Replying to a Post on Hoaxtead Directed at Me

So you know I watch Hoaxtead? Lol- ya think? I have only been posting your stupid shit on my blog for how long now? Way to go Captain Obvious.

So if everyone went on Voat after pizzagate and I am supposed to be this sad creepy dude desperately seeking attention- how come I have no idea what Voat even really is?

You would THINK I would go where I can get attention.

But then you say that there are all kinds of conversations about me. On a website I have never been on. You guys claim I am a nobody and that no one even knows who I am- and yet complete strangers are having conversations about me on a site I haven’t viewed.

How does THAT work exactly?

And by now- with everything that has happened with this shit- if there WERE something in my past- and there isn’t- don’t you think it would have been used against me by now? Lol. I mean- come on.

And I am not involved with pizzagate- it was a psych ops operation- and Neil Wolfe and his friend Steve are PART of the psych ops bullshit.

And the fact that I exposed it as I did explained why attendance was so low- otherwise those you claimed were so against me coming would have had no issue and came.

And why is a guy who doesn’t believe in pizzagate trolling the sites talking about it- as you obviously are or else how could you know?

But since you know I’m watching- how about answering my three questions?

Since we all know reports of horrific and rampant child abuse occurred in the 80s in the UK…

1). What exactly were the allegations?

2). Who exactly was involved in those allegations.


3). If these claims were so bogus- why was so much money, time, and effort spent in covering these allegations up?

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