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Gordon on Amazon Says Pedophilia is not a Crime- Claiming it is Okay

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and people wonder why I call them the pedophile protection squad. Lusting after children is not a sexual orientation but rather a serious dysfunction- and most therapists dont believe that pedophiles are curable. Gordon makes a perfect example of someone who fights for the right to lust after kids.

The Real Problem With Survivor Communities

I have been involved with survivor communities for some time now- and it is my estimation that the False Memory group is the least of their problems. The biggest problem in the survivor community is that you have boards and groups like Ivory Garden, Infinite Minds, SMART, and Survivorship all trying to be number one so that they can profit off the victims of abuse. And people who have been abused are so eager to fit in that they do just about anything to be accepted.

I have seen Neil Brick line his wallet time after time after every SMART conference and then claim how he does what he does all out of the goodness of his heart. Felicity Lee- who promotes the worst type of behavior on her board and encourages her members to act like little children so she can reprimand them through the threat of banning them from the group is doing the same with her conference she is trying to set up in October- encouraging members to send in 100.00 every month to her pay pal account so she can “help them” buy plane tickets and afford the rooms that she has booked for her conference. Who needs perps when you have this type of behavior in the community itself? The False Memory Foundation is correct when it speaks about there being a bunch of con artists at the head of each of the groups. They are all looking to be the one and are ready and willing to scrap the others in order to keep profiting from their activities. This is one of the main reasons why I removed myself from this insidious group of people.

These groups- all vying for the money and glory of being the one- will constantly trash each other- so much so that they seem to be falling to the wayside. Brick gets involved with Survivorship and due to the constant bickering ends up dissolving the group that was under his non for profit umbrella. Felicity aka Pat Goodwin is COMPLETELY in charge with her non for profit and is basically the only one who can write checks off of the account- which I have seen her do time and time again. All of these people want to put money in their pockets and they will trash anyone who gets in the way of their greed.

I don’t like con artists- and the survivor community is full of them. Probably because survivors make easy targets. I stopped arguing with the False Memory Foundation because much of what they say- despite the hateful and adversarial way they present themselves- is correct on many levels. In the survivor community it is about promoting bad behavior and keeping people off balance and ill because it keeps the coffers full. People who become healed- who have no need for “littles” any longer- don’t need to have such groups and therefore stop shelling out their money for the groups.

I,despite what my stepmother and her idiot children assert, am not a con artist. I find it funny that they ended up with all the money and therefore want to make it out to be about money for everyone else- when it is obvious that is what they live for and it is THEIR example of behavior that promotes such crap. Jumping on the side of anyone who is against me- they have formed allegiance with Felicity Lee aka Pat Goodwin showing that they are, like the False Memory Foundation asserts- for themselves with no allegiance to anyone but themselves.

I am tired of the whole situation myself. Which is why I have removed myself from the whole playing field. Being used in any way to further themselves is not my style- and I have grown weary of it. But I felt I couldn’t leave without saying something to warn those who will be duped out of their money for reasons that have nothing to do with promoting good mental health. If you need to pretend to be a “little” in order to garner attention- then by all means pump your money to these people. As they say- fools and their money are soon parted. However- if you are actually trying to get healthy and be a productive person in society-my advice would be to steer clear of these groups. They will seek to get your money and when you have nothing more to offer them personally- they will leave you high and dry- or worse- they will join forces with the very people who mean you harm.

Just saying.

My EX roommate Found a New Place to Live

With Felicity Lee. May they both find the peace and prosperity they are both seeking in life.

Wonder Why Rich and Powerful Pedophiles Get Away With Having Sex with Kids

You only need to read the comments under the TMZ article to see why this happens. Just like the False Memory PP Squad- naming names gets equated with bringing the Salem Witch Trials back. If they were poor smucks- no one would care- but when you say that the rich and powerful are involved with pedophile rings- the dander rises with everyone who wants to BE rich and powerful and suddenly the victims of abuse are called liars- looking for money and attention.

