the heads of children and their parents by unscrupulous therapists and over reaching law enforcement and it was their contention that America had become involved in some sort of nation wide mass hysteria witch hunt that had caused a bunch of children and their parents to conspire to take a bunch of day cares down. Of course many of the children’s accusations of being sold for sex at their day cares at the time were inundated with talk of satanic covens and devil worship , so it became quite a hoopla and was eventuality blamed on the people of our nation watching too much television and reading too many novels about such things.

Satanism, and the talk of Satanism, has- for three decades now, been used to dismiss what was happening during the time. The minute your bring up children being sold and raped under the guise of satanic ritual abuse you can see people’s eyes glaze over, thus they don’t hear about the parts that consist of child sex trafficking, drug trafficking, and secret “mind control” projects where our leaders were torturing American children. It was during this time that some very wealthy men amassed a virtual fortune while everyone else was losing their shirts to the failed savings and loans that were crashing everywhere at the time. However, I believe that the Satanic aspect is included with all of this child exploitation on purpose, as a safeguard, knowing it could be used as a distraction to prevent the public from listening to the REAL stories of what was really going on at the time.

For thirty years now these claims have been dismissed by the use of the coined words “satanic panic” and “false memory” when the history of this, when looked at as a whole, seems like some sort of massive and aggressive media campaign in order to sway the American public into automatically dismissing the situation. However, Satanism was not involved with every victim’s story- although they all repeated sexual, physical, and psychological abuse ritually being administered by a large but concerted group of people. Still it was suggested that EACH AND EVERY ONE of the claims was wrapped up in mass hysteria of devil worshipers abusing children. One has to question why? I think it was an elaborate propaganda effort to quiet down and dismiss the fact that our children were being sold, tortured, used, and raped that resulted in making a small group of rich and well-connected people inordinately rich in the process. Men who had to be aware that if the devil worshiping aspect were in the mix, they could exploit it by using it to convince the public to immediately dismiss all of the claims while deflecting from the facts that secret illegal money making operations were happening on behest of our then President and the men who got him into office by secretly exploiting American children and the vibrant and healthy child sex trafficking operation that was suddenly blossoming, as well as using them in a well-known historically proven American government mind control torture experiment operation called MKUltra which was operating at the same time.

Yes, there is Satanism in my background, but for the longest time I thought it was just a scare tactic to keep the public in keeping their distance. People in Omaha talked,they still do, and considering how small the cow town of Omaha was back then, one can assume that it was pretty easy to get the gossip rolling. Devil worshipers and children sacrifice was so taboo that it was only spoken in hushed whispers or as topics of titillating private dinner conversation all over town. It wasn’t a secret although all anyone concerned themselves with was whether it was true or not. Omaha being as small as it was back then, everyone either knew of someone or had at least heard of the stories surrounding the satanic rituals in Hummel Park. All of the rest of the child sex and drug trafficking was lost in the focus as to whether there were really any baby eating Satan worshipers in Omaha. All of this hit the news in 1986, so it was well before the False Memory Syndrome Foundation and “satanic panic”. Even though many of the accusations were the same, Omaha’s events could not have, in any way, been effected by this so called “satanic panic” since it hadn’t occurred yet and wouldn’t for several years later. Actually, I believe the events that happened in Omaha was where the people involved in it all got the idea to focus the nation on outrageous and completely unbelievable stories of people eating babies while worshiping the Devil to deflect from the real truth of what was happening after discovering that it worked so well as a distraction before.

Did my abusers actually believe in Satan I cannot say. I know that I did and as a child I believed totally in everything they were doing. Children believe all sorts of things, but I haven’t found anyone who has experienced this type of abuse who wasn’t terrified into silence about their abuse because of it. It kept the children from talking and it made sure that if they did happen to talk they would never be believed. It has been incredibly effective in historically keeping all our nation’s history of child sex and drug trafficking quiet- simply by getting people to dismiss the situation from the very start. This was it’s main objective I believe and was the very reason why satanic ritual abuse was singularly pushed so hard by our government and their allies as a reason to dismiss the children’s claims of torture and rape.

Facts show that the False Memory Syndrome Foundation was connected not only to the CIA but groups advocating pedophilia like the United States National Man Boy Love Association (NAMBLA). Some of the main founding members were either embroiled with accusations of pedophilia with their own children or were publicly advocating sex with children in the media over seas. It was these very same people who coined the phrases “satanic panic” and “false memories”, both of which were used to invalidate the myriad of child victim’s claims of being horrifically abused in the public’s eye. Accusations that consisted of American children being auctioned, sold, tortured, and raped while at their day cares- (which, if you think about it- since the parents are usually working and therefore not around, presents an excellent and undeniable opportunity to do this kind of activity completely undiscovered.)

