Concerning the Darkness for Everyone…

Faith without action is worthless, and in the end, it will not be honored. The fact is- the whole human existence has been directly influenced by the Fallen from the very beginning. Otherwise, the Devil would not have been able to make the offer to Jesus that he did. Our final test is before us- and that is- when faced with abject evil- what will you do? If we do as we have been told- then we will be okay. Anything else and you can expect to be claimed by the darkness. Jesus gave us two laws- Love God, and love everyone else. Abide by the 10 Commandments, and do your best to emulate the teaching of Jesus Christ- which is how and why we should all follow these two laws, you will be fine. Deviate in any way- embrace and worship the darkness within you- and you will be claimed by the darkness. When I first worked in developing the darkness, it was solely with my Luciferian abusers in mind- however, it has now evolved into having a life of its own, and it is going to claim anyone and everyone who has darkness within their heart. So, in other words, it isn’t just for devil worshipers anymore. Heaven IS love, but it is certainly not without its wrath, and that wrath is upon all of us now. It is judgement time, and where you stand is going to make all the difference. Those sitting on the fence will be claimed right along those who actively sought out the dark. You can bitch, complain, or deny all you want- but believing that this isn’t all happening is much like sticking a plastic bag over your head and convincing yourself you don’t breath oxygen. Search your hearts- you will know what I am saying is true. The time is upon us all, and the lives we lead right now are key to each of our salvations. But have no doubt- act accordingly or you will be claimed. No negotiations, no arguments, and pretty much no mercy. This is just the way it is, so we must all deal with it and do what we must to let Heaven’s love shine through each one of us personally, or risk being claimed by a darkness that is eons beyond your worst nightmares. The choice- as always- is yours; Each one of you. I hope you all choose accordingly. Your souls depend on it.

With Regards To Murdering Children…Best to Begin Looking in Your Own Direction

It has come to my attention that the “opposition’s” new argument is concerning the fact that I spoke about being forced to murder young boys and then being made to have sex with the dead children when I was a child on the Richie Allen show during my last interview. I guess they feel that they can use it as another desperate attempt to discredit me- even though this all occurred all the way up until I turned 10. So unless you believe that I was America’s most prolific serial killer from three up until the age of 10, when I suddenly found a change of heart and just stopped- it is obvious that I was forced to do this, which- of course I was. In fact, each aspect of what they did to me was designed to turn me into a psychopath, and so this is just one version of the atrocities they forced me to endure as a young child. They really thought that if they exposed me to enough violence, torture, and murder- that I would acquire a taste for it. I never did, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t get an A+ for the effort.

I was taught all about the occult. How to cast spells and curses and almost all of my training was focused on psychic energy manipulation. Practicing magic was the primary focus with my training- that, and communing with demons. Now I know this opposition group will jump on this and try to discredit me for saying this- but the fact is, I have long since realized that what I am saying is not dependent on public opinion. Whether people believe me or not doesn’t negate the fact that I am just saying WHAT IS, and what anyone thinks or doesn’t think in no way negates the truth of it.

This opposition keeps looking to expose a dark side of me that they are sure exists, and they are correct, it most certainly does. So let me expound about that.

My childhood was horrific and I spent many years consumed in hatred because of it. Angry at God, angry at those who had hurt me, and angry at myself for not being able to do anything about it, I became almost consumed by my hate and need for revenge and I spent hours every day-year after year, trying to figure out a way to strike back at those who had hurt me in such irreparable ways. But try as I might, I couldn’t figure out a way to make them suffer ENOUGH. The hate within my imagination as to what I might inflict on each of them knew inexhaustible depths, and the depravity within my rage both repulsed and compelled me in such a way that, after a while, I couldn’t run away from it anymore. I had to face and embrace it or risk it completely consuming me.

Learning shamanism saved my life, as well as my soul- because it was during a series of journeys many years ago that I was instructed to channel all my hate and rage into the dark, a horrible place that is completely devoid of God. In doing so, I was able to channel my hate and rage in such a way that I could eventually separate it, but this still an ongoing process. But regardless, I have cast countless spells, for close to two decades- into the darkness in ways that defy compassion to such an extreme that, in its totality, is completely incomprehensible- even to me. But it helped me focus my rage and channel it in such a way that it has allowed me to separate myself from it while being able to give it a life of its own- a life that it so richly deserves.

