Child Trafficking is Finally Starting to Come Out

George Pell, third in charge of the Vatican, was found guilty of child abuse and sentenced to 6 years.

Spa owner Cindy Yang was the founder of the establishment where Patriots owner Robert Kraft was caught soliciting prostitution and now it is coming out how entangled Yang is with the Chinese government and how enmeshed she is with key members of the GOP.

And a federal judge is now releasing the previously sealed files concerning convicted pedophile billionaire Jeffery Epstein and the illegality of the plea deal Alex Acosta- who is now a Trump cabinet member- provided him.

Everything that has been hidden in the dark is being brought out into the light.

Eventually it IS going to come out what is happening to all of those 1000’s of immigrant children who’s whereabouts are unknown- especially considering the rampant sexual abuse that is occurring with those who’s location we ARE aware of.

With this said- I am pretty certain that the events surrounding me will come to light.

Who sent me all of those emails preemptive of what occurred in my life after moving to Earling? The break Ins, the attempts to poison my dogs, not to mention the threats- and more importantly – who was the individual in my town who was working with them? The one the sender bragged about.

Emails that the Shelby County Sheriff’s department have in entirety from my email account that was hacked and one I can no longer access- although nothing that gets put over the internet goes away completely so it could always be accessed by law officials.

Was it Doug Mesner aka Satanic Temple’s founder Lucien Greaves or perhaps someone connected to him who sent them too me?

Considering the myriad of videos listed on the protection order taken out on me in Kent, WA had NOTHING to do with the petitioners but only and SOLEY dealt with Doug Mesner- chances are the answer is yes.

Also there is the fact that the majority of Mesner’s “career’ has been dedicated to discrediting survivors such as myself- calling us liars and frauds- despite that recent events are starting to show the allegations every survivor has charged are starting to surface begs the question just how far Mesner would go to save face.

And is his Co founder of the Satanic Temple Shane Bugbee speaking the truth when he claims Mesner is working with and in league with our own CIA?

Because what is happening with these missing immigrant children could ONLY be instrumented by our government as no one else is in charge. They are in control of everything that is happening.

Their focus on me is understandable- as these recent situations are incredibly similar to the events that occurred in Omaha surrounding the Franklin Credit scandal.

Which also explains the attacks on my sister- who has tons of information that compliments and backs up that which I have said, as she has knowledge of all that was happening in Omaha as well.

Despite what happens to us- something tells me this will come to light as well. With or without our help- and with or without us.

No one can thwart the Will of God.

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