Saw My Psychiatrist Yesterday

Seeing my psychiatrist yesterday resulted in a few significant things.

One- I got a clean bill of mental health.

Two- there were several medications that were listed I have NEVER taken. I have NEVER taken any medications for high cholesterol as I have never had an issue with that.

ALSO I have never taken blood pressure medication of ANY kind- as just yesterday my blood pressure was 125/80.

So who has the ability to get into and alter medical records?

And why were they adjusted to suggest heart problems?

This psychiatrist is NOT unknown to me as we worked together for YEARS before moving to Seattle for four years.

So yesterday offered a few revelations for both of us.

And though we are going to continue seeing each other- there was no reason for me to be put on ANY meds.

And my psychiatrist is WELL known and HIGHLY regarded so NO anonymous trolls opinion over rides the decisions made yesterday no matter WHAT they say.

And I told my psychiatrist EVERYTHING And was completely believed so Mesner and his group claiming I am crazy is bogus. At least in the opinion of a skilled professional.

Once again showing their claims are complete and utter BS. But exactly HOW were they able to breach my medical records?

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