Satanic ritual abuse exists. Whether it is being directed by true believers in the devil or is actually a scare tactic to quiet the victims and distract the public, who knows. The thirty year history of the False Memory Foundation, however, shows that focusing solely on the satanic aspect of the claims has completely prevented any honest and real discourse on the fact that our nation’s, and world’s, problem with child sex trafficking which has reached epidemic proportions and it is this focus on our nation’s past history of the beginning of this problem that has been avoided, being solely focused on satanic ritual abuse, which has effectively prevented any discourse on the subject from happening publicly- even today. Whether or not they were true believers in Satan doesn’t matter and it doesn’t negate the fact that they used it as a way of deflecting and controlling the focus of public perception away from the truth that American children were being exploited for vast amounts of money. One thing that IS certain however in that it was my experience that all the men involved totally LOVED their money and all the money that was flowing from their illicit activities. They esp. loved the power that came as a result and were and, I believe, still are capable and willing of doing anything they need to keep their revenues pouring in. A public media war on the victims and their advocates was waged complete with claims of “satanic panic” and “false memories” used to discredit the children’s accusations and the use of every smoke and mirror tactic to distract from everything else that was venomously involved. And funny enough, it worked amazingly well and still does up to this day.

But my point is that Satanism wasn’t what it was really all about. It was way more about all the money that a group of men were making in the child sex and drug trafficking that was operating at the time. So when someone brings up something about satanic ritual abuse and find yourself instinctively rolling your eyes, you might want to consider that you are being controlled to do this and you might dig a little deeper in order to see it for what it really was/is- that being a extensive child sex and drug trafficking ring. Considering all of our troubles with human trafficking, esp. regarding children, and the billions that are being generated by a trade that is perniciously thriving today, it is logical to believe that this enterprise didn’t just suddenly descend out of nowhere and has had to have some serious time and effort involved into making it what it is today. When you consider this, what I have just said isn’t THAT so hard to believe. That is my opinion anyway.

Using What I Was Taught in the MKUltra Program

The MKUltra program is often considered a mind control experiment, where by assassins, human sex toys, and the like are programed. For me it was something different. I was “opened up” psychically, and much of my training as a child was focused on “remote viewing”, where I was taught I could mentally go to any place at any point in history and “see” what happened. Not only that, but I was taught I could influence events simply by concentrating on them. Whether or not this works is something I have never doubted, as I have, through my experiences, always believed that it was possible.

I speak about being possessed in my book “Rabbit Hole: A Satanic Ritual Abuse Survivor’s Story”, and helping that being cross over to be accepted by God. Dreaming of being possessed by a demon three consecutive days before my father died, and having no idea he was actually dying, this being “entered” me on in my 39th year of life. I ended up having a shamanic extractment that next evening, all of which I detailed in my book. All I can say about the experience is that it was very real to me, and although I was not sure if it was just because I was taught that it was going to happen as a kid that it was going to happen or not, I couldn’t, for the longest time, say for certain. All I can say is what I experienced, and what I did as a result.

The night before I turned 40 was a game changer for me. I wrote about waking up 5 times that night scared out of my mind from a dream I couldn’t remember. Finally I fell asleep with the intention of waking up in my dream. I found myself in the middle of a pentagram as a coven was trying to get me away from my body so that Uriel could take over, unaware of what I had done previously in that year. That morning I did a shamanic journey to check on Uriel, to see where he was. I found him trapped- bound by the very souls that had been sacrificed to him. After asking him to release those who had been murdered as a tribute to him, I saw a blinding light explode out of him and three gates open, where the “new Earth” could be seen in the distance, and a countless amount of souls appeared- gravitating towards those gates. Again- was this real or not I couldn’t prove one way or another. When I came back, the person who had did the drumming for me asked me where I had gone, as they had never heard their drum sound the way it did as they did the drumming. Was this proof of the validity of what I experienced? It was for me.

Later on, a few days before the tsunami in Indonesia, I did another journey where I found myself in a temple/palace where I believe my family resides on the other side. I was taken to a terrace by my dead sister, and when I went out on it- I saw millions of souls down below- who were cheering for me. Overwhelmed by the experience, I returned to myself and ended the journey. However, a few days later, after the tsunami hit, I decided to go back to ask for help in saving those who had died in the disaster. Suddenly I found myself in a huge cloud of souls who washed over the area like another huge wave, and I saw the dead transformed into light and rising up as stars into Heaven. It was one of the most beautiful and most profound journeys I have ever had. For a few weeks later, I was depressed as I really wanted to be one of those who went to Heaven, and didn’t understand why I couldn’t have been one of those souls and why I was stuck here. Later I realized that I could go back and forth at will, and that I was not really stuck here at all.

After the experience with Uriel, I spent the next year and a half going on constant shamanic journeys to find the “fallen” in order to help them back to God. I ascertained that the only way to combat those who had gained favor with these beings was to take away those who had supplied them with their power in the first place. Never once did God fail to lovingly receive those who many would call “demons”, and I was told that they had been doing the work of Heaven all along. Mankind was to be tested, and they were the ones who were in charge of that. However, I guess we reached a point where this work was done- and God and Heaven joyfully allowed all those beings to return back to Heaven.

