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Hello David,

I’ve been watching your videos and they’re very powerful.
Thank you for your work.
If there are any official people who I can annoy with emails please let me know their names. I can find their email addresses and write to them asking uncomfortable questions.
Keep up the good work.
Kind Regards




Hello David,

My anti child abuse activism credentials are a number of years now and are tagged on my blog as this, this or this for example.

The previous email I sent, that you tweeted you didn’t receive is included below.
I wanted to ask you a very specific question:
What is the merit of casting suspicion on Paul Bonacchi?
Nick Bryant interviewed him and found him credible. As you can see in my email below and my tweet to you it’s the perpetrators I’m after. I’m in a position to do that.
Also I notice you think Trump is in on the Epstein child abuse ring. I asked him online as shown here and here and here. That’s just a small sample.
Then I discovered that Virginia Robert’s Lawyer stated emphatically that there’s no suspicion of Trump wrongdoing.

When I learn new information I adjust my strategy, so I’ve stopped attacking him and focused on Bill Clinton who I notice you haven’t laid a finger on despite his multiple visits to Epstein and flights on Lolita Express. I also tweeted this information to you after your interview somewhere but of course not every tweet is guaranteed to be read by its intended recipient.
I find your testimony powerful David, but the two issues above concern me. Also I think you’re unfamiliar with the “Limited Hangout” nature of Hampstead but that’s just opinion. It had all the hallmarks from the start and many people asked me to put my weight on to it but I can’t.
Let’s hope this email gets to you and I look forward to your reply.
You’re more than welcome to Skype me if you prefer voice.
Thank you



Okay, first of all- I was incorrect.  I DID receive your first email and chose not to answer it, basically because I personally DO NOT want to be involved in anything like what happened with Hampstead when a group of vigilante people published the names and personal info on people they considered abusers.  This CAN NOT be done- as it makes survivors look bad (as we saw, although I think the opposition had EVERYTHING to do with this).  Since I had no intention of you writing people and harassing them- I chose not to answer.

I have quite a bit of info on my blog detailing my concerns about Paul Bonnaci and Noreen Gosch.  Bonnaci was the one whose actions CLOSED the Franklin case- and it was HIS testimony that got Owen thrown in jail.  You are telling me that a guy who was born in Omaha, whose family and he have lived there all HIS LIFE- and he STILL lives there- and yet he has never come forward to explain specifically how everything was working in Omaha at the time.  He talks about Johnny Gosch- the White House- and abandoned Iowa farm houses, but he has NEVER ONCE come forward to explain how everything was working in Omaha.  There are MANY other reasons I don’t believe him- and his whole multiple personality act- which is in NO WAY how REAL survivors act.  And watching his testimonies on YouTube- there is NO WAY this elite group of pedophiles who were running a multi billion dollar organization- trusted THIS guy as much as he claims.  ABSOLUTELY NO WAY.

Nick Bryant and his book is just a longer and much more boring continuation of John DeCamp’s book- and I don’t trust Bryant AT ALL.  I have spoken to him on the phone- (the last one I made him cry), and I have met him in person- and I think that since DeCamp is now heavy with Alzheimers, the opposition needed someone to carry on his work- and Bryant is the one.  Interesting that Bryant has come out and claimed he knows the actual number of victims- which is bullshit (no one does) and that he claims that the satanic ritual abuse aspect of this case is bogus.  He is a liar- and a fake.

So as far as Trump.  Give me ONE EXAMPLE where the opposition EVER has claimed that one of them are guilty.  They protect each other- and they claim they are guilty of no wrong doing.  EVERY TIME WHEN ASKED.  Cardinal Pell- 3rd in charge of the Vatican- just gave the world a perfect example of this.  He claimed he didn’t know, didn’t care, and couldn’t remember.  He could remember details of other stuff many years before- but the whole rerouting of pedophile priests- he couldn’t remember a thing.  THEY LIE.  Period.  You can send all the emails you want- and ask them all the questions you can think of- but if you go by what they are saying to you- you will never be any closer to the truth than when you first started.  Trump lies- we have ALL seen myriads of proof about this- his story changes whenever it is convenient, and since you were looking for people to harass in your first email- there is no reason they would have felt compelled to write you and tell you the truth.

And Trump was asked about Epstein AFTER Epstein got out of jail and he exclaimed he was a great guy had threw fantastic parties.  So exactly HOW did Trump disengage himself from his friend?  Cause going on TV and saying what he did is proof that he LIKES and SUPPORTS the guy.  And this was AFTER 2007.

And if you listen to my past few interviews, I have said REPEATEDLY that Trump and Bill Clinton were named the most in Epstein’s little black book.  There is NO WAY these guys are not working in conjunction with each other.  So claiming that I haven’t said anything about Bill Clinton is a blatant falsehood.  The Trump camp and the Clinton camp OBVIOUSLY don’t want anyone focusing on their trips to Epstein’s island on the “Lolita Express” and so they are working in conjunction with each other to keep it under wraps.  But to say that I haven’t said this in interviews- and posted it on my blog- is deceiving and  manipulative.

And Hampstead does NOT have a limited hangout- for anyone.  This AGAIN is manipulative, and I have to say that since I just published the article

Hoaxstead Research is Working DIRECTLY with Angela Power Disney

which can be found at, last night before I went to bed and I woke up to this email- something tells me that you are not who you want to present yourself as.  I personally don’t trust you- since you started your tweet with saying that in my last interview with Deanna Spingola- that I did nothing but attack victims and didn’t say ANYTHING about my perps- but since Spingola made me REPEAT what I said about Judge Anthony Scalia- and I spoke tons of the facts of this case- esp. concerning my family- I find this tweet to be a lie.  I am not going to give you names of people so that you can harass them- and I am not going to stand idly by while you make me out to be someone that the FACTS prove otherwise.  And again- the fact that I received this email DIRECTLY after publishing my last article- and you are claiming that there is a “limited hang out factor” in this case- and I find that to be utter bullshit- I have to say that I don’t trust you in the least.

I hope this answers your questions.


David Shurter



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