The Police Are Seeking Information on the Murder of Lori King aka Shadow- a Founder of Ivory Garden

Lori King, one of the founders of the survivor group Ivory Garden, commonly known as Shadow, was murdered by a transvestite who calls himself Menagerie, who also goes by the name Critthink- who police NOW know gave them the fake name of Amber- and they are looking for people who know anything about this case and the people involved.

I wrote an article on Lori, which can be found at: The Strange Death of Survivor Lori Sears King aka Shadow- One of the Founders of Ivory Garden.

You can send anything you know to the Floyd Co. sheriff’s Office and they will keep your email totally confidential.

That email is:

Lori King is the SECOND Ivory Garden founder who has ended up dead under very unusual circumstances, and she DESERVES justice.

We survivors NEED to stand up for each other so here is your chance to do the right thing and help get some justice for a survivor who spent close to a decade helping support and help survivors.

She deserves justice, and the police are looking for as many leads as they can, so please know you will be totally safe and that NOW is the time to do the right thing.

Please be sure to put Lori King’s name in the subject line of the email.

Thank you!


The REALITY of “Satanic Panic”

So, in the early 90’s, the CIA group “the false memory syndrome foundation” was formed to deal with the myriad of allegations coming forth that children were being horribly abused in their daycares. Each member of this group were rich WHITE parents who have been accused by their own children of committing these EXACT crimes on their own children.

All except Ralph Underwager- who told Padika magazine how GREAT it was for children to have sex with adults and how society was wrong and that we should all just get over ourselves.

Now this group is the VERY group who coined the phrases “satanic panic” and “false memories”.

Of course this is a game our CIA has played before, giving us the phrase ” conspiracy theorist” for those who didn’t believe the official story about the assassinationn of JFK.

Now this group wants everyone to focus on McMartin preschool- the longest and most costly court case in America at the time- where no one was convicted.

This is proof, they claim, that shows all of these allegations were false- and it worked so well that now the UK is trying to do the SAME thing with Hamstead- a case there now.

This is all fine and good, but McMartin was FAR from alone. In it’s area alone there were SEVEN day-cares, and allegations were coming in from ALL OVER THE NATION- and as far as McMartin, the tunnels the children spoke of were INDISPUTABLY discovered AFTER the trial, along with animal bones and satanic relics that were IN the tunnels.

Longest and most costly trial in the US but no one knew those tunnels existed until afterwards? You all really believe that do you?

Not only that- but these SAME allegations came forth in the UK and Australia as well. The EXACT same allegations at the EXACT same time.

And let me remind everyone that this was BEFORE the internet. So how did SO many people- on THREE different continents, come up with the EXACT SAME “delusion” at the same time without ANY means of contacting each other?

Now the UK government, using, will bring up events like the Salem Witch Trials as an example of this “hysteria” that took place- but this, just like any other case they present- happened IN ONE ISOLATED AREA and was confined to that area alone.

But what happened in the 90’s happened GLOBALLY, with absolutely no way those coming forward with accusations having the ability to influence others across the nation, let alone in different countries.

And we all now know that the UK UNDENIABLY covered THEIR allegations up. If it was all hysteria- based on lies, why would they waste the time, money, and effort to cover up the allegations?

Even now they don’t deny this but rather are claiming it was in the past so we should all forget about it.

How terribly convenient for them, don’t you think? “Yeah we lied and covered up horrible child abuse but that is in the past so forget about it.”

There WAS a satanic panic, but the only ones panicking at the time were the perpetrating pedophiles. Everyone else was simply concerned about their children. And the perps didn’t want to be discovered, so they went into high gear to cover up and dismiss the allegations, which we can CLEARLY see the history of now.

Of course, this pesky look at the facts seem to distress people like those on Hoaxtead, who only want you to focus on THEM and THEIR stupid shit.

But 1000’s, if not 100,000’s of allegations came forth on THREE continents at the EXACT SAME TIME, but it is THEM who are the liars, and the only ones who are telling the truth is Hoaxtead, the UK government website, and their little group who are doing there best to distract and discredit from these facts and claim everyone else is a liar.

