Sean Hannity- Seth Rich- and Hannity’s Focus on Clinton

With everything that is happening in our government right now – esp with this Cohen guy- I have started to wonder if there is something more with this thing concerning Sean Hannity and his reporting on Seth Rich.

Hannity reported constantly that Hillary Clinton and the DNC was behind the murder of Seth Rich- but here is the thing. Seth Rich was born and raised in Omaha NE.

People in Omaha know what happened in Omaha in the 80s. It isn’t a secret to anyone who has lived in Omaha . And since Rich was raised and grew up in Omaha- chances are he heard about it. We ALL have who have lived there. I mean Omaha is a small place and other than drink and eat- there really isn’t much to do but talk.

Back in the 80s our national media reported that this child trafficking went straight to the Bush Sr./Reagan White House. This would have been damaging to the Republicans had this come out again during the election.

My point is that maybe the reason Hannity focused on Clinton concerning Seth Rich was maybe to deflect from the fact that there was a good chance that it was the Republican party that had more of a reason to kill Rich than the Democratic party.

Not saying that Hillary and the pedophilia crap with Podesta isn’t real – but believing that the Republican party- who were called out in the 80s for being involved – simply turned their cash cow completely over to the Democrats is ridiculous.

And all of these people are known for pitting the population against each other. We are so used to choosing the lesser evil that I think they count on it. So maybe the whole thing was an elaborate ploy to discombobulate the issue to keep everyone from focusing on the child trafficking issue.

Pointing fingers at each other kept the population from focusing on the real issue behind the murder of Rich. And if it WAS about child trafficking – considering that Rich was FROM Omaha- that could point more to the Republicans than the Democrats. Or perhaps a few of each were involved. Who knows? At this point no one does.

The fact that Rich was murdered and no one knows the facts surrounding his murder is undisputed. Nor is the fact that Sean Hannity focused on it with regards to the Clinton camp- esp considering Rich’s parents are suing him for that fact. And Trump and Hannity are connected through Cohen. And neither camp is unknown to murder, considering the Clinton kill list and Trump bragging he could murder someone on 5th Ave in public and no one would do anything.

Has anyone ever considered that this is all connected as are all the people involved? Epstein- the Clinton’s- and Trump are all friends- or were. I mean they have all flown on the “Lolita Express” and stayed on Epstein’s island. With all this considered – obviously they weren’t always in opposing camps.

The one more thing that is not in dispute is that choosing the lesser evil is STILL choosing evil. And who loses in this case? The truth, Seth Rich, the trafficked children, and mankind as a whole.

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