More Evidence Concerning These Directed Energy Weapons and My Police Interview

Doctors reveal possible ‘neuro-weapon’ used in alleged attacks in Cuba

These are the same weapons being used against me and so many others. This was shared on my Twitter page…

Then yesterday this was left on my twitter page

“I don’t know what intent they would have to target him. Microwaves fill our atmosphere, is he super-sensitive? Does his family have such assets to carry through such a campaign? There are weapons of this caliber, but why so much attention to him to warrant such a campaign?”

And I responded…

“They don’t want me exposing my family- thus Omaha- thus giving credibility to this child trafficking. What would warrant this campaign? Protecting their multi gazillion dollar child trafficking enterprise. It ain’t my family- it’s the people my family were connected with… ”

And also with this…

“I live in a small town in Iowa of less than 400 people. There are NOT a lot of microwaves here. I have no WiFi in the house (can’t afford it) and I’ve never had a sensitivity to microwaves before. This is just another “he’s lying- don’t listen to anything he has to say” argument.”

And then today…

“They are BLASTING me- they are obviously pissed about my interview with Isaac and Fiona and the one today with Out of the Gate. Every night I go to sleep I am never sure I’m gonna wake up in the morning. Please share my info- it can’t just die with me. That is how u all can help”

“Woke up at 3 :45 this morning with their shit blasting me. Same as every other morning. However- I knew what I was getting into before I got into this. I made a choice. But these losers couldn’t survive even a day of my life. Hurting children does NOT make you powerful.Weak asses”

And finally…

“I know all about not getting an investigation. All I have EVER wanted was my family to be investigated- for 18 yrs now. All I have ever gotten was making it all about me to avoid investigating my family- and it has been based on lies and distortions. And here I still am- waiting.”

However, my local police DID have me in to have a recorded hour and a half interview concerning all the threatening emails I recieved when I first got into town in conjunction with the break Ins I experienced, someone trying to poison my dogs twice, and all the other crap that came AFTER each email so now at least there is official police testimony.

Among a few OTHER things that have happened here in town.

They believe me so maybe there IS hope.

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