This world is basically sick- and the people in it are heartless bastards who aren’t worth the air they breathe. Pedophile rings ARE run by the rich and powerful many times- and they are the ones who can afford to influence and buy the opinions around them. And funny- all of the accused- by me in my life- and Michael Egan in his life- are ALL MEN. WHEN WERE ANY MEN CALLED WITCHES IN THE SALEM WITCH TRIALS? There weren’t – they were all midwives and female. So equating the two is ridiculous.

Removing Myself From the Victim Communities

It has become my impression that those who are in the SRA communities and the Targeted Individual community- who my sis calls the Totally Insane community- are composed of a group of people who seem to want to wear their victimization as some sort of badge of honor- and I have grown weary of this practice. I am not defined by my abuse in my past- and after what I have just experienced with an ex roommate- I highly doubt that all of these nobodies are being inundated with abuse from our government. These communities seem to be very broken- and I can’t live my life at the mercy of these groups.

What is common- which is what Renata Murray and “Bad Baby” have shown me- (two talkshoe hosts on the internet)- is that there are a lot of people who will go on and on about God and Christianity- but even though they can talk the talk- they can’t walk the walk. They are the first to turn on you at the first disagreement- and this is what I have found with most “christian’s” out there- that they are able to judge because they see themselves on the side of God. They are really no different than the Satanists who go on and on about the virtues of mankind in contrast to God- they are the first to attack and the first to claim victim when things don’t go their way.

My life, now that I have separated myself away from constant daily derision, has grown to be more full and more enlightened, and I have realized that I need to start living my life for myself and not for the benefit of others. No longer am I going to stand on the field taking hits for those who are not interested in coming out of the peanut galleries. The world is the way it is because most people don’t want to get involved in any way that doesn’t directly benefit them- and I just think there is more to life than this BS. Or, like the uneducated waitress who attacked my decision to be baptized showed me- most just think they should be able to serve their hateoraid to whomever they please and that people should stand abashed with their ugly derision. Lots of people suck- that is the truth- and many aren’t worth the air they breathe- however far they set themselves above the rest.

My life is going to become much more simple. I will reach out to the people I think I can help- and leave the rest for someone else. I will keep people in my prayers- but having them directly involved in my life is a no go. All in all- I have decided to come like the rest of the masses.

I once equated my situation with a person who escapes a warehouse of torture and pain. Once out on the road- do you decide to keep going or do you decide to go back in and try to help others- thinking that if you got out- perhaps you can help others do the same. For years I figured the latter was correct, but now I have decided that perhaps just heading out myself might be a better decision. You can’t save a drowning person, and many who find themselves in these waters only seek to garner attention from their victimization. Life is simply too short. I would rather be happy than some sort of hero- as no one appreciates those types of people anyway. Best to live my life for myself and let the cards fall as they may for others. We are all responsible for what we do- and no amount of perceived victimization will change that.

And that is all I wanted to say today.

Because of Him

Last night I was baptized and today- this Easter- I accept the gift of the Holy Spirit. Easter was my mother’s favorite holiday and now it has also become mine. Thanks Elder Tibbitts and Brother McDonald for sticking with me these past five months and struggling with me as I struggled to truly embrace the word and world of God!

A New Perspective Regarding the Survivor Community and the Targeted Individual Community

For years I have done what I could to help both communities. I have endured death threats, ridicule, stalking, attacks, and in the end- I sacrificed my 20 year relationship over situations I felt I had a need by God to protect. My friends, my family- and those who actually know me have all asked why I would make such choices and I guess I was being directed by ego- saying that it was my lot to try and defend this group of people.

However, lately I have had it pointed out to me that I have done all that I could for years now- sacrificing most of what I held most dear, and yet this whole GoFundMe campaign has shown people exactly where I really stand in the community. It isn’t just that no one has really helped (although there have been a few and they are greatly appreciated), but I have gotten somewhat rude comments as a result, demeaning me for asking in my hour of need. I have sacrificed so much for two groups of people who can not nor do not feel the same towards me. I realize that my sacrifices have been meaningless, and that perhaps it was simply ego that forced me to feel the need to fight for such a group of people.