This darkness has been a place that I have been able to construct-built in accordance to what my abusers wanted- not for themselves but for everyone else, using abilities that they instilled in me when I was a child, who never once considered that I would be able to use those abilities against them eventually- which I have- in ways they can’t even begin to grasp at this point.

Personally, I hope that they don’t pay for their crimes for even a moment on this side as I don’t want the slightest thought of redemption from even crossing their tiny little minds before they are claimed. What awaits those who love and desire the dark is a good God damned dose of their heart’s desire- a gift delivered up close and personal -which is just the way they like it, and is far worse than anything anyone could think of here- FAR, FAR, FAR WORSE.

There are some who will run in circles concerning what I have just said. But nothing anyone says will negate the truth in what I have just stated. I used was I was taught as a child always with the sole focus on completely fucking each and every one of them, and this obsession has pervaded all aspects my life at some point or other, but trust me when I say that they are all completely fucked, and in ways you couldn’t imagine in your absolute worst nightmares.

It is just a simple case of separating the wheat from the chaff. If there is darkness in your heart- then the darkness is going to claim you. In fact, many of you are beginning to see the effects of the spell I recently cast where it is now beginning to claim you from the inside. It is, so to speak, eating you alive. This darkness that is coming for all of you is hungry- and has a life of its own. It cannot- nor will it ever be stopped. And it was given this life by my transferring all of the nasty energy bestowed upon me by the cult who believed I would be possessed and become the antichrist by my 40th birthday and proved this by offering their souls allegiance to me as a child- thus bonding themselves to me in ways I can’t even begin to explain. But shamanism changed the playing field for me, and mastering it was easy considering my training, and with it I discovered that FREE WILL is a gift directly given to us by God- thus no man can deny another theirs, and so I took what I was taught and did something completely different from what it was intended for. And now all of you are completely and utterly fucked.

I have said it before- and I will say it again, the game has changed drastically- and now we are playing Come Clean or Be Claimed. In fact I am thinking that those of you so involved with the dark- and you know who you are- are all beginning to feel the physical effects of what I am speaking about. There is only one road to redemption, and if you choose not to walk it- then the darkness is claiming your asses, Period. No denial, no manipulation, nor any argument is going to change the truth of what I am telling all of you. And you are all quickly running out of time. But I don’t think, at this point, that I have to tell any of you because you are already beginning to figure it out for yourselves. It is time to pay the Piper- so I suggest you all get ready, because it is going to be one FUCK of a ride.


An Urgent Message to Victims of this Global Elite Pedophile Group

The Strange Death of Survivor Lori Sears King aka Shadow- One of the Founders of Ivory Garden

Lori King was a well-known survivor advocate who was one of the founders of Ivory Garden, which is a non profit corporation for victims- who was found dead on October 18, 2015 in a hotel room in Indian Valley, Virginia. Lori was an administrator of IGDID for 6 years and was one of the most influential and effective survivor advocates on Ivory Garden. Her dead body was found by a transvestite who goes by the name of Menagerie, who, from what I have been told- had ingratiated herself and taken complete control over Lori. Menagerie told police that he was with Lori at the time of her death and watched her die. This case was not in any way investigated, and there is no mention of the details of her death anywhere that I can find.

I have misgivings about this case. First of all- I believe, in my interactions with Menagerie- that she is the False Memory Syndrome Foundation advocate that I have been fighting with for years on Amazon- who goes by the name of Critthink. I met Menagerie at the first conference that Ivory Garden hosted in Seattle, who was with Lori King, and watched the two of them rush the stage while Colin Ross was speaking- interrupting the conference in order to give roses to Pat Goodwin- who is the President of Ivory Garden. Menagerie was recognized as a result as a member of the False Memory Syndrome Foundation group.

Menagerie has done his best to divide survivors and get them to mistrust each other. He sends survivors stuffed animals, encourages and demands that they speak baby talk with her- and has done his best to get the private information of all survivors. He, in my opinion, is a plant sent in by the CIA based group the False Memory Syndrome Foundation- who is doing his best to divide and separate survivors from speaking up. I have heard, from several resources that he is nice when you do what he wants, but when a victim tries to pull away- he uses their private info to get them fired from their jobs, ruins their marriages, and seeks to destroy the victims in any way that he can.