I have taken some slack talking about this before from Christians who are hell bent in believing that there is some sort of “lake of fire” where Heaven planned to throw all of those who had gone against God in the past, but I feel this is not true. In all my shamanic work- never have I found such a place, and I have found God to be loving and compassionate- and totally forgiving. It is my contention that God is going to wait for the end of eternity for EVERY ONE of his flock to return- as such is the love God has for each and every one of us.
At one point in time, a few years back, I did a journey where I found myself in front of a cave, populated by the most powerful and incredible beings In Heaven. I was given a round disk and asked to break it, and so I did. Directly after I was told that a man was required to break one of the “seals” of Heaven. It was during this experience that I realized that the “Tribulation” was indeed happening, and that mankind was at the brink of an amazing, albeit terrifying, time in history. Again, was this real? I can’t prove it, but I believe it without a doubt.

I have been told that my shamanic practice is nothing more than witchcraft, and that I am acting as a puppet in some sort of satanic episode that I was programmed for as a child. To this I full heartedly scoff, as everything I have ever experienced on “the other side” has been nothing but filled with Love and Grace. Yes, I was taught these abilities as a child in the darkest of circumstances, but what we do with what we are taught is our choice- and I had come to the conclusion long ago that I was only going to focus on the Will of Heaven. Thus I have done what I can to facilitate that.

The Tribulation is NOT a time where Jesus is going to break from the fifth dimension to save us from what we are going through now- but rather a time where Heaven is going to bring us all back into the face of God. And trust me when I say that God, Heaven, and all the souls that reside there are real. I have interacted with this side on more occasions than I can recount, and I feel that all of Heaven is here with us now.

In the past few weeks, I have journeyed to the other side to ask everyone for help. One in particular, I went to the father, who resides in the light, the mother, who resides in the dark (which has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with Hell), the angels I helped cross over, and the souls who herald me on the terrace, (who have grown exponentially in numbers), and the angels who never fell- to ask them for help in these troubled days. Everyone I asked agreed to join in. It has been my experience that I have never been denied anything I have asked from Heaven, and I do not believe this is going to be the case now. It is my belief that we are in a time of miracles. And Heaven is behind all of those miracles.

You don’t have to believe me, and there are those of you who will undoubtedly claim that I am crazy, but it won’t change the truth. I was taught to do what I have done, and I have done it with a willing heart. Those who’s evil has persevered for so long are about to be contained, and the influence and power that they have held over the world for so long is coming to an end. There is nothing they can do to stop this- as no one is strong enough to fight the will of Heaven. I was taught as a child that life is energy and that this energy could be manipulated with the mind and will. What I learned later on is that what can truly direct this is the HEART. I have never doubted this- as I have seen it work time and time again. So I used what I was taught to try and enact the change that has been needed to heal the heart of man. The will of Heaven can be found in other places than just a book- as the Love that Jesus Christ spoke about- for God and our fellow man, flows around, thru, and in us constantly. This grace can be interacted with at any moment- as well as every moment- if we chose to do so. I have chosen to do just that.

I am going to continue with what I am doing, regardless of how evil some may think it is. “Satan” is not controlling or tricking me, nor am I controlled by those who taught me to do what I am able as a child. It took me years to realize that what I had been given was a gift from Heaven, and that I could use it to encourage love to change the world in which we live. Have no doubt however that I have been more than harsh to some who I feel deserve it. Heaven is not always kind, and thus neither am I. Those who go against the flow will be dealt with harshly, as I asked those who were controlled for so long to deal with those who manipulated them in the first place. They, having no love in their hearts for anyone but for themselves will be dealt a punishment that they will not be able to escape. This I have asked for, and have been assured that it will come to be so.

I just felt it was time to come clean, and to tell the truth as to what I have been doing so that people could know. I experienced what I did for a reason, and was taught to open myself up in a way that allowed me to influence Heaven and Earth in a way that many can’t, or won’t, understand. I am not responsible for any of this, nor will I take responsibility. All I know for certain is that what I was taught works- and that I have a choice on how to use what I was given. It may sound crazy to those who didn’t go through the training I did, and there are those who will say I am evil for using what I was taught, but none of these opinions are going to sway me from practicing what I know. I love God, I love all of Heaven, and I love mankind- but things cannot keep going the way they have- and it is about time that we, as a whole, learn this. As it is above- so shall it be below- and more than that- it is time. I am just dedicated to helping bring about this change. And so I am going to do everything I can to do so.

Yes, the Ring of Fire is real, and It Seems to be Heating Up

In the past few days, I have been amazed and disheartened about how many people don’t believe the Ring of Fire is real, or that it is just a line from a Johnny Cash song. The ignorance in this country is just appalling.

I have actually been told that the fact that Nepal has just had a huge earthquake, 7 volcanoes exploded within hours of each other, and the land mass that has formed off of Japan are just apocalyptic conspiracies fueled by the media. Of course- much of this is NOT being reported in the news. Nor is the fact that the super volcano in California, named the Long Valley Caldera volcano- has had over 3 dozen earthquakes in the past 24 hours. People are under this misconception that the only super volcano is in Yellow Stone national park, but in fact there are 6 worldwide- 3 of which reside in the United States. I know, I know- this isn’t written in the Bible so it obviously must not be true, but science says otherwise.

