What American’s Should Be Concerned with Is NOT Socialism- but Feudalism

The biggest argument against Bernie Sanders is his being a Democratic Socialist- and this is the issue that has been harped on over and over in order to turn voters from him- but it isn’t socialism that we should be concerned about- but rather the coming feudalistic philosophy that is blossoming in America.

For those of you who don’t know what feudalism is- it is a system based on class- where the rich own and control the rest of the population. People are considered surfs- who need permission for every aspect of their lives. Where they live, what they do for a living, who they marry, what they own- every aspect of the human condition is controlled by the masters of the house- who are the rich, and the rich are only controlled by their own desires and whims.

What the powers that be are doing is layering the system with so much management that, to the average person, it seems overwhelming and incontestable. And there is absolutely NO accountability. We are seeing this now with this whole pedophile issue- as the Catholic Church, the BBC, the Australian Royal Commission, and our leaders in America claim that none of them knew so that none of them are responsible. The buck might stop with them, but certainly not any accountability. The rest of the world knew what was going on- even when it came out in the 70s 80s and 90s- but none of them knew anything- although their history of hurting the vulnerable is incontestable.

The Bohemian Grove and the ranch that Scalia was murdered is an example of where the majority of us are headed- they hunt people and have no concept of morality or human decency. In feudalism- the masters can do whatever they want to the surfs. They can imprison us, they can rape our partners and children, and they can abuse us with impunity. The leaders of America- when they speak about going back to better days- aren’t talking about the 50s but rather the days of the rich land owners when they controlled everything and everyone. Look around at Wall Street, the American government, and our leaders and you can recognize that this is obvious and most certainly true. Right now they can do what they want with no impunity and anyone who contests are imprisoned and murdered, and every law they have passed gives them absolute power to do this legally. That is why they are screaming about socialism- as they are using it as a distraction to keep the population for realizing that this power grab extends far beyond what most of us can even conceptualize, and they are making themselves out to be our masters. This has been the plan for a long time, and they are doing their best to finalize their objectives in order to take over.

We have been brought to the point where we idolize the rich. When they rape our children, like billionaire Jeffery Epstein did- who was befriended by Bill Clinton and Donald Trump who were his most eager customers, we give them a slap on the wrist- thus allowing and encouraging them to continue their debauchery. We have all given them a free reign to do whatever they want- and sit by complacently when they claim no responsibility for their actions even when they continue forward doing the same things. Why? Because we all think we are going to be rich someday- and so we accept their crap with the hopes that someday we can all do the same things. But historically, the only way the surfs overcame their masters during feudalism was through revolt and violence- which is why there is such a clamor to take away society’s guns. Unarmed people can’t fight back effectively- as we are seeing in the Middle East. Throwing rocks is not as effective as guns full of bullets, and we all have indisputable evidence of that.

So when some of you go on and on about the perils of socialism- you need to realize that this is not the problem nor the objective- feudalism is; our powers that be want to make us slaves, unarmed and broke- and no one has to look around very hard to conclusively realize that this is their objective. Everything they have done- everything they are doing- is showing the truth of this, and so those who choose to remain blind are doing so consciously. The real shame to all of this is that there are WAY MORE of us than there are of THEM- and if we, as a population, allow this to happen- the fault will lie much more with us than with them.

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