The most damning part of this is that right before Lori King died; she reached out to other victims and claimed that she was becoming afraid of Menagerie and feared for her safety. She was dead the next day. And she was alone with Menagerie- who was the one who called police- when she died. Again- this case was not at all investigated. Menagerie told police that she had health problems and was suicidal- so they dismissed the case and decided not to investigate further.

The question I have is why is a transvestite- who is a false memory advocate- seeking out victims of ritual abuse and satanic ritual abuse and ingratiating himself heavily into their lives? This seems incredibly contradictive to me- and I wonder what Menagerie’s motive is. He was driving Lori to places that were out of cell phone reach- and took her two states away from where she lived when she was found dead. Again- Menagerie was the ONLY one with Lori King at the time of her death.

There are WAY too many questions surrounding this case- and it is my opinion that this needs to be looked into rather than just be dismissed. Are the false memory advocates guilty of murdering victims that fall out of their control? Menagerie is known to go out of his way to destroy victims who pull away from him, so could there be more to this story than what anyone is being told? The answer to this is that it remains to be determined. However, there are too many questions surrounding this case to just ignore it- and I feel that it needs more investigation.


Sources have reported to me that Lori had wanted to stop hanging out with Menagerie but continued due to Menagerie threatening her. My question is- who is next?

My New Interview on the Richie Allen Show

The Richie Allen Show on featuring David Icke talking about his infamous 1991 interview with the late Sir Terry Wogan. Also, David Shurter, the author of “Rabbit Hole, A Satanic Ritual Abuse Survivors Story”, tells Richie that tens of thousands of children are murdered in satanic abuse orgies each year! Support the show by donating at

Australian Victim Fiona Barnett’s New Documentary


My witness of the atrocities performed by Kathy Devine in Dec 2015:

1. Kathy Devine contacted me and offered her assistance as a referee for my accommodation. She suppressed her family link to Space Property and seemed to block my lease applications.

2. Kathy totally invaded my personal space and interfered with my things, and used outright denial of her own behaviour to try dismiss (lie about) her very wrong actions. She ‘grilled’ me and told me many things about past incidents in my life, that she could never have known and that I never mentioned. This demonstrated her connection with past predators.

3. Kathy told me that she was working with ‘Bravehearts’ and MICAH projects to crush survivors. She added “we have people in the churches scouting out for us” and “clever isn’t it, that we have set you up so that nobody believes that you could ever have owned a house or worked for the AFP”. “You must be so frustrated in that you have to stay with me where I can do what I want with you, and have no-where else to go and no-one will listen to you.”

4. Kathy advised me that she was part of a team of royal commission victim supporters linked to and working for intake officer Don Coles “to silence victims”. She later showed me his business card as being her “boss”, and a second business card. Kathy said she was “working behind the scenes with certain people of the commission who want a certain outcome.” She said “I can tell you this as you no longer exist. That has been a deliberate thing in the game to erase your whole life”.

5. Kathy attempted to access my personal laptop. The password warning alerted me to her access attempt. My wallet was also ransacked. And cash taken. She has already stripped my car of content I wished to remain locked there, by taking my keys when I showered.

6. Kathy told me she wanted to hypnotise me and she attempted this, against my will. She told me the programming was done in my childhood and is applied on every occasion by every person wanting to rape me.
Repeatedly she offered me sleeping tablets and was cross when I refused, telling me that I must have those to make me sleep through the night while she gets up and down. She told me she never sleeps through the night without them and she did not wish me walking if she were moving about. I refused, saying “I never use them”. She said added “yet. But there are times when they are very useful”. I replied “if I am woken by you then I’ll just go back to sleep.”


