This Blog Was Hacked and I’m Not Checking the Whole Site

When I discovered my book altered, I realized this blog has been hacked.

The REAL Extended Version of Rabbit Hole: Confessions of an Anti Christ

So I figure much more has been changed. Doug Misicko aka Doug Mesner aka Lucien Greaves founder of the Satanic Temple and his associates have gone after me for years- as he has with every victim who has come forward claiming they were ritually abused.

His co founder of the Satanic Temple Shane Bugbee has claimed Doug is working with the CIA. Of course Doug says he is a liar- but then it has been my personal experience Doug wouldn’t tell the truth if his life depend upon it.

Anyone connected to trying to expose this child trafficking mess gets murdered. They’ve tried repeatedly with me- as well as trying to lock me up- but have this failed.

I mean- if you look at that protection order that was taken out on me in Kent, Washington- every one of the 15+ videos listed on that order has absolutely NOTHING to do with the petioners but SOLEY and ONLY dealt with Doug Misicko aka Doug Mesner aka Lucien Greaves founder of the Satanic Temple.

How would this even be possible if there was no connection? It wouldn’t. So there OBVIOUSLY was a direct connection.

But this mess, as far as I’m concerned, is dealt with. Spiritually- it is fixing itself.

Doug will get his as will they all.

I believe Doug and his associates are behind Qanon. And this Nazi uprising we are seeing (Satanists and Nazis have ALWAYS gone hand in hand). And I would not at all be surprised if they had a hand in the Jan 6 insurrection.

Doug is their weak link. If authorities investigated him and his non profit Satanic Temple organization- they could help American democracy in my educated opinion.

But regardless, Heaven WILL deal with Doug- as it will ALL of his associates.

But if I was an investigator or law official, I would look into Tacoma Washington, and Olympia Washington, and Algona Washington- where I lived.

I would investigate ME- and all those involved with my emails and all those who have interacted with me in all this mess.

I’ve drawn them like flies. You want to connect the dots- look into those who have planted themselves into my life. (Like Ron Patton and his group in Olympia, and Doug Millar- Ted Gunderson’s best friend, etc. Etc.).

Just a suggestion.

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