An Easy Way to Find Out WHO Was Behind All of the Child Trafficking in the 80’s

I was asked if I had anything to say about the proceeding atricle- and of course I do. Guess who two of the guests were at the George Bush Sr. inauguration party where Latty King sang at? None other than Joe Paterno and Jerry Sandusky. In fact- I contend- knowing of some who attended and who was IN the limo that dropped off George Bush Sr. at this event- that if the guest list was pulled for this specific party- we would have THE LIST of pedophiles who were trafficking children in the 80’s. Notice how this party has been mentioned for DECADES- and yet NO ONE knows exactly who attended this party STILL to this day. There is a reason for this- and it ISN’T what they contend.

Bobby Knight introduces Donald Trump with praise for Joe Paterno… coach-Joe-Paterno.html

David Shurter and the Oakland Four Cold Case in Michigan

So I think that I am going to have some “fun”. You see- there is this case in Michigan called the ” Oakland Four”- were four children were ritually murdered within a year and a half of each other- starting in 76. Now you have to remember- I was forced to light that man on fire in 76. Therefore- I contend that it is possible that my dad (who was a pilot and flew his own plane and who GREW UP in Michigan) and his group are directly connected to this case. Why? Because I believe that they were trying to divert attention AWAY from Nebraska. All due to that guy who found us when we were in hiding. The one they made me light on fire.

So the “fun” I am speaking about is that I want to see if I focus on this case- will it too be “solved” within a few weeks? Seems like it is happening to all of the other cases- so let’s do an experiment and see- shall we?

It is interesting to me- because Cathy O’Brien is FROM Michigan- and I have searched- and had others search- and no one can even find ONE TIME where O’Brien has mentioned the Oakland Four case. If I were trying to expose these crimes (and I AM)- I certainly wouldn’t avoid this case where four children were ritually murdered and found DISPLAYED in Michigan (and I am NOT). So why is this “hero” not focusing on a case that happened in her own state that would VALIDATE the things that she has talked about? Why avoid this case- even though it could have brought awareness to all of this from the beginning? And this happened in her own state- so PLEASE don’t try to insist that she doesn’t know that this case exists. With EVERYTHING she has involved herself with- she wouldn’t know about a case in her OWN STATE? REALLY?

And I KNOW these children were ritually murdered because the Oakland authorities TOLD ME THIS THEMSELVES after they reached out to me after reading my comments on a website dedicated to this case called The Oakland County Child Killer- which you can see for yourselves is DIRECTLY connected to the JonBenet Ramsey murder. Go to the link and look for yourselves. (Make sure you check out the last comment on this specific page).

The police kept asking me if I was this guy who called himself “Bob”- who was posting constantly on there about this case. I wasn’t- but interestingly enough- “Bob” started posting right around the time I got wind of this case- and Bob is what my step-mother ALWAYS CALLED MY DAD. Coincidence? Maybe- but one thing is for sure- NO ONE AT THIS POINT KNOWS FOR CERTAIN.

The Reason Why the Government Run Website HoaxteadResearch is Bitching About Sandy Hook lawsuit-filed-against-msm-for-staging-sandy-hook-

Which is why they are so up in arms- comparing Sandy Hook with Hampstead. Not to mention they are trying to assert that pot is behind human trafficking ( which is totally stupid).

Heroin, opium, etc etc but THESE people think that legalizing pot will increase child trafficking. So human traffickers aren’t responsible, but the fault lies within what they are smoking.

And they truly believe everyone is so stupid they will just believe their stupid government shit. Lmfao

I Would Like To Correct an Error I Made

So this NBC thing about microwave weapons that were reported on that were going to be used on American citizens actually was written in 2006- and is NOT recent. However, with that in consideration- Aaron Alexis and his shipyard rampage where he carved “ELF” on his gun- which stands for “electro low frequency”- which are EXACTLY what these “non-leathal” weapons are- occurred in 2013. And we were all lead as a nation to believe that these weapons were some kind of a conspiracy theory. So with that said- how can anyone rule out that our government drove this man into becoming a mass killer? That they didn’t use their toys and cause the deaths of so many innocent people? And really- is this what they consider NON-LETHAL?

Since HoaxteadResearch Would Never Let Me Post There- I Will Answer Their Question Here

Hoaxtead mob: Get your stories straight

Since they would never allow my comment- I’ll explain why I BELIEVE the Sandy Hook shooting was probably bullshit. It was when our FBI released their murder statistics the next year- and reported that NO ONE HAD BEEN MURDERED IN THAT COUNTY. Funny that they would FORGET about everyone who had died and publish such an error- ESP. CONSIDERING EVERYTHING- you know?

And why is it this group in the UK is so vested in all of this? The only answer is the obvious one- they are government players doing their best to spin the narrative.

The Connection Between Jacob Wetterling and JonBenet Ramsey

Two cases- both freezing cold- suddenly solved within a month of each other. Hmmmm

I couldn’t understand why they are suddenly “solving” these cases- but now I understand. The common denominator in BOTH of these cases is that the REAL perps are connected to this government sanctioned MKUltra program (as Monarch isn’t real- but is used commonly by many) and child sex trafficking. THIS is why they are suddenly focusing on these cases- because my father was DEFINITELY involved- and although I do not know much about the JonBenet Ramsey case- this assertion that she was murdered by a NINE YEAR OLD BOY- who was not only able to murder her but COMPLETELY COVER IT UP is SO ABSURD it defies reality, I am pretty sure that Timothy Holmseth is probably onto something.

But it is THIS they are trying to cover up- and not very well I might add.