(a) Kathy instructed me not to trust my own medical practitioner and to view him as sabotaging me, and so she advised that I swap to her psychotherapist who is a friend of Renata Ogilvie. Kathy then told me that she wished me to take medications (prescribed to herself), telling me that she knew I had resisted such things from my past landlords whom she knew socially.
(b) (Then within 24hrs another assault, local to Kathy, was done by a woman Lynn (and her ‘pimp’?), who said they knew Kathy Devine, which I fled after some time of deprivation of liberty). Lynn spoke of being trapped and controlled by these people, who operated a local crime syndicate including drugs, including yacht building and contraband transit to local QLD island races, Sydney and Kermandie in Tasmania. Lynn and Kathy told me they “know local police in on the game who will do things to you if we make the call”. “We know the right police”.
And “to survive you have had to keep running and now your life is over. You are excluded and all alone”. “I know who, how and why that you are never going to meet you family. You were swapped and I could not have thought of a better thing myself, to do to a royal baby.” “You don’t even exist”. Kathy told me that I must ‘agree’ with her as it was her house and that I must accept reprimand if she starts a topic … and “you must change your way of thinking and withdraw your claims to the Royal Commission”. I was told she was also older (and very loud and bullying). Kathy said “YOU are NOT the ONLY one suffering from these things … there are 1000s people beyond you at the Royal Commission”. And later she added “I am paid to stop certain people saying things about my friends who are suffering by being accused. Have you thought about the stress this Royal Commission is bringing to them!”

8. I was told that it was unfair that she (Kathy) have not been given the gift of art making in this life, and that in her next life she would ask for that gift. She said “I HATE people who have talents and I will not let you draw in my house”.

9. Kathy boasted “You will never get safety or a place to live, and we have people watching you. We have so many retirees who owe us and so many people scared to lose their jobs”.
(c) From Sydney I was aware of certain surf clubs and government personnel in on such a sexual predation scheme, yet I had been silenced when I attempted reporting at the AIPM (since 2002). Kathy told me, smiling in admiration of their operations “I know what they are doing, and it is very clever how they do it”. And “you will never expose it or stop it as it goes to the very top who are now running the police and the courts”.

10. Kathy spoke about being “entertained and excited in being trusted near “Royal Commission Celebrities’”, saying “if they only knew about the very very bad things that I have been doing to other people all my life, they would lock me up immediately. She went on “it is a war, and the victims have to be reduced to nothing and removed until every last one of their relatives is crushed and gone”. She said “we have people in the highest seats of power in this country and was are Republicans who had monarchists, and what we have done sexually erases our enemies.” And “We are working with Malcolm Turnbull, and Rosie Batty too did her part in this after she was given ‘better direction’”. She text me “the wrong people have held the power. That is what we and there are lots of us doing it now, are working on changing”.

11. Kathy told me that there was an announcement coming forth “from the Vatican about George Pell” and “my people told me that they were making this information public today”.

12. I heard Kathy phoned a lot of people (putting them all on loud speaker) and she told everyone that SHE was not a gossip and that others had told her gossip. Kathy in effect spread gossip, and then she wrongly denied being the gossip. She phoned victims who presented to the Royal Commission and talks over them, advising that they will present her way … (her going to the different states limiting who mingles and what they say to each other and to the panel !!!) Kathy was spilling out other’s private information and she was loudly arguing with people (denying it) when they correctly accused her of her doing this. Kathy very firmly said to me and her listeners that she NEVER gossips, yet such far I am finding her actions exactly that all the time. She has been getting calls all day about people annoyed at her for over-stepping THEIR boundaries and her releasing their private material.

13. Kathy told me that s she used to be a nurse (apparently) she could diagnose people and decide their contributions to the royal commission.

14.Kathy said “I know the Zionists who are doing this to you”. And “this is a competition ow wills”. “We are working to destroy the credibility of the victims”.

15. Kathy told me she was supporting and assisting survivor Fiona Barnett in rephrasing her statements to the R.C. Kathy initially told me she was not a victim herself, then later told me she was collecting statements from others as she has not decided what herself to report.

16. Kathy said she was “working with the International Fabian Society team on a very long global program” (German) Renata Ogilvie, using the tools of hypnotism, to lead to retraction of witness statements, as people named her friends as predators. She said “we have power on and higher than the Royal commission and can direct what they find, and protect anyone victims report, as we will just set up counter-claims and create alibi’s for the accused”.
Kathy spoke of getting Kathy Ballantyne and Bronwyn to “make up a story about you – that’s how it works”. I then had calls from Marjan, as Kathy was trying to bully her into lying about me, as in character damages that Kathy had concocted. She told me “We have to get to know you and agreement that you will work in with our model and do what we say.”