In America this campaign is being run by the Satanic Temple and Doug Mesner/Lucien Greaves- the Charles Manson wanna be who will claim cults don’t exist while OPENLY and BLATANTLY running around acting all cultist and extremely bizarre.

And these are the ONLY groups coming forward to claim everyone who was either abused as a child or had a child who was abused are all either delusional or liars.

But then, I hear that Mesner is claiming Scalia wasn’t discovered because I believe Doug used his “special powers” to protect him. I kid you not.

But let me say he DOES have a special ability, because when he puts on his ridiculous horned hat and whips his dick out for everyone, like he did for the late Westboro minister’s dead mother, i have to say i am amazed at his uncanny ability to make people laugh and become violently sick at the very same time.

It truly IS a gift.

These people are a joke- and they are all liars defending pedophiles and child abusers. Of course, no one is laughing.

History ALWAYS repeats itself- so if you are okay with your children being horrifically abused, constantly sodomized, and disposed of when these child rapists are through, just repeat what happened last time when they covered it up in the 90’s, which has been PROVEN WITHOUT A DOUBT, and look away.

But if you care, you should realize these groups are being used by our government like LAST TIME and that they are trying to spoon feed you a complete load of bullshit, and act accordingly.

These small groups are neither intellectually nor morally superior- they are just being paid to protect those eager to hurt your children and get their rocks off in the process, and supporting and defending them and their actions, in the end, will make you out to be WORSE than them.

So I suggest you all respond appropriately and with thought, because the ONLY thing worse than a group of child killing pedophiles are those who would stand and defend them.

Someone or Some Group Has Been in My House

Yesterday I discovered that someone has riffled through my desk and every piece of financial information is missing, both from my desk and my file cabinet.

I don’t have a clue what else they took. It wasn’t if they “robbed” me per say but still, they seem to have taken what they want.

It is funny, because they are so disillusioned in believing it is me they are up against but this is not true.

They believe the only thing real is THEIR power, but this is FAR from the truth.

What they are up against is a solid group of principalities, and something they will NEVER triumph over.

In fact, the truth is that they have already lost- and lost BIG TIME.

However, I just wanted tp put it out there, so that people know what is happening.

My adversaries will say I am crazy and that this doesn’t happen, but if you actually believe those fighting to quiet me are trustworthy or incapable of guile, you live in a MUCH different world than the rest of us.

And again, this has all been a result of my being on the verge of solving the Jacob Wetterling abduction.

This is also directly connected to the 100+ hack attempts that are occurring on my blog DAILY.

Funny, for claiming that I am so crazy, there certainly is a great deal of time and effort being spent trying to shut me down.

The Smiley Face Killers Documentary

Young men in the Midwest MUST be aware. Drowning me- then reviving me- was KEY in my abuse.


William Ramsey- a FOREMOST expert on this, has just informed me this documentary is a FAKE. And told me to read the comments below the video, which I didn’t do.

For those who wish to know more about William Ramsey’s work, check out his YouTube channel… Occultinvestigations

Let Me State- For the Record

I AM IN NO WAY SUICIDAL NOR AM I EVEN DEPRESSED. In fact- although I am broke-my life is BETTER now than it has EVER BEEN. Things are going well. Streeful but good. So if anything SHOULD happen to me- I did NOT do anything to myself. I am in this fight to the end- and honestly- I have already win. I KNOW what is coming for them- and it makes me smile every time I think about it- esp. Knowing that I had a lot to do with it. This life is not what is real- but what is coming for them is more real than the air we breathe. They are fucked- and nothing they do will EVER change that. Not with their games, not with their toys- not with their lies. They are FUCKED- and they just don’t realize how true this is yet. And in the end- THEY are going to suffer beyond comprehension. They might not believe in God and Heaven- but it DOESN’T change the facts of what is. And what it is is that they are totally and compleyely fucked.

I Have Had Constant Attacks on My Blog Since I Exposed What is Happening with the Jacob Wetterling Abduction

Actually, someone from Redmond, WA has been using the IP address to constantly try to gain access to my blog.

This morning alone they tried 50+ times in a minute and a half.

After they were blocked, they switched to the IP address and tried repeatedly again- still from Redmond, WA.

