Isn’t It Strange All of the “Heroes” Exposing This Pedo BS Are Brand New?

I have spoken about controlled opposition who’s intentention is to discombobulate and confuse the issues surrounding this rampant pedophilia, and I have begun to realize this is happening once again.

The game is to have them get widely known- then discredit them in order to discredit the whole situation. It has happened repeatedly- and it has always worked- so why would “they” change the game plan? Historically it has proven that society is fickle- full of conviction in the beginning but easily swayed away the moment it becomes too much to sift through.

Q-anon came out of no where- and is supposed to be alt right, but in the 80’s this mess was reported to be mostly Republican- and since this group refuses to acknowledge that fact, how real do you think they really are?

And how effective do you think they are really going to be?

Pedophilia- no matter how it is being presented- is NOT a partisan issue. Just because people believe it is the Democrats doesn’t mean Republicans aren’t invoked, and vice versa.

Rarely ever is life completely black and white- and those who try to present it like this are being disingenuous at best.

I have repeatedly been asked why I believe in God and the reason is because God is my only hope to stop this situation. Despite people telling me not to lose hope- I have seen this situation come up time and time again only to see society turn away and ignore it.

Every single time.

It always begins with great fan fair and strong convictions only to fade away to indifference and repulsion.

If this situation was real- they would focus on long standing outspoken survivors rather than this barrage of newcomers to the scene. But that is NOT what is happening- and what is apparent with all of these newcomers is this desire to make it all about themselves.

THEY are the heroes and ONLY them- and once again society is buying into it. Which tells me history is, once again, about to echo itself.

The only one who is going to stop this is God. Because society has proved over and over that it is incapable of doing so.

I might be pleasantly surprised and proven wrong- but at this moment it doesn’t seem like that is going to happen.

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