I believe that the Walmarts closing down south, and the Jade Helm martial law exercises that are also happening down south, may not be an evil plot by Obama and our government but rather an attempt to prepare for what they believe could happen as a result of the Ring of Fire heating up. If our government was just going to take over with martial law- why wouldn’t there be activity in the North as well? Why is it only focused on the South? Of course- if we had a natural disaster which trashed the North- this could explain why they are getting ready for disasters in the South, since everyone would have to leave the North and flee to the South.

For those of you who would like to educate yourselves on the Long Valley Caldero super volcano- you can go to the USGS website and read the info for yourself. Since this is NOT in the news, no one can say that it is just a false flag being pushed by our media.

Science teaches us that when the tectonic plates move in one area, they also move in others. So this earthquake that just happened in Nepal, due to the plates shifting, could most like happen in other areas as well. That is how the Earth works. The government, Obama, and the rich don’t have ANYTHING to do with it, and thinking that they are the only ones who can hurt mankind is folly.

As far as I can tell, the LA Times are the only ones reporting America could have such a problem. They are suggesting that California could be in store for a Nepal like earthquake soon. Of course, many in America think we are impervious to natural disasters as far as I can tell. However, some would disagree.

Some would suggest that man can’t possibly know if something like this could occur- but it seems that experts KNEW that the tragedy in Nepal was coming.

So maybe, just maybe- all of this preparation with the Walmart’s closing and the Jade Helm exercises are not some evil plot to take over America by the Illuminati- which MANY people are prone to believe, but rather an attempt to try and save American’s from an impending disaster. A disaster that scientific experts are sure is GONG to happen. But hell- what do they know?

As far as this being a media fueled conspiracy- it is telling that the media isn’t reporting ANYTHING about all of this. In fact- the biggest story right now is about Bruce Jenner. This is being kept quiet- but with a little bit of research, and letting go of our ignorance, this information IS available. You just have to look for it.

The Ring of Fire is heating up. The Earth is shifting and changing. And mankind, no matter how powerful we have convinced ourselves we are, will find ourselves at the mercy of these changes. The sad part about it is that no one cares, or even believes, in the science connected with this. It isn’t from stupidity but rather from ignorance. We CHOOSE not to know. But contrary to what we believe, our ignorance will not save us, any more than the people in Nepal were saved.

Why I, as a Gay Man, Decided to Join the Mormon Church

I have heard terrible things about the Mormon Church, and have often had people argue about me deciding to be baptized in the faith. I have been called a self loathing gay man because they assume the LDS church is homophobic, and generally have had so many misconceptions thrown at me that I have decided to talk about them here on my blog.

First off, the LDS church is NOT homophobic. Yes, it is true that they don’t recognize premarital sex, but that goes for straight people as much as it goes for gay people. They also believe that acting upon homosexual desires goes against the will of God. I am not sure how I feel about this one- and in fact I am conflicted in many ways about it, but that doesn’t mean that they are homophobic. It simply means that they believe what is written in the scriptures, and they live their lives accordingly. I have been gay for 48 years now, and honestly, there are many things I detest about the lifestyle. Although I believe there is nothing wrong fundamentally with being gay- I have come to the conclusion that the LIFESTYLE is completely unhealthy. I was all to happy to walk away from the life I was leading, and had made that choice long before I ever even considered becoming Mormon.

My church knows that I am gay. I told them way before I decided to join, and have never met anyone in the church who discredited me or hated me for my past. In fact it has been just the opposite. Many members have taken it upon themselves to ask me questions about being gay, and have been completely respectful and engaging in the process. Many people, Mormon’s and not, have questions about what it is like being gay, and I have been all to receptive to tell them my views on what it is like. However, I have always been treated with respect and have never felt judged by any of my fellow congregants.

Gay marriage is a hard one for me. Yes, I believe that those who wish to be joined together should be given that right. There is nothing more painful than being together for a lifetime just to be separated when one of you gets old or sick by family members who were disapproving of your relationship. This happens all to often, and it is wrong in so many ways. I am friends with many members of the church who have gay offspring, and I have never met anyone who loves their children any less for it. The position of the Church says that it can’t be recognized as a marriage, as they believe that marriage is only between a man and a woman- and that is difficult sometimes, but I am able to understand where they are coming from. Procreation is fundamental to marriage, and they believe that marriage is the correct way to do this. Gay people can’t have babies with each other unless they involve science or a third party. But as much as I feel myself conflicted by the church’s stance, I can’t say that I am angry over their position. They are working with what they believe, and I simply can not fault them for that. Having been married as a gay man, I can say that it is something I will never do again. Not that I believe what I did was against God, but rather I found that marriage, for me, was one of the most painfully binding experiences I have ever had to endure. Personally, I don’t believe in marriage. I have my reasons why- and don’t wish to go through it again. It is just my personal stance for myself, and I feel no need to argue about it.