Someone in San Francisco using the IP address flooded my blog ALL NIGHT, trying to prevent access to my blog.

All this has started after I wrote my article about my dad abducting Jacob Wetterling.

I am pretty sure this could be Doug Mesner/Lucien Greaves and his little Satanic Temple friends.

You only have to check out to see if they are capable and willing to do such things. I mean they are BLATENTLY bragging about doing such things.

Of course the question is, if I am such a liar or completely crazy-as they constantly claim, why are they spending so much time and effort into trying to silence me?

Google Locked Me Out an Hour and a Half After I Published My Last Article on Jacob Wetterling

So an hour and a half after I sent out my article about Jacob Wetterling and my family the other day- suddenly I can no longer get on my Google account. Now that we are learning that Google and YouTube helped Hillary Clinton pull off her Benghazi BS, it is pretty obvious to me that they are working to keep me from getting anything out. Now I know people will claim this is a conspiracy theory, but Google doesn’t work by magic- actual people make it run- and they seem to have absolutely no issues doing whatever they can control the information that goes out. Funny this all happened IMMEDIATELY after my last article.


As of today, 6/18/16 Google gave me back my account. Took A LOT of work and hours on the phone complaining, but my account has now been restored.

A MAJOR Development in the Jacob Wetterling Abduction Case

I have spent a great deal of time thinking about what I am about to write- as I do not want to put the innocents that have been caught up in this in a bad position, but the truth is- I would be a complete fucking idiot to trust the law officials that have been contacted to do anything other than what they have done- and that is to PROTECT THE GUILTY.

Awhile back, I sent a Facebook PM to one of the boys who were with Jacob Wetterling when he was abducted. I had already contacted the Jacob Wetterling Foundation and told them of my father Robert Lynn Shurter Jr.- but, not surprisingly, NOTHING came of it- even though I told them that Jacob was abducted by a man with a big blue utility truck- which they confirmed as true and then told me that this information was NEVER released to the public.

I told him who I was, who my father was, and that I believed my father was the abductor- and I sent my father’s Northern Propane Gas company picture so that he could look- as this was EXACTLY how my father would have looked at the time of the abduction.

I know that he got it- as Facebook tells you when a PM has been read, but I haven’t heard a word back. I suspect this is because he RECOGNIZED my dad and called the authorities. That is what I would have done.

The thing is- although I know HE is trying to help- the FBI and law officials have been ANYTHING BUT helpful. After I went to Det. John Pankonin, who was working at the Nebraska State Patrol as the cold case investigator- telling him about Ricky Chadek and demanding that he take my DNA to compare to what was left on the murdered little boy- he sent his sister Tru Pankonin to befriend both my sister Kathy and myself.

Is this typical procedure? DEFINITELY NOT- and it shows that something was going on that wasn’t on the up and up.

Now I have a person who I am fairly certain recognized my dad in the picture that I sent him who most likely contacted authorities but because it has to deal with me and my family- I have EVERY REASON to believe that they will drop the ball ON PURPOSE and just let it slide.

They will probably do so on the grounds of “national security” like they have with Michael Aquino, although we all need to ask why the abduction, rape, and murder of children is protected under the guise of national security.

People around me have told me that it shouldn’t matter- because my father is dead. But my stepmother Joanne C. Shurter, who was HEAVILY involved with my dad’s crimes, is NOT. Nor are their two children- Christina Maria Shurter/Blumpkin and their son Robert Lynn Shurter III- BOTH who were living in their parent’s house when Joanne and my dad had their sound proof room installed and my father put the remains of murdered children in the walls of his master bedroom closet.

These people- who were very involved- are VERY MUCH ALIVE.

This is the reason why Christina attacked me on Amazon with Doug Mesner and Menagerie (who both have their own sordid tales of murder considering Lori King), and tried to shut me down- because she was involved and trying to stop anyone from listening to me. BUT THEY LIVED WITH DAD AND JOANNE AT THE EXACT SAME TIME ALL OF THIS WAS TAKING PLACE. In the EXACT same house, and it isn’t like the place had separate wings to it.

