David Shurter and the Oakland Four Cold Case in Michigan

So I think that I am going to have some “fun”. You see- there is this case in Michigan called the ” Oakland Four”- were four children were ritually murdered within a year and a half of each other- starting in 76. Now you have to remember- I was forced to light that man on fire in 76. Therefore- I contend that it is possible that my dad (who was a pilot and flew his own plane and who GREW UP in Michigan) and his group are directly connected to this case. Why? Because I believe that they were trying to divert attention AWAY from Nebraska. All due to that guy who found us when we were in hiding. The one they made me light on fire.

So the “fun” I am speaking about is that I want to see if I focus on this case- will it too be “solved” within a few weeks? Seems like it is happening to all of the other cases- so let’s do an experiment and see- shall we?

It is interesting to me- because Cathy O’Brien is FROM Michigan- and I have searched- and had others search- and no one can even find ONE TIME where O’Brien has mentioned the Oakland Four case. If I were trying to expose these crimes (and I AM)- I certainly wouldn’t avoid this case where four children were ritually murdered and found DISPLAYED in Michigan (and I am NOT). So why is this “hero” not focusing on a case that happened in her own state that would VALIDATE the things that she has talked about? Why avoid this case- even though it could have brought awareness to all of this from the beginning? And this happened in her own state- so PLEASE don’t try to insist that she doesn’t know that this case exists. With EVERYTHING she has involved herself with- she wouldn’t know about a case in her OWN STATE? REALLY?

And I KNOW these children were ritually murdered because the Oakland authorities TOLD ME THIS THEMSELVES after they reached out to me after reading my comments on a website dedicated to this case called The Oakland County Child Killer- http:topix.com/forum/news/jonbenet-ramsey/TGCT4DRIT9SGLAF3D/p1083 which you can see for yourselves is DIRECTLY connected to the JonBenet Ramsey murder. Go to the link and look for yourselves. (Make sure you check out the last comment on this specific page).

The police kept asking me if I was this guy who called himself “Bob”- who was posting constantly on there about this case. I wasn’t- but interestingly enough- “Bob” started posting right around the time I got wind of this case- and Bob is what my step-mother ALWAYS CALLED MY DAD. Coincidence? Maybe- but one thing is for sure- NO ONE AT THIS POINT KNOWS FOR CERTAIN.

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