Just So People Know- I Don’t Have One Drop of Jewish Blood in My Veins

I am not Jewish, nor are any of my ancestors. This was a lie my Grandmother Shurter told everyone. How do I know for certain? Because both my sister and my nephew got their genetics tested through 23andMe. Not only was my grandmother not Jewish, but we come from a long line of convicted Nazi war criminals. This is probably why she claimed we were Jewish- that and she was a social climbing bitch from the bottom levels of Hell.

Kara, who runs Free Range Humans, has all kinds of Youtube interviews up- which she uses Jew David Shurter in the title. This is the same bitch who came to my house and spent three days secretly recording me, my partner, my family, and my friends. She plays for the other side and is just mad that I threw her out of my house after discovering her deception. She is also the one claiming that I want to be a cult leader and says I claim to be God. These people will say whatever lie comes to mind- desperately hoping people will believe them. Personally I don’t care and view it as pathetic, but whatever.

Besides, even if I WAS Jewish, what difference would it make? Not all Jews are bad anymore than all Catholics are pedophiles. Her hate speech says WAY MORE about her than it does me, and I am not concerned about what she says or thinks. She, like all the others doing their best to defame me as a victim of abuse, are complete trash. They don’t want anyone looking into the abuse of children and will do and say anything they can think of to trash anyone who comes forward, and that extends WAY beyond me. Their actions speak volumes about them much more so than it does the victims they are trying their best to defame- so I say “screw them”. Of course, considering this group seems obsessed with sex, this might not be the right choice of wording. But regardless, I am not nor have I ever been Jewish, and the lies I was told making this claim were just that- lies.

But really, what fucking difference would it make anyway? Unless of course you are a bigoted asshole. If that is the case, you would fit right in with my grandmother’s ancestors and I only have three words for you- Go Fuck Yourselves.

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