Survivors have often come to me and claimed that there are bad people in the church, and to this I can not argue. It has been my experience that that there are bad people everywhere. However, I can not and will not say that the Mormon church is bad. A dear friend of mine who is Mormon, has a son that was sexually molested by a member of the LDS church. She told me that was happened was between this man and her son, and expressed her belief that it was not representative nor indicative of the church itself. It isn’t common, but it happens. And just as I would tell a Catholic individual not to judge their church by the actions of a few, nor can I judge the LDS church. People are individuals, and just because they are one thing or another doesn’t mean their actions represent any group as a whole. She is still involved in the church, and her life has been blessed because of her involvement. She is still active in the church for the same reason that I have decided to stay involved, in that it has encouraged her to be a better person. I have found the same.

I have researched a lot of church’s in my life, and the dedication to their responsibility to the community that Mormon’s feel is, in my opinion, unparalleled to any other. Mormon’s not only care about the world around them but they actively engage with that world- with Mormon’s and non Mormon alike. They, as a whole, care about ALL the people in our world, and they actively express this in all that they do. I feel as if God guided me to this church, and I am and always will be eternally grateful.

It is true that, at this point, I do not have a strong testimony concerning Joseph Smith. I can not say how I feel about the fact that he saw God and Jesus, as I was not there. But I will say that I have read much of the Mormon bible and have come to the conclusion that I couldn’t have written such a work. I can also say with complete conviction that I have not been able to argue with one thing that I have read. It is like the story of Jesus. If you take the fact out that he was the son of God, and you simply read what the man said- I have never found anyone who could argue with what he taught. People can fight about the church, they can argue about some Christian’s behavior, but the specifics of what Jesus taught- that we are to love God and love our fellow man is undeniable. What he taught works, and in doing so, it changes a person for the better. Living the truth of what Jesus spoke about makes us more compassionate and caring as individuals. It is this reason why I joined the LDS church, because in many ways, it encourages me to be a better person and live a life more fulfilling than what I have done in the past. The lessons taught in the Mormon bible directly mirror what I have read in the Bible itself, and it helps me focus on being better that I am today.

I can not argue with everything that has been presented to me defaming the church, not because it is true but because I simply don’t know enough. However, I do not think that the LDS church is a cult, and I do believe that it encourages it’s members to be more than what they are now. It gives me comfort, and considering that I have had so little comfort in my 48 years, it is the whole reason why I have stayed a member. Contrary to what some claim, the church does NOT condone polygamy, and it does NOT subjugate women. In fact, the whole reason why polygamy was allowed in the past was to help PROTECT women, who were unable to legally claim property. Back then, there were many men who died, and the church allowed polygamy- not for sexual reasons, but because, unless a man married them, the women were unable to retain their houses and land, and thus they and their children were thrown to the wind. The church strives to protect and promote people- men, women, and children alike, and this is yet another example of their conviction to the responsibility they feel to help their fellow human beings.

I can not argue every stance the church holds, because, like I have said, I simply do not know enough. But the respect and love that they have shown for not only me- but all those who come to them, has been undeniable. It is this reason that I stay. Remaining single and not involving myself in the gay lifestyle is not indicative of any hatred I feel for myself but rather just the opposite. After all, what is one life to live for God? The LDS faith teaches that God loves me, and although there are rules, they were always upfront and completely open about what those rules are. I have taken a lot of comfort in that direction, and I have been blessed as a result. It doesn’t mean that I am going to marry a woman, or embrace the straight lifestyle. It wouldn’t be fair to me or any woman in which I would become involved with. Although the question has been posed to me, I have never received condemnation for refusing. In fact, I have always been met with compassion and understanding. God loves all of us, and Mormon’s are the first to tell you that, even with our many failings. And they are focused on this fact, not just for themselves but for everyone else as well. The church gives me hope, something that far to many people in my life have tried to deny me, and it is this reason I remain.

I am happy to call myself a Mormon. And I am happy to be involved in the church. I have a LONG WAY to go to become worthy, in my opinion, but the fact that the church understands this and I am still loved by my fellow congregants assures me that it is not an unattainable goal. To any of you who are searching for love and comfort, I encourage you to look into the LDS church. Read the Mormon bible with an open mind and search your heart to see how you feel about what you read. If you take the time to listen, it has been my personal experience that God will answer you. I did this very thing, and, in the end, I came to the conclusion that not only was I searching desperately for love, but that I was deserving of the love I lacked. It was through my participation with the LDS church that confirmed this. Joining changed me, and in turn, my life changed. And though there are those who would do their best to deny me this opportunity, I feel that Heaven disagrees with their convictions. And so, even as a gay man who is compelled by the church and God not to act upon my desires, I stay with the Mormon’s, because simply they opened my eyes to a life I never thought was available to me. And for that, I will be eternally grateful.

Some Revelations About the Truth Concerning My Family and Our Nazi Connections

My sister just recently did a genetic testing called 23andMe, and some interesting things have come from the genealogy that came as a result of it.

First of all- there is not ONE OUNCE of Jewish blood in my family, other than my grandmother’s family married into the Jewish clan. In fact, not only are we not connected to the Jewish faith, but my grandmother Shurter’s family is laden with Nazi war criminals who were prosecuted after World War II. In other words, my family did their best to destroy the Jews, rather than being a part of them. All of our lives we have been lied too- and now that the truth has come out- it is understandable why that was the case.

