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“Justin Sanity”- Another of Doug Mesner’s MANY Aliases- Is Saying My Brother Stephen Wasn’t Involved With Sadistic Child Porn

Justin Sanity is yet ANOTHER of Doug Mesner’s MANY aliases- aka John Kilrush aka Satanic Temple’s founder Lucien Greaves. He is the one directly working with the part of my family detailed in our email exchange using the alias IEATBABIES. The homeless family member he is referring to, despite the fact that he refuses to […]

The Bigger Picture of US VS Russia

We here in America have a tendency to discredit the world view regarding America. We are number one- and so we foolishly believe no one’s opinions about us matter. I believe Putin is using us as a means to an end by exploiting our greatest weaknesses. He is helping to show the rest of the […]

Just Wanted to Point Out the Games Being Waged Against Me

I still haven’t gotten control of my Gmail account- but again they are doing whatever they can to shut me down and prevent me from getting my family involved with serious crimes that cross the line of terrorism, investigated. You can see- from the last email exchange- who I believe is Doug Meaner aka John […]

Once Again They Have Locked Me Out of My Gmail Account

It happened immediately after I posted that email exchange. So until I get control back on that account- there will be no videos and don’t trust anything that may come from that account. They want to silence me any way they can…

This Is The Email Exchange Between Myself and IEATBABIES Who I Believe Is Doug Mesner aka John Kilrush aka Satanic Temple’s founder Lucien Greaves

Just a few things- my 1/2 sister, who I call Chris- is Christina. I DID attack my nephew when I was 13- which I have been quite open about. He was NOT, however, part of the Hester household. Af the time of that attack- I also, directly after, tried to kill myself so at the […]

I am Not Now- Nor Have I Ever Been- “the One” or the “Chosen One”

A Candle Song Anyone can light a candle, But not the way that you do. Anyone can light a candle, Just like a flower in the rain. You are unique, the same. Each step you take, each dream you realize, Will open your heart, your life. Anyone can light a candle, But not the way […]

Aquino- Despite Your Lackey’s Opinions- I Don’t Hate You But Rather Feel Pity

Your lackey “IEatBabies” claims spells don’t work. But we both know otherwise. Thanks for training me with your “secret knowledge”- which is the definition of occult. What they think, feel, or believe is inconsequential. In the end we will all see for ourselves.

What I Am Truly Focused On Now a Days

Michael Aquino- I Hear You’re Not Doing So Well. this Video is For You

Michigan, Maine, and Massachusetts All Have Laws Against Using These Directed Energy Weapons So Obviously They Aren’t Conspiracy Theories

Unless of course you think laws are passed based on mere conspiracies.