As such- I am backing away from both groups. Will Satanic ritual abuse and it’s connections with human trafficking and MKUltra ever be revealed? Only if it is for five minutes and doesn’t upset the regularly scheduled programing on tv. Quite frankly- I have been fighting to expose things that most people don’t give two cents about. We have designed a world where everyone wants saved but no one wants to help anyone else. When you ask for help- people get ignored- or worse- criticized for their efforts. I’m not trying to whine- but simply pointing out the facts of the matter. The truth is that mankind could not care less for the rest of mankind- and I am no longer going against the tide to fight a battle that can neither be won- nor does anyone care about in the first place.

It is true- being cold, hard, and unyielding is mankind’s true nature- and Social Darwinism it truer today than when it first began. People don’t care about the world around them unless it directly affects them- and then it only matters as so much as their needs get met. This is harsh- but true. The world is the way it is because we are the way we are- flat out. It isn’t magic- it isn’t designed by God- we live in a cold harsh world because, quite frankly- very few of us care enough to make it out any other way.

I have to say thanks for the emails that I have recieved on my GoFundMe account- you helped me open my eyes when so many others tried and failed. Now I understand- and for those I have abandoned on my crusade to do good- I owe you a deep apology and must admit that you were all right- it wasn’t worth it and it didn’t do any good. I know that now, and more than that- I understand now. I am sorry I didn’t listen for all these years.

An Invitation to Have the Targeted Individual Community Shut Its Mouth -Primarily Renata “Everyone at work stalks me” Murray and Big Babyand Put Its Money Where Their Big Ass Mouths Are

First off- I had a roommate who had loads of ammo put in clips right by guns when I SPECIFICALLY asked not to have loaded weapons in my house.

Second- I asked that nothing be downloaded onto my computer- and this just got bypassed and I had to completely redo my computer.

Renata Murray- who has a freak show every Sunday on at 114616 SET THIS ALL UP by pushing this freak to come live with me.

A freak who was convinced that the comcast people were govt agents stalking him- that he was constantly being inundated with electromagnetic weapons from DAY ONE when he moved in- and who was drawing lines of sites on my neighbors houses who he was convinced that they were all perpetrators attacking him with energy weapons.

This kind of insanity is pushed by Renata who complains about workplace mobbing- when the fact is she is a big mouth bitch and most people who don’t just accept her insanity are perps trying to keep her down. If you don’t like your job- GO GET ANOTHER ONE. Stop being a victim.

Now- this is the kind of crap I have had to deal with. Here are pictures of my ex roommates room.DSC_0060




What you are looking at is corrugated metal panels that surround his bed that are covered in magnets with about 400 lbs of those brick magnets all over his bed with tin foil insulation which he sleeps in because this is suppose to keep him from being attacked by electromagnetic weapons WHICH OBVIOUSLY DOESN’T WORK.

Now there is some issue that I turned this guys guns into the police. He CAN GET THEM BACK SIMPLY BY SHOWING UP AT THE COP SHOP.

Anyway- since Renata Murray wants to promote this type of BS EVERY WEEK on her called titled support for TI’s- I suggest that she or her cohort BIG BABY let the freak come live with them. AFTER ALL- THEY PROMOTE THIS BEHAVIOR SO WHAT IS GOOD FOR THE GOOSE IS GOOD FOR THE GANDER IF YOU ASK ME.

Otherwise- they should just stick to their own persecution where the entire world is out to get them and nothing they do or anyone in the targeted community is responsible because the govts control their every behavior. This type of crap SICKENS ME AND THE FACT THAT THEY AREN’T RESPONSIBLE FOR ANYTHING THAT THEY DO is highly convenient- since they can run their mouths but never put their money where their mouths are.

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