17. Kathy told me that she was going to run for politics as a senator, and that these people were behind her visits to the R.C. hearings.

18. Kathy said “We will not stop till we have crushed Christianity and closed the Vatican”.

19. Kathy Devine said “Rolf Harris is one of my friends. How DARE you try report him!” She said she was also wanting to get me handed over to Benita Collings (a prior ABC presenter of ‘Play school’, who has also meddled with my life in 2010, and in the 12970s (physically).

20. Kathy spoke glowingly about David Gonski “providing funds for the campaign to take you out”. Kathy advised that there has “been a lot of people involved in stopping you getting away or getting ahead”. I was blocked exiting, during these ‘lecturers’, by Kathy who used her physical body, and her arms/hands/feet, and a chair to block my passage, and also her booming demanding voice. Her intrusions were deliberate and disrespectful of my person.

21. Multiple times I had need to ask Kathy to desist prying for details about prior sexual attacks to me and she asked explicit things. I was sickened as noted that Kathy acted aroused about this topic. I told her such matters for me to discuss not with her but directly with the R.C., and that coming repeatedly into where I slept was an invasion of my personal space and privacy, as she was following into rooms and she was opening the door without knocking.

22. Kathy had me sleeping on the floor, her moving boxes into the room to create an excuse for her to enter every few minutes to access yet another piece of paper.

23. Kathy told me “we don’t you to ever have a child”. “You are selfish to want a child or a home”. “You do not deserve a home anywhere, as you are blue-blood”. And “how dare you get DNA testing and think that you can interfere with the lives of other people, by trying to find your parents”. She said “if they wanted to hide you then they can as they are adults” and “if they wanted sex with you then that is normal, as that is the way things work in society”. Children have to do what they are told without complaining.”

24. Kathy told me that she always goes into the handbags of other people if she needs money or wants to have a look, and that this did not require the permission of the owner.

25. Kathy told me that on occasion she would permit me to leave the house. She told me “for tomorrow I give you permission to see” (my own doctor) “but that will change”.

26. Kathy told me to “prepare for death” and that her contacts were arriving soon to take me away, in that my death was imminent. “we will wipe you out. It is just a matter of time and convenience” and “as you have put matters to the Royal commission you have to be silenced”. “Nobody will suspect me as I have developed my reputation internationally as a helper of victims, and that is the beautiful way that it works to shut up outspoken people like you”. Kathy said “you are going to be “hypnotised so that you accept demons AND PREPARE FOR DEATH”. “You are going to “SIGN OVER YOUR HOUSE TO ME”. (Note: this sign over the house was attempted previously by linked persons including: Brenda Bartram / Kevin Manley, Michael Robert Boyd, Tim Newton, Peter Crowley, Philip Trudgen, David Maddocks, Martyn Cook and Robert Johnson, Brian Haupt, Katie (at new farm), Cecily Clyton, then Lynn Kent”).

27. Kathy wore a sarong and let if fall open to flash her public area at me.

28. Kathy told me she was furious with Fiona Barnett and other victims as they had not heeded her instructions to alter statements to the royal commission. At least seven times she spoke about “want to get a gun to shoot survivors who speak out” She named Fiona Barnette and the other survivors who attended the Melbourne hearings in Victoria in Dec 2015, and Peter fox. Kathy told me that she wanted to shoot me also and that she would do so if I escaped her house and her “control”. She said I would have to “watch your back and every shadow”.
She stood over me, yelling at me and telling me that she wanted to get a gun to shoot dead people making submissions to the royal commission, if they were unwilling to modify/retract what she wanted them instead modify to saying …”

29. “You insulted people at Yeshiva College when you spoke to the Rabbi’s about their children”.

30. Kathy advised that I was steered to take refuge at her house and I could be cause to disappear without a trace, with no-one caring to try find me.
She said “you will never work again. there is no need. If you are not alive you won;t need anything at all”.