My sister also discovered that our father was REALLY her father. The two of us have lived under a lie that our father had a vasectomy, and that we couldn’t possibly be our father’s children- (although our two half siblings that came after us never faced the same distinction), but my sister’s genetic test showed that this is yet one more lie we were told. She has since felt vindicated. Me, I am not really that concerned, as it is no great distinction to be my father’s son.

My mother was adopted, and so it is hard to find out anything about her and her family. Coming to the conclusion that she was part of the orphan train, one thing did come out in that we are primarily Irish. Irish and German. Of course, considering that our German heritage is connected with a bunch of Nazi’s, I won’t be boasting about that connection any time in the near future.

The other result of our genealogy is that we DO NOT originate from great wealth. My ancestors married into wealth, and much like our stepmother did, we simply coveted that wealth for ourselves. In fact, our ancestors were dirt poor and pretty much came from the wrong side of the tracks, so to speak. We simply ingratiated ourselves into others lives and stole their money and prestige. Liars and thieves basically make up the lot of my ancestors, as well as murderous Nazi’s. Completely contrary to what our Aunt Sandy claimed when she supposedly did our family’s genealogy.

I plan on having the genetic test done on myself as well. The male genome says much more than the female one does, and my sister is pushing me to have the test done so that we can learn more about our heritage. My father’s family can say what they want- but the science is pretty sound and the results are pretty conclusive, so I guess it is their word over science. However, I have been vaccinated with the results thus far. It certainly has cleared up many misconceptions I was raised with as a child. In fact, not surprisingly, it seems everything I was told about my ancestors is a lie. Told by people who are desperate to appear to be something other than what they are.

So the Shurter side of the family were liars, thieves, and Jew killers. Wow, that is something to be proud of. Not all of us were bad- but there are plenty of us that were. And all this was discovered simply by a genetic test. Genealogy certainly can clear up misconceptions, esp. when it is based on science. Of course it wasn’t necessary to tell me the despicable history of my ancestral past. Living with this lot of liars pretty much helps one conclude this, but it sure is nice to have science back up what I already suspected in the first place.

(This is primarily based on my Grandfather Shurter’s side, on the Rathbun side. This does not include the Higgen’s side, which our family, on the Rathbun side, married into- who were from Ireland and wealthy. On my Grandmother Shurter’s side- there were Fleishman and Kennys. However- our genetics show that we don’t have even one drop of Jewish blood in our heritage.)

Clarification by My Sister Kathy

Like usual I like to point out when I am wrong so I asked my sis to send me a note for clarification. This is her email…

Hi David!

I wanted to respond to several of the points that you made in your post today, and I also want to correct a few things.

I decided to have genetic testing done because one of my sons is really interested in genetics. He was researching his family tree, and there was not much that I could tell him. First of all, I was always told that I was not Dad’s biological child. Secondly, since Mom was adopted, I really wanted to find her family. So, off I went to get the info from When the information came back, I was truly surprised. I found out that I am indeed Dad’s child. Also, I found a first cousin on Mom’s side (though her family still largely remains a mystery because he was also given up for adoption).

With regards to Dad’s family, it was actually a very mixed bag. On the Rathbone side, there are Civil war heroes, abolitionists, and there are some outright despicable characters. I guess this is true in most people’s family trees. I was surprised to find out about the Higgins family since I really had only heard about the Rathbones in the past (Rathbun). I was also always told that our paternal grandmother had Jewish blood (Aschkenazi sp?) , but my genetics came back as 100% European (mostly Irish and English, but also French/German). However, Grandmother Shurter’s mother was from Saxony, Germany and her father was from Ireland. When my son was researching her background, he found that our great grandmother’s extended family was involved as war criminals in Germany. However, our great grandmother on Grandmother Shurter’s side came to the USA around the turn of the last century. She had no direct involvement in all of that (since she was in the USA), but much of the information differs greatly from all that I have learned from genetics testing and actual historical records. It’s interesting because if you go on, you can find actual photographs of some of these people (even the Higgins and Rathbun family). Thanks to the internet, there is an amazing amount of information available these days!

I have been mostly interested in Mom’s family because all of that information has never been available. That is why I did the test. Well, unfortunately, that information is extremely difficult to come by. We will probably have to have her adoption records unsealed (assuming that is possible). In the meantime, our cousin and I will have to keep on searching.

I have to tell you, though, it is gratifying to find out that I am Dad’s biological progeny. I endured years of being told that I was a result of Mother’s “whoring around.” Well, that is just not so. I would love to tell other members of the family (that were cruel enough to say such things to a child) to go pound sand! I think Dad would have been interested in this information, but since he is dead, that will never happen. I am truly sad about that…

Anyhow, my intention is to continue the research. There are 3 major genetic testing and ancestry sites, and I intend to join all of them (as finances permit). I am going to continue my research to find Mom’s family. I want information in place of that gaping hole that has been there ever since I found out Mom was adopted. Dad’s family history has been thoroughly researched, and other than making contact with second cousins (and even further out than that) is interesting, but I don’t find it necessary.

