Concerning the Ranch Anton Scalia Was Murdered At

“Worst person in the world found dead in Texas “rent boy ranch” playground for Mick Jagger and Charlie Sheen”

So others seem to be grasping the point that this ranch is WAY MORE than it seems. In fact, it is a pedophile hunting ground in every sense of the world, and I wonder how many times convicted pedophile billionaire Jeffery Epstein has frequented the joint.

So what can be said about the resort that Anton Scalia was murdered in? First, let’s consider the facts of what it is and who owns it.

CIBOLO CREEK (‘RENT BOY’) RANCH is a 30,000-acre VIP resort located in west Texas, 100 miles from the Mexican border, in the Chinati Mountains. Guests arrive by private jet at the Ranch’s own private airport. Rooms cost $500+ per night.

Guests of the ranch typically include Hollywood figures, politicians and businessmen But only the rich.

Previous guests have included Mick Jagger,Tommy Lee Jones, Randy Quaid, Dick Cheney, and Charlie Sheen – all who have been accused by others as being pedophiles.

The owner of Cibolo Creek ‘Rent Boy’ Ranch is John Poindexter. He obtained the property in 1988. A 3rd-generation Texan, Poindexter runs a Houston-based manufacturing company, J.B. Poindexter & Co. Poindexter is a leader in the ORDER OF SAINT HUBERTUS.

Thus the Cibolo Creek ‘Rent Boy’ Ranch is often frequented by this international 17th-century hunting society ORDER OF SAINT HUBERTUS. This all-male Order was founded in 1695 by Austrian Count Anton von Spork, although it just recently allowed women to join their elite hunts.

In 2010, 53 members of ORDER OF SAINT HUBERTUS gathered at Cibolo Creek (Rent Boy) Ranch to hunt. Guests included minor royalty.

The USA branch of the ORDER OF SAINT HUBERTUS (aka the ‘American Knights’) held its first ever meeting at the Bohemian Club in San Francisco:

The Bohemian Club is connected to Bohemian Grove, a large property located north of San Francisco which regularly hosts elite pedophile parties attended by international male politicians and businessmen. Both locations feature the pagan god Molech who is depicted as an owl.

I and others, such as Fiona Barnett- who was trafficked from Australia, were taken to the Bohemian Grove as children, and we have witnessed pedophiles hunt for children amongst the redwood forest. Another version of the Bohemian Grove is what I believe this ranch to be- a place where rich people are able to hunt children down like animals- which is just one small aspect of their perverted and dark activities.

Hunting, raping and killing children for sport is a common feature of elite pedophile gatherings. Alleged attendees at European pedophile hunts include King Albert of Belgium, Dutch Crown Prince Alfrink Bernhard, Prince Johan Friso of Holland and his wife Mabel Wisse Smit.

The 2010 ORDER OF SAINT HUBERTUS hunt that took place Cibolo Creek ‘Rent Boy’ Ranch included members of the Houston chapter and a number from Mexico. It was the second time Poindexter welcomed the Houston and Mexico contingent to his ranch, and guests included were Archduke Andreas Salvatore Hapsburg-Lothrengin, the Prince of Tuscany and Royal Prince of Hungary and Bohemia, Jana and Scotty Arnoldy, Debbie and John Daugherty, Debbie and Vidal Martinez and Patty and Bill Porter, Dennis Murphree John Kelsey, John Brent, Jerry Finger, Bill Price and Sandy Vaughan, and Cristina Girard, who has hunted frequently in Spain with Hapsburg-Lothrengin and who entertained him in Houston before the ranch weekend.

Here is a link to the St. Hubertus website:

This place is stands as a pinnacle of all that is abhorrent to Heaven, and it is no wonder that Scalia was murdered right in his “own house” so to speak. The whole house of cards is beginning to burn, and this place is another DIRECT example of our elites and power brokers of society being completely out of control.

This is the final test for mankind: WHEN FACED WITH ABJECT EVIL, WHAT WILL YOU DO? Will you look the other way, pretend it isn’t real in order to emotionally pacify yourself- or will you take a stand and oppose evil, regardless of the consequences? Because doing anything other than the ladder will be considered turning your backs on God and I assure you that the consequences will be substantial for each of us personally. We all knew that Judgement Day was coming- and now it is here, because we are all being graded on our choices and behavior; whether or not we rise to the occasion is, as it always has been, totally up to us. Either way- all of this debauchery is coming to an end with all those who have willingly and actively participated in the celebration of this darkness being claimed by the dark they have loved so much. It is already happening in fact.

But the choice that remains is what will the rest of us choose? Their fates are sealed and now the question remains for the rest of mankind- when faced with abject evil, what will all of you do? There can only be one choice- but in the face of such adversity, I would ask you to remember the words of Jesus Christ: “The kingdom of God is inside you and all around you- not in mansions of wood and stone. Split a piece of wood and I am there. Lift a stone, and you will find me.” Take comfort in this truth, and know that Heaven is with us all, and become strong in the fact that Heaven has all of us in its hand. Allow this knowledge to strengthen you to realize that it is time to declare our allegiance to Heaven through our actions of Love and Compassion for each other. These groups of elites, who have all conspired with each other to carry all of us into Hell, who have controlled and dominated everything in this world-, are leading their followers right into the dark so you all should do yourselves a favor and wake up to what is going on and don’t allow yourselves to become claimed by what is about to claim them. The choice, as always, is yours, and yours alone.

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