Again- Hoaxtead Research is “Chasing My Tail”

For not being interested in what I have to say- it is interesting how they seem to answer my every claim.

“Why we won’t stoop to doxxing, harassment, & trolling” is the title of their new article. Of course this is a lie- as they often make comments on how they are doing otherwise. When they aren’t berating people- they laugh at how they are doing things to hurt them in their personal lives- calling, emailing, and publishing derogatory things to defame them.

But this article was published today directly after I said THIS in my article yesterday…

” A good example is the UK website Hoaxtead Research and their new article on gang stalking. (They actively and continuously dismiss allegations of extreme child abuse- in fact if you look through the website- that is their SOLE focus).

Of course they say gang stalking is only reported by crazy people who don’t have a grasp of reality- but at the same time- in the comment sections of the majority of their articles- you can seem them organizing campaigns against people and then openly boasting at their success in doing so.”

Yeah- they aren’t paying ANY attention to what I say. Lol.

It is sad and pathetic in my opinion. But it is obvious they are concerned with what I have to say.

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