31. Kathy advised that with money she could rummage up people to pose as false witness on anything she concocted about me of other R.C. survivors. She them said she must attack my character as she determined “this is what must happen to further isolate each of you”.

32. Kathy boldly told me that I had not woken during the night when she had apparently been in my room touching me. My gold jewellery has been removed. I was in pain in my vaginal area and bruised. Kath told me to go shower, at which I agreed with her and she left the room, then grabbed my bag and fled the house. I physically felt sexually violated. I woke with Kathy – again – sitting in the room, on a chair, watching me as I slept.
many times she came into the room, trapping me in the corner and telling me “you show feel very vulnerable that the window is so low and there are now curtains. She told me she has watched me from the garden, and how many underwear I had with me. Then said “at 3am you did not wake up” she repeated this several time to get my attention “surprising you did not wake up with what was happening”. Before retiring to be she has said over and over “you will sleep deeply and not wake up for anything”. “You will trust me completely and not be alarmed by anything I do”. And “you will sleep deeply and not wake up if I get up and make any noise during the night”. She also woke me early every day, at down, with sudden loud banging. She told me “yes you are sore” ‘down there’ and told me “I know, and you didn’t wake up”. She told me there has been a sleeping tablet put into the food she had served for me (spinach canelloni), then “I know you won’t trust drinking tea again after the man who raped you two years ago”. “That WAS a clever thing to do. I’ll remember that one.”

33. Kathy told me initially that she was a Catholic. Then after I was committed to stay at her house told me she was a long-term Buddhist involved in the arts of hypnosis. I was told that “people of my religion have been working you for many years and you have been like putty to us”. “With credit to my friends on paper you look bad, and now there is nowhere left for you to turn. Police won’t listen to you. They are very clever to get you stuck and vulnerable like this”. She was YELLING at me and saying should would “easily use my contacts to make your situation WORSE!”

34. And “you are MY project now and I am earning good money for making you suffer”.

35. Kathy told me that I had to be sabotaged else Renata and Bonita’s friends would get discovered and their lifestyle (of sexual abuses to victims) would get exposed and unwound.

36. Kathy said that her aim was to get herself “a good reputation internationally as a survivor supporter so that nobody suspects”, and so to forever silence her own daughter raising being a victim of her (Kathy’s) own sexual abuse claims (to the daughter). Kathy was shouting at me and I was required to point out to her that I was not her daughter or a child.

37. Kathy told me that her daughter was visiting a man that Kathy did not like. Kathy went out for some hours and on her return told me that she had gained entry to the woman’s apartment and waited for her there. Kathy told me she punished her daughter for speaking to her own father, where the daughter has been visiting against Kathy’s wishes. Kathy refused that the 22yo daughter wished to be estranged from her.

38. Kathy became very controlling towards me as if I were her daughter requiring punishment. She told me in sharp ways that “others have suffered FAR more than you and for a lot longer””, yet I have not spoken about what i have suffer to her – and she really does not want to listen to others but only speak herself all the time and the authority about everyone else and everything else.

39. I needed a glass of water and was made to ask for permission. I was stopped/blocked in the doorway by Kathy for more than 40 minutes while she press upon me her opinions about other people and herself. I was made to standing (me yawning and saying “I really must sit own, and those things are different in my case” and “I don’t want to talk about those things”). I was met with the “let me finish!” and “you will stand to attention and not speak when I instruct that of you”. She also told me that she was “entering another ‘episode’ and that she was a dangerous person to be near at these times”.
When I was resting a booming loud Kathy entered the room saying “I have decided that you you cannot speak” then “enough enough I am busy working on the victims and not wanting to hear anyone’ else’s problems today or for the next week. This is all about ME self-soothing and regaining my energy and deciding what to tell all these people to say and think, so I need my total space!” “As you are staying here you will start listening for my orders when I give them and that included coming out here to answer my questions”. She went on “most victims are overly sensitive and YOU need to LISTEN to other people about what they have suffered.” Then, “I want you tell you NOW about ME so that you shrink down in size”. I was denied scope to speak and was ‘hammered’ by her comments, and her insults to me about my face and my figure, my want for privacy and my wish for my boundaries from her.
Kathy said “the perception of me being a victim and ‘suffering’ gets me ‘status’ with the R.C.”

