Instead of Making Salacious Accusations- I Have Consisntly, for Close to Two Decades, Have Focused on My Family and Their Involvement with Child Trafficking in Omaha

I have blog, a book, have done countless interviews- and never once- in all of these years- has my story ever once changed nor have I contradicted myself.

My detractors will claim I was discredited by my John B. wells show when I spoke about Jacob Wetterling- but I would like to point out that a 28 yr cold case which remained unsolved was solved with a perp, a confession, and a body LESS than TWO WEEKS after this interview…

Since then, it has been used continuously to try and discredit me, although they won’t release ANY of the documents concerning this case.

My detractors ridicule me when I say that Franklin Credit- and my family- were protected by some incredibly powerful people very connected to our government.

This includes our CIA- who can do anything they want and are always shrouded in secrecy.

But again- if I was lying I could not have remained as consistent as I have through these many years without at least contradicting myself a few times- and this has NEVER happened.

As a result of my efforts- I have been attacked constantly, my Gmail account DavidShurter1 has been hacked which prevents me from posting YouTube videos, and I have myriads of articles and comments from the same group trying to discredit me and prevent people from listening to me.

Would this be the case if I was lying and they weren’t concerned with people listening to what I had to say?

I have gone to the police- including Nebraska State Patrol cold case detective John Pankonin who I had take my DNA- the FBI- and I have contacted the Dept of Justice- REPEATEDLY – to absolutely no avail. So the reason why there is no evidence is because our law officials continuously and ALWAYS refuse to look into my allegations.

There is little else I can do. I’ve tried everything and nothing has worked. But the main issue to this is that I have never changed my story nor have I EVER contradicted myself.

That is impossible unless I am telling the truth- which I am.

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