Fiona Barnett and I Are Validated by the Washington Post

There is nothing like getting validation by having someone steal your shit. lol. This article is ALL ABOUT the ranch that Scalia was murdered at- and validates almost everything we said in our article a week or so ago.

The thing is- if they are reporting all of this- chances are- now people are looking for the 13 yr old boy who slit Scalia’s throat. And I just find it interesting that so many people have died at this ranch that John Poindexter can’t give a tally as to how many. What the fuck?

Dave Valentine is the first researcher who broke this information- and word has quickly spread through the survivor community. They won’t be able to hide all of this for very long- esp. since people are now AWARE and LOOKING FOR IT.

It is a bad time to be a child killing pedophile. Seems their days are numbered…

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