Hoaxtead Explains the Psych Ops of Franklin Credit Down to a Tee

‘Believe the Children’, Mach 1

They could NOT have explained the psych ops operation that took place in the 80’s to shut this down BETTER!

But a FEW points…

John DeCamp was WELL KNOWN BY MANY as a pedophile by people who knew him in Nebraska. And his constant trips to Thailand were no secret.

And DeCamp was NOT ONLY an “investigator” for Franklin- but ALSO the Oklahoma City bombing AND the Columbine shooting. I know FOR A FACT that this is true about Columbine since I had ALL 8 HUGE BOXES of his files on my dining room table concerning the case.

DeCamp gave them to Mark Taylor’s mother- but they were in SUCH DISARRAY and in absolutely NO discernible order whatsoever- that I knew he was just fucking Donna Taylor around.

And Franklin and McMartin WERE connected- and two focuses of the psych ops that took place to shut all of the allegations that are now RESURFACING as they did back in the 80’s- different children- SAME FUCKING EXACT ALLEGATIONS.

And the REAL Bush connection was NOT children being trafficked in the White House but RATHER in Omaha AND Houston, TX SIMULTANEOUSLY instead.

And McMartin- the longest and most costly trial in American history where the tunnels that the children said they were being abused in weren’t discovered until AFTER the trial- was 1 of 7 in that area alone and these allegations were not only all over the nation- but in the UK AND Australia AT THE SAME TIME. JUST LIKE THEY ARE YET AGAIN NOW.

And we KNOW there is UNDISPUTABLE PROOF that the UK covered THEIR allegations up back then.

So take it for what it is worth.

This story they present is real- it is THE official version of this story. IT IS ALSO AN ABSOLUTE AND UTTER MIND FUCK OF A MANIPULATION AND COMPLETE AND TOTAL BULLSHIT.

YEAH- Hoaxtead isn’t GOVERNMENT at ALL. Lol. I mean WOW- these little UK every day normal people sure do know their shit about the 80’s when it comes to AMERICA- but they don’t seem to know shit about their OWN country concerning the same point in history.

Funny how that works…

Oh and let me point out that the same shit they detail about Franklin is the SAME SHIT they are engaging in NOW- with Hampstead..

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