Sabine McNeil is ANOTHER Hoaxstead Operative

This group- Hoaxstead Research, only focuses on a handful of people- Angela Power Disney and Sabine McNeil specifically.  They are using this small group of women to do their best to try and make the Hampstead allegations, and all of the facts surrounding a known and proven cover up regarding an elite pedophile ring, go away.

Focusing on Sabine does two things.  One- they use her to discredit everyone else, and two- they are in hopes that other victims will seek her out.

The thing about Sabine is that EVERY case she gets involved with, support dries up quickly for the victims.  Once would just be coincidence, but this has happened with EVERY case EVERY TIME Sabine involves herself, which is a PATTERN.  This is happening intentionally.

People like Sabine and Angela Power Disney are operatives working directly to try and make all allegations of ritual child abuse and sex trafficking go away.

Like I have said previously, Hoaxstead and the people behind these cover ups have implanted operatives in the advocate community in order to use their bad behavior, which is planned, to discredit all of the allegations.

And it didn’t bypass my attention that after I wrote my article connecting Hoaxstead with Angela Power Disney, that they suddenly switched gears and began focusing on Sabine.  Not that they haven’t talked about her before ( they only focus on a handful of women and they are always the same women), but the timing- to me- is telling.

Hoaxstead will have you believe that all of the allegations of crimes against children are bogus, but have failed to answer some very basic questions that have been posed to them before repeatedly.

We all know a cover up concerning child sex trafficking occurred in the UK at the same time the same allegations were being made in the US and Australia.  So the questions remain, WHAT specifically were those allegations, WHO was involved, and WHY was it necessary to cover up and hide the abuse claims concerning the rapes and murders of children?

They would have everyone think there is no cause for concern, but this is a lie.  And my question is- since we all KNOW a cover up took place in the past, why should anyone believe that this isn’t happening again?  Considering how vested they all are in this, the next question is why would anyone believe THEY themselves aren’t connected to ANOTHER cover up this time around.

Now I realize that if they DO decide to answer these poignant questions, that they will attempt to do so with their usual caustic “wit”, like their 4th grade behavior of manipulating my last name to ” Shitter” instead of Shurter, but the question we should all be asking ourselves is why can’t they simply just answer the questions?

The only “facts” they offer are the constant insults they wage against their own operatives they have sent into the survivor community.  But since they are so involved, and obviously believe they are intellectually superior to everyone else, I would simply like them to address the questions I have just posed in this article.

However, I believe they are unwilling, and even more so, UNABLE, to answer them while standing by their claim that all of us a crazy, lying, or just seeking attention- which should show everyone that all of this- and all of them- are just sad examples of yet another attempt to cover this mess up and make it all go away.

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