About The EMF in My House and the Reason Why

EMF stands for “electro magnetic frequency” which is what these DEW weapons (Directed energy weapons) that the Air Force told Congress about- affect and control. A normal safe level is under 50 but, as you can see, the levels in my house FAR exceed that.

These are the same weapons that were used in our Cuban embassy- although our media pretends not to know what they are even though again our Air Force went in front of Congress in 2006 and not only talked about these weapons but said they were going to use them on Americans citizens to show the rest of the world they were safe.

Considering that was in 2006 and it is now 2018- and they are still “secret”- obviously they are NOT safe. And they are using them to quietly and secretly kill anyone they feel is a threat.

I’m a threat to them because I am telling the truth about my family being involved with a group that was abducting, trafficking, and slaughtering children in Omaha in the 80s- which is why Mesner and his band of rabid wolves have spent years trying to discredit me. This group- according to our national media at the time- went straight to the George Bush Sr. White House and included many members of the GOP as well as a slew of Democrats.

It also included the rich of Omaha- like Warren Buffet- Willie Theison (the founder of Godfather’s pizza), PJ Morgan (Omaha’s real estate dude), Peter Keiwit (top building construction guy at the time), Alan Baer (owner of Brandeis), and these are just a few of the MANY people involved.

And the powers that be in this world want to keep this secret- just like their killing machines. And this objective is being carried out by the very organization that reached out and employed Doug Mesner according to his once best friend Shane Bugbee, who helped Mesner form the Satanic Temple- the CIA.

I am trying to bring light to all of this- thus their need to kill me. But I truly believe some things are worth laying your life down for. This is one of them.

Our rich and powerful have been running rampant for far too long- serving solely themselves and hurting myriads of innocents along the way and this needs to be brought to a halt.

Yeah- they are probably going to kill me but I am hoping to stand as an example for others in the future who may take up my cause and follow it through to completion- stopping this crap that is nothing BUT evil.

But it is in God’s hands and I can only do my part. However- I think that mankind is worth the effort. It remains to be seen if anyone else feels the same.

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