40. Kathy told me that because I was NOT a mother then in her mind I had no capacity to understand human psychology. She rejected my idea that not being a mum is NOT a deficit in my character or anything to make me a lesser person in society or mental judgement.

41. I was alarmed when discovering Kathy ‘in my room’ handling my underwear. I advised her that this was inappropriate for her to do to me, “especially as you know that I am particular about my boundaries and you know that I am a rape survivor”.
Next Kathy went to the washing line and took my underwear and sheets from there, telling me that she had already handled my washing, taking it from the line. Yet Kathy knew I had just put my washing out knowing of a sprinkle of rain. Kathy said she could “do anything at all in my house that I want to do, including coming into the room when you sleep, as this is my house and I make the rules” and (said Kathy “I don’t care about the rule the police and the royal commission are talking about. I report to people who are more powerful and they say I can to whatever I want”. She included ‘DV Connect’ and ‘Women’s Legal Service’ as being in her network, and told me she gave her father’s house money to steer Hetty Johnson.

42. Kathy showed me her protest posters and spoke about being “watched by the media and phone tapped”. She advised me “this is my hobby in my retirement”.

43. Kathy said her role was “to get survivors to attack each other” and “change what they say to the R.C.”. She said her role was to get be “in her fingers” and relying on herself and her group for “willing acceptance of psychiatric treatment”, so to medically “remove credibility through creating a record of psychosis”. She told me “you never worked for the AFP. You never worked as a teacher. You never got raped. You never owned a house. Repeat this after me ‘I never …’”. She was literally trying to hypnotise me into taking on an altered identity.

44. Kathy said “Fiona Barnett is too strong but hopefull, when I finish my job, everyone will think that she has had a mental breakdown and needs to go into hospital for involuntary treatment” . And “Her husband will divorce her and she will lose her girls – that will destroy her”.

45. Kathy rang many people to wrong allege that I did not celebrate Christmas. She made up a case of depression, yet to my face she told me it was all her “clever perception management”. She told me “you must prepare for death as you are going to die soon” and “you were supposed to die in 1991 and nobody can figure out how you lived through that car accident”. And “the same mistakes won’t be made again”. And “you won’t see in new Year”. I was told that I was going to be sent up to the Ashram directed by Renata Ogilvie (a women who was involved in harms to me in 2010, via David Maddocks; and from my estranged step-father (a Buddist follower of ‘Vipassina retreat’ in the Blue Mountains, NSW) Kevin Manley since 1980. Maddocks introduced me to Renata and Bonita in 2011 in Sydney.

46. Kathy told me that she was backed by politicians and army personnel who had undermined my life in 2010 and “since you were a child you have been like putty to what we want to do to you”. “You were hypnotized to accept whatever happened to you”. Kathy said “anyone who stands up to me I’ll sue them, I have some powerful legal connections who owe me some favours. Just like you cannot get a place to rent because we had connections there too.”

47. When I spoke of reporting the matter with my legal counsel Kathy accused this a ‘threat in my own house’ and yet I am the victim of her who escaped, and I was not in her house at that time she falsely accuses me. Yet I was just stating (in my post-escape text message on 28th Dec 2015) that I was “getting advice & support from legal authorities per this situation”. My behaviour was always impeccable and moral, of which Kathy realistically has nothing to complain about me whatsoever. I am the survivor of her harms to me and her property damages.

48. Kathy tried to bully me to accept her as a ‘facebook friend’ “because you are in my house”. She said “is that friend you are protecting on facebook Lyn Sorensen?”

49. She made MANY mistakes in her impression of me (created by her presumptions and guesses and upon viewing the scars on my face). She told me “you must NEVER have children” and told me “no man would want you!~”.She chastised me for my want to marry.

