An Excellant Explanation of the Psych-Ops Shit They Have Going to Close This Child Trafficking Interest Down

Much like in the 80s, they are trying to use their own people in order to orchastrate a false narrative to this mess.

Alex Jones is a loud mouth, kinda unpopular Jerry Springer wanna be, so I don’t see how it is going to work with him. Dr. Phil is a joke. And everyone knows better than to trust the media.

I just don’t see how they think these idiots have disproved anyone BUT themselves.

Let alone try and convince everyone that the internet is a bad thing and only THEIR news should be trusted despite the fact that so many people have been woken up and learned what is going on and it has been BECAUSE of the internet that this has become possible.

They are doing what they can- as they did in the 80s the LAST time these allegations surfaced. And they are gonna do what they ALWAYS do- set shit up and then yell from the roof tops in hopes that everyone gets distracted by it.

But the rally had a poor turn out because people didn’t trust it. They seemed to listen to me- and I did my OWN yelling from the roof tops to make sure people knew it was a set up.

Oh- and Satanic Views- what gave you the impression I didn’t do my thang today at the rally? Cause I most DEFINITELY did. Lol.

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