How The Michigan Case of Alexis and Abbie Odonnell Proves that Predators Are Already Watching Your Children

The biggest issue that I have concerning the Michigan case of human trafficking concerning the two 15 year old Odonnell girls Abbie and Alexis is the time frame that exists at the very beginning of this case.  Going on the internet and claiming that they tried pot for the first time and when CPS showed up at the girl’s mother’s door was an EXTREMELY short time period- which tells me that someone was already aware of and was watching the girls before they posted anything.  It is the ONLY thing that explains the immediacy of CPS showing up at their door.

In every state- accessing people’s private information online is illegal- and yet groups are getting this info within the FIRST 10 MINUTES generally from people going onto forums.  This is illegal because unless it is labeled ADULT- anyone the age of 13 and up are allowed on ANY AND EVERY group and forum- and so, since every child in America almost is online, you don’t know if you are communicating with a child when you are trying to get someone’s personal information online.

Thus- the laws state that if you ARE accessing people’s personal info- you are to be deemed a PREDATOR- because why would you engage in this behavior for any other reason?

Menagerie and her group are online in mass- but they are seeking out ALL trauma survivors now and not just people claiming they are DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder).  They are accessing their personal info- phone, relationships, work info- and they are sending these victims stuffed animals and are demanding that they talk on the phone.  When the victims resist- Menagerie and her group become threatening.

This is the SAME type of behavior pedophiles engage in with children- and since this group is doing this to anyone they come in contact with- how can ANY OF US be sure that they aren’t accessing children at the same time?

Menagerie and her group don’t have a clue who they are accessing, any more than the victims who are being accessed know who THEY are- and considering there are MILLIONS of children online, how can Menagerie and her group know that they are always accessing adults?  Either way this is illegal- but there is ABSOLUTELY NO WAY they could know if they are engaging children at the time they are illegally seeking out personal info.

Considering that there are now gag orders on both the 15 year old twins and their mother, SOMETHING is amiss with all of this.  When the very people who are being accused of crimes have the power to rewrite laws and use them to protect them- whistle-blowers like these twins- and EVERYONE ELSE LIKE THEM who would talk about their abuse- NEVER get heard-  all because the predators have the power to protect themselves from any legal action.

The Odonnell case shows that we don’t have to worry about predators out on the street- as they are already alone and at home with our children- secretly engaging them on the internet.  If there are government trolls online trying to control what is said, how can any of us be sure that there aren’t groups actively seeking out our children online?  Why is one possible and the other is not?  Esp. considering that it is OUR GOVERNMENT that is being accused of being behind a child trafficking pedophile sex ring?

Someone was watching these twins already- and although they are quite beautiful- I don’t believe they stand alone in all of this.  This is happening IN MASS.  And the reason why these girls and their mother have been gagged from speaking with the threat of jail- is because their predators are connected to the very people who control and dictate the laws.  None of us could do this- and so this MUST be the only answer.

The Odonnell case is a wake-up call as it is obvious that there are people out there targeting your children right now online and most of us are not even aware of it.  And if they come for you or your children- in the end they will do whatever they want to you and your children and threaten to throw you in jail if you tell anyone.  We only have to look at Alexis and Abbie to see the truth in this.




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