Some of My Recent Posts on Twitter

I figure they have me shadow banned- desperate as they are to silence me.But THEY(Doug Misicko aka Doug Mesner aka Lucien Greaves, founder of the Satanic Temple and his minions)keep up CONSTANT surveillance.That means no plausible deniablity.They’ve been warned-the Dark has them.


Officer Gilbert Lenger of Algona WA was the first policeman I ever met that I trusted.I would forward all the death threats I was recieving from Satanist Doug Mesner and his minions when I lived there. Now he is gone-and Ryan Miller-who was working WITH them-has been promoted.


The CIA employs losers (as it takes a special kind of degenerate to carry out it’s operations).These people are ego driven+ALWAYS have a chip on their shoulder-mad at a world that generally considers them as trash. How hard it must be for them-not able to take credit for their bs.


Lawlessness is a sign of the times.The rich being able to do whatever they want-while being supported by all those who WANT to be rich and do the same.The CIA joined with the Satanic Temple along with other idiots-fueling the hate.Go ahead, join in. You won’t enjoy the outcome!


Their directed microwave weapons cause heart attacks and strokes. It disrupts the sleep cycle.The Nazi Satanists going after me think they are protected in their anonymity.They are wrong.They think this life is all there is.They are wrong.Their egos are amusing. Beyond deluded.


The Sun is cooking us.Anger is the typical emotion for most.Lawlessness has taken over-evil is being justified and promoted.Who each of us truly are is coming to the forefront.Secrets are seeping out. World leaders and their populations are ready to burn things down.Crazy times.






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