An Easy Way to Find Out WHO Was Behind All of the Child Trafficking in the 80’s

I was asked if I had anything to say about the proceeding atricle- and of course I do. Guess who two of the guests were at the George Bush Sr. inauguration party where Latty King sang at? None other than Joe Paterno and Jerry Sandusky. In fact- I contend- knowing of some who attended and who was IN the limo that dropped off George Bush Sr. at this event- that if the guest list was pulled for this specific party- we would have THE LIST of pedophiles who were trafficking children in the 80’s. Notice how this party has been mentioned for DECADES- and yet NO ONE knows exactly who attended this party STILL to this day. There is a reason for this- and it ISN’T what they contend.

Bobby Knight introduces Donald Trump with praise for Joe Paterno… coach-Joe-Paterno.html

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