Hoaxstead Research is Working DIRECTLY with Angela Power Disney

You see, that is how this game is played. The bad guys have completely infiltrated the good side and have THEIR OWN OPERATIVES working within.

You see, then they can do all of this crazy shit and everyone will focus on their antics and ignore all the rest.

That is why this group, who obviously don’t have any respect for Angela Power Disney, TOTALLY focus on everything she is doing.

If you focus on her and her garbage, they are hoping you will dismiss the whole thing.

Look- she is crazy and disingenuous so that must mean ALL victims and their supporters are ALSO crazy and disingenuous.  See how it works?

Angela Power Disney is upset because I don’t trust her and refuse to work with her, but I realized very early on that she is working hand in hand with those who are desperately trying to make this all go away.

I have skyped with her a few times, and she always wanted me to talk about Col. Micheal Aquino.

When she made an issue of me not being on video once, I started getting a clue.  Of course the only reason I didn’t go on video is because I was sitting on the toilet at the time.

The whole ordeal clued me in, and then suddenly she wanted me to talk with Doug Dietrich and that was it for me.  (Dietrich is/was a good friend of Aquino’s).

The bad guys who are trying to make all of the issues of this disgusting elite pedophile ring disappear are trying to stack the deck- supplying the good side with their operatives.

But don’t take my word for it.  Go to their wordpress site Hoaxstead Research and read their obsessions for yourself.

ALL of the people they are focused on are working DIRECTLY with them in order to try and make this all go away.

Won’t work- but they certainly get an A for effort.


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