The Sheriff Stopped By About the Dogs Again

I was given 10 days- and today was day 10.

My lawyer has tried to contact both the mayor and the city attorney- however he has been unsuccessful thus far.

This doesn’t surprise me considering our mayor Jan Gaul would not let me talk about it at the city council meeting.

The complaint is anonymous and is a lie- which tells me the city of Earling is working on behalf of a pedophile protecting Satanist. Earling’s claim to fame is that it was the last place in the US that had a Catholic sanctioned exorcism- but it seems our mayor is more than willing to help a devil lover- so …

From what I have figured out- the city manager was the one breaking into my house and trying to set me up by giving me my neighbors water bill check. Seems some will do business with anyone for money. Including pedophile protecting Satanists.

They- as in the mayor, the city manager, and the city attorney- wants to keep all of this quiet, which is why I got the email from Jan Gaul under the official title as mayor…

With all the threats- including death threats- I have recieved- and the fact someone has tried to poison my dogs twice while living in Earling- I realize the intention is to get rid of my dogs so that Mesner and his CIA group can come hurt me and claim I committed suicide- as they have done with so many others. Since this immediately followed my interview on Lift the Veil- they are obviously desperate to shut me up…

What I fail to understand is why I could have faced legal jeapordy for having a photocopy of my neighbors water bill check when it was the city manager- who photocopied the check and gave it to me in the first place- faced NO consequences whatsoever.

But as you can see by the letter- the mayor, city manager, and the city attorney ALSO wants to hide this as well.

But one thing is for certain- I’m going to fight this tooth and nail. Just as I have had to do for years now.

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