The Spiritual Game at Play Here

A little over a year ago I stated that I had cast a spell on Donald Trump that his dick would rot. At the time- I felt his life revolved around his penis and I wanted his life- as he knew it- to end in a way that caused him anguish.

Now here we are- a little over a year later. And funny enough- it seems his dick is bringing him low. The pedophile protection squad mocked and laughed at me- but something tells me Trump isn’t laughing right now.

I was trained by the best and they were methodical with their teachings. Energy can neither be created nor destroyed but it seems it CAN be returned. And in ways that are neither fun nor amusing, depending what you have put out into the world.

If the darkness isn’t in your heart- it can’t be returned to you. BUT if it IS- it CAN claim you. And have no doubt- it is going too. That is what separating the wheat from the chaff is all about.

But it ISN’T me who did it- but God. You can only serve ONE master and, despite my past and training- I made my choice. I just offered what I was taught to do to MY master- to bring the OTHER master’s house down.

The mighty ARE being brought low- and more than that- the darkness is here to claim it’s own. Also, it knows no mercy. It returns the same amount of mercy that has been offered – which in most cases is NONE.

And if and when you find yourself in the darkness- don’t blame God as it was your own free will that is to blame for where you find yourself. And have NO DOUBT – once you are claimed there is NO going back.

We will do what we were COMMANDED to do and live the Word- or be claimed. The choice, as always, is yours- as is the responsibility for the consequences of doing otherwise.

God IS a jealous God- and is NOT known for being an over indulgent parent. We will do as we were commanded or there is Hell to pay.

And if you don’t like it that is simply tough shit. Blame whoever you want but don’t say you weren’t warned. And like Trump- feel free to laugh now- and disregard what you will- but in the end- as it is written- you will find yourself doing nothing but wishing for a death that will never find you. And you will only have yourself to blame.

But of course, by then, it will be too late.

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