Letter to Michigan Governor Rick Synder Concerning the Odonnell Twins Human Rights Violations

May 5, 2016


By now you have realized that I am taking up the case of the Odonnell girls and that I am not going to let it go until this whole thing gets investigated, as it is a blatant case of human rights abuse.  But then, your state is no stranger to this type of abuse- is it?

My father’s family originated from Michigan actually, from the Rathbun or Rathbone (it is spelled both ways) family who once owned the town of Cassopolis, and Michigan is where my father was born and raised.

My father eventually moved to Omaha where he was engaged in a child abduction and trafficking ring.  He was also involved with a devil worshiping and child killing cult, who, I believe, is behind your Oakland Four- the four children ritually murdered in your state in 76-77.

These murders directly coincide with the time, at the age of 10, when I was forced to burn a man alive who had come looking for his missing daughter who had happened to be a playmate of mine when we lived in Omaha.  We were hiding out in Fremont, NE at the time.

I think that my father and the group he was connected to in Omaha tortured and sacrificed those children in Michigan to divert attention away from what was happening in Omaha at the time.  My father was a pilot, he grew up in Michigan and knew the area extremely well, and they were looking to divert attention away from the child murders that were happening in Omaha so they did their best to divert attention to Michigan.

I know the Oakland Four were ritually murdered as the task force in Michigan in charge of investigating these still unsolved murders who contacted me told me so in our conversation.

So obviously your state has your own serious issues regarding child murders and human rights abuses there.  My great uncle Phil, my father’s uncle- is the one who inducted my dad into this mess and he lived and died in Michigan.  In the summer of 2006, reported online by CNN, you arrested, convicted, and sentenced a man who was shown to be directly connected to a satanic child killing cult and was himself convicted of murdering children- and yet now no one can find anything on the case.  So your state has a long and sordid history of these types of crimes.

Although the Odonnell case has nothing to do with ritual abuse or murders, I believe that their case is indicative on how Michigan’s children are being targeted today.  Considering that generally all of these issues are separate but still connected to an organized child trafficking ring, I think that if we look more into this case concerning these two 15 year old girls- we are going to find that the depth of this rabbit hole will surprise us all.

With consideration of the whole devil worshiping and abuse in Michigan, I know that you will want to fall behind Kathy Obrien to try and show how bogus these claims are- insisting that her fake ass is proof that none of this exists- but don’t bother.  I listened to her and Mark Phillips for the first time ever on the Ed Opperman show recently and there is not one ounce of truth in the sound of their voices and considering that Obrien paused for 15 seconds or more before answering EVERY question, it was obvious to me that she was being instructed in how to respond. I think she is working in cahoots with those involved with all of this, esp. after she said that Michael Aquino didn’t believe in the occult.  She is deliberating trying to mislead and so using her as a shield is like using Wikipedia as an expert resource.

However, although I don’t believe that they are really who they say they are, I couldn’t help but get intrigued when I realized that Obrien is FROM Michigan.

Your state is ripe with accusations of abuses against children from almost every angle it seems.

So about Abbie Odonnell- I just want to point out that with everything that you are facing right now- what with the whole Flint water fiasco and intentionally poisoning the people and all of that, do you really want to have to contend with the imprisonment and, if not resolved quickly- death of a 15 year old girl?  She is sweet, innocent, and people who see her will love her while you already stand as the epitome of a monster, and really- if anything SHOULD happen too her or any of her family, there are some of us out here like myself who will only be too glad to load the responsibility publicly upon your shoulders.

You see, although you may have gagged the girls and their mother, again there are some of us out here like myself who won’t be silenced- and who have no intention of allowing all of this to go unnoticed.

I have shared my family’s history with Michigan with you because I want you to understand that, for me, what I went through ORIGINATED in your state with the abuse of my father.  This mean more to me than I can ever express, on too many levels to explain- and so I am MORE than happy help the Odonnell’s find a new voice.

What you have done and are still doing to this family is wrong and needs to be exposed.  And I don’t think that anyone will believe that a man who is capable of poisoning entire towns in incapable of serious human rights abuses of children, esp. when viewing a case that is so blatant.

I would take care of Abbie Odonnell if I were you.  Unshackle her, stop drugging her, and start feeding her.  In fact, if I were you- I would make sure she has the absolute best possible care.  And I would do this sooner than not- because the media might not pick up on an impoverished town being poisoned, but I sure bet they will be interested in two gorgeous dark haired doe eyed  15 year old twin girls whose only crime was to try weed for the first time.  And I would be afraid of what my state might do if they learned I called them a “sob story”, all considering.

You work for the people- and these two girls ARE the people, so  do the job you were elected to do.


David Shurter

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