Unfortunately I Believe Death is Coming For Us All

I know this view isn’t well regarded, but in this day and age- facts THEMSELVES aren’t highly regarded, so I’ll just lay it all out.

The sun is cooking us- with activity we haven’t before witnessed in such intensity. Water is drying up. When it rains it floods. And the oceans are rising.

Every country’s economies are either standing on the edge of collapse- or have already started to fall into an aybss. And ALL of our leaders want to be the ONE.

It isn’t just Russia, China, or us.

War is beginning. This Ukraine war is what the assassination of Duke Ferdinand was to WWI. And Putin is just as bad as Hitler.

Plus- there is no justice and so the majority of mankind- regardless of color, race, religion, etc. etc.- ALL identify with being a victim.

Now it’s true Poland is giving hope- along with the Ukrainian’s, in showing compassion and love for each other, but everything is stacked against them and we, as a world, are watching when evil once again tries to assert it’s hold over mankind.

None of this is new for me to say. I’ve basically have been a broken record in saying all this.

But what lies ahead- THAT is worth sustained effort, and I don’t often talk about that.

This is what I know, using what I was trained to do as a child and continuing with it with Shamanism into adulthood, to use what THEY TRAINED ME TO DO AGAINST THEM, to help ascertain what is happening spiritually.

One aspect of the art of war is to fight your enemy where they aren’t. And that was part of my training- so I decided to jump ship and enlisted Heaven’s help to deal with all this.

You see, going through what I did as a child- I have ALWAYS known that demons (the Fallen) exist. I’ve witnessed first hand their power- their influence, etc.

But since THEY existed, it was only logical to conclude Heaven exists as well.

And it DOES. Angles exist. Jesus exists, as does our Father AND, although many have a different opinion- stress the word opinion- our Mother exists as well.

(The whole As Above So Below thing in scripturesay this- and since every one of us has a mother…).

The Fallen have been dealt with. Their power and influence no longer protect those who have been in power for so long. Not is it holding this world together anymore.

Thus we are watching everything fall to shit. And it is. If anyone tries to tell you otherwise- it is because for them to have any other opinion- stress the word opinion- would be too stressful for them to deal with.

Facts are facts. Regardless how one thinks or feels.

The gates to the New Garden are about to open. Everything that has been dying HERE has been waking up THERE- which is probably why we saw this huge bee die off years ago.

Those who have the energy vibration only loving provides will ascend to those gates.

This time around, there are NO fallen angels. There is NO veil. Heaven will interact with humanity unabated and out in the open. Souls will interact with Heaven in such a way that love will be the air they breathe.

Those who DONT have that vibration will remain here in the Darkness. Total separation from the Father is what their leaders wanted- so they are going to be blessed with that. But that also means no light- therefore no heat.

The Darkness is what they wanted from the beginning- TRUE evil personified. It is quite the understatement to say you do NOT want to find yourself in the Darkness.

So, in other words, save yourselves- and love all you can.

It is this whole realizing what I was trained to do as a child works is why they’ve been after me so hard.

None of this child trafficking bs my family was involved with will EVER see any REAL justice on this side. They know that. And I’ve ALWAYS known that.

Justice is what the Darkness is for.

I just needed them to bring me down to complete the spells I’ve helped cast. Such spells REQUIRE a sacrifice- Michael Aquino always told me that.

So I offered up the only sacrifice available. ME.

But seeking to enlist Heaven’s help with all this has been INSTRUMENTAL! And the best decision I’ve ever made.

I want them to suffer. TRULY suffer. To experience and cry EVERY tear their group has caused from the VERY BEGINNING.

And they are going too. And absolutely no one’s OPINION is going to change that.

I offered up my life. And they have done anything and everything to fulfill that last detail- to murder me. To bind themselves to me.

And their crap IS working. Their directed energy weapons ARE dragging me down.

Just in case your opinion is this D.E.W. bs isn’t real …


And it’s not really called the “Havana Syndrome”. It’s DEW- directed energy weapons.

Where they are aiming it at me from- who knows. I have rental properties all around me as well as a two building apartment complex less that 10 feet from my house. But really- who cares.

I certainly don’t. My time here is short- as is everyone’s, as I’ve said. And though I’m obviously not dead yet- one can only take so much of being cooked with microwave beams.

But that is what is required to fully accomplish I have cast.

So, in reality, they are helping me. As willingly and as aggressively as they can.

Anyway- one last thing. They just hacked my Facebook account so I can no longer access it. If it was just for my trying to expose child trafficking- they wouldn’t care.

But what I’ve just said- THAT is what they are concerned about. It makes them angry and for those of them who have any sense left- it scares them.

And it should. Because I am neither crazy- NOR a liar.

And what awaits them- and all those like them- is beyond ANY nightmare or group nightmares you can even conceive of.

Again- save yourselves- and love all you can. Or face the consequences. Consequences you WON’T like.



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