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Saw My Psychiatrist Yesterday

Seeing my psychiatrist yesterday resulted in a few significant things. One- I got a clean bill of mental health. Two- there were several medications that were listed I have NEVER taken. I have NEVER taken any medications for high cholesterol as I have never had an issue with that. ALSO I have never taken blood […]

No Faith=No hope=Desperation=Anger

CIA Child Trafficking Victim Fiona Barnett’s Presentation Naming Names

What Is the Difference Between “Fake News” and “False Memories” ?

The difference between the two is that one deals with child abuse and trying to expose it- and the other deals with government corruption. Same game though. It will only be a matter of time before witnesses start being accused of “false memories” and Mueller’s investigation starts being called a “panic” and “witch hunt” . […]

Exposing My Parent’s Involvement with Child Trafficking Is Important But THIS Is Where My Real Interests Are

This nefarious BS is NOT where my interest is- but rather lies with creating beauty and art. I am tired of trying to expose my parent’s involvement with child trafficking and here are some of my examples of where my TRUE talents and interests are… I fancy myself as a textile artist and would much […]

I’ve Done All I Can- Time to Focus on Me and My Artwork

It is time I start living for myself and do my best to leave this mess behind.

Their Plan is to Have Me Murdered in Jail

So how did I mess up on the harassment order? Well I missed taking something down on my Facebook that I had posted last April- but the charge wasn’t filed until September- and at the time I was sharing 20 things a day and since I only had a phone- I simply missed it. THIS […]

Letter to Dept of Justice: National Security

These Are The Readings In My House After My Two Videos Yesterday Just got back from court in Pacific WA and was able to read the police report for the first time that policeman Ryan Miller filed which was full of 1/2 truths and flat out lies. My “lawyer” – who I paid 7000 dollars […]