In fact Robbie’s bedroom had over 20 small caskets hanging all over his wall in his bedroom with small dolls that looked like children. It was disturbing to say the least, but now that I have started to put all of this together, it makes a warped and disturbing amount of sense.

Do I think that the FBI will investigate? FUCK NO I DON’T. They have done everything BUT with regards to all of this. And I don’t trust that now they will do anything other than what they have before.

But I am almost positive the witness to Jacob’s abduction RECOGNIZED my father. Compare all of the drawings made of the abductor and you can tell they got a good hard look at the guy- and so identifying him wouldn’t be all that hard.

But authorities are invested in PROTECTING child killers- and if they allow this to come out- EVERYTHING I HAVE SAID will be validated, which will cast a WHOLE NEW LIGHT on Omaha and what was happening with Franklin. They have not wanted to do this before- I can’t imagine anything has changed now.

I write this so that people will realize what is going on- and I am hoping to force the authorities hand in all of this. God knows it will take a FUCKING MIRACLE to get them to do their jobs properly. But I BELIEVE in miracles, and I am not at all against trying to give them a little hand.

So here is this article.

And here are the abductor pics along with my father’s picture. Just so you all know- that is a toupee on his head, he was bald otherwise.


My New Interview with Evelyn Pringle on Focus on the Facts

If You Are a Parent- Or Know Someone Who Is- YOU MUST READ THIS!

This was posted on Facebook- and I asked to share this under anonymity because I felt that this was important to deal with- as THIS IS HOW THEY ARE TAKING YOUR KIDS…

“Ok, 2 Male Social Workers have just been and said they were here to remove my child, I asked under what order, they this time said the ICO – so asked when had it been renewed since March 2016, they said it was effective – so I asked my child to speak to them with my adult child present – they asked my child to leave with them – the child refused to go – they replied that was fine and they were calling the Police on 101 – to see if they would come and the sw said the Police might leave them here or remove the child – aged 15 nearly 16 under an ICO to return to Court this week for an urgent hearing to return child home full time. – Any help or advice please, they are parked outside, waiting for the Police, as I can see them from my desk where I am sat now.”

In a nutshell- what is happening is that children are being targeted online. When they are singled out, there are people who are going to the houses, POSING as CPS workers- and are TAKING THE CHILDREN- although it usually is just one but not always. They are targeting poor people- who don’t know the laws- are uneducated- and generally afterwards are so terrified that they don’t seek to check out the child’s whereabouts until much later.

And there are NEVER any traces of them.

Not only that- but because the parents- when and IF they go to the police, begin by telling them that CPS came and got their child, the police often dismiss and disregard the reports- believing that it is only a glitch in the system and if CPS came and got them that the children must be safe.

But our Child Protection Services THEMSELVES has reported that they have lots 10’s of THOUSANDS of children- who just EVAPORATED.

If someone knocks on your door claiming they are CPS and are there to take your child, they must ALWAYS have a WARRANT, which you need to demand to see and read- RIGHT THERE AT THE TIME. They will also ALWAYS be accompanied by a deputy or sheriff- in FULL UNIFORM and driving a MARKED CAR.

Also- two men will NEVER be CPS. If there isn’t two women- the man will ALWAYS be accompanied by a female.

If ANYONE shows up to your door claiming they are there to take your child- call 911 IMMEDIATELY.

One of the FIRST THINGS you say, other than there are people there trying to take your child, is to give a physical description of those who are at your front door. That way you have a recorded REAL TIME account of what is happening. Their physical description- hair color- glasses if any- facial features- as well as what they are wearing and how tall they are. THIS IS KEY!! You should also report what they are driving.

NONE OF YOU JUST HAVE TO TURN YOUR CHILDREN OVER TO ANYONE WHO KNOCKS ON THE DOOR! And if this DOES happen- you MUST act accordingly. Your children’s LIVES depend on it.

Now my information comes from my sister- who graduated Magnum Cum Laude with her master’s in social work, so I am not just pulling this info from thin air.

But the fact remains- this is REAL and it is happening EVERYWHERE and although there are reports of it, you REALLY have to research hard to find this information. Basically because they do not want people aware. But you MUST be aware- your children’s lives depend on it.