“Timothy Charles Holmseth, an author and journalist from East Grand Forks, Minnesota, received a threatening telephone message today from an unidentified caller after publishing a story that links the JonBenet Ramsey murder to a CIA behavioral engineering program called Project Monarch”


Don’t get caught up on a name. No- the name Monarch ISN’T real. It is a name that has been used because it makes people think of butterflies. It was used the SAME WAY Stranger Things on Netflix is being used. They are trying to normalize it and make it seem cool- because who WOULDN’T want to be like Nine? What they have been doing- AND STILL ARE- is VERY real, but the name Monarch is most definitely not.

And the only job police are doing with this is covering it up- unless of course you believe this socially awkward adult- who doesn’t possess the cognitive abilities NOW- AS AN ADULT- to pull this off was a GENIUS murderer at the age of NINE.

And far as MKUltra- we can’t forget Sarah Kershaw- who was investigating it and it’s connections to secret microwave weapons that our media has just said in the past month or so that not only do they exist- but that they are going to be used on US citizens to show the rest of the world THAT THEY ARE SAFE!

The Facts of the Matter

I was thinking how ironic it is that Trump is running with this ” Make America Great Again” because a change IS upon us- but it extends WAY beyond national borders. What we are about to see is making MANKIND great again.

Flat out- you will do what we have been COMMANDED to do- and LOVE- or you will be claimed by the Darkness that our prestigious elite have so willingly opened the door too. Love WAS NEVER A FUCKING SUGGESTION- it was a COMMANDMENT- and so you will do what you have been COMMANDED to do- or you will suffer the MOST SEVEREST OF CONSEQUENCES.

You can bitch- you can argue- you can do whatever it is you need to do to keep yourself from doing what you have been COMMANDED to do- and that is LOVE- but in the end- despite your complaints- despite your protests- despite your manipulations of reality- YOU WILL BE FUCKING CLAIMED. That is just the way it IS- it is how things ARE- and if you don’t like it- tough fucking shit.

This time around it isn’t about love and retribution. This time around it is about WRATH and RETRIBUTION. We have always been warned- and the fact that some have completely disregarded this is completely inconsequential. You do what you have been COMMANDED to do- or you will be claimed. Period.


Concerning HoaxteadResearch.WordPress.Com and Their Agent Provocateurs

Look, let me point the OBVIOUS out. Angela Power Disney- Sabine McNeil- Neelu Berry- THESE ARE ALL BAD GUYS working DIRECTLY with HoaxteadResearch to seek out survivors and kill their support. They ingratiate themselves into victims lives- do all kinds of crazy stupid shit- which the Hoaxtead people then LOUDLY PROCLAIM- and suddenly ALL THE VICTIMS SUPPORT DISAPPEARS. Angela whined after I blocked her- but let me tell you why.

She would Skype me- and she ALWAYS wanted me to talk about Aquino. Two things happened at the end. She called me on Skype but I didn’t answer with video- basically because I was sitting on the toilet and didn’t want to be on video taking a shit. As a result- she FREAKED THE FUCK OUT. Second- she suddenly wanted to get me in touch with Doug Dietrich.

Dietrich and Aquino were best friends. Aquino wouldn’t give me the public debate that I was asking for- so I then focused on Dietrich. Yeah- he might mention my name- but what he DOESN’T say is that he REFUSED to publicly debate me. So anyone who thinks this guy is “supporting” me and my efforts is a moron.

So I did my interview with Shatter Boys UK and GUESS WHAT GROUP HAS SUDDENLY GONE OUT OF THEIR WAY TO INGRATIATE THEMSELVES INTO THEIR LIVES. These men are actually DOING SOMETHING- and MAKING A DIFFERENCE. OF COURSE this group of government trolls would like to fuck that up. But the Shatter Boys UK men aren’t stupid- and I have already explained to them in detail my concerns.

So for those of you who are wanting to reach out to this group- DO SO AT YOUR OWN RISK. And when the shit goes down- and you find yourself standing alone- just remember one thing- I FUCKING TOLD YOU SO.

An “Update” for the Order

As a child- I was designed to be a shell. So that when the day came when I was needed- I could house what was to inhabit me. But Shamanism showed me how to transform myself from a shell into a DOORWAY. And I have opened that which can never be shut. How do you fight someone who can go on the other side- seek out your victims- and enlist them to completely fuck you? Because THAT is EXACTLY what I have done. And since the doorway is ALWAYS open and NEVER shut- they are able to come and go at will- with the one provision that they are too inflict as much pain and humiliation upon you as possible. Let me remind all of you that what you are fighting are PRINCIPALITIES- and this just happens to involve ALL OF HEAVEN. You are all completely fucked- and the most humorous aspect in all this for me is that YOU ALL KNOW IT! Mean- manipulative- overbearing- with no idea how fucking stupid sons of bitches you all really are. Deny what you taught me all you want- it will not change the truth. And it CERTAINLY won’t change the fact that I am going to completely fuck you in more ways than you could ever imagine- AND HAVE ALREADY.

With Concerns About Jacob Wetterling and My Father- Jacob’s Abductor…

You know- it JUST occurred to me that, although they may have “solved” the Jacob Wetterling abduction- the Ricky Chadek old case abduction and murder has YET to be answered for- and since that is MUCH CLOSER TO HOME- and it would be WAY OBVIOUS if I began speaking about this case and IT TOO got solved immediately after- I have realized that THIS CASE needs to be my new focus.

Esp. considering when I went to Det. John Pankonin who worked at the Nebraska State Patrol in the cold case department and demanded that he take my DNA and compare to the DNA that was left in Ricky’s murdered corpse- he sent his sister Tru Pankonin into BOTH mine and my sister’s lives. Interesting- isn’t it- that after going after this case- SUDDENLY the detective in charge’s SISTER would befriend my family?

Guess the ball is in MY COURT NOW.