50. Kathy told me that she has herself had a difficult childhood and much psychiatric detainment and treatment, including electro-shock convulsive methods. She told me the she was doing things to bring this about for all those claiming to be rape victim-survivors, “else it’s not fair”. Kathy went out and came back again, then told me that she was annoyed with everyone everywhere saying hello and asking her how was her day ! I suggested to her that in the weeks coming up to Christmas staff are probably obeying the bosses orders and wary that every person is a ‘secret shopper’ waiting to catch them out on the supermarket lingo.
Kathy conceded to me that she was in a really bad mood since being away a week in Melbourne, and living out of a suitcase, and hearing all the comments made by other people in the royal commission inquiry there … of which she told me she had attended “out of interest” as she was not called to present anything herself on those days.
Kathy suggested that her mood has been rather poor with other people, and that she has bipolar at times … and this was warned to me tonight by the other lady here. Kathy admitted that she often oversteps others boundaries and SHE needs to learn to respect. She told me that she suffers “sociopathy” and is not in touch with regular feelings and can quickly turn on a person and cause them harm, being why her husband and younger daughter left her.

51. Kathy did not listen to what people were saying to her and then came into my room to brief me on what she thought she has though and what she thought she had said back to them. Her accounts of things were a very different to what was just previously audible, as she filtered her own perceptions to suit her bias. She assumes that she is 100% correct all the time when she is 10% correct SOME of the time, and that is really dangerous!

52. One afternoon I laid down (to get away from her). She came to the window and stood there for about 30 minutes and looking in at me to see if I was sleeping … and that evening she TOLD me that she has done this, then asked me if I was actually sleeping. She said “I think you were pretending to sleep and I stood there waiting for you to opening your eyes so that I could catch you faking being asleep”. Kathy had no concept that her behaviour was peculiar and intrusive of my privacy.

53. She told me she has lost many of her friends, and how she has ‘dis-associative disorder’.

54. Kathy told me that she had invited me to stay at her house in a tactic to try erase my submissions to the R.C., by trying to establish a ‘contaminated evidence’ base.

55. Kathy told me “you will probably have the accommodation problems for the rest of your life as you are just one of many people having to cope with it” and “we can keep it happening to you and there is nothing you can do to stop it continuing.”

56. As I fled on Christmas Eve I told Kathy I was returning soon, with company, to collect my things. Kathy held there my passports and qualifications. Kathy continued to denigrate me with her text messages, then put in a text, as tactic to try make me obey her command to call her, that she would declare me a ‘missing person’.
She then agreed (by text) to let me bring a truck to collect my things on 31st Dec 2015. My things were all ransacked and broken. My food, books, lamp and other things could only be dumped. My best clothing was stolen and my underwear and toiletries. The plastic cover over the bed was punctured many times and loaded over with buckets of water (60cm deep and impossible when such little rain and the bed being under cover …), clearly saturated by a nearby hose that was resting partly over the bed. The buckets and plastic over the bed had yellow fluid and stunk of human urine. Between the plastic covers was also saturated and only possible if deliberately hosed. The previously excellent queen mattress ensemble is now ruined and was made only fit for the dump.


Her comment “this is all about ME!” says it all …

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“After defending sales of a self-published book on pedophilia, online retail giant Amazon last night reversed course and pulled the book from its Kindle store.
The electronic book, “The Pedophile’s Guide to Love and Pleasure: a Child-lover’s Code of Conduct,” by Philip R. Greaves II, went on sale on Oct. 28 and cost $4.79 to download.”

Regarding the Claims that I Am a Stalker

These “people” will stop at nothing to attack and discredit me so now they are claiming I stalk women because of something that was written about me concerning Pat Goodwin. She didn’t write it but still it is being used against me.

First off, I didn’t stalk her on the internet or otherwise and in fact she gave me a key to her house. Pat and I worked together extensively on Amazon fighting this group of pedophile protectors in comment sections, and I actually lived with her for three months. We ended up having a falling out (as friends sometimes do) and that was when the letter that this group is using against me was written.

The thing is that AFTER this letter was written, Pat Goodwin came to my house and asked if I would help out with her with her conference that her company Ivory Garden held in Seattle that October. Which I did. However this group that is calling me out completely fails to mention this. They claim I am a dangerous stalker (although THEY are the ones attacking me all over the internet) but fail to mention that afterwards, Pat Goodwin HERSELF asked me to work at her three day conference- which I did.

These people will use any lie they can to discredit me and prevent people from listening to me although they claim they can not be held accountable for their lies and manipulations. This is just ONE MORE example of this.