“Fake News” and “False Memories” Both Came From The Republican Party and Are Not That Different- Don’t Believe What You Are Seeing and Hearing

“Fake news” and “alternative facts”- both simple to remember and both ways to dismiss objective reality, are neither new nor revolutionary.

In the 80’s- people were given two very similar phrases that were used the same way- ” false memories” and “Satanic panic”, used to dismiss the burgeoning allegations that people’s children where being horribly abused in their day cares and preschools.

These phrases originated from an organization comprised of rich white people whose own children accused them of these very same crimes- the False Memory Syndrome Foundation. All except for Ralph Underwager- who, also on the foundation- did an interview with a European news outlet Paidika and extolled the virtues of adults having sex with children…

Ralph Underwager- Another False Memory Foundation Pedophile and his Paidika Interview

Republicans have been efficient in distorting facts and reality for a long time now- as the reporting in the media at the time was reporting that, in the 80’s- call boys were being used in the first Bush White House.

Which explains what Jeff Gannon was doing in the press box at the White House- a male prostitute who no one knew- neither his identity, where he came from, or how he found himself in the White House.

What has changed in this game is the internet- as it has both loosened their hold on distorting reality and coveting the truth.

People can access info now much easier and faster- which is why we are seeing such a backlash concerning people’s growing knowledge base and informed opinions.

A good example is the UK website Hoaxtead Research and their new article on gang stalking. (They actively and continuously dismiss allegations of extreme child abuse- in fact if you look through the website- that is their SOLE focus).

Of course they say gang stalking is only reported by crazy people who don’t have a grasp of reality- but at the same time- in the comment sections of the majority of their articles- you can seem them organizing campaigns against people and then openly boasting at their success in doing so.

But only believe THEM when they tell you that this isn’t happening and pay no attention to what you are seeing and reading directly from them that shows completely the opposite.

They openly stalk anyone they feel is a threat to their objective reality- doing so openly and aggresively- although, if asked they would say this is untrue while at the same time claiming it is their right to do so.

Hell- just Google my name and read all of the disparaging things that are posted about me and the info they suggest is true about me. Although primarily distorted- you can see how much time and energy has been spent to investigate my personal life in hopes of discrediting me- which is stalkerish by it’s own merit.

How many times have any of YOU participated in this type of behavior with regards to a stranger? Probably very few of you.

And no one who is a stalker ever admits they are a stalker- they do what THIS group does and claims victimization and justifiable entitlement.

Just as we see by those in power who claim news is fake and that they are being victimized by it. Which, in turn, justifies their attacks on truth.

Projection used as deflection IS their game and always has been- accusing others of the very same behaviors they are actively engaged in so that they themselves are never held accountable- despite the glaring transparency of what is really going on.

Which is why this Orwellian argument is taking place- DON’T believe what you are seeing, hearing, and experiencing because you aren’t able to discern for yourself those facts. ONLY trust them and their alternative reality interpretation. THAT is the ONLY truth.

But considering that they lie- openly and without compunction- be aware that you do so at your own peril. And, unfortunately, even more so at the peril of your own children.

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