The Darkness Is Here and Is Doing It’s Job

The facts are- I was born into the Darkness. My family and their Co conspirators made sure of that. Rituals were performed on me to open me to be the vessel that would house a demonic spirit. Whether anyone chooses to believe this or not is beside the fact- the main thing is that I believed it.

I get heat for talking about what I have done with my Shamonic practice but perhaps I should make my objectives clear. I wanted the faithful to be safe- and I wanted evil exposed. Not only exposed- but contained. And since I figured I was already damned- I didn’t see where my actions would make much difference.

Since I was convinced I was already damned to Hell- what I did or didn’t do was completely inconsequential. It didn’t matter so it left my options wide open.

I have said before you can only return that which has been given. And knowing this group of devil lovers as I did- it was pretty easy to bless them with the things they desired most.

First and foremost they desired complete separation from our Father. Of course with that comes no light. No fire- no heat- no light. As well as no mercy.

They also wanted chaos, and the order that could be derived from it. That was part of the foundation I built my practices on.

The Darkness is here- allowed in, I believe, with their CERN toy. The fact that they erected a statue of the Hindu goddess Kali at the headquarters denotes this. The YouTube geologist Dutchsinse did a video and the energy appearing- as one day there was nothing and the next there was an energy surrounding the globe that it was so big it made an “S” shape.

Since then we have seen the world go crazy- but as I have said before – people aren’t going crazy but rather they are becoming authentic. You see- you can only be judged by what you DO- and the Darkness is compelling people to do darker and more outrageous things. It is part of the chaff being separated from the wheat.

And since I figured I was going to Hell anyway – I decided to offer my body and soul to use my training on behalf of Heaven. Which is what I have done through my Shamonic practice.

The Satanic Temple- the Temple of Set- and all of the other factions of Darkness lovers will scoff at this in the misguided belief that only THEY understand the occult- but although they have campaigned to convince public perception that I am lying- that in no way negates my training as a child. And despite their desperate assertions- what I was trained to do is in no way dependent on public opinion. Quite simply- it works, although Michael Aquino certainly isn’t going to tell the truth concerning that fact.

I feel and have felt that they needed to be brought down by their own doings- thus that is why I choose to do what I have. I just used the Darkness that they thrust me into as a child on behalf of Heaven. And honestly- much to the dismay of some- I have absolutely NO regrets.

This group uses Hell to denounce God as how can a loving God put someone in eternal damnation- always dismissing their own accountability. But God DOESN’T Put us in the Dark- our own free will does that. And you can’t save those who WANT to drown.

I have offered my body and soul to this ascension- with no regrets. And their attacks on me binds them to me by their own free will- allowing me to lead them into the very Darkness they bound ME to at my conception. And the only blame they can place is upon their own free will and desires.

As Jesus stated- those who choose the Darkness will be claimed by a force that will make them wish for nothing more than a death that will never find them. I just did my best to help facilitate that. Of course Jesus also said that the luke warm would ALSO be vomited out as well- so the only way to avoid this fate is to take a stand.

Those who fight to keep their lives will lose them- those who offer them will find themselves blessed- and we are COMMANDED to live the Word so to do otherwise is to do so at your own peril.

I have done what I have because I LOVE the Word- and I believe in it- and I desire only that those who don’t are separated and contained away from those who do. And I am willing to offer BOTH my body and soul to accomplish this. And their denials and lies in no way negate the fact that they gave me the tools and the knowledge to do this.

God may be merciful but don’t for a moment delude yourself into thinking that is my gig, because as I have said before- my goal is to bring these assholes to their knees and MAKE them obedient to Heaven. And since pain and anguish is what they desire- then pain and anguish it is.

As I have said before Mr. Aquino- you taught the wrong person your shit. And the fun is JUST beginning.

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