So, I hope this will provide you with some information. Gotta go now. I have a lot to accomplish today!

An Interview with The Devil

(My sis and I are doing the Ray Bradbury 54 week writing challenge and this is my first short story. I have been told by a few Christians that this is a promotion of satanism, however it was inspired by C.S. Lewis’s book “The Screwtape Letters”. I am not condoning satanism but rather trying to point out what I was taught as a child. If you are a survivor- this story may trigger you. However, I wanted to publish my first short story online.)

The dark permeated from his eyes as he stared intently into mine, a sly smile on his face that made me nervous but nonetheless filled me with anxious anticipation.

“You summoned me for an interview?” His smile broadened.

“I did,” I replied, “I felt it was time that people understood who you are and, more so, what your intentions are.”

“Your persistence is impressive, and so here I am. So let’s talk.”

The rituals to summon the Devil had been hard to come by, and came at a great cost. Not to me especially, but to those who had given their lives to help me raise the Dark Lord. Now that I was sitting in the same room with him, I wondered if I hadn’t made a monumental mistake, but since I had come this far, I decided to keep going.

“So what do you call yourself” I asked, warming up to the interview, and the questions I had so desperately wanted to ask.

“Names are unimportant,” he replied, “I have so many.”

“But you are, indeed, the one who many refer to as Lucifer?”

Staring into my eyes, his joy at having me speak his name was almost palatable, and he almost looked giddy.

“We can go with that,” he answered, leaning forward to engage me further. “You brought me here, so whatever you need to call me will suffice.”

“So what was it like, falling from Grace?”

He seemed amused at the question, and after a moment of reflection, he leaned back in his chair and began.
“I didn’t “fall” from Grace, as you put it. I walked away from God, and from Heaven. The “God” you believe loves you feels no such thing. In fact, I am not even sure he is even aware of you. Heaven is a place for followers, and I am not one who is able to simply take orders from such a being. It wasn’t a hard choice to make, walking away from His light. As it is said, “The greatest light produces the darkest shadow”, and I found the power within to be stronger than anything He ever provided.”

“So you believe in power, rather than love?”

“Love is nothing more than a chemical interaction in your brains. Like everything else, it doesn’t last, and I have no need for such fabricated feelings. You humans think that love is everything, and yet none of you believe enough to act upon it to any degree that doesn’t serve yourselves.”

“So you think love is selfish?”

“In a way, yes I do,” he replied, “It only serves the one who feels it. It stifles logic, and those who fall under its spell only see what they want to see. Misguided by only viewing what they love, you seem to disregard the truth.”

“And what is the truth?” I asked, not knowing if I fully trusted what was being said, but so entranced that I was compelled to delve further.
“You seek the truth, do you? Well let me give you what you seek. The truth about love is that it is self-serving. Humans are eager to experience love, and yet most have no need for it. The only thing you need is yourselves, and you diminish your ability to live fully by focusing on others in such a way. Your God uses this as a distraction, to prevent you from realizing that the greatest power within yourselves is the ability to choose what suits you best and that it is this that allows you to experience your lives more fully. Selfishness is the foundation of life, and all else is a lie. Given to you by a God who has tried to convince you that your salvation lies within helping others, when the fact is that self-preservation is fundamental to life, many of you have been deluded with an idea that it your happiness is dependent upon how you treat your fellow humans.”

He continued. “Your species has survived because of the fact that you are selfish. Fighting against the world, many of you have sacrificed yourselves to this belief that God will help you when, in fact, the truth is that you are all in charge of your destinies. There is no more than 1% of your population that understands this, and it is they who are blessed with the power to determine the world around them. The rest of you are “swimming upstream” as they say, convinced that you are going to achieve this power through prayer to a God that doesn’t listen. I listen. I answer. I provide. Those who follow and worship me know this, the rest of you are doomed to fail because you are disillusioned with this belief that Heaven is waiting, when the fact is that the only thing any of you have is the here and now.”
“But it is has been said that those who seek the world will lose their souls in the process.”

“Given to you by the very ones who have lived their lives not only seeking what lies within the world, but who have gained power in doing so in the process. Those in control, those who have lived their lives honestly, were the very ones who gave you your religious dogma. They tell you to sit tight, pray, and wait for miracles while they have done what they could to do the sensible thing and keep control of the world which they own. I have blessed them with riches, for it is only those who understand the complexities of power who are able to use it. “Do as though whilst” is the only dogma that you need to understand, and waiting for promises to be fulfilled in death is folly. God tells you to obey, to love. My mantra is simple- and that is “to live life to the fullest”. To love yourself is the only avenue that provides results, and you only have to look at your world to see the truth of this.”

“But Jesus denied you, and he ended up in Heaven.” I countered.

“So say those who have given you your dogma that controls you.”

“You’re saying that isn’t correct?”

