Their Game is to Present People and Situations That Can be Discredited to Discredit Everything as a Whole

It isn’t a new game as it has been used extensively and has worked very effectively in the past.

In the 80s, in the US, it was McMartin- which, at the time, was the longest and most costly court trial in US history. Resulting in zero convictions- it was the case that shut everything down.

Along with FBI’s Kenneth Lanning’s report stating there was no evidence of Satanic Ritual abuse.

Now, in the UK- the Hampstead case is being used the same way. It even has a website connected to it called Hoaxtead Research which is solely based to close down whistle-blowers of this mess like Melanie Shaw and Hollie Gregg- whose claims preceeded Hampstead.

Of course they avoid cases like the children’s group home Shirley Oaks as it is hard to attack and dismiss 100’s of survivors who have come together:

But the game has always been to prevent exposure by offering up people who make outrageous claims that end up getting discredited in order to completely discredit the situation as a whole.

Like Hamstead- where I am on record saying the ONLY thing real about that case were the children. But they needed this case when it came out that the UK covered up it’s allegations that came out in the 80s (at the same time the same allegations came out in the US and Australia).

History doesn’t so much repeat itself but rather echoes itself and what is different this time is that we have the Internet. “Pizzagate” was the US attempt to curtail these allegations as well, in the belief that it would be discredited and that people would throw the baby out with the bathwater and turn away as they have historically always done.

But, for a large part, that didn’t happen. In fact- it seems just the opposite has occurred.

Now they are throwing out fake advocates and sometimes “victims” to try and achieve what they have failed to do so far- who throw out accusations they realize will be able to be dismissed. Their game is to discombobulate and confuse the issues to such a degree that people will lose interest.

However, this time it is feeding the situation- peaking more and more people’s interest.

Thus Q anon and rumors of 45,000 pending indictments are being used in hope of placating people. But something tells me this is not going to be all that effective.

It is my opinion that God is fulfilling Heaven’s promise that all that has been hidden is being brought out into the light.

And it makes no difference how bad one believes themself to be- how much money they have- or how much perceived power they believe they have- NO ONE – not man nor angel- has the ability to thwart the Will of God.

So we will see what happens. But it has often been said- where there is smoke there is fire. And this fire seems to be growing. Exponentially.

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