The Truth About the End Times….

This is just one example why this world is ending and why the darkness is getting ready to claim so many who are here.

Flat out- the world is so evil that most people believe that there is absolutely nothing they can do about it. The perversions are so ingratiated into our lives that everyone can see the evil playing out everywhere they look. In America, our political leaders are so destitute of morality that we are following a man who heralds Hitler and who is running on hate and anger, and a woman so imbedded with scandal that those who shake her hand often feel the need to take a shower immediately afterwards- and yet the American population is screaming their fanfare in the streets. Every country is embattled with accusations of protecting and promoting pedophiles, and yet the people- for the most part- remain silent while wringing their hands. And the story about Missouri and their love for a pedophile is typical of the Earth’s population- as we usually, in mass, turn our gaze from the victims and support the evil doers, even when they tell us that they are guilty of the crimes they are accused of. Humanity has become the epitome of evil.

Anyone who doesn’t believe that the four horsemen are here and that death is eager for us isn’t aware of the world. War, pestilence, collapsing economies, the weather changes, the epidemics, the poverty and disease- EVERYTHING is conspiring against us as a species. The Pacific Ocean is so inundated with radiation that everything in it is dying- and all American’s seem to care about is what we are being entertained with on the TV. Videos are out on the internet showing that people don’t know anything about the world around them- who the Vice President is, what our history is, or even that America is supposed to have three forms of government- but they ALL know who Snookie is, that she was on Jersey Shore- and can name off every celebrity marriage that has graced our televisions. We have become stupid and completely complacent with the evil that pervades our world.

Those who claim to love God and call themselves “good Christians” have hearts so full of hate that they aren’t able to see anything other than those who they despise. The Mormon Church will spend millions of dollars on hate campaigns against gay people while ignoring the fact that the sexual abuse of children in Utah is 27% or more, (depending on the statistics you read), all the while claiming that they ARE the official church of Jesus Christ. The Catholic Church is riddled with pedophiles such as Cardinal Pell- who not only kept child victims of sexual abuse quiet- but is now being investigated for being a pedophile himself. Our world’s leaders have been completely out of control now for some time, but rather than face that fact- we do exactly what those in Missouri are doing- we are trashing the victims and supporting the evil doers- simply because doing otherwise makes us uncomfortable. And all the while we claim as loud as we can that we LOVE GOD- and more importantly- that God loves us, although why any of us would believe that Heaven loves those who support evil is beyond me. But anyone who looks around can see that this is absolutely true and incredibly pervasive.

Now it has even transcended beyond the extreme it has always been- as people seem to be flocking to the Satanic Temple- believing that they are the ones who will see us through. People argue that this group’s 7 Tenants are superior to the 10 Commandments, although no one understands that this group- who follows the devil despite their declarations stating otherwise, are nothing but liars. Their leader Doug Mesner- who goes by the Satanist name Lucien Greaves, has been called out by one of his best friends as being connected to the CIA, yet is being herald as hero by some- who claim that his tirades against organized religion is just what this country needs. Just as they claim that a Hitler-loving Trump- who preaches hate and dissension, is what we need to get us out of chaos. Maybe Mesner can convince Trump to buy the 8 ft statue of Baphomet that no one else wants- and it can be erected on the White House lawn- since our leaders, who are making themselves rich by trying to slaughter everyone else, all seem to identify with the devil. And we, as a people, do NOTHING. We sit on our hands and although some complain about it on social media- nothing at all significant has been done to quell the evil. In fact, we just do the opposite and parade these vile beings around in this sad attempt to make them out to be our saviors, seemingly making them more powerful than God.

Luciferians have believed from the beginning that this was the time that the Earth would be closest to Heaven, and they were correct. All of Heaven is with us now- and it isn’t the Father who is bringing the wrath, but the Mother. It has been said that there is no greater wrath than that brought by a woman scorned- and we are all about to personally experience the truth of this statement. God may be love and light, but the Mother- not so much. And let me assure you- she, and ALL OF HEAVEN, is pissed. And it isn’t going to bode well for the lot of us.

If you have hate in your heart, despite what you might assert out in public, you WILL be judged for that hate. Jesus gave us two simple commandments- Love God and Love Everyone else. The path is narrow, and although we might have disillusioned ourselves with the belief that none of it is real, and that we won’t be judged by Heaven- I can assure you that all of this is a LIE. All of us are going to be judged- and no excuses by blaming others for our inappropriateness are going to work. Our hatred for faggots, niggers, spics, towel heads, whores, poor people, and the like- is not going to save us from the darkness, no matter what excuses we concoct for ourselves. The Mother isn’t interested in anything other than WHAT IS- and Heaven doesn’t give a fuck as to WHY. So as we defend pedophiles and child killers, either blatantly or through our actions of inaction, we are all being judged accordingly- and although people like Doug Mesner will assure you that Heaven either doesn’t exist- or that it has no power over us- they are blatantly lying to you and, in fact, are helping you to claim your place in the darkness. Sitting idly by and accepting their bullshit is also going to help damn you and nothing you tell yourselves to emotionally placate yourselves is going to stop the inevitable. If you have replaced compassion for hate in your heart, you WILL be claimed by the darkness, no matter how vehemently you proclaim that you love God. None of us can serve two masters- no matter how hard we deceive ourselves, and it isn’t the Father who is tyrannical- but rather, the Mother. She has no need for excuses, and she sees all of us for what we truly are, no matter how dishonest we may be with ourselves.

We are all in the Retribution, and we are all being judged, no matter what we tell ourselves. This supposed “war with Heaven” is over, and now we are all being sorted out accordingly. If you are “following God” by expressing the hate in your heart, you WILL find yourselves in the darkness sooner than you think. We are inundated with false prophets, and they are being used by Heaven to separate the wheat from the chaff. So go ahead- follow them, but I assure all who do that you won’t enjoy where they are leading you, and the lies that you tell yourselves are NOT going to save you. We are all responsible for our actions- although this is an unknown concept now days, and if you are feeding the hate in your hearts- you are going to be judged accordingly. Nothing is secret in Heaven, no matter how hard you try to hide your indiscretions, and no arguments to the contrary will be viewed as valid. If your worship evil- or even passively accept it with your idleness- you WILL be claimed. And none of this is dependent upon what our society’s popular beliefs are. This is the way it IS- and so I suggest each of you come to accept it as nothing otherwise will change this fact. So the next time you defile someone and promote the evil doers, realize- you all WILL be judged for your actions. And this is coming sooner than any of us realize. In fact- IT IS ALREADY HAPPENING. And nothing anyone does or says is going to change this fact.

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