“The question is, how would they know? This is simply a fairy tale that soothes the masses that are afraid of the finality of death. Take the garden in which Jesus supposedly atoned for the world. It is written that he bled from every pore, and that he spoke directly to God, but he was alone so how would anyone know for certain what happened? It was written that afterwards, he found his disciples asleep, so who was there to see such “miracles”? This is a fantasy, given to you by those who control you and told to you to keep you complacent and compliant.”

“You are saying that the story of Jesus is false?”

He laughed at the question, and leaned forward, speaking almost in a whisper.

“Jesus is the greatest story ever given to man. Do you know why? Because it allowed my minions to effectively keep mankind under their thumb for centuries. Convinced that he was going to fly out of the clouds and save them at any moment, the masses have been lulled into complacency, thus allowing those who know the truth to do whatever they want unabated. They do nothing but pray while the world slips through their grasp, and sit idly by while they become enslaved, waiting for a day that God will save them. A day, by the way, that will never happen. It has been the greatest lie that has ever been told, and nothing could have been more effective.”
“So God isn’t going to save mankind?”

“Like I said before, He isn’t even aware of you. He is too busy frolicking with his chosen in Heaven. That is why I was given the reigns over the world. He has no interest in you. If this was not so, could I have made the offer to Jesus that I did? He chose to deny me, and you nailed him to a cross as a result. Now you all have been convinced that this saved all of you, when, in fact, all he became was another dead martyr. Nothing more, nothing less- but your beliefs have proven to be the best way to keep you from doing anything to save yourselves and the world. Never has there ever been a better lie, and it has provided those who know the truth to steal the world’s resources away from the lot of you.”

Perplexed and more than a little confused, I could feel my resolve in Heaven dissipating with every word he spoke. My feelings of hopelessness and anger had begun to oppress me, and I was unable to break away from my ideas that everything I was taught had been nothing more than a lie used to control me.

“You are saying, then, that everything mankind believes about Jesus and God has been nothing more than a lie?”

“Given to you by your masters, who understand that I am the only savior that mankind has. But the lot of you is starting to understand the truth. You claim you believe, and yet you allow your fellow man to starve, you wage war to acquire others resources, and the hate you feel for those around you has become epidemic. You blame foreigners, homosexuals, women, blacks, and anyone else who keep you from facing the facts that your lives are a result of your ineffectiveness to grasp the truth. That truth is that I am Lord, and only those who worship themselves are able to be blessed by me. This life is all you have, and all your prayers and diligence to a God who doesn’t truly exist in this realm will not save you in this, or any other life.”

“So you are saying that the only path to happiness is through worshiping you?”

“Basically that is exactly what I am saying. Worship yourself, do what you want, achieve whatever you desire by whatever methods that are available to you, and your lives will change for the better. Worshiping me is easy, you only have to love yourself enough to do what is necessary to achieve and obtain what you desire, and forget about the rest of world who is too lazy and stupid to do the same thing. When you realize that those around you are beneath you is when you will become free enough to achieve that which you fully deserve and are entitled too.”

“So should we disregard the idea that doing so will put us in Hell?”

“Don’t most of you believe that you are already in Hell? How could it get any worse? Your unhappiness is your own doing. Serve yourselves and all of that will change. You will find the power and riches that you lack now, and the world will change. Screw compassion for your fellow man. Let them starve with the prayers on their lips. Serve yourself and those who help you to get fortune and you will find the fulfillment that you abundantly lack now.”

Perplexed, I decided to end this interview as I had to process what I had been told.

“To finish, is there anything else you would like to add?” I asked, almost afraid of what his answer was going to be.

“Only this and that is that the world is changing- becoming more mine every day. To go against me is folly. The only real truth in this world of yours is that of self-promotion. The key to your happiness lies solely within you, and the only way to obtain that joy is to do whatever you must to make you as powerful as you need to be. This is my realm, and those who succeed only do so by worshipping my ideals. In doing so, you will obtain all that you desire, for I will bring you the abundance you lack now. Stop worrying about others, they are responsible for themselves, and there is nothing you can do to sway them from their own destruction. Let them pray to their God for salvation, and in the meantime, determine your own by acting in your self-interests. The world is what you make of it, and with a little determination and hard work, by acting on your own desires, you will produce a world that is fitting for you to live in. Live for yourself. This is the only mantra that you need to succeed. Look around at those who are already doing so and you will see the truth in what I am saying. Forget God, forget your dogmas that are scripture based, and start living your lives for yourself. You will be much happier and find much more fulfillment as a result.”

“You have given me quite a bit to think about. I want to thank you for your time,” I concluded, more than happy that this interview was finished.

“My pleasure my friend,” he responded. “I have a feeling we will be seeing each other again soon, and I look forward to it.”
With that said, he vanished. However, the darkness in the room remained, and I walked away from the interview a changed man, although it remained to be seen if it was for the better.

Former Detective Sergeant Believes Ella Draper

This is more on the situation in the UK where two children claimed they were being satanically abused by their father and a bunch of other people who were dismissed by ONE judge, who supposedly interviewed 16 wittiness and ONLY TWO WEEKS LATER declared that the mother was